The 25 Best DIY Anniversary Gifts to Surprise Your Love In 2023

The 25 Best DIY Anniversary Gifts to Surprise Your Love In 2023

DIY Anniversary Gifts are one of the most unique ways to express your love for your partner on anniversaries. Finding meaningful handmade gifts to give to your loved one will help you maintain your relationship for a long time, whether you are a newlywed couple or a long-term married couple.

Are you ready to check out our amazing DIY anniversary gifts for him or her?

The Best DIY Anniversary Gifts Ideas

1. Date Night in a Jar

diy anniversary gifts: date nights in jar

A really cute and cheap anniversary gift idea is to place all the different activities planned out for a date night in a recycled jar. Give this jar to your partner and ask them to open it. You can include options that you both love doing, like watching movies, going wine tasting, or playing games, and enjoy them together. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time together.

2. DIY Instagram Album

diy anniversary gift ideas: instagram album

If you incline more toward creative DIY anniversary gifts, make your partner a beautiful Instagram album with pictures of your favorite memories together. Not only will it be incredibly romantic, but it can also become a sentimental keepsake, which both of you will cherish in the years to come.

3. Photo on Wood

homemade anniversary gifts: photo on woods

This gift will be a unique DIY anniversary gift for him as it is both unusual and makes for a great decorative item. Transfer your favorite picture of you both, and give it to your partner to commemorate your beautiful memories together. The item will also have an aged aesthetic to it, which will add to its appeal.

4. Photo Coasters

diy photo coasters

This gift will be a unique DIY anniversary gift for him as it is both unusual and makes for a great decorative item. Transfer your favorite picture of you both, and give it to your partner to commemorate your beautiful memories together. The item will also have an aged aesthetic to it, which will add to its appeal.

5. DIY Heart Map Art Frame

creative anniversary gift ideas: heart map art frame

Both of you have been camping in each other’s hearts for some time now. So, why not take it a notch further? Give your significant other this heart map, which commemorates the location where you share your most romantic and significant memory together. Not only will it be a sentimental gift, but it will also be a cute keepsake to have around the house.

6. Wedding Picture Silhouette Frame

wedding photo silhouette frame

Your wedding day is one of the most special days you share with your husband or wife and marks the beginning of a new chapter for both of you. A creative and meaningful way to celebrate love is by commemorating your wedding day through a wedding picture silhouette frame. Making this item requires a little precision, but it’s a great way to pour your love into the anniversary gift you give to your spouse this year.

7. Bacon Roses

diy anniversary gifts for him: bacon roses

Everyone knows that the path through the heart is through the stomach. So, use this wisdom to make the best homemade anniversary gift for your husband. You’ll only need some nice bacon to whip together this unusual bouquet of roses, which he will munch on as he laughs at the genius idea! So, add some bacon to your next grocery run, and you have the perfect anniversary gift sorted!

8. Photo Candle

easy anniversary gifts: diy photo candle

A romantic way to celebrate your anniversary is by giving your boyfriend a Photo Candle with a picture of you two printed on it. It is an easy handmade gift that can also become a sweet relationship keepsake for him.

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet

homemade anniversary gifts for her: chocolate covered strawberries bouquet

Another gift that will melt your significant other’s heart with melt in the mouth treats is this chocolate covered strawberry bouquet. If your partner is a chocolate lover, this gift will be absolutely perfect for them and win you several extra brownie points. It has a proven history of success and will make them love you more.

10. “52 Things I Love About You” Card

52 things i love about you cards

Acknowledging all the little things you love about your partner is also a love language and can strengthen your bond with them. Therefore, for this anniversary, why not remind them of every little they do which makes you fall deeper in love with them? It will be a cute and sentimental gift, and they will feel extremely touched by the effort and love you pour into it to make it perfect.

11. Spooning Since Frame

anniversary gift diy: spooning since frame

If you are the kind of couple that loves joking around with each other and use humor to connect better, opt for funny DIY anniversary gifts. The ‘Spooning Since’ frame will not only make them laugh, but it will be a great way to commemorate all the years you have spent together and the memories you have made.

12. Date Night Lottery Tin

diy anniversary gifts: date night lottery tin

Make this anniversary interesting by adding an element of surprise to it. Add several date night activity ideas to a handmade tin box and have your partner pick them out one by one to have an adventurous time on your special day. Adding fun memories to this special day will make your love grow.

13. Photo Flip Book

romantic homemade anniversary gifts: photo flip book

No one can ever have enough of pictures, especially when those pictures convey the love you have for your partner. Therefore, the perfect DIY anniversary gift for her is a Photo Flip Book full of pictures that tell her you love her in the most creative way possible. She will love it and love you even more for giving it to her.

14. Wooden Photo Block

diy anniversary gifts for him: wooden photo blocks

Commemorate your time together but with a twist. While pictures are amazing, you can take the picture gifting to the next level by printing your favorite ones together on a wooden block. The best part about this gift is that it can be placed anywhere in the house, and every time you get a little bored, you only need to change the direction to get a different picture out in front.

15. Wedding Vows Photo Frame

framed photo wedding vows

The promise we make to our spouse on our wedding day is one of the most sacred of all and holds a unique place in our lives. Celebrate the love and commitment of your relationship by giving them handmade framed wedding vows. Out of all the DIY anniversary gifts for him, this one is likely to be the most romantic and sentimental.

16. Conversation Heart Macarons

anniversary gift ideas for him: conversation heart macarons

While conversation hearts are cute, they have been used very often. Therefore, take the sweetness of the idea but add the element of surprise by making conversation macaroons to celebrate your anniversary instead. There’s no better way to express your love.

17. DIY His & Hers Mug

handmade anniversary gifts: diy his and hers mugs

There’s something about adding love to the routine, which makes even last-minute gifts extremely romantic. If you are short on time, give your partner these adorable DIY His & Hers mugs for this anniversary. They are practical and romantic and will add a little extra sweetness to your shared coffee moments.

18. Instagram Magnets

diy anniversary gifts for him: instagram photo magnets

If your partner is addicted to Instagram, we have the perfect gift for them. Add the elements of their favorite social media platform to the anniversary gift by making Instagram-inspired magnets for them to make the real space just as enjoyable as the digital space. It will be a fun activity and will result in great keepsakes.

19. DIY Love Story Map

romantic homemade anniversary gifts: diy love story map frame

Some of the coolest DIY anniversary gifts are unique. So, go all out this year and tell the tale of your love story with the help of maps. Frame together map location where you shared some of the key relationship milestones and give it to your husband or wife. It will be an incredibly romantic and elegant gift, and they will cherish it forever.

20. Alphabets of Our Love

cute anniversary gift ideas: alphabets of love

Everyone knows their ABCs, but how many people can make them romantic. Surprise your partner this anniversary by giving them a complete alphabet book filled with a reason, starting with each letter of everything they do that makes you love and appreciate them. It will be thoughtful, sweet, and romantic and a great way to say ‘I love you.’

21. Nến hoa khô

dried flower candle

Give your spouse a DIY anniversary gift that is as evergreen as the love you have for them. A dried flower candle has a beautiful aesthetic that will fully complement the romantic message you want you to pour into the gift. Give it to them to show them they light up your world.

22. Pop-up Photo Box

homemade anniversary gifts husband: pop up photo box

If your wife loves romantic surprises, give her the DIY anniversary gift of her dreams. Take some pictures she treasures most and arrange them inside a box such that they pop out the moment she opens it. It will be a cute and funny little gift to convey your love.

23. Blooming Flower Monogram

diy anniversary gift for her: blooming monogram

Flowers have traditionally been the best gifts to give to someone you love you convey your feelings to them. However, instead of simply giving them a bouquet, get a little creative and make a beautiful and magnificent Blooming Flower Monogram for your partner as an anniversary gift using their initial. It will be gorgeous and romantic.

24. Tiny Photo in a Bottle

cute diy gift for anniversary: photo in bottle

Little gestures go a long way, especially if the little gestures have a vintage sweetness attached to them. If your partner loves unusual gifts, get a tiny picture of you both printed out and fit them inside a tiny bottle to give to them as a keepsake. It will be a novel gift, one they will enjoy decorating.

25. Monogram Keychain

handmade anniversary gifts for him: monogram clay keychain

Keychains are important accessories because we usually carry one or two with us daily. Show your love to your partner by giving them a Monogram Keychain with either both their initials or their initials and yours printed on it. This way, they can carry your love around daily and find comfort in it.


To sum up, the best DIY anniversary gifts can convey your feelings to your significant other. Our list includes a variety of different gift ideas you can take up, and we hope you found the perfect one for your partner.

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