31 Best Dirty Santa Gifts For Christmas 2022

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • November 15, 2022
31 Best Dirty Santa Gifts For Christmas 2022

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for dirty Santa gift ideas. What is the Dirty Santa game you ask? It’s a funny and inexpensive way to play a crazy gift swap game this holiday season. Sure they might not be practical, but everyone could use a good laugh nowadays. Whether exchanging gifts with your co-workers back in the office or getting together with friends and family, everyone is sure to get a kick out of these unique gift giving ideas. Let’s find your perfect Christmas gifts here.

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Best Dirty Santa Gifts

1. Funny Custom Mug

Funny Custom Mug Dirty Santa Gifts


Searching for a great dirty Santa gift for your upcoming gift exchange? This funny mug isn’t only “cheeky,” but it will have your friends and family blushing. You can choose to customize the mug with a funny or naughty saying.

2. Merry Christmas Toilet Papers

Highly Collectible Creative Merry Christmas Toilet Paper Dirty Santa Gifts


Give the crappiest dirty santa gift under 20 dollars with this festive teepee. A cheeky way to give a gift that just keeps on giving. Tis the season to unwind with hilarious gift ideas, talk about dirty santa.

3. Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print

dogs and cats on canvas print


People love their pets. This canvas print is perfect for the person who loves both dogs and cats equally. Just like different personalities, dogs and cats act very differently. Owners are sure to find this a funny Christmas gift.

4. Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game dirty santa gifts


Know someone that spends a lot of time in the bathroom? Give them one more excuse to extend their toilet time with this bathroom fishing game. A hilarious gift the entire family can use.

5. Table Topics


Have you ever invited company over just to run out of things to talk about? You’ll never suffer from the awkward silence again with this good dirty santa gift. Anyone can easily break the ice with these fun conversation prompts.

6. Leg Lamp Nightlight

Leg Lamp Nightlight Dirty Santa Gifts


Clap on, clap off. Give the gift of two iconic lights in one. The one-of-a-kind leg lamp with the convenience of a clapper light. This a great Christmas gift idea that’s sure to make anyone laugh.

7. Toilet Coffee Mug


Everyone has to use the golden throne. If you have been searching for the perfect dirty Santa gifts for coworkers, then this is sure to make a splash. Even if they aren’t coffee drinkers, it’s great for ice cream too.

8. Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass Dirty Santa Gifts


High ball glasses always go over well to give at any type of holiday party. These urban map glasses are chic, high quality, and sure to be an amazing gift for boyfriend.

9. Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves

Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves dirty santa gifts


Master those divine dance moves with the best dance partner ever, Jesus. Each page gives step by step instructions with a funny little illustration of the big guy himself. This is the perfect gift for creative dirty Santa gifts.

10. Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Recycled Glass Tree Globes Dirty Santa Gifts


If you are looking for gifts for mom for your dirty santa gift exchange, these glass ornaments are sure to be a hit. A fun and unique way to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family.

11. Corgi Cute Butt Pillow


Is there anything cuter than a Corgi butt? Whether a dog lover or not, you have to agree that this pillow is simply adorable. As far as affordability, this makes a good dirty santa gifts under $10.

12. Photo Plaque

family pictures on photo plaque


All families can be a little chaotic sometimes. This makes a thoughtful yet funny gift for giving those in your family. A great way to commemorate those nuts you call family.

13. Coasters

Coasters Dirty Christmas Gifts


Everyone gets a kick out of gifts that poke fun at life. For those people that like to keep their tables nice and free from water rings, they are sure to love these coasters at the dirty santa gift exchange.

14. Funny Bathroom Canvas Print

Funny Bathroom Canvas Print Dirty Santa Gifts


All parents can appreciate the truth of this canvas print. It seems every time they go, the toilet paper roll is empty. Let’s start changing the world one toilet paper roll at a time.

15. Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms Dirty Santa Gifts


There’s nothing more unappealing than stale wine. These funny wine savers make great cheap dirty santa gifts to give at the gift exchange. Make it a gift everyone wants to steal by adding a bottle of wine.

16. Plunger Christmas Tree To Bring Out The Toilet Humour

Plunger Christmas Tree To Bring Out The Toilet Humour dirty santa gifts


Expecting to have a crappy holiday season? Why not prepare for the worst with this Christmas tree plunger. These dirty santa gifts for $25 or less will keep both your wallet and your friends smiling.

17. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp dirty santa gifts


Warm up someone’s cold winter days with this long distance lamp. Simply touch the lamp to let them know you are thinking about them. A super cool dirty santa gifts they are sure to love.

18. Immersive Murder Mystery Game

Immersive Murder Mystery Game dirty santa gifts


Board games are always a good idea! From the Hunt a Killer series, this immersive game makes a perfect gift for any murder mystery fan. A great way to connect with friends and family after the holidays are over.

19. Funny Mug

Funny Mug dirty santa gifts


Moms, dads, adults of all kinds, we all seem to be tired all the time. Celebrate that permanent exhaustion that we all seem to share with this funny mug. One of the best dirty santa gifts for busy adults.

20. Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card  dirty santa gifts


Plants offer so many benefits. They bring oxygen, light, and happiness to their owners. Plant people can be just as wacky as pet owners. Celebrate that crazy plant lady (or guy) in your group with this digital gift card.

21. Fun Adult Drinking Game

Fun Adult Drinking Game dirty santa gifts


Searching for a fun game that is sure to get everyone in a good mood? Then this drinking card game is guaranteed to get everyone a little rowdy. Perfect for dirty santa gift giving to a group of friends.

22. Crystal Glass Hydroponic Vase

Crystal Glass Hydroponic Vase dirty santa gifts


These glass vases are sure to become a favorite centerpiece to anyone that gets them. These vases certainly won’t get shoved under the cupboards or given away to be regifted.

23. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Kabob Grilling Baskets dirty santa gifts


Gifts for cooks always go over well at gift exchange parties. These grilling baskets are a useful gift for anyone who knows how to use a grill. Simply pop in your favorite goodies and you’ll be eating in no time.

24. Personalized Family Candle

Personalized Family Candle dirty santa gifts


Give a sentimental gift with this lovely candle. An affordable gift that is available in several unique scents. You can customize it with a funny saying for the holidays or someone’s name.

25. “What Now Bitch?” Dinosaur Funny Mug

dinosaur on mug


Having trouble finding last minute dirty santa gifts for coworkers or family members? Check out this funny dinosaur mug. Start the day with a smile and a cup of jo with this hilarious mug.

26. Home Team Baseball Game

Home Team Baseball Game dirty santa gifts


Got some die hard baseball fans in the group? This home team baseball game is perfect for adding to a man cave or when hanging out with friends. Test your sports luck against other players with this fun game.

27. Dumpling Light

 Dumpling Light dirty santa gifts


Whether a connoisseur of Asian food or not, you can’t deny how adorable this dumpling light is. This little guy will have everyone saying “aww,” and claiming it as their own. Watch out, this gift is sure to get stolen.

28. Sometimes I Stay Inside Because It’s Just Too Peopley Out There Mug

Sometimes I Stay Inside Because It’s Just Too Peopley Out There Mug dirty santa gifts


Don’t forget about the introverts in the group with these funny dirty Santa gifts idea. Sometimes we all just need time to ourselves. This mug says it perfectly, when you feel the need to distance yourself.

29. Squishy Gummy Bear Light

Squishy Gummy Bear Light dirty santa gifts


Brighten any space with this adorable gummy bear led light. Perfect for lighting up someone’s day or adding that bit of uniqueness to any space. Choose from several colors or buy the whole pack. 

30. Handmade Spa Gift Set

Handmade Spa Gift Set dirty santa gifts


Everyone can use an extra bit of relaxation these days. Give a gift that anyone would love to get with this bougie bath gift set. A simple and effortless gift that is sure to be a hit among your party. 

31. Funny Cat Mug

 Funny Cat Mug dirty santa gifts


Cats are notorious for not liking people, at least most are. Use this mug to take some cool family pictures. This mug is purrfect for any cat loving introvert in your life.  

What is Dirty Santa?

While you are sure to have heard of festive gift swapping games, like White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange, before, you might not be familiar with the dirty Santa gift exchange. While it might sound deceiving, the dirty Santa gift exchange game is not just for adults and their adult humor, but a fun and crazy game for the entire family.

Everyone that brings a gift to the exchange gets to play the dirty Santa gift swap game. Each player must bring a nicely wrapped gift to exchange in order to be included in the dirty Santa game. They can pick a gift from the gift exchange pile or choose to steal a gift from another player that has already chosen a gift.

Rules to the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange?

1. Start by determining who will go first. A simple way to do this is to have everyone play pick numbers out of a hat. 

2. Player one picks a gift for the gift exchange pile, unwraps it, and shows the gift to everyone. The second person to go then gets to choose whether they pick from the gift pile or steal a gift they like from another player. This happens again and again until all of the gifts have been unwrapped. If your gift gets stolen from you, then you can pick another gift from the original gift pile or choose to steal from another player.

3. This is where being the last in line actually has its advantages. If you are the last to pick a gift, you have already seen what all the gifts are that everyone else has picked, except for maybe one. This allows you to pick whatever gift you want. The game is over when all of the gifts have been unwrapped and everyone has something. 

The stealing is really what makes this game so much fun. There are sure to be a few gifts that get stolen again and again.

What are good Dirty Santa game tips?

There are a few more tricks to playing the dirty Santa game. Be sure to put your gift in some appealing wrapping so that it will get chosen. You also want to know the kind of people that are going to be attending this gift exchange party. Knowing the types of personalities that will be there will help you to pick an appropriate and popular gift. 

Finally, don’t forget to bring a gift that you would like to steal and take back home with you. 

This gift exchange game is similar to a White Elephant gift exchange with good white elephant gift except the difference that people will actually like and want to take these gifts.



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