DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend: 30+ Cute And Easy Handmade Gift Ideas (2022)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • December 22, 2021
DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend: 30+ Cute And Easy Handmade Gift Ideas (2022)

In search of cute and easy DIY gifts for your boyfriend?

Here we have compiled a list of handmade boyfriend gifts for every DIY skill level for occasions such as Valentine’s day, an anniversary, Christmas, his birthday, or a special just because gift.

Show your man how romantic you can be with these inexpensive and unique ideas that you have made from the heart.

No matter the special occasion, you won’t need to put in a lot of effort with these easy ideas.

Create the perfect handmade gift for him with these easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Cute DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. Love Coupon Booklet

Love Coupon Booklet

Love coupons are an easy and fun homemade gift to give your boyfriend. These are an especially romantic and fun gift to give for Valentine’s day. Include things as simple as taking out the trash or a romantic massage. You can easily print these to use or design your own.

2. Heart Photo Collage Canvas

Heart Photo Collage Canvas

Highlight all of your favorite memories from the past year with this easy-to-make photo collage canvas. A fun way to get creative with all the pictures you have taken together with your boyfriend. Making the collage in the shape of a heart is a sweet gesture he’ll love.

You can also buy a custom photo collage canvas here and add up to 20 photos of your sweetest moments.

3. 52 Things I Love About You Cards

52 Things I Love About You Cards

These 52 Things I Love about You cards make a cute gift for an anniversary or other special holiday. You can quickly and easily put together this gift with items that you already have in your house. Fill each card with a meaningful reason as to why you love him.

4. Treasure Chest Paper Box

Treasure Chest Paper Box

While this is a cheap DIY gift to make, it is going to take some time. However, once you give him this unique paper treasure chest box he will certainly know how much he means to you. This DIY gift makes a statement for any special occasion or anniversary milestone.

5. Pop Up Photo Box

Pop Up Photo Box

Feature all of your favorite memories in a fun and romantic way with this pop up photo box. A unique DIY gift idea for men that will allow him to keep all of his favorite photos of the two of you close by. Personalize with his initials on the box.

6. Personalized Heart Map Art

Heart Map Art

This fun DIY heart map is a great way to highlight the places you have been together as a couple. From where you met, places you’ve visited, and all the places you want to go. Highlight where it all began with this easy-to-make DIY idea.

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Check out these map wall art from 365Canvas for more ideas:

map wall art banner

7. DIY Heart Candy Jar

Heart Candy Jar

Does your guy have a sweet tooth and love getting candy as gifts? This heart candy jar is a super easy, handmade gift that he will love to get for Valentine’s day or an anniversary. Simply grab the required materials and toss some candy in the jar!

8. Shoes with a Sweet Sign

Shoes with a Sweet Sign

Whether your guy is a workout buff or just appreciates a fly pair of shoes, a new pair of kicks with a sweet saying will be the best surprise gift for him. This makes a practical and sentimental gift for Valentine’s day that he is sure to get a kick out of.

9. Handmade Spotify Picture Frame

Gifts with song lyrics make a romantic present for an anniversary. While this gift might take some advanced planning with getting the vinyl cutout of the song, it will be well worth it. Be sure to pick your favorite, romantic picture of the two of you to feature.

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10. DIY Comic Book Coaster

Comic Book Coaster

If your boyfriend is a fan of comics (and most are) then he is going to love this simple, vintage-inspired handmade gift. Who says that you need a reason to spoil him, make this as a just because gift to show him how much you love him.

11. Candy Bar Poster

Need to put together a quick DIY gift that your boyfriend is sure to enjoy? Then run to the store and grab a bunch of candy bars for this last-minute gift idea. While the image says it’s for Valentine’s, you can certainly give this for his birthday as well.

12. Explosion Box of Love

Explosion Box of Love

Give your boyfriend a big surprise with this DIY explosion box. This creative box makes a great boyfriend gift idea for a long-distance relationship or if you haven’t seen each other in a while. While this gift takes a bit of planning, it makes a cute present filled with memories.

13. Vacation Memory Box

Vacation Memory Box

If you and your boyfriend enjoy traveling, then he is going to adore this vacation memory box craft. Customize this unique gift with photos, tickets, and mementos from your travels. Include your favorite photo on the front of the box along with some travel-themed cards.

14. DIY Beard Oil

DIY Beard Oil

For the man who takes pride in his facial scruff, surprise him with this handmade beard oil. Not only will he appreciate a gift like this for Christmas, but you will also appreciate how nice he will smell when using it. This is not cheesy, like other DIY and crafty gifts.

15. Personalized Leather Keychain

Leather Keychain

If you want to give something personalized for a new relationship gift ideas for him without looking like you tried too hard, then opt for this leather keychain. You can easily find inexpensive, leather punching kits for beginners to make this simple, DIY gift.

16. Handmade Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath

You can never go wrong with a sweet candy gift, especially for Valentine’s day. Much like the candy bar poster, this cute gift idea will have him chomping at the bit. Make this heart wreath extra special by including all of his favorite holiday-themed candies.

17. DIY Candy Guitar

DIY Candy Guitar

For the boyfriend who loves sweets as much as playing guitar, make him a unique gift with this DIY candy guitar. DIY gifts for your boyfriend should be meaningful and something he will love getting for his birthday. While this isn’t as easy as other gifts, it’s cheap to make.

18. Slim Leather Wallet

Slim Leather Wallet

If your man has been rocking the same obnoxiously large wallet for the past decade, it might be time for an upgrade. This mini wallet is a fun and easy-to-make DIY gift for your boyfriend. Big enough to fit the essentials and small enough to not be lumpy.

19. Handmade Beer Soap

Get creative with a DIY gift for your boyfriend with this step by step tutorial on cold-pressed beer soap. Your man will love that you have infused his favorite beer into some soap. The end product is a fun and fragrant gift he can use every day.

20. DIY Xbox Controller Pillow

Xbox Controller Pillow

There never seems to be a shortage of creative, handmade gifts for gamer boyfriends. If he can’t get enough of the latest Xbox game, then he is going to love this pillow. The perfect gift to snuggle up with when you’re not there or while he’s putting in hours gaming.

21. 12 Months of Pre-planned Date Nights

12 Months of Pre-planned Date Nights

No matter your age or what is going on, life can get busy. Don’t forget to take time out for yourselves with these pre-planned date nights. This sentimental gift idea takes advantage of the seasons with themed date nights. A simple craft idea you can quickly put together.

22. DIY Baseball Bracelet

Baseball Bracelet

Is your boyfriend an avid baseball fan? Then give him a gift he will always want to keep with him with this simple baseball bracelet. A small but meaningful gift for a monthsary. Just be sure to not use one of his baseballs or at least ask permission first.

23. DIY Mug For Boyfriend


Not much of a crafty person? These mugs are a cute idea for your boyfriend even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body. All you need for this craft is a ceramic mug and some oil-based markers. You can easily create cool designs with stencils.

24. A Jar of Love Notes

A jar of love notes is a simple gift that you can give to your man for Valentine’s day! Simply take a jar and fill it with messages of love and appreciation. Whenever he is feeling down or having a bad day, he can read one of these love notes.

25. Handmade Kiss Print Wall Art

Kiss Print Wall Art

It’s time to grab out all of your favorite lipsticks and put together this sexy little gift. This craft is an easy way to show your boyfriend how much you love kissing him. A simple handmade gift that you can put together in about 20 minutes without any special materials.

26. Woven Paracord Bracelet

Woven Paracord Bracelet

For the boyfriend who loves the outdoors, make him a stylish and practical gift. Paracord is a great material for any outdoorsman. Not only can it be used in a wide variety of outdoor situations, but it also looks pretty cool too. Get creative with this paracord watch and bracelet tutorial.

27. Heart Fabric Cozy

Heart Fabric Cozy

Does your man always seem to have a coffee cup in his hand? This gift is perfect for travel and using on his favorite gourmet coffee mugs on the go or while at home. Place a heart or sentimental saying on the coffee cozy for a romantic gift.

28. Date Night Jar

Date Night Jar

Similar to the date night cards, this date night jar helps to keep your relationship alive. Come up with some clever date ideas and add them to the popsicle sticks. You can even color-code them based on the theme or activity. So grab your hot glue gun and get crafting.

29. DIY Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Does your boyfriend seem to be stressed out often? Help him find his inner peace with this adorable, handmade zen garden. He will have a newfound appreciation for you knowing that you are caring enough for his mental health to make him this one of a kind present.

30. Date Night In Gift Basket

Date Night In Gift Basket

Who says you need to go out to have a great date night? Surprise your boyfriend with a fun, movie-themed date night basket for a romantic evening in. Buy him a new pair of slippers, his favorite candies for something sweet, and gourmet popcorn for something salty.

31. Embroidered Handkerchief

Embroidered Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are a traditional gift that you can give for any type of occasion. They are a cheap present that you can easily embroider with a simple and cute design. A meaningful gift you can give for his birthday or your anniversary.

32. Hooked on You Candy Box

Hooked on You Candy Box

If your boyfriend loves fishing just as much as he loves you, then he is going to be hooked. A super easy present you can put together for Valentine’s day. After he is finished eating all of the candy, he can use the tackle box to keep his fishing essentials.

33. Homemade Love Letter Cookie

You can never go wrong when giving the gift of food. Give your boyfriend a fun surprise with these handmade love letter cookies. Much like a fortune cookie but that you can easily make yourself. This will be a fun craft for a girlfriend who loves baking.

34. DIY Book Planters

Book Planters

For the boyfriend who truly loves unique gifts, he will appreciate the thought that you have put into this creative craft. Grab an old copy of one of his favorite books from a thrift store and put together a truly one-of-a-kind present he’ll be proud to display.

If you’re still looking for additional ideas, check out these



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