79 Best Christmas Gift Ideas of 2023 for a Festive Holiday Season

79 Best Christmas Gift Ideas of 2023 for a Festive Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start thinking of the best Christmas gift ideas for your baby, parents, best friends, teacher, family, or neighbor. Yes, that’s right! Santa fans can start preparing for the season as early as possible!

Most people usually know the special presents they want months before the holidays even begin. Your mom, dad, boss, employees, bestie, boyfriend or girlfriend, and even kids know the things to ask for Christmas.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of cool things to get for the holiday season, including great options for dirty Santa gifts. This way, your shopping experience will be simple and hassle-free, even when searching for last-minute Christmas gifts. Additionally, they’ll be dropped off at your loved ones’ or your own doorstep! 

Best Christmas Gifts

What is the most popular gift to give on this special day? We’ve highlighted unique and thoughtful presents for your loved ones. That said, here are the top ten Christmas gifts to get. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
Merry Christmas Family Canvas Print

1. Merry Christmas Family Canvas Print

Wondering where to find the perfect family Christmas gift for your loved ones? You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful yet simple Christmas gift like this canvas print. This one is a clever way of wishing the entire family happy holidays without buying individual presents. 

Christmas Suede Pillow

2. Christmas Suede Pillow

A good Christmas gift idea for mom and dad is one everyone can enjoy, including their grandkids. That said, this suede pillow will be a great fit for a family that loves decorating their home. Also, the family pet will want to cuddle next to it! 

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 Sony Wireless Earbuds

3. Sony Wireless Earbuds

Teenagers know the best Christmas presents to ask for, especially for their cool aunts and uncles. So if your nephew has been a good boy, these wireless earbuds are the best reward. Besides, this is a practical gift for someone who loves listening to music. 

Intoval Wireless Charger

4. Intoval Wireless Charger

Another top contender on our top ten Christmas gift list is the Intoval wireless charger. This is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for someone who has everything. The best thing is that it charges iPhones and Airpods so your loved ones can carry them wherever they go. 

Merry Christmas Family Desktop Plaque

5. Merry Christmas Family Desktop Plaque

One of the sweetest Christmas gifts for couples is surprising them with this desktop plaque. They’ll be even more delighted if you include their extended families and pets in the photos. This is an awesome Christmas gift idea for couples who live far away from their relatives.

christmas gifts: Our Place Always Pan

6. Our Place Always Pan  

Discover the hidden versatility of the Our Place Always Pan, a culinary gem cleverly disguised in a sleek design. This all-in-one pan is a frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest rolled into one, making it an ideal Christmas gift for space-conscious apartment dwellers. Cleanup was a breeze. Elevate your cooking experience with this innovative pan.

Apple iPad 8th Generation

7. Apple iPad 8th Generation

Everyone has a wishlist they hope to fulfill one day. Make your little brother’s wishes come true with the best Christmas gift ever this year – an Apple iPad! So this awesome device will give him a chance to talk to his friends who’ve traveled for Christmas. 

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First Christmas As Mommy and Daddy Desktop Plaque

8. First Christmas As Mommy and Daddy Desktop Plaque

The first Christmas as parents is one that most people don’t forget. And that’s why this cute desktop place is a special Christmas gift for first-time parents. It’s probably best to get two so the couple doesn’t have to fight over where to put them. 

TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

9. TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

What other adult Christmas gift idea is more unusual than this bidet toilet seat attachment? Although some people might find this present hilarious or embarrassing, a bidet-lover will certainly appreciate it! What’s best is they install it by themselves and enjoy using it in no time! 

First Christmas As Grandma and Grandpa Desktop Plaque

10. First Christmas As Grandma and Grandpa Desktop Plaque

Most people look forward to spending the holidays with their grandkids, especially if it’s their first time. That said, a desktop plaque is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for grandparents. Therefore, They’ll be more than happy to keep a memento of the baby’s infancy stage! 

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Christmas Gifts for Her

Most men complain that Christmas gift shopping is a difficult and tiring job. However, we’ve prepared a list of 20 of the most popular Christmas gifts for the women in your life. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
MOM Christmas Custom Canvas Print

11. MOM Christmas Custom Canvas Print

Sometimes, it’s the small Christmas gifts that bring the biggest smiles to your loved ones’ faces. That said, this canvas print is the ideal Christmas gift for mom especially, if you no longer live with her. She’ll proudly display it in her living room for all to see.

 Grandma Christmas Custom Mug

12. Grandma Christmas Custom Mug

What are some good Christmas presents to give your mom from her grandkids? How about an inexpensive Xmas present that will warm her heart? Every time she drinks her coffee, the message on the mug will remind her to check on her grandchildren. It’s the sweetest present ever! 

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

13. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Do you find it difficult to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your wife? We’ve got a clever Xmas present idea to help you out this year. Remind your partner of the day she said ‘I do’ by printing your wedding song on this lyrics blanket. She’ll love it! 

Christmas Pillow for Her

14. Christmas Pillow for Her

Are you traveling out of town for work this Christmas? The smartest thing is to come up with good Christmas present ideas to help your partner feel less lonely. Luckily, this photo collage pillow is perfect for that job! Remember to use all her favorite pictures. 

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

15. REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Have you been wondering what cool items for Christmas to get your significant other? Surprise her with this unique Christmas gift gadget that’ll make the holidays more fun for her. This hair dryer will allow her to enjoy swimming and still look fabulous for dinner later! 

UGG Women’s Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper

16. UGG Women’s Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper

Looking for hot Christmas items to buy your wife? You can’t go wrong with these colorful and cozy sandals. What’s best is she can wear the sandals indoors or match them with her outfits for the outdoors. That said, don’t be surprised if she wears them every day! 

Sister Custom Desktop Plaques

17. Sister Custom Desktop Plaques

The most meaningful Christmas gifts for your sister don’t have to be expensive. This heart-warming desktop plaque is an excellent example of this statement. It’s also a cute little Christmas gift for your sister-in-law, especially if you have a close relationship. She’ll be so happy you thought of her! 

Women Massager for Neck & Back

18. Women Massager for Neck & Back

Does your woman often complain of having muscle pains, especially after spending the whole day on her feet? This electric back and neck massager is a modern Christmas gift that’ll ease her pain. Additionally, it’s an ideal Christmas gift for your mother-in-law if she also feels the same.

CDE Women Love Heart Pendant Necklaces

19. CDE Women Love Heart Pendant Necklaces

Wondering where to find the best deals for Christmas gifts this year? Check out this cute and inexpensive love heart necklace. The rose gold color will be a perfect addition to your girl’s jewelry collection. She can mix and match it with both casual and formal wear! 

Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

20. Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Does your wife love hosting her friends during the holidays? The sweet thing to do is buy a Christmas gift that is not only thoughtful but also practical. What’s best is you’ll also enjoy this innovative Christmas gift when she plans your romantic dates! 

Christmas Desktop Plaque for Aunts

21. Christmas Desktop Plaque for Aunts

Aunties are truly like our second moms and sometimes also our bigger sisters. So, if you want to make your favorite aunt feel special, get her this cute, small Christmas gift. This desktop plaque will make her reach out to you even when she’s busy with work! 

22. Spa Christmas Gift for Women  

What’s a good Christmas gift for a lady who works so hard all year round? This assorted gift basket is what she needs to help her relax without spending a penny at her local spa. It’s a trendy Christmas gift that’s ideal for your women! 

Women’s Santa Christmas Robe

23. Women’s Santa Christmas Robe

What Christmas present will put your partner in a festive mood all winter long? This red Santa robe is a funny Christmas gift for people who think Christmas is the best time of the year. That said, your girlfriend will be impressed by your thoughtful gift choice! 

Christmas Canvas Print for Moms

24. Christmas Canvas Print for Moms

Looking for a simple Christmas gift idea that’ll let your mother know how much you love her? What if you could find a canvas print with the perfect words to say how much you care? Well, Christmas gifts for mom from a daughter like this one will melt her heart! 

DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

25. DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

Most people believe that couples who cook together will surely stay together. If your wife believes this too, then these Mr. and Mrs. aprons are a great idea for a Christmas gift. That said, don’t be surprised if she throws away all her old aprons!

26. The Original Workout Mirror  

Which trending Christmas gifts are cooler or more unique than this workout mirror? It comes with various workout videos to help your wife stay healthy and keep her body in great shape. Unlike other presents, you can share this one with your partner all year long! 

Christmas Flameless Candles

27. Christmas Flameless Candles

Have you been searching for interesting Christmas gifts for your girlfriend but nothing comes to mind? These flameless candles are perfect for turning a cold night into a magical and romantic one. Additionally, they’re also a great option for couples with little kids or pets! 

Birchbox Beauty Box Subscription

28. Birchbox Beauty Box Subscription  

Wondering what to get your niece who’s heading to college soon? Luckily, Christmas gift online shopping is here to save the day! Surprise her with a Birchbox subscription that will save her from spending all her savings. What’s best is you can choose a package that suits your budget. 

JUDY Emergency Preparedness Kit

29. JUDY Emergency Preparedness Kit

The perfect Christmas gift is one that makes the recipient feel cared for. That said, this JUDY bag comes with various quality supplies to help your loved one stay safe during an evacuation. You can get one for yourself even if you don’t live in an earthquake-prone area! 

Levi’s Women’s Trucker Jacket

30. Levi’s Women’s Trucker Jacket

Looking for the best place to buy Christmas gifts for your crush? You can never go wrong with Levi’s, thanks to their wide selection of quality clothes. This trucker jacket is ideal for a girl who loves the outdoors. Additionally, it pairs well with jeans and other fabrics! 

Engraved Date Necklace

31. Engraved Date Necklace

Are you planning something special for your long-term girlfriend on Christmas Day? Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much to make it work. This engraved date necklace is a unique present to make the event more memorable. It’s one of the most romantic stocking stuffer ideas for women! 

Best Skincare Set

32. Best Skincare Set

If your wife doesn’t sleep with her makeup on, we’ve got a gift set for Christmas that’ll make her smile. This beauty package comes with products that will help her take great care of her whole body. What’s best is it comes in her favorite color – pink!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Stepmother Custom Mug

33. Christmas Stepmother Custom Mug

If you have a great relationship with your stepmom, then she’s sure to find this Christmas mug hilarious! Although it may seem like a small Christmas present, the message will make her laugh whenever she takes her breakfast. It’s best to use a goofy picture to make it even funnier! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - GoWISE Digital Air Fryer

34. GoWISE Digital Air Fryer

Does your mom love hosting the entire family during the festive season? If you’ve been wondering what to gift her for Christmas, then this digital air fryer is ideal! It’ll make the cooking process much easier for her, giving her a chance to spend more time with everyone! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Personalized Knife

35. Personalized Knife

Another hot commodity for the kitchen is this Made-In kitchen knife! It’s a great idea for Xmas gifts for a cook who wants to grow and improve her knife skills. It’s also ideal when you want to treat your loved ones to premium-quality cooking tools! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Dear Boss Lady Coffee Mug

36. Dear Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get an employer who is professional but still friendly and understanding. If you’re one of the lucky few, surprise your female boss with a cool Christmas gift this year. A hilarious boss lady mug will make her laugh even on a tough day! 

christmas presents: Renpho Eye Massager with Heat

37. Renpho Eye Massager with Heat

Treat your loved ones to a rejuvenating experience with this eye massager. Boasting built-in heating pads, Bluetooth speakers, adjustable compression, and five relaxing modes, it’s the ultimate relaxation device. Its foldable design ensures portability, allowing users to unwind anywhere. After a hectic day, it provides much-needed relaxation. The heat and pressure work wonders on tired eyes. A fantastic purchase. Give the gift of relaxation today.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Skinnygirl Shaping Camisole

38. Skinnygirl Shaping Camisole

Every woman wants to confidently wear an elegant outfit without worrying about making a fashion faux pas. That said, this shaping camisole is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for new moms. What’s best is that the packs come with different colored camisoles, making them perfect for everyday wear! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Women’s Laptop Tote Bag

39. Women’s Laptop Tote Bag

A common problem that most professional women share is finding a stylish yet functional laptop bag. Luckily, your wife shouldn’t have to worry about this anymore. Surprise her with a really cool Christmas gift – a laptop bag that also doubles as a regular handbag. She’ll love it!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Ekouaer Pajamas Set

40. Ekouaer Pajamas Set

You don’t have to go to a Christmas gift shop to get something nice for your grown-up daughters. This long-sleeved nightwear is the perfect present to put them in a happy, festive mood. Additionally, they come in various colors, so everyone can pick what they like! 

Christmas Gifts for Him

Does your man always say he doesn’t know what to ask for for Christmas? In this section, we’ll help you figure out what holiday gifts are ideal for men

Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Daddy Custom Canvas Print

41. To Us You Are The World Custom Canvas Print

There’s no better time to show your hubby how much you and the kids love him like on Christmas Day! That said, this canvas print is the best Santa gift any man could ever ask for. And if you’re feeling creative, you can always use goofy pictures! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Grandpa Definition Canvas Print

42. Grandpa Definition Canvas Print

Most granddads love to tell jokes and play silly games with their grandkids. If this sounds like your grandpa, celebrate him with a beautiful Christmas gift for the home – a grandpa canvas print. Every time he reads the message and sees your faces, he’ll beam from ear to ear! 

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Christmas Gift Ideas - To My Husband Desktop Plaque

43. To My Husband Desktop Plaque

Your first Christmas with your husband is one neither of you will want to forget. So if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for newlyweds, this desktop plaque is what you need! You can even use a picture from your first days of dating just to make it special. 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Being My Brother Custom Mug

44. Being My Brother Custom Mug

Most girls have very interesting relationships with their brothers. If your sibling is goofy, then this hilarious custom photo mug will make them burst into laughter. It’s the silliest Christmas gift for your brother or brother-in-law who loves to joke around! It’s perfect no matter how old he is! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Whole Bean Coffee

45. Whole Bean Coffee

Does your man always pass by the local café for a cup of coffee before going to work? Surprise him with this medium-roast coffee blend to help him enjoy coffee from different places. It’s also a unique Christmas gift idea for someone who doesn’t know what they want!

what do i want for christmas: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

46. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Experience the ultimate convenience in keeping your favorite beverages warm with Ember’s smart mug. This innovative mug, controllable via smartphone, boasts a long-lasting battery. Bid farewell to lukewarm drinks with its ability to maintain your preferred temperature. It’s like having a personal barista, ensuring every sip is perfect, every time. Upgrade your tea, coffee, and hot cocoa experience today.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Harry Winston’s Set

47. Harry Winston’s Set

Have you run out of ideas on where to find simple yet practical Christmas care package ideas? That’s alright. This luxurious shaving set is here to save the day! It’s one of the best Christmas gifts for fathers-in-law who don’t like going to the barbershop. 

christmas list: Premium Pickleball Paddles Set

48. Premium Pickleball Paddles Set

Embrace the pickleball craze with this thoughtful Christmas gift. The set features two lightweight graphite paddles, three vibrant balls, and a handy carry bag. Perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts, it’s an ideal present for anyone eager to dive into this exciting paddle sport. It’s a hit!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Apple iPhone 12

49. Apple iPhone 12  

If you ask teenagers what their top 10 Christmas gift list looks like, Apple iPhone 12 will probably be there! That said, why don’t you surprise your nephew with this smart gadget as he prepares to go to college? He’ll be the happiest kid on campus! 

things to get for christmas: Bluetooth Beanie

50. Bluetooth Beanie  

Defy the winter chill with this cozy Bluetooth knitwear. Designed to keep them warm, it doubles as a music hub, allowing them to enjoy tunes, podcasts, and audiobooks. With hands-free phone call capabilities, it’s the ultimate winter companion for staying snug and connected, even on the coldest days.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Song Lyrics Pillow

51. Song Lyrics Pillow

Did you get married this year? We’ve got the perfect first Christmas together gift to make the festive season special – a song lyrics pillow. Besides, this is the perfect time to set an example for the years to come. That said, it’s probably best to use your wedding song. 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Fitbit Fitness & Activity Tracker

52. Fitbit Fitness & Activity Tracker

Most people are always busy with work, so it’s easy to forget to exercise. But if you want to help your husband lead a healthy life, get him Fitbit Fitness and Activity Tracker. Although it may seem like a small Christmas gift, your hubby will be super excited!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket

53. Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket

Does your boyfriend enjoy riding his motorcycle whenever he gets a chance? Help him stay warm and cozy even during the cold season with this faux leather jacket. Also, it’s a practical Christmas gift for men who want to look cool even while keeping warm! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Dickies Men’s Socks

54. Dickies Men’s Socks

Are you running out of cool Xmas ideas for your old man this year? How about getting him Dickie’s moisture-control socks to help him with his aching feet and keep him warm? This is one of the best ideas, especially if you want to send him an early Christmas gift!  

christmas list ideas: Small Batch Whiskey With Old Fashioned Glasses

55. Small Batch Whiskey With Old Fashioned Glasses

Enhance their drink of choice by bundling it with refined glassware. This sophisticated whiskey, featuring notes of brown sugar, oak, cherry cordial, and a lingering cinnamon finish, not only offers a smooth sip but also sparks engaging conversations. Aged for at least seven years and bottled at 93-proof, it’s a gift that elevates their drinking experience.

best christmas gifts: USB BBQ Grill Lighter with Bottle Opener

56. USB BBQ Grill Lighter with Bottle Opener  

An ideal present for husbands, this grill lighter and bottle opener combo is perfect for their summer barbecue sessions. Crafted from durable zinc alloy and plastic, it charges effortlessly using the included USB cord, ensuring their grilling experience is always smooth and enjoyable.

good christmas gifts: Stanley Quencher Tumbler

57. Stanley Quencher Tumbler

This stylish tumbler boasts double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping beverages cold for hours. Its ergonomic handle and rotating lid with various positions ensure comfortable usage. Holding up to 40 fluid ounces, it’s a perfect Christmas gift, ensuring your recipient stays refreshed.

cool christmas gifts: Multi-tool

58. Multi-tool

This multitool is a fantastic and wallet-friendly present for anyone who carries keys. It functions as a bottle opener, wrench, screwdriver, wire stripper, and more, making it a versatile and practical gift choice.

Christmas Gift Ideas - JBL Bluetooth Speaker

59. JBL Bluetooth Speaker  

One of the top 10 gifts for Christmas this year are Bluetooth speakers. And who deserves this JBL Bluetooth speaker better than your younger brother? It’ll make the cold season slightly more bearable. Besides, it’s a great gift for any occasion and for anyone who loves music!

christmas wishlist ideas: BBQ Grill Mat

60. BBQ Grill Mat

Indulge in the rich smoky flavor of grilled dinners without the hassle of cleaning up charred remains. These grill mats offer the best of both worlds, preserving the taste and minimizing the mess.

Christmas Gifts for Kids and Teens

Most parents will agree that gift shopping for kids can be pretty challenging. In this section, we highlight the most wanted Christmas gifts by boys and girls below 20 years. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas Baby Custom Pillow

61. Christmas Baby Custom Pillow

Do you have a friend whose baby girl or baby boy’s birthday falls on Christmas Day? Instead of buying them a random Christmas gift, get them something more meaningful. And what’s better than this custom baby name pillow? It’s best to use newborn pictures to follow the theme. 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Kids Rainbow Mug

62. Kids Rainbow Mug

Is your nephew finally old enough to use glassware? A cute Christmas gift idea to help him celebrate is this rainbow mug for kids. It’s also ideal for little girls if you’re looking for a unisex Christmas gift. Any kid will be happy to use grown-up stuff! 

ideas for christmas gifts: Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon

63. Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon

Indulge in the rich smoky flavor of grilled dinners without the hassle of cleaning up charred remains. These grill mats offer the best of both worlds, preserving the taste and minimizing the mess.

christmas ideas: LEGO Wintertime Polar Bears

64. LEGO Wintertime Polar Bears

For Lego enthusiasts, this Polar Bears set offers a festive holiday twist. Complete with two polar bears, a Christmas tree, and a sturdy base, it promises hours of joyful building, ensuring endless fun even after the presents are opened.

KiwiCo Crate Subscription

65. KiwiCo Crate Subscription  

Tired of going over useless Christmas gift suggestions for kids? This KiwiCo crate subscription might just be what you were looking for. Also, it’s one of the coolest and most inspiring presents to help your kids think outside the box. You can bet they’ll have a blast! 

things for christmas: LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

66. LCD Writing Tablet for Kids 

Children will delight in this innovative LCD writing tablet designed to preserve their creations. Ideal for both educational purposes, such as writing practice, and creative endeavors, it allows kids to draw vibrant graphics using the included stylus, fostering endless imaginative possibilities.

stuff to get for christmas: 3D Dinosaur Night Light

67. 3D Dinosaur Night Light

Illuminate your child’s room with the captivating 3D Dinosaur Night Light. The vibrant colors and lifelike design make it a bedtime favorite. With energy-efficient LED bulbs, it creates a soothing ambiance. The touch-sensitive control allows easy color changes. A dino-lover’s dream gift that brings a touch of prehistoric wonder to any room.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornament

68. Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornament

Is your niece finally celebrating her first family holiday this Christmas? There’s no better way to welcome her into the family than with this cute Christmas photo ornament. It’s a cheap and a creative Santa gift that will put a smile on everyone’s face, including the guests!

fun christmas gifts: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

69. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This game is simply unbeatable with kids, and its charm is hard to define. Family-friendly and suitable for 3-8 players, it’s a perfect choice for various gatherings and ensures endless fun for everyone involved.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Disney Subscription

70. Disney Subscription  

Is your child still deciding on what to ask for Christmas? How about getting her something that’s not even on her wish list? A Disney subscription! She’ll be so excited she might not sleep a wink on Christmas eve! Don’t be surprised if her elder siblings also join her! 

stuff for christmas: Circle Society Roller Skates

71. Circle Society Roller Skates

Let’s face it, any young girl would be overjoyed to unwrap their gift and find these inside.

christmas present ideas: Video Maker Kit Deluxe

72. Video Maker Kit Deluxe

Their aspirations of becoming the next TikTok or Twitch sensation are becoming clearer with this video crafting kit. Included are a green screen, ring light, tripod, shutter remote, selfie ring light, and various backdrops.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

73. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

One of the most common Christmas gifts on every teenage boy’s wish list is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Also, it’s an ideal gift for families with kids and young adults too. What a fun way for everyone to bond over the holidays and regular weekends too!

Christmas Gifts for Friends

Whoever said that friends are our chosen family was not wrong. This is why we’ve compiled a list of five top Xmas gifts to make Christmas more enjoyable for them. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
FRIENDS Custom Photo Canvas Print

74. FRIENDS Custom Photo Canvas Print

Whether you have a group of five friends or just one bestie, we’ve got a Santa gift idea for you! This FRIENDS canvas print is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom wall. It’s a great unisex present for fun-loving friends, just like the famous rom-com characters!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Good Friends Custom Desktop Plaque

75. Good Friends Custom Desktop Plaque

Have you been looking for a memorable Christmas gift for your childhood buddies? How about getting everyone a customized friendship desktop plaque? This way, your friends will seem so close even when you’re miles apart. Don’t forget to use a cheeky photo from the good old days! 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Exploding Kitten Party Game

76. Exploding Kitten Party Game

Try this funny party game if you don’t yet know what to get your people for Christmas. Instead of looking for big Christmas present ideas, this simple yet hilarious game is ideal for everyone. Also, no one feels left out – not even the kids! 

 Mike’s Hot Honey

77. Mike’s Hot Honey

Everyone has a friend who is crazy about sampling amazing stuff that other people don’t know about. Also, if you’re wondering what hot Christmas present to get your pal this year, Mike’s Hot Honey is ideal! It’s also an awesome surprise for anyone who loves cooking. 

Audio-Technica Home Audio System

78. Audio-Technica Home Audio System

Another must-have Christmas gift on our gift guide is this unique turntable that also comes with a Bluetooth speaker. It’s the best tech present for a friend who loves throwing Christmas parties every year. So, what’s best is that they can still enjoy it using their phone!

Personalized Christmas Flag for Garden Decor - Christmas gifts for family

79. Personalized Christmas Flag for Garden Decor

Last but not least, don’t forget someone who loves gardening. Among the best Christmas gifts, this unique Christmas garden flag is an ideal one! Especially, this is one of the best ways to help your friends have their gardens or yard look festive with a personal touch.

Check out our newly launched Christmas Garden Flags Collection if you want to find more flag designs for this holiday season.


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