39 Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts to Start at Home (2023)

39 Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts to Start at Home (2023)

Father’s Day is the day when kids get to show their dad how much they love him. While store-bought gifts are great, they are sometimes not as fun nor as expressive. So, why not explore creative DIY Father’s Day gifts so you can pour your appreciation for the best dads such as your dad, grandpa, or husband?

Homemade Father’s Day gifts really help communicate love. Here are some thoughtful DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day that you or any kid can make at home to give their dad or grandpa the cutest little surprise on his special day. For dads, receiving a handmade gift from daughters or from sons is one of the most wonderful things.

This gift list includes simple ideas with a handprint of your baby or toddler to some cool woodworking projects to make for Father’s Day. We’ve also rounded up even quick and easy last-minute DIY Father’s Day gifts for dads that are unique and budget-friendly to do yourself.

Easy Yet Creative Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

1. Photo Holders

unique DIY Father's Day gift: photo holders

Looking for easy-to-make art and craft presents for your dad on his favorite day of the year? This photo holder is a unique DIY Father’s Day gift that he’ll proudly display on his office desk.

Get the tutorial at projectkid.com

2. We Love Daddy Photo Collage

homemade Father's Day gift: DIY Dad Photo Collage Frame

There’s something special about looking at old pictures of children. This Father’s Day, take your dad down memory lane by making him a cute, DIY photo collage frame. With this custom present, he’ll be proud to see how far his kids have come.

Get the tutorial at unoriginalmom.com

Also, browse three cute Dad Photo Collage Canvas Prints from 365Canvas with a more simple customization tool.

Diy fathers day gifts: DAD Custom Photo Canvas
DAD Custom Photo Canvas
Diy fathers day gifts: We Love Dad 6 Photos Custom Photo Canvas
We Love Dad 6 Photos Custom Photo Canvas
Diy fathers day gifts: Best Dad Ever Heart-Shaped Photo Collage Canvas Print
Best Dad Ever Heart-Shaped Photo Collage Canvas

3. Fingerprint Art Keychain

diy father's day gifts: fingerprint art keychain

Everyone’s fingerprints are unique so when the kids make little keychains out of their own, their parents will be able to cherish their unique love no matter where he goes. Making these is easy, and fun, and will get the kids all excited.

Get the tutorial at rhythmsofplay.com

4. DIY Coffee Mug with Cricut

custom coffee mugs for dad on Father's Day

If your dad enjoys taking coffee every morning, we’ve got an awesome homemade Father’s Day gift idea for him. Make him an “I love you” sticker with your cutting machine and stick it on his favorite cup. He’ll love it!

Get the tutorial at sustainmycrafthabit.com

Also, browse three cute Dad Mugs from 365Canvas with a more simple customization tool.

Diy fathers day gifts: DAD We Love You Custom Mug
DAD We Love You Custom Mug
Diy fathers day gifts: Coolest Dad In The Galaxy Coffee Mug
Coolest Dad In The Galaxy Coffee Mug
Diy fathers day gifts: You’re The Man Dad, The Old Man But Still The Man Funny Mug
You’re The Man Dad, The Old Man But Still The Man Funny Mug

5. Bacon Roses

last minute father's day gifts diy: bacon roses

The only thing better than flowers is edible flowers! Help your children give their daddy a sumptuous breakfast in bed on Father’s Day by making these delicious bacon roses. It will make his day!

Get the tutorial at jesspryles.com

6. ‘Dad, You Rock’ Frame

easy diy father's day gifts: dad you rock frame

Adorable DIY Father’s Day gifts are the best, and this one is sure to make him smile. Help your son or daughter get crafty with this witty frame to show their daddy how happy they are to have him in their lives. It’s cute, funny, and will be his favorite! 

Get the tutorial at doodleandstitch.com

7. Cutting Board

Get the tutorial at lilyardor.com

Does your dad enjoy cooking for the family, especially over the weekends? Why not make him a special wooden cutting board just for him? You can also sneak in a few words telling him how much you love him.

8. DIY Tie Rack

DIY Father's Day woodworking: A Tie Rack

If a handyman has a tool shed, then a modern man should also have a cool wardrobe. So how about using your woodworking skills to make your dad a tie rack? He’ll never have to worry about misplacing them again.

Get the tutorial at craftaholicsanonymous.net

9. Upcycled Record Coasters

functional handmade Father's Day gift: Upcycled Record Coasters

Does your dad enjoy taking a glass of whiskey after dinner? Surprise him with a functional gift that he can even enjoy with his friends. What’s best is you can get creative with the messages on the coaster!

Get the tutorial at craftprojectideas.com

10. DIY Cell Phone Stand and Accessory Holder

handmade Father's day gift: simple and beautiful phone stand from wine corks

Are you tired of replacing your dad’s phone screen cover often? How about making him a simple and beautiful phone stand he can use at home and work. This is a fun project for kids to enjoy, too.

Get the tutorial at tidbits-cami.com

11. Printable Candy Bar Wrapper

diy father's day gift: printable candy bar wrapper

What’s cuter than DIY Father’s Day gifts made by kids? Its gifts also have their cute handwriting on them! Make this adorable, fun, and unique candy bar wrapper with your children so they can pack their love in it to give to their daddy.

Get the tutorial at artsyfartsymama.com

12. A Cool Beer Crate

cool homemade gift ideas for father's day: DIY beer crate

Looking for cool homemade Father’s Day gift ideas? If your husband prefers a brewski over fine wine, this DIY beer crate will please him. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask you for one as well.

Get the tutorial at hejdoll.com

13. DIY Map Picture Frames

father's day diy gifts: diy map picture frames

If you want to opt for unique Father’s Day craft ideas, help your kids make this Map Picture Frame for their dad. You can customize it by choosing a map location important to him and pair it with a cute picture from the kids. It is sure to become his favorite decoration.

Get the tutorial at anightowlblog.com

14. Brass Bullet Cufflinks

Get the tutorial at instructables.com

Who said that sophisticated things have to be super expensive or large? If your father has small brass bullet casings, surprise him with a unique DIY Father’s Day gift. The cufflinks will look amazing with both casual and official wear.

15. Personalized Spatula

DIY Father's Day gift: personalized spatula

Father who likes to cook breakfast pancakes holds an even more special place in their kids’ hearts. So encourage your kids to show him this extra love by making a personalized spatula for him. It is not only creative but it will be useful when he hums around making his next batch of pancakes.

Get the tutorial at skiptomylou.org

16. Alphabet Beads Keychain

fathers day crafts for kids: alphabet beads keychain

Homemade Father’s Day gifts are undoubtedly fun to make. They are even better with sweet messages of love in them. Help your kids pour their love into the gift by making them spell out a cute message in the Alphabet Beads Keychain. It will be adorable and a cute keepsake.

Get the tutorial at hellobee.com

17. Gift Basket

Diy fathers day gifts: easy-to-assemble diy gift basket for Father's Day

Don’t forget grandpa this Father’s Day. Surprise him with a quick and easy Father’s Day gift basket containing a few of his favorite things. You can choose between foodstuff, body products, and other cool things.

Get the tutorial at sprouts.com

18. 3D Bow Tie Photo Card

diy father's day gift ideas: 3d tie photo card

Nobody ever said the gift couldn’t be funny. Have a little fun this Father’s Day by making a bow tie and fitting it on top of your dad’s picture to make a photo card out of it. It will be fun, quick, and an easy way to make him laugh.

Get the tutorial at thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

19. Printable Father’s Day Coloring Page

Dad Printable Father’s Day Coloring Page

Kiddos are all about coloring so why not use it to make a great gift for their dad? Make a customized poster for your kids and ask them to color the illustrations and add in the answers to cute questions about their dad. You can even frame it to hang it around the house.

Get the tutorial at skiptomylou.org

20. Embroidered “Secret Message” Necktie

DIY Father's Day gift: Embroidered “Secret Message” Necktie

On Father’s Day, giving gifts with a personal touch is both meaningful and special. If you are planning to give him a necktie, embroider a little message of love on it so he can keep it close to him at all times. It will be hidden from view but help him keep your love close. 

Get the tutorial at marthastewart.com

21. Wooden Photo Desk Organizer

DIY Father's Day gift: Wooden Photo Desk Organizer

Your little ones are the cutest little parts of the family and you know your partner dotes on them. So give him this sweet desktop organizer fitted with pictures of the children on all four sides. He will be excited about taking it along to work so he can feel close to them even when he is away.

Get the tutorial at thecraftpatchblog.com

22. Kid-Made Father’s Day Book

father's day diy gifts from kids: kid-made father's day book

Kids’ drawings are some of the most chaotic, yet adorable art. And because they won’t be this age forever, this art can become a beautiful keepsake. To beat all previous gifts, help your children make this Kid-Made Father’s Day book for their daddy. He will absolutely treasure this handmade creation. 

Get the tutorial at hellowonderful.co

23. Handprint Board

father's day gifts diy: handprint wooden board

Homemade Father’s Day quick and cheap gifts can also make for excellent gifts. Make your kids put their little handprints on the board with a sweet message to make this last-minute present. It is clean, easy, and fun.

Get the tutorial at lilyardor.com

24. DIY Beard Oil

DIY Father's Day gift: homemade Beard Oil

Commercial beard oils can be really expensive, but you can still pamper a first-time dad who is taking on the role will love and responsibility. Help him indulge in a little self-care by making homemade beard oil so he may apply it and relax on Father’s Day.

Get the tutorial at parsnipsandpastries.com

25. Handmade Soap

DIY Father's Day gift: Handmade Soap

Making homemade care items for people can really make them feel loved and appreciated. Go make a nice bar of soap for your father that not only suits his skin but also smells great.

Get the tutorial at 3boysandadog.com

26. DIY Sport Keepsake

DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas: DIY Sport Keepsake

The sports enthusiast in him will be excited while the dad in him will feel really touched! Have your kids make this baseball and handprint keepsake for their baseball-loving father to combine his two loves in one gift.

Get the tutorial at hortonlane.com

27. Personalized Candle Holder

DIY Father's Day gift: handmade personalized candle holder for dad

Combine their clumsy but cute painting skills with decorative items to make this perfect candle holder brighten their dad’s day. It is sweet and will look even better when lit.

Get the tutorial at rhythmsofplay.com

28. Origami Shirt Gift Bag

last minute diy fathers day gift idea: origami shirt gift bags

Maybe you can get a store-bought gift but make it special by making DIY packaging for it. Put on your crafty hat and use your skills to create these amazing shirt gift bags to put his Father’s Day presents in. They are a keepsake in their own right!

Get the tutorial at thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

29. Dad Rocks Paperweight

simple homemade father's day gifts: dad rocks paperweight

Puns are fun especially when they come from little kids who probably don’t understand them very well. Make this Father’s Day special for your partner with this handmade paperweight made out of… you guessed it, rocks! It would be a fun decoration to keep.

Get the tutorial at craftsbyamanda.com

30. Mess-Free Heart Art

DIY Father’s Day gift from toddlers: Mess-Free Heart Art

Babies and paints are a pretty messy combination but you can still make a great DIY Father’s Day gift out of your toddler’s little shenanigans. Let them have some fun with the colors and then pop the result in your cut-out frame. Easy, cute, and meaningful, all in one!

Get the tutorial at feelingnifty.com

31. A Bow Tie

homemade Father’s Day gift: a bow tie

Sure, bow ties can be bought, but will they ever be as special as the ones you sew for him yourself? Make your bowtie-loving husband a happy man this Father’s Day by giving him a homemade bowtie. It will be full of love and extra special.

Get the tutorial at polkadotchair.com

32. Stenciled Grilling Apron

DIY Father’s Day gift: grilling stenciled apron for men

If you want to show him how much you appreciate the delicious meals he cooks for you and the kids, why not sew him an apron? It won’t take any more than 2-3 hours and you will have a unique gift all ready to be worn and cherished.

Get the tutorial at lovelyindeed.com

33. Father’s Day Coupon Book

Diy fathers day gifts: Printable Father’s Day Coupon Book

If the kids already gave some handmade gifts and you want to break the pattern, there are some great homemade Father’s Day gift ideas. Make your kids fill out coupons with cute requests their pa can make of them and give them to him on Dad’s Day.

Get the tutorial at makelifelovely.com

34. M&M Tie Card

last minute fathers day craft: m&m tie card

Grown-up men with a sweet tooth have it tough because candy automatically belongs to kids now. But help him enjoy a full packet of chocolatey goodness by himself on Father’s Day by making this quick and fun M&M tie card for him. He will be in sweet heaven!

Get the tutorial at craftymorning.com

35. Instagram Picture Frame

DIY Father's Day gift for husband: Instagram Picture Frame

Why not give a new father the Instagram experience in real life to make a keepsake of your baby’s earliest moments? Make this Instagram picture frame and put adorable pictures of the two together to make it more sentimental. 

Get the tutorial at smallstuffcounts.com

36. Mr. Gooddad Candy Bar Wrapper

quick fathers day craft ideas: printable mr.gooddad candy bar wrapper

Get creative and combine food love with dad love! If your partner loves candy, make his day special by printing out a lovely message for him on a candy wrapper of his favorite candy. Few gifts will be able to trump this one.

Get the tutorial at skiptomylou.org

37. Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

DIY gift for Father's Day: Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Maybe you can DIY a little luxury to make your partner feel especially appreciated and loved, and leather is one of the best forms of luxury. He will get to enjoy all his drinks with panache!

Get the tutorial at abeautifulmess.com

38. Homemade Trail Mix Jars

simple and last minute diy fathers day gift: trail mix jar

Even if you forgot to get a nice Father’s Day gift, there’s no need to worry. Homemade trail mixes make a great last-minute idea for daddies who love to snack. Not only will you keep their snacking healthy, but you also can keep refilling it when it runs out.

Get the tutorial at letsdiyitall.com

39. Bottle Opener

DIY Bottle Opener for Father's Day

Wondering what cool things to make for your dad for Father’s Day? How about a wall-mounted bottle opener, which he can hang in the living room? You can even invite your younger siblings to join in the fun.

Get the tutorial at plaidonline.com


Final Words

To sum up, DIY Father’s Day gifts are crafty, creative, and special. They are even better when kids add their little cuteness to them and make them into keepsakes. We hope you found plenty of ideas you can try out with your kids for this year from our list.



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