55 DIY Christmas Gifts Your Family And Friends Will Surprise

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • November 1, 2023
55 DIY Christmas Gifts Your Family And Friends Will Surprise

Giving DIY Christmas gifts can be a great way to share the love without having to break the bank. Best of all, DIY Christmas gifts are some of the most fun types of gifts to put together, especially for those who enjoy crafting and DIY in general. 

If you are looking to find the perfect Christmas crafts for your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ve got the perfect holiday gifts that everyone in your inner circle will love. From homemade Cookware to homemade candles and house decor, we’ll dive into some of the most fun DIY Christmas gifts your loved ones could ask for. 

You won’t find these unique Christmas gifts at your local gift shop either. Each idea has been handcrafted for its personal appeal, affordability, and downright cuteness. Best of all, our one-of-a-kind gifts put the cheer back into sentimental gift-giving and are sure to bring your loved ones memories they will not forget. Ready to get on with your holiday gift-giving? Read on to find the perfect DIY Christmas gift today!

Simple DIY Christmas Gifts

1. Teacup Candles

Teacup Candles: gifts to give for christmas

An easy way to make your dedicated candles at home. Once the candle is gone and cleaned up, you can use the cup for years. Try it out now for more homemade Christmas gifts special today!

2. Felt Ball Trivet

Felt Ball Trivet: diy holiday gift ideas

The holiday season is approaching, so why not protect your tables from hot platters and pans with homemade Christmas gift ideas using felted balls in your favorite colors? Super simple and a great gift option for everyone to make for their family members!

3. Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils

Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils: diy personalized christmas gifts

Making handmade Christmas gifts is my favorite and often the most stressful part of the holidays. Spice up your kitchen during the holiday season with these one-of-a-kind DIY utensils. 

4. Cookie Cutter Wreath

Cookie Cutter Wreath: what to make for christmas gifts

Since Christmas is right around the corner. Just for a 10-minute decorating idea, why not make your home more festive and adorable with easy DIY Christmas gifts?

5. Wine Bottle Sweater Sleeves

Wine Bottle Sweater Sleeves: simple christmas ideas

Sweater lovers, these are easy Christmas gifts just for you. These Sweater Sleeves are so warm and cozy. Grab your favorite wine, and wrap it in a cute homemade sweater sleeve for a cozy touch just for the holidays!

6. DIY Succulent Box

DIY Succulent Box: making christmas gifts

Perfect DIY Christmas gifts to make for the plant lover in your life. Just fill it with the cutest succulents you can find to make your home more holiday festive. 

7. Mini House Wreath

Mini House Wreath: projects for christmas presents

If you don’t have any idea for new DIY Christmas presents, why not make this? Decorate your loved ones’ homes with new holiday-style decor. This mini house wreath is to display all season long.

8. Custom Hand Painted Dish Set

Custom Hand Painted Dish Set: christmas gift ideas homemade crafts

Feeling inspired to paint your own easy homemade Christmas gifts yet? Channel your artistic abilities with this custom dish set DIY.  Every time your loved one eats food off of it, they’ll think of you!  

9. Splatter Painted Bookends

Splatter Painted Bookends: handmade gifts for christmas

Avid readers will adore this set of painted bookends made of concrete. These lovely Christmas DIY gifts will look colorful and outstanding in any home library. 

10. DIY French Fries Ornament

DIY French Fries Ornament: diy souvenir ideas

Start a new tradition with these fun and cheap DIY Christmas gifts! An ornament exchange is great holiday fun. Start off on the right foot by creating boxes of french fries to hang on the tree. Craft presents are pure fun and joy. They don’t have a bigger meaning, but they don’t have to! 

11. Bubble Bath Gift Box 

Bubble Bath Gift Box: christmas crafts gifts

Why spend lots of money on a generic gift box when you can make a meaningful customized one? This mini spa in a box is tops among thoughtful handmade Christmas gift ideas. Fill it with truly useful items like bubble baths and sparkling cider, and a pure indulgence like the best chocolate! 

12. Christmas Tea Tree

Christmas Tea Tree: christmas gift craft ideas

Take a break from the candy this year and give a cheap and easy tea tree instead. The tea drinkers in your life will rejoice at receiving a variety of new flavors and old favorites. Tea trees are the best homemade and crafty Christmas gifts for family members.

13. Reindeer Beer

Reindeer Beer: cute craft ideas for christmas gifts

Are you ready for deer-ing beer bottles festive? Super cute and so adorable that they will make your holiday Christmas craft ideas for gifts shout-out. Use rootbeer!

14. For Your Mistletoes Nail Kit

For Your Mistletoes Nail Kit: easy things to make for christmas gifts

Gift your loved one DIY holiday gifts spa-level treatment pedicures in a jar during the holiday season. Fill it with holiday-themed polishes and scrubs for the Christmas special.

15. DIY Fabric Covered Tree Ornaments

DIY Fabric Covered Tree Ornaments: small handmade gift ideas

When you need holiday crafts in bulk, you want them to be easy. Do-it-yourself Christmas crafts ideas don’t get much easier than these adorable tree ornaments. These best homemade Christmas gifts are great for a big group activity such as scouts or art class! 

16. DIY Pine-Scented Soy Candles

DIY Pine-Scented Soy Candles: easy crafts for christmas presents

Some small jars, soy wax, and coloring and scent are all you need to make these simple candles. This unique homemade gift looks great and smells better. You’ll love how quick these Christmas crafts for gifts are to put together. Everyone else will enjoy getting a handmade twist on a holiday staple. 

17. Clay Decanter

Clay Decanter: holiday gifts crafts

Nothing is better than super cute Christmas ideas like this DIY Clay Decanter, the one you can make from something you already have on your bar. Bring your treat of Christmas by yourself to the barcode wonderland today.

18. DIY Snow Globes

DIY Snow Globes: present to make for christmas

Awesome Mason jar snow globes will be a hit with kids and adults alike. These handmade gifts to make for Christmas cuties are full of glitter and snow falling over trees and animals. Customize to make each globe personal to the recipient. Everyone will love these creative homemade gift ideas. 

19. Gingerbread Fudge

Gingerbread Fudge: great diy christmas gift ideas

A foolproof recipe for homemade fudge? Yes, please! Give your neighbors a plate of this tasty gingerbread confection, and you’ll soon be known for your holiday food gifts. These best homemade and cute DIY Christmas gifts are quick and easy to make. 

20. Christmas Stove Top Scents

Christmas Stove Top Scents: making your own christmas presents

Potpourri in the stores is often expensive, and you can’t customize the scents. Make your own combos of ingredients to boil on the stove for a natural yet inexpensive holiday spirit. Some cute things for Christmas packaging and a cool tag finish up these quick DIY Christmas gifts. 

21. Peppermint Oreo Truffles

Peppermint Oreo Truffles: ornament gift ideas

Do you need DIY Xmas gifts for a cookie exchange? These awesome truffles are a winner all around. Besides being full of minty, chocolatey goodness, you can make them in less than an hour. Read the comments for ways to simplify this homemade idea even more! 

22. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket: holiday gift crafts ideas

Love the look of knitted blankets but don’t know how to knit? Make this great handmade throw without picking up a pair of needles! Turn fuzzy yarn into a heartfelt present in no time! As DIY and easy Christmas gifts to make, you need no special skills, which makes it kid and beginner-friendly. 

23. Snowman Bath Bomb

Snowman Bath Bomb: how to make homemade christmas present

These adorable winter-inspired wonderland bath bombs are a perfect gift for your friends. The Christmas craft gift ideas to unwind holiday-style.

24. 3D Paper Cabin

3D Paper Cabin: easy christmas gifts crafts

If you’re already a skilled crafter looking to up your game, try these homemade Christmas presents you can make with paper. This beautiful craft idea can be featured in a number of ways. Whether you gift it or keep it to decorate your home, this cabin is the best handmade trinket! 

25. Oreo Christmas Coal

Oreo Christmas Coal: easy gift for christmas

If your kids have been naughty instead of nice this year, fake them out with fake coal! This yummy treat is easy to make, and hands down the best way to prank your family. Take holiday crafting to the next level with these cute and homemade gifts for Christmas. 

26. Peppermint Mason Jar Candle

Peppermint Mason Jar Candle: cool ideas for christmas

A handmade candle is a meaningful present for grandparents. The inexpensive homemade and cute Christmas list ideas take festive peppermint and dress it up in decorated jars. This is also a great base for additional holiday scents. 

27. Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket: christmas gifts homemade

This year, make them the best gift basket the whole family will love! They can have a cocoa and cookies party or use it after sledding or caroling to create meaningful memories. This is cheap to make and one of our cute and homemade Christmas gifts for kids. 

28. Pom Pom Penguins

Pom Pom Penguins: craft ideas for christmas gifts

These are perfect homemade holiday gifts for anyone on your list who loves a tiny plush figurine. Children will love these cutie plushies! 

29. Pinecone Fire Starters

Pinecone Fire Starters: cheap homemade christmas gift ideas

Gather a bunch of homemade Christmas gifts ideas for adults and host a great pre-holiday gathering. These fire starters will be a centerpiece for sure, a grown-up version of candle making. Watch your friends have fun with this easy project. 

30. Christmas Sign 

Christmas Sign: diy craft christmas gift ideas

This fun decoration is the perfect homemade holiday gift idea. It incorporates woodworking, papercraft, and painting all in one! Use whatever design you want. Even if it’s not Christmas-themed, a little red or green paper goes a long way. These small DIY Christmas gifts are perfect for extended family.

31. Candle Holder 

Candle Holder: christmas gift crafts to make

Fun chalk paint combines with easy-to-follow instructions for great Christmas gift crafts. You can personalize these candleholders to make thoughtful Christmas presents for family or fun decorations for friends. Better yet, the kids can help design and paint!

32. Flower Basket

Flower Basket: christmas gift ideas homemade

Giving crafts for gifts can flip the traditional hostess Christmas presents crafts on their head. This cool decoration holds holiday flowers in a cheap and easy basket. The hostess can then reuse the basket for sustainability. Give her a present she’ll use again and again! 

33. Monogram Mantra Mug

Monogram Mantra Mug: holiday home made gifts

A little bit of work, but it turn out so darling. Don’t you agree with these simple Christmas gift ideas? Just spray paint the color of your choice to create bold initials on a coffee mug.

34. DIY Photo Calendar

DIY Photo Calendar: ideas for home made christmas presents

A simple photo flip frame forms the basis for these easy Christmas gift ideas to make. If this is your first year making your own presents, an easy calendar is a great introduction. Customize the pictures you choose for each family member. They’ll all adore this useful gift.

35. Rudolph Gift Card Holder

Rudolph Gift Card Holder: diy christmas toys

Gift cards may seem like small tokens of appreciation, but it’s all about the sentiment behind the gift. You and your kids can work together on these cute and inexpensive homemade Christmas gift reindeer, which make clever Christmas gift cardholders. This quick-to-make addition will make every gift card special. 

36. DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub: christmas present crafts

Everyone loves bath products. Shake up their beauty routine this year with cool creative DIY Christmas gifts of sugar scrub. This great minty scrub will keep skin exfoliated and soft. Use the recipe as-is or as a useful customizable base. Wrap these up for good teacher gifts! 

37. Bath Tea

Bath Tea: what can i make for christmas gifts?

Give your favorite girls some colorful bath tea to brighten their days! Bath tea is an awesome mix of Epsom salts, essential oils, and dried flowers. These fun DIY Christmas gifts you can make are as unique as each recipient. They are especially nice Christmas gifts for moms

38. Cranberry Vanilla Shea Butter Soap

Cranberry Vanilla Shea Butter Soap: make it yourself christmas gift

This great homemade Xmas gifts holiday soap is really simple to make. You don’t even have to turn on the stove! With a little prep, an hour of drying time, and you’ll have all their household Christmas gifts sorted. Use this basic formula to create your own soaps, too!

39. Salt Dough Ornament

Salt Dough Ornament: holiday homemade gift

Get a jump on holiday prep with a Christmas gift ideas to make. Salt dough is a preschool art and craft staple because it is easy to make and fun to use. Use cookie cutters, paint, and even glitter to turn kids’ DIY Christmas gifts into the hit of the holidays.

40. DIY Cookie Jar

DIY Cookie Jar: crafty christmas ideas

For cool homemade Secret Santa gift ideas, check out this fun crafts for Christmas gifts project! Make your own gift jars by assembling holiday utensils, baking mixes, and a cookie jar. These are easy to make for a last-minute gift exchange or office party. A festive bow or decorative plastic, and you’re all set! 

41. Wind Chime

Wind Chime: christmas ideas for christmas

For slightly more time-intensive good homemade Christmas gifts, try your hand at these creative wind chimes. Go big for your crazy best friend or classic chic for an elegant aunt. These great do-it-yourself Christmas projects are sure to surprise everyone this year. 

42. DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm: christmas jar gift ideas

If you want to make a quick and simple DIY Christmas gift, this lip balm will be tops on your list! The recipe is natural and kid-friendly, so put them to work. Useful step-by-step directions are easy to follow. Put it in tins or tubes for easy gifting! 

43. Snowman Candy Cane Spoons

Snowman Candy Cane Spoons: christmas jar gift ideas

Do you need bulk cute Christmas things for your kid’s classmates? Candy cane snowman spoons are a cute and funny holiday treat. These are the best little presents for anyone who needs a pick-me-up this year.

44. DIY Unicorn Ornaments

DIY Unicorn Ornaments: simple gift ideas for coworkers

Make your child or tween’s DIY gifts for Christmas with this great unicorn decoration. These ornaments are full of glitter and good feelings, just the way Christmas should be! A cute unicorn would also be a fun Christmas gift idea to make with your girl scout troop. 

45. Glitter Santa And Snowmen Jar

Glitter Santa And Snowmen Jar: good diy christmas gifts

When you think of Mason jar gifts, you think of food mixes. But this project takes homemade Christmas present ideas to the next level. Whether planned out or made at the last minute, these snowmen and Santa are cool, indeed. 

46. DIY Christmas Stockings

DIY Christmas Stockings: christmas homemade gifts

Need cute DIY homemade Christmas gifts that are easy to make? These handmade stockings win every time. There are no exact directions on how to make them unique. Use paint or fabric, stencils, or stamps. This is one gift that is easily personalized, so get your sewing supplies and go to town! 

47. DIY Cross Stitch Gift

DIY Cross Stitch Gift: simple diy christmas gifts

Cross stitch pieces are fantastic crafty homemade gift ideas for Christmas. Everyone of any age can use cross-stitch techniques to make a handmade Christmas gift for Grandma. Absolute beginners will want to start with the basics, but more advanced stitchers can be creative with this holiday scene. 

48. Homemade Soup Mix Jars

Homemade Soup Mix Jars: diy xmas gifts ideas

Christmas gifts in Mason jars are fun and inexpensive. Buy your beans, veggies, and pasta in bulk. Assembly takes no time at all and even less if you have help from kids or hubby. Cover the Mason jar with festive fabric or ribbon, and you have fantastic and easy handmade DIY Christmas gifts!

49. Macramé Key Chains

Macramé Key Chains: cheap christmas crafts gifts

If you need DIY Christmas presents to make, take a look at these fun keychains. Let the kids get creative with knots and beads, and watch them create heartfelt tokens for friends and family. You can also use these as stocking stuffers or gift tags. 

50. DIY Basket Backpack

DIY Basket Backpack: christmas gift diy

Not only is this backpack trendy and cute, but it is also useful. These cute Christmas present ideas are sure to please both your hip teen and your bestie who prefers a classic style. Put your own mark on this creative Christmas present. 

51. Personalized Luminaries

Personalized Luminaries: easy holiday gifts

This meaningful project creates beautiful and easy Christmas presents out of cherished holiday memories. You can make these unique handmade gifts with a minimal amount of supplies and experience. These personalized luminaries are perfect Christmas gifts for couples.

52. Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers: making christmas present

Need a last-minute stocking stuffer or simple easy homemade gifts for Christmas, a sports coach, or a band director? These quick-to-make rice-filled hand warmers are reusable and will keep hands toasty through the coldest games or parades. Offer these thoughtful homemade gifts with a heartfelt card! 

53. Memory Card Game

Memory Card Game: holiday crafts gift ideas

Make a matching game for your kids, or have them help make one for friends or cousins. Make funny cards or clever ones – it doesn’t matter much. Since there are no templates, you can create this quick and simple Christmas presents with any pictures. 

54. DIY Wooden Beer Caddy

DIY Wooden Beer Caddy: holiday craft gifts ideas

If you have basic woodworking skills, then this handcrafted Christmas gift is right up your alley. This rustic-looking beer caddy is a cool Christmas gift for your dad or someone who just turned 21. Show off what you can do and customize it for an extra-special present!

55. DIY Earring Dome Organizer

DIY Earring Dome Organizer: ideas for homemade christmas gifts

This oh-so-simple earring holder can be quick-made in the time it takes to heat your oven! Make these cool DIY holiday gift ideas for your teen, or teach them to make some. Everyone will love putting their earrings in a cute dome! 

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