15 Extraordinary Christmas Wall Decor Ideas in 2019

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  • September 16, 2019
15 Extraordinary Christmas Wall Decor Ideas in 2019

When it comes to Christmas decor, the inclusion of certain decoration items is a must. Like a fully decorated Christmas tree, a fireplace decorated with stockings and fairy lights and the front of your house decorated with bright lights. This year, try adding some oomph with these great Christmas wall decor ideas.

The Colors of Christmas

Various colors are associated with Christmas and they all represent something. Let’s find out what these color associations are.


Although most trees lose their green foliage during the winter season, Holly Ivey and Mistletoe are the evergreen ones. These trees remind people that spring would come back.

The Romans celebrated Saturnalia every December and during this ceremony, they would decorate their doors and walls with holly wreaths. This signified the return of summer and good luck.

In the 4th century, when the Christians began celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December, they would let the wreaths left behind by Romans hanging. That’s when the association between the color green and Christmas formed.


The Paradise Tree in the Garden of Eve is believed to be a pine tree with apples. They basically represent the fall of Adam.

Holly berries are also red in color and they are believed to represent the blood of Jesus.

Do you know why Santa’s robe is red? Well, that’s because a Bishop’s robes are of the same color. Besides this, St. Nicholas, the person from whom the Santa tradition originates, wore these robes too.


White is associated with peace and purity. It represents the fact that Christ is spotless and sinless. Also, the color of the snow is white.

That’s not all! In earlier times, paradise trees were decorated with white paper wafers. This represented the bread Christians ate during the Mass of Christian Communion.

Furthermore, most churches cover their altars with a white sheet.


The color ‘gold’ cannot be dissociated from the precious metal that bears it. However, in reference to Christmas, it holds a little more significance. Since you rarely find sunshine in the winter, gold is considered the color of warmth.

Moreover, gold represents royalty and wealth. So, the ones who could not afford gold-colored decoration items would substitute it with yellow.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

1. Write Your Name on the Wall

noel letter wall art christmas decoration idea

Tutorial by: Sand and Sisal

Here is a DIY Christmas wall decor idea. Get letters cut out of wood and paint them in a color of your choosing using some acrylic paints. Once the paint is dry, arrange them in a creative way on a piece of cardboard and glue them with one another (not to the cardboard). Finally, mount your creation to the wall.

If you don’t have enough time on your hand, you may check out Custom Family Name Sign Canvas Print for some interesting letter art on canvas. You can customize the canvas with 3 to 11 letters. For some guidance on choosing the right canvas size and location, click here.

2. Rustic red ribbon star wall art

red ribbon star wall art christmast wall decor idea

Tutorial by: Beyond the Picket Fence

For this DIY Christmas Wall Décor, start with a block of old barn wood and draw a star on it. Put screws on the 5 corners of the star and wrap a red ribbon around them in a crisscross manner like a star.

3. Farmhouse Christmas Décor

rustic farmhouse wreath chirstmas wall decor idea

Tutorial by: My Creative Days

For this Christmas wall décor, you need tape, a drop cloth, garland, clothespins, and a stocking. Trace five stockings on the drop cloth and cut them out. Use the tape to give the stocking some definition and attach them to a red string with a clothespin. Place a garland on the top and your farmhouse Christmas décor is ready.

4. Snowman and Snowball Light Strings

snowballs and snowman light strings

Source: ginew on Etsy

Use these cotton ball string lights as a low lighting solution that brightens the room without producing harsh light. In addition to this, its snowman-inspired design will add some levity and festivity to your living spaces. These lights are handmade from cotton thread. The cable used in this light string is safe and of certified quality.

5. Red Truck Christmas Sign

red truck christmas sign wall decor ideas

Source: Pandaindesign on Etsy

This beautiful rustic red truck holiday sign makes for the perfect Christmas wall décor. The circular slate is a classic grey and the shapes are cut with laser. This décor item will surely spark nostalgia and act as a reminder of past joyous Christmas celebrations.

6. “Let’s Mistletoe” Bunting

let's mistletoe bunting lovely christmas decor idea

Source: SmilingTreeToys on Etsy

This bunting features a sly phrase that would be appreciated by couples celebrating Christmas together. The bunting is made from wood, organic camellia oil, and beeswax. Hang it on the wall with some snowflake accents to create a romantic atmosphere.

7. Car & Foliage Bunting

christmas wall decor ideas rustic car bunting

Source: PartyTouchesUK on Etsy

This car and foliage bunting comes with 8 wooden cars with foliage attached is perfect to give your house a cheery Christmas feeling.

8. Pinecone & Cranberry Garland

pine cone & cranberry garland christmas wall decor idea


Tutorial by: Clean and Scentsible

You need bleach, pinecones, jute string, a bag of cranberries, a large needle, felt cut into tiny circles, and hot glue for this pinecone and cranberry garland. Bleach the pinecones, sew the pinecones, and cranberries to string and simply hand it to a wall.

9. Birch Back Angel Wings

birch back angel wings wall decor idea

Tutorial by: Adrienne Elizabeth – Home Style Life

Draw angel wings on poster board, paste them on a piece of birch plywood, and cut them out. Once you have everything cut out, glue the birch on the wood, hang your birch back angel wings on the wall. You’ll have a piece of Christmas-time décor that harkens back to the Nativity story.

10. Giant Craft-Stick Snowflakes

giant crafted snowflakes christmas wall decor ideas

Tutorial by: makinghomebase.com

These craft-stick snowflakes an easy, fun, and inexpensive DIY Christmas Wall Décor project. Get your hands on craft sticks, glue, fishing line, and paint to make these homemade décor items. Don’t forget to have some fun while making these with your kids.

11. Holiday Holly Wall

christmas wall decor idea with paper crafted hollies

Source: Snow and Graham

Craft your own backdrop for the festive season and mount it on a prominent wall, like the one in the living room. This DIY Christmas décor item is guaranteed to fill any room it’s in with the festive spirit. All you need to do is follow the instructions given here. The wall decoration not only sports the Christmas colors – red and green – but also come with an eye-catching 3-D effect.

12. Rustic Christmas Tree

rustic christmas tree christmas wall decor

Tutorial by: Free People

Apart from the usual Christmas tree, you can make your own rustic Christmas tree using tree branches. It looks magical on the wall with some fairy lights and makes for the perfect Christmas Wall Décor.

For more tips on rustic wall décor, click here.

13. Simple Holiday Wall Letter

christmas vibe wall letter decor

Tutorial by: Rosyscription

Add some holiday spirit to your living room or kitchen with some big and bold letters this Christmas. Arrange the letters in words like joy, happy, holiday, and the like.

14. Plaid Hoop Wreath

plaid wreath christmas decor

Source: TeaAndHoneyDesigns on Etsy

This Christmas Buffalo Plaid Hoop Wreath is the perfect backdrop to add a Merry Christmas sentiment to your living space. It has some greenery and a burlap ribbon bow attached on the top.

15. Rustic Stockings Hanging

stocks hanging wall decoration idea

Source: Live It Beautiful

Last but not the least in our Christmas wall decor ideas list are these rustic themed stockings. Hang them to your mantelpiece and complete your wall decoration for this Christmas.

Now that you know all about Christmas wall decor ideas, go and plan how you’ll use all the decor pieces mentioned above. While you are at it, don’t forget to make your loved ones’ Christmas as special as yours.

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