33 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Employees to Show Your Appreciation in 2021

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  • September 28, 2021
33 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Employees to Show Your Appreciation in 2021

You shouldn’t have to lose sleep because you can’t find the best Christmas gifts for employees. However, what you need is to find something thoughtful or fun to show them a little appreciation. In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect Christmas gifts for your staff.

For starters, you’ll need to know what hobbies or interests your employees have. This will help you find personalized items for each person. But if it seems like too much work, you can play a fun game instead – Secret Santa or Dirty Santa! This option is about exchanging gifts with your friends until you find something you like. It is an ideal option when you don’t know what holiday gifts to get your employees.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Staff

Hard Day's Work Kit Christmas gifts for employees

1/ Hard Day’s Work Kit


Everyone deserves to get a little spa treatment after a long, hard week at work. And this grooming kit is a practical care package idea for employees who give their best to the company!   

Rainbow Mug Christmas gifts for employees

2/ Rainbow Mug


It’s important to also get Christmas presents for the interns to make them feel welcome. So, if you’re looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts for employees, this mug is ideal! Besides, it’s available in various colors so everyone will be happy.   

Erasable Note Wedge Set Christmas gifts for employees

3/ Erasable Note Wedge Set


Are you tired of hearing excuses about why someone keeps forgetting their deadlines? This erasable note set is the coolest office Christmas gift to help them keep track of things. It’ll make taking notes seem like such fun!

colleagues photo on plaque

4/ Chance Made Us Colleagues Custom Desktop Photo Plaque


If you believe in fate, then this chance desktop plaque is the sweetest personalized Christmas gift for employees. It’s a nice way of showing your colleagues you enjoy spending time with them. Remember to use a fun and silly picture!   

Sometimes I Stay Inside Because It’s Just Too Peopley Out There Mug Christmas gifts for employees

5/ Sometimes I Stay Inside Because It’s Just Too Peopley Out There Mug


Looking for funny Christmas gifts for employees who barely talk to anyone outside the office? This silly mug is what you need to put a smile on their face! Besides, it’s a practical gift for a shy person.

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Terrarium Candle Christmas gifts for employees

6/ Terrarium Candle


When it comes to finding holiday gifts for the ladies at work, try going for something pretty unique. This terrarium candle is a great way to start! The sweet smell as the candle burns will make them feel extra special. 

Work from Home Survival Kit Christmas gifts for employees

7/ Work from Home Survival Kit


Working from home is not as easy as most people think it might be. And this survival kit is a unique care package for remote employees to show them you’re in this together. What a creative and fun game!   

Mini Mushroom Grow Kit Christmas gifts for employees

8/ Mini Mushroom Grow Kit


Wondering what to get an employee who cares about gardening and nature? How about surprising them with this mushroom grow kit for Christmas? It’s a meaningful Xmas gift for employees who want to try new hobbies.   

Friendship Personalized Christmas Ornament Christmas gifts for employees

9/ Personalized Christmas Ornament


The friendships you make at work can easily become the strongest relationships in your life. That said, this friendship ornament is the best Christmas gift for employees who enjoy each other’s company. Besides, it’ll look wonderful on the Christmas tree!   

Window Plant Pod Christmas gifts for employees

10/ Window Plant Pod


Just because you live in a city apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mini kitchen garden. This window plant pod is another good Christmas gift for employees who follow a strict diet. This way, they can grow herbs indoors.   

Dumpling Light Christmas gifts for employees

11/ Dumpling Light


Looking for cheap gifts for co-workers who love going for lunch together? These dumpling lights are the cutest surprise, especially if your colleagues love Asian food. They are the perfect addition to a dull desktop space!   

Books Christmas gifts for employees

12/ Books

One of the best things you can get a bookworm is a book from their wish list. You can also surprise them with a novel they’d never have gone for themselves. What a cool holiday gift for employees!   

Noise Cancelling Earphones

13/ Noise Cancelling Earphones


We all have those days when we want some quiet as we focus on work. And this Bluetooth headset is the ideal gadget to help you get that. It’s the best holiday gift for employees who work great alone!   

Bonsai Trees Christmas gifts for employees

14/ Bonsai Trees

If you’re wondering what to give your employees for Christmas, we’ve got a special surprise. How about getting them Bonsai trees to decorate their desks? Plants will also make the entire office look inviting to clients!

Popcorn Tower Christmas gifts for employees

15/ Popcorn Tower


Wondering how to top the presents you got the best employee of the year last time? This popcorn tower might just do the trick! It’s one of the most creative Christmas gift boxes for employees with young kids.   

Soft Plush Slippers Christmas gifts for employees

16/ Soft Plush Slippers


Finding practical gifts for women is not as complicated as most people might think. And these cute, plush slippers are an excellent example! The lucky lady will be happy to enjoy them throughout the holiday season!   

Phone Docking Station Christmas gifts for employees

17/ Phone Docking Station


Does your office work involve a lot of travel? If yes, then this docking station will make a unique Christmas gift box for employees who enjoy these trips. Don’t be surprised if their co-workers get a little jealous!   

Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow Christmas gifts for employees

18/ Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow


If there’s one thing that most people look forward to during the holidays, it’s getting a Christmas-themed present. So, how about getting this ‘Let It Snow’ suede pillow? It’s perfect when you want to buy cute Christmas gifts for co-workers.   

Super Snack Box Christmas gifts for employees

19/ Super Snack Box


Have you been looking for a unique way to celebrate all your staff members? Get creative this year and surprise them with bulk Christmas gifts for employees. Moreover, each box you buy is a direct donation to charity.   

Premium Handcrafted Cocktails Box Christmas gifts for employees

20/Premium Handcrafted Cocktails Box


Everyone knows that a good cocktail is sure to make a nice day even more fun! This small gift basket for employees comes with handcrafted cocktails to please the palate. Don’t be surprised to get uncountable thank you notes!   

Happy Hour Box Christmas gifts for employees

21/ Happy Hour Box


Wondering where to find exciting holiday gift baskets for your employees? This Christmas package comes with all the holiday goodies to get everyone motivated. Besides, you can never go wrong with a Happy Hour Box!   

The Eco-Friendly Box Christmas gifts for employees

22/ The Eco-Friendly Box

Is your company a start-up that’s growing slowly but surely? How about motivating your staff with Eco-Friendly boxes as you prepare for the holiday break? It’s one of the coolest Christmas gifts for employees from their boss. 

23/ Bluetooth Portable Speaker


Most employees are likely to take family trips to enjoy the festive season. So why not make the holiday much more fun for them with this portable Bluetooth speaker? What a lovely, small Christmas gift for employees who love music!   

Soothing Desktop Diffuser Christmas gifts for employees

24/ Soothing Desktop Diffuser


What’s a good holiday gift for employees whose bodies are sensitive to any change in weather? How about getting them this handy desktop diffuser to help them feel better? Besides, it’ll make their desk look super cool!   

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper Christmas gifts for employees

25/ Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper


How well do you know your employees? If you’re looking for a challenge, then these unique wine bottle stoppers will fulfill your wish. What fun holiday gifts for employees who love having red wine with their meals!   

glass Christmas gifts for employees

26/ Urban Map Glass


Have you been looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for men to no avail? Luckily, these urban map glasses are here to save the day! The guys will enjoy figuring out where their favorite cafes and pubs are on the map.   

Orbits Eye Stones Christmas gifts for employees

27/ Orbits Eye Stones


Having your eyes glued to the computer all day can make you feel so tired. Luckily, these eye stones will make everything alright. They also make good holiday gifts for employees who don’t have the time to go to spas.   

RIDGE CUFF BEANIE MIDWEIGHT christmas gifts for employees

28/ Beanie


One thing you can’t go wrong with when buying holiday presents is a wool beanie. Why? Because they are cute and also practical for cold weather. Besides, what other fun Christmas gifts for employees are also ideal for casual Fridays?   

Eyeglasses Holder christmas gifts for employees

29/ Eyeglasses Holder


If there’s something that people who wear glasses struggle with, it’s keeping track of their spectacle cases. And this eyeglasses holder is just what they need! Although it doesn’t fall under Christmas gifts for employees under $5, it’s still pretty affordable

30/ Portable Blender


As the health experts say, breakfast is a crucial part of your day. That said, this portable blender is ideal for someone who’s always skipping meals. Besides, it’s also a nice, cheap holiday gift for employees

Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

31/ Spa Scrub and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

Taking time to go to the spa is well and good if you can afford it. That said, this DIY grooming kit is a creative homemade Christmas gift for your employees. It’ll make hard days seem less stressful.   

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Ornament
christmas gifts for employees

32/ Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Ornament


“What are the best Christmas gifts for my employees?” Instead of going for complicated ideas, how about something simple like this cute Christmas ornament? Besides, this is a sure way of bringing a smile to your employees’ faces!   

Sugarwish Candy Gift  christmas gifts for employees

33/ Candy Gift


Looking for nice, affordable company Christmas gifts for your employees? Why don’t you surprise them with candy gifts from Sugarwish at the staff party? After all, everyone deserves a little sweetness in their life.   


As you probably know, people generally love receiving gifts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a care package for employees working from home or in the office. It also doesn’t matter how old they are or what holiday you’re celebrating. What’s important is that they feel loved and appreciated. That said, you can’t go wrong with any items listed here!

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