Neighbor Christmas Gifts: 26 Gift Ideas Your Neighbors Will Love In 2021

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • September 1, 2021
Neighbor Christmas Gifts: 26 Gift Ideas Your Neighbors Will Love In 2021

Looking for the best Neighbor Christmas gifts that come in your budget? Here’s a list of Christmas gifts for neighbors, including edible and non-food neighbor gifts.

Christmas is all about spreading love, happiness and sharing with all. Make the most of this holiday season by exchanging unique and inexpensive gifts with your friends next door. Our list of gift ideas will help you find the right gift for each neighbor.

Let’s get into it!

Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

1. Chance Make Us Neighbors Coffee Mug

chance made us neighbors friends coffee mug gift for a neighbor

For neighbors who are more like your friends this chance made us neighbors coffee mug is the perfect gift for them. It shows the strong bond you share with your neighbor. Personalize this mug by uploading a picture together with your name on it.

2. Merry And Bright Pillow

merry and bright christmas pillow gift for neighbors

This merry and bright pillow is the perfect decoration item for your neighbors. It will look good wherever it’s kept as it adds a pop of color to the room. Get into the holiday spirit and gift away.

3. Christmas Potholder Gift for Neighbors

potholders for neighbor Christmas gift idea

This cute Christmas potholder gift has a pocket that is perfect to fill with homemade cookies. Gift these to all your neighbors as a sign of love and happiness. It is sure to strengthen your bond with them.

4. Awesome Neighbor Candle

An Awesome Neighbor Candle

A budget-friendly gift for the neighbors is an awesome neighbor candle. It complements the theme of the holiday season and comes in your budget. The saying is sure to make your neighbor smile wide.

5. Custom Red Truck Christmas Ornament

red truck christmas ornament 2021 personalized with family name

A great addition to the decorations of the holiday season! This custom red truck Christmas ornament will spice up your neighbors Christmas tree and will make it come alive. You can personalize it with a picture of them and the year. Celebrate to the max!

6. Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub

homemade coffee sugar scrub holiday gift for a neighbor

If you’re looking for holiday gifts that are beneficial and inexpensive then a great under $5 gift idea is this homemade coffee scrub. It will help the skin nourish and provide the extra glow they need. Gift this to your favorite neighbor.

7. Family Rules Custom Canvas Sign

family rules canvas sign with family name christmas gift idea

This family rules custom canvas sign is indeed a unique gift for the neighbors. It has many uplifting and encouraging words that will be a perfect decoration for their kitchen or living room. A heart-warming gift indeed!

8. Knitted Heart Hat and Socks Set

Knitted Heart Hat and Socks Set Gift for Neighbors

Small, knitted gifts have been traditional gifts for Christmas for years. Why not gift your neighbor a knitted heart hat and socks to keep them warm and feeling loved all winter long?

9. M&M Christmas Cookies

What’s Christmas without some sweet cookies? Go on a neighborhood cookie exchange spree this holiday season or keep them at your holiday party. Not only delicious but they’re good to look at too!

10. Family Name Initial Personalized Ornament

ornament gift for neighbor with family name initial and established year

Christmas is all about decorations! This family name initial ornament is sure to glam up their Christmas tree this year. It is a great gift for your neighbors as it adds to the festive season.

11. Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

homemade hot cocoa gift basket for next door neighbor

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This hot cocoa gift basket is a sweet yet thoughtful gift. Neighbors love such simple and fun goodies on Christmas Eve. These are a great last-minute holiday gift for all.

12. Knitted Coasters

hand knit coasters gift

Knitted coasters are a great gift to give on the holidays. The patterns for both the knit and crocheted coaster tops are super simple, so it’s perfect for folks who are looking for a beginner’s knit or crochet project.

13. Home Sweet Home Personalized Pillow

home sweet home pillow gift for neighbor with custom name address

If you’ve got a new neighbor in town, this Home Sweet Home personalized pillow is perfect as a housewarming gift for them. Customize it with a quote or their names and make them feel welcomed.

14. DIY Gingerbread House Kit

DIY build your own Gingerbread House Kit gift for neighbors christmas

This DIY Gingerbread house kit is one of the best fun holiday gifts that will keep the young kids busy while they are out of school. It includes all the instructions needed for them to have a fun and wonderful time this Christmas.

15. Family Board Game

cranium 3 in 1 family game board christmas gift for neighbor

A board game for the whole family to enjoy! It brings out surprising talents in each individual and lets them have an opportunity to shine. Make the most of this Christmas and build memories that you can cherish forever.

16. “Having Somewhere to Go Is Home” Ornament

Having Somewhere To Go Is Home Ornament For Neighbors

This year raise the bar and add unique and meaningful decorations to your Christmas tree and encourage others to do the same. It will surely bring joy and happiness into their lives.

17. Cinnamon Christmas Bread

cinnamon sugar christmas bread holiday neighbor gift

Going along with one of the most popular traditions, Cinnamon bread is a great neighbor gift idea for Christmas. Delicious and sweet, it is sure to be loved by all your neighbors. Bake and gift away!

18. Cookie Dough Gift Box

edible cookies dough set - gift idea for neighbor

There’s nothing better than a cookie dough gift box. This delicious variety of cookie dough gift box can be enjoyed raw or baked by your neighbors. Gift all the sweetness of this festive season and spread joy.

19. Personalized Recipe Box

engraved wooden recipe box for neighbor christmas gift

Do you know that one neighbor who loves her recipes and has a secret recipe for each dish she makes? This personalized recipe box is the perfect Christmas gift for her. You can get her name engraved on it to surprise her even more.

20. “This is Us” Blanket

family name initial blanket - Christmas neighbor gift idea

Keep your neighbors warm by giving them this ‘This is Us’ throw blanket in the winter season. This blanket is perfect for decorating and has the most adorable color theme. It is a useful gift to give others this festive season.

21. Homemade Candied Ginger

candied ginger mason jar christmas gift

Candied ginger is a homemade Christmas treat. It is a healthy food gift to give your neighbors on this festive season. With just four ingredients, you can make your neighbors feel welcomed and joyful this Christmas.

22. Pancake Breakfast Gift Set with a Fun Tag

Pancake Breakfast Gift Set With A Fun Tag - Have A Christmas To Flip Over

A pancake breakfast gift set is a thoughtful and useful one for your neighbor. Make your gift extra special with a tag with funny Christmas sayings such as “Have a Christmas to FLIP over!” They will surely love it.

23. Family Tree Throw Pillow

family tree custom pillow Christmas gifts for neighbors

This family tree throw pillow is a unique and meaningful gift for your lovely neighbor. It adds a personal touch to it which will help strengthen your bond with them. Celebrate your neighbor by gifting them this holiday season.

24. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix In A Jar

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix In Mason Jar - Neighbor Christmas Gifts Ideas

Chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar is a delicious edible gift that is easy to make! It only takes a few ingredients, and all the recipient need to do is add the wet ingredients and bake. Gift your neighbors this homemade gift that they will surely love.

25. Best Neighbors Ever Tea Towel

best neighbors ever tea towels set as a Christmas gift

These “Best Neighbors Ever” tea towels are a great holiday gift for a favorite neighbor. These are hundred percent cotton and lint free. It is a useful gift to give that your neighbor will appreciate for years to come.

26. DIY Reindeer Root Beer

DIY reindeer root beer for neighbors on Christmas

A reindeer root beer is a quick and inexpensive DIY gift for your best-loved neighbor. You can dress up any kind of soda of your choice and there you have the perfect gift for them. These cute reindeers will be the talk of the party.


This list of neighbor Christmas gifts will make it easy for you to give your neighbors this Christmas Eve. Our list of Christmas gifts for neighbors is inexpensive and thoughtful with a mix of DIY and ready to give gifts.



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