43 Best Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Dad (Even Those Who Want Nothing)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 30, 2020
43 Best Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Dad (Even Those Who Want Nothing)

Buying Christmas gifts for dad will no longer be a chore.

No matter if you are looking for cheap, last-minute gifts or elaborate personalized ones, this list makes gifting easy.

This Christmas gift list covers dads of all types, whether they like drinking, sports, or tech gifts. 

If your dad’s the type who wants nothing, wait till he sees the fun and practical gift you’ve gotten him.

He’ll change his mind immediately!

These gifts from kids to daddy will make his Christmas truly special.

Show your dad (or husband) the appreciation he deserves.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad

If you are looking for things to get your dad for Christmas, you have come to the right place.

This list is full of cool and special things that dads like.

You’ll find something every kind of dad out there, no matter if he’s into electronic gadgets or outdoor activities.

Every gift is designed to make him feel like the man of the hour, loved and appreciated this Christmas.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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Tool Pen - Christmas gifts for dad

Tool Pen

Your dad will wish you got him this pen much earlier. This small gift packs a punch and is the modern-day man’s utility knife. It is perfect if you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas for men that matter in your life. It works as a screwdriver, box cutter, bottle opener, stylus, and much more! You will be pleased to know that it’s a great pen, too.

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Cooler Bag

Cooler Bag

A man who can carry his beer around and keep it cool is a happy one. Cold beer works wonders for a man’s soul. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for your dad this Christmas, top his year off with this cooler bag. He’ll be off on fishing trips and enjoying his favorite drink while thinking about what an awesome kid you are.

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Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

This gift marks the end to your dad fumbling around, trying to insert a cable to charge his phone. He will now be able to charge his gadgets in style simply by docking them. As far as trendy tech gifts for dad go, this is the one to get. No more messy cables – how awesome is that?

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Train Models Kits - Christmas gifts for dad

Train Models Kits

This beautiful train model kit is a wonderful gift for Father’s Day. Every dad loves putting things together. He’ll spend hours getting creative and engrossed in building this elaborate train replica. Imagine his pride when he’s done putting it together. It’s the perfect toy for him to show off on the mantlepiece.

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This hilarious t-shirt is perfect if you’re searching for sports gifts or gifts for golfers. If your dad or husband spends a lot of time at the golf course, he’ll love to have this on. This comfortable, high-quality but inexpensive t-shirt is guaranteed to make him look good like the ‘best dad by par’!

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Camping Chair

Camping Chair

Are you looking for useful gift ideas for your dad? If he loves nothing more than camping or fishing, look no further. With this fantastic chair, he doesn’t even have to move to enjoy his favorite cold beverage. It’s the perfect camping companion he’ll take with him on every camping trip.

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Home Tool Kit

Home Tool Kit

This home tool kit will make a cool gift for dad this Christmas. It’s perfect for a type of dad who is handy around the house. If he isn’t, he’ll easily improve his skills with this awesome kit. Since it’s battery-operated, he’ll be able to fix things, tighten screws, nails without having to worry about plugging in the drill.

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Portable Gas Grill - Christmas gifts for dad

Portable Gas Grill

Grilling gifts are the best presents for the dad who loves showing off his cooking skills. Your dad will feel really special with this super portable gas grill. He’ll be able to grill away during his camping trips or at the beach. Unlike a fire pit, this petite grill fits right on a tabletop, so space is no longer an issue.

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Portable Projector - Christmas gifts for dad

Portable Projector

This cute portable projector might be small and a tad expensive, but it packs a punch. Since it’s easy to carry around, dads will be able to show photos and play videos anywhere. This projector will transform any room into a mini-theater. Dad gifts like this one will bring a whole new meaning to impromptu movie nights.

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Beard Kit

Beard Kit

Help your man take care of himself. Give your husband this thoughtful gift to up his grooming game. Show him that you find his beard sexy with this beard kit. This beautifully packaged gift will make him look good and smell great. You’ll fall in love with him all over again this Valentine’s Day.

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Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you’re in a bind searching for last-minute gifts for your father-in-law, this tumbler is an excellent choice. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite drinks at the perfect temperature and feel loved at the same time. It’s also customizable, so you can make him feel extra special by adding his name to it.

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Coffee Maker - Christmas gifts for dad

Coffee Maker

Nothing smells better than freshly brewed coffee. This will make a fantastic useful gift for a new dad who’s on night duty. Make papa feel bright and cheery, ready for his workday. It’s slim but can make you four amazing cups of coffee before you have to get it refilled again.

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Smart Watch

Smart Watch

This trendy smartwatch is for the man who is always ready and on the go. Your dad will be able to keep an eye on his health and enjoy the awesome smart assistant, too. If you’re looking for cool tech gifts for dad, this one competes for the top of the list.

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Baseball Hat - Christmas gifts for dad

Baseball Hat

Your retired dad will love this baseball hat. If he’s big on sports, all the better. This hat will crack everyone up with a hilarious slogan that warns people to go elsewhere with their problems. It’ll keep your popular pops safe from the sun and is definitely one of the best retirement gift ideas for men.

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Under Desk Elliptical

Under Desk Elliptical

Looking for something expensive and creative? This under-desk elliptical will help your dad or husband work out even while he’s at work. This is multitasking at its finest. As far as fitness gifts go, this portable elliptical is one of the best. Getting fit has never been easier and more fun!

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Turntable Record Player

Turntable Record Player

Keep the music going with this beautiful record player. Its retro design will make it a very special Christmas gift for him. Music lovers will appreciate its premium sound quality as well as its convenience. The perfect mix of old and new, this turntable will turn every event into a party.

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Kitchen Knife Set - Christmas gifts for dad

Kitchen Knife Set

This kitchen knife set will make any man a cool chef. Knives of all sizes look like they’re floating on air. Beautifully made with a simple design, this set should be on your list of presents for dad. He’ll be cooking up a storm and enjoying every minute of it.

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Beer Soap

Beer Soap

Anyone who loves beer can’t get enough of it, so they’ll love to have it in their soap. Perfect gifts for beer lovers, these bars of soap are made from actual beer and smell incredible. Dad can use them for his face, body, and even hair! They would also make a hilarious gag present from mom.

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Phone Sanitizer

Phone Sanitizer

Keeping our lives germ-free is very important, and it’s a breeze with this amazing phone sanitizer. Considering how often we touch our phones every day, it’s a good idea to sanitize them regularly. Don’t stop at your phone – this handy device makes disinfecting small items quick and easy with UV light.

Christmas Gifts for Dad From Kids

The best gifts from daughter or son are unique, creative, and sentimental.

Shower your dad with love with a heartfelt gift to show him you care.

Honor your father by giving him a gift that makes him feel appreciated every time he looks at it.

The customized gifts on this list will do just that.

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Desktop Plaque - Christmas gifts for dad

Desktop Plaque

Personalized gifts are the best. If you are looking for gifts for your stepdad, make him feel really special with this plaque. His love for you is such a bonus in your life, so show him how much you appreciate it. This father-daughter gift will make him the proudest dad in the world.

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Christmas gifts for dad - wooden cutting board

Wooden Cutting Board

If your dad enjoys cooking for the whole family, he’ll love this engraved cutting board. This gorgeous wooden piece will be bound to have a special place in his kitchen.

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Kid Handwriting Wallet

Kid Handwriting Wallet

This cute handmade wallet will make an amazing gift for a dad from his kids this Christmas. Every time he looks at his wallet, it’ll remind him of the amazing family and life he’s made for himself. Immortalize your kid’s work of art – turn it into a personalized wallet for your husband!

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Family Photo Blanket - Christmas gifts for dad

Family Photo Blanket

This heartfelt gift will make Christmas truly amazing. It’s a unique blanket with a customizable design that will make a great family heirloom. Enjoy snuggling with your loved ones under this feel-good blanket during chilly winter evenings. With two sizes to pick from, we guarantee everyone will fit nicely under it!

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Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

If anyone thinks they cannot write, this sentimental book will prove otherwise. It’s an inexpensive way to express the love you have for your dad. Let him know how much you appreciate all he’s done to make you the person you are today. With writing prompts to help you express yourself, this will make the best father and son gift.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Dad

All men know how meaningful it is to become a parent for the first time.

A father’s instinct to protect his baby is unparalleled.

Celebrate them with these best gifts for dad, for he is a hero in every sense of the word.

These gifts are all customizable, so you can make them extra special by including a personal message.   

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Coffee Mug - Christmas gifts for dad

Coffee Mug

Every kid thinks of their dad as their personal hero. When kids say, “My papa is so strong that he can do everything,” they really mean it. For a firefighter dad, nothing rings truer than that. This coffee mug will make great Father’s Day and Christmas gifts for our real-life superheroes, firemen.

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Baby Footprint Bracelet

Baby Footprint Bracelet

What a great way to celebrate fatherhood! If you know someone who is a soon-to-be dad, keep this heartfelt bracelet in mind for him. This unique gift is one of the best gifts for a new dad. It is handmade and personalized, and such a beautiful keepsake to remind a father of his child’s tiny footprints.

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Photo Canvas Print

Photo Canvas Print

Fathers and daughters have a relationship like no other. Even when it’s complicated, fathers always have their children in mind in everything that they do. This personalized father daughter gift celebrates that strong bond. It will brighten up a home with happy memories and celebrate our everyday heroes, fathers. Make a dad feel loved and appreciated today!

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Christmas Ornament - Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas Ornament

Personalized ornaments are a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s first Christmas. Your daughter or son will be delighted to have a place on their Christmas tree. This will be one Christmas ornament that you’ll cherish for many years to come. They make sentimental and unique presents for extended family, too.

Want a cute version for family ornaments? Check out this baby shark Christmas ornament!

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Dad 

You do not need to break the bank to make your father feel loved.

These dad Christmas gifts are cheap and guaranteed to warm his heart.

They are practical and made to match his personality.

From sweatpants to cargo shorts, this list includes personalized, useful, and everyday items that he’ll love.

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This gift will keep your dad warm and comfortable, no matter the time of day. It combines style and quality all in one. These comfy sweatpants are the perfect last-minute Christmas gift to celebrate dad’s love. They’re ideal for workouts and a chill weekend, at home or out.

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Fishing Keychain - Christmas gifts for dad

Fishing Keychain

Dad will carry around this keychain with pride. It’s cheap but heartfelt, and it makes an excellent gift for fishers. This keychain is engraved with children’s names, serving as a beautiful reminder that they are loved and appreciated. With cute little fish and a sweet message, it’s guaranteed to warm his heart.

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Sloths Socks

Sloths Socks

Socks make the best dad gifts because you know he’ll wear them all the time. If you have a dad who loves telling dad jokes, then you know he’ll appreciate this pair of sloths socks. It’s the perfect inexpensive gift to warm him this holiday season and showcase his funny and endearing personality. Make these sloths socks your dad’s favorite pair!

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Toiletry Bag - Christmas gifts for dad

Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag is a quick and easy gift for a traveling dad or husband. Let him know how much you miss him on those work trips he’s always on. It’s beautifully handmade and personalized to make his trips extra special. This is the perfect example of a useful gift, and that is something all dads will appreciate.

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Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Glass Set

If you are stuck looking for a gift for your girlfriend’s parents, this whiskey glass set will do the trick. These glasses are the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers. They are beautifully crafted, classy, and guaranteed to turn any drink into a special occasion. The intricate forest illustration makes these charming glasses perfect for any outdoorsman.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses will make sitting in front of a computer for long hours much more bearable. They are an affordable way to keep your dad’s eyesight healthy and circadian rhythms optimal. These glasses make great gifts for those who spend too much time staring at screens.

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Cargo Short - Christmas gifts for dad

Cargo Short

Every father needs a stereotypical dad outfit, and these cargo shorts will complete his look flawlessly. If he is looking for a comfortable way to carry around his stuff, these pants have him covered. The many roomy pockets on this amazing pair of pants will inevitably make it his go-to outfit for all occasions.

Christmas Gifts for Old Dad

If you are trying to find Christmas gifts for older dads, we’ve got your back.

These gifts are great for men who are 60 years old or thereabouts.

These dad gifts are thoughtful and heartfelt and will express how much you care.

No matter if he’s old fashioned or modern, these will definitely put a smile on his face this Christmas.

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Photo frame

Photo Frame

Are you looking for gifts for grandpa? This heartfelt gift will be perfect in a first-time or seasoned granddad’s home. If you are having a baby, celebrate your dad becoming a grandfather, too. This lovely frame also makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift. If he is an avid Scrabble player, he will love this gift even more!

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Therapy Lamp - Christmas gifts for dad

Therapy Lamp

Adults 65 years old and older will find that it’s harder to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep holds such understated importance in our lives. A good night’s sleep determines our actions and mental state for the day. This awesome therapy lamp is a thoughtful gift for older folks. Its many functions are therapeutic, helping people overcome their sleep issues and improve their overall health.

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Eyeglass Holder Stand

Eyeglass Holder Stand

If you have a dad who’s 70 years old and constantly losing his glasses, fix it quickly with this stand. It is a cheap useful gift, and a great accessory to decorate the home, too. This handy eyeglass holder will keep glasses within reach and scratch-free. Dad will no longer have to hunt high and low for them!

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Tea Subscription

Tea Subscription

Subscription boxes are getting more popular by the day, and they’re a great way to indulge in a hobby. Tea lovers and novices alike will love this cool concept that introduces exciting new teas for them to try. This subscription will make a really thoughtful gift for your boyfriend’s dad, especially if he loves tea.

Christmas Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything

If you find that it’s hard to buy for your dad, then these gifts might help.

Sure, you could get him a gag gift for Christmas , but how meaningful is that?

These gifts will help him discover a new hobby or make life easier for him in unexpected ways.

These are amazing gifts for the dad who always says he wants nothing because he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

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Hot Sauce Kit - Christmas gifts for dad

Hot Sauce Kit

Spice lovers will enjoy creating their own homemade hot sauces with this kit. It doesn’t matter if they like it mild or over the top hot – they’ll have fun mixing things up. With interesting and exotic ingredients from all around the world, these do-it-yourself sauces will complete any dish. If you are looking for hot sauce gifts for the gourmet chef in your life, look no further!

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Slippers - Christmas gifts for dad


These adorably funny slippers will make the perfect Christmas gift from a teenage daughter. They are inexpensive but incredibly comfy and will keep your pop’s feet nice and warm this holiday season. Not only do they look great, but they’re also safe and anti-slid, which makes them great for slippery wooden floors.

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Camping Hammock

Camping Hammock

If you are looking for traveling gifts for dads who have everything, add this hammock to your list. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. This thoughtful gift can be used on the patio or on camping trips and is big enough for two. Pair it with a cold beer, and he will have a perfect lazy afternoon.

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Docking Station - Christmas gifts for dad

Docking Station

This practical customizable docking station is the perfect Christmas gift for the man who doesn’t want anything. He’ll no longer need to waste time hunting for things before leaving home. It is a beautifully handmade charging station for his phone and holds everything in one place. It makes life less messy and storing things like keys and name cards easy.

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Make Your Dad the Happiest This Christmas

We are who we are today because of the love and attention our parents have showered upon us.

Every dad deserves a thoughtful and unique gift this holiday season.

This list of Christmas gifts for dad will show him how much he means to you.

These are perfect for dads who are 50 years old or new dads who have just welcomed their first child.

Pick the one that perfectly expresses your love and gratitude!



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