19 Christian Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Spiritual Couple (2023)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • February 6, 2023
19 Christian Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Spiritual Couple (2023)

If you’re having some trouble finding perfect Christian wedding gifts for a religious couple, don’t worry just yet. Put your faith in us.

Everyone’s going to turn up at the party with wedding Bibles and gift ideas from the wedding registry. However, you’ll have something special in store apart from a marriage prayer.

Build on their relationship with God with one of these curated presents. They’ll be counting their blessings for many years to come!

1. Met Engaged Married Custom Map

Milestones are an important part of any marriage. That includes the day the partners met, celebrated their engagement, and had their beautiful church wedding. Religious couples will love looking at this print as they spend each day learning more about the other!

Buy it: Met Engaged Married Custom Map, $39.96, 365canvas.com

2. Bible Wedding Pillow

A wedding blessing for a Christian couple isn’t complete without this gorgeous pillow for their new home. Personalize it with the lyrics of one of the church hymns from the wedding or a meaningful Bible verse. Nothing beats the memories of the beautiful day flooding back.

Buy it: Bible Wedding Pillow, $22.36, 365canvas.com

3. Marriage Takes Three Tabletopper

Here’s a symbolic wedding gift that will stay in the family for many years to come. Bless the marriage of your son and daughter-in-law with a reminder that a successful life together takes three. This way, they’ll never forget to put Him in mind.

Buy it: Marriage Takes Three Tabletopper, $37.95, Amazon.com

4. Love Never Fails Custom Canvas Print

Looking for a personalized Bible wedding gift? How about one that teaches the loving couple a very important sentimental lesson regarding love? When they practice it in their daily lives, their marriage will surely stand the test of time. Love won’t let them down!

Buy it: Love Never Fails Custom Canvas Print, $36.96, 365canvas.com

5. Mr. And Mrs. Desktop Plaque

Put a meaningful photo in a unique frame that lists everything a happy marriage is about. It’ll look beautiful on a nightstand or mantelpiece and will remind the happy Mr. and Mrs. how lucky they are. What a great way for them to focus on what’s important!

Buy it: Mr. And Mrs. Desktop Plaque, $19.96, 365canvas.com

6. Christian Wedding Collage Photo

Being married in the eyes of God is a magnificent religious rite. If you’re looking for a wedding present for your daughter, make the church a part of it. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to relive the ceremony and hear the bells ringing again!

Buy it: Christian Wedding Collage Photo, $39.96, 365canvas.com

7. Corinthians 13 Cross Cutting Board

Faithful Christian couples will know this prayer by heart, and they’ll love it on their new cutting board. Aside from the food, guests will marvel at how it’s served. Cheese and charcuterie platters will never be the same again with this secret weapon!

Buy it: Corinthians 13 Cross Cutting Board, $49.00, Etsy.com

8. Wedding Wall Cross

Shower some blessings on the marriage with a magnificent cross to hang in the couple’s new abode. Finding the time for prayer will be easy with this daily reminder. The intertwined rings are so symbolic of everlasting love!

Buy it: Wedding Wall Cross, $49.95, Etsy.com

9. Heart-Shaped Custom Text Blanket

A happy marriage is a blessing afforded to a lucky few. The two lovebirds will have many hours cuddling under this blanket. Make sure to personalize it with a love letter or romantic song lyrics. What’s more comforting than that?

Buy it: Heart-Shaped Custom Text Blanket, $47.96, 365canvas.com

10. Forever And Ever Amen Pillow

It’s such a nice thing to know that pillows can be spiritual, too. If you are hunting for a religious wedding gift idea that doubles as home decor, look no further! It’s simple yet so meaningful. Not only is it great to hug, but it’s also a call to prayer!

Buy it: Forever And Ever Amen Pillow, $22.36, 365canvas.com

11. A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken

Aside from offering engraved Bibles as wedding gifts, you can pick a present featuring a favorite verse. To make this even more special, the couple can braid the cords during the wedding itself. That will make for an unforgettable ceremony!

Buy it: A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken, $56.99, Etsy.com

12. Custom Star Map Framed Print

Is one of your siblings getting married? Pull out all the stops because your brother or sister deserves a marriage gift worthy of the stars. This unique framed print is a beautiful reminder of how God created the magnificent universe for us!

Buy it: Custom Star Map Framed Print, $19.96, 365canvas.com

13. Bible Verse Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

Coffee mugs make great wedding gifts for Christian couples, especially when they come in pairs. Starting the day on a good note is so important for a happy marriage. A good healthy and spiritual breakfast is certainly one way to do that.

Buy it: Bible Verse Mr. and Mrs. Mugs, $22.39, Etsy.com

14. Cross Family Name Signs

Personalized presents are a wonderful way to celebrate a union of two loving souls. Say a prayer for the happy couple as you offer them this sign. It’ll mark the start of something grand, perhaps a family of their own!

Buy it: Cross Family Name Signs, $79.98, Etsy.com

15. Praying Husband Wife Sculpture

When a couple starts and ends their day with prayer, they will remain faithful in everything they do. Some Christian-inspired artwork around the house will be a daily reminder to talk to God. Let the verse from Ephesians light the way!

Buy it: Praying Husband Wife Sculpture, $33.95, Amazon.com

16. Song of Solomon 3:4 Towel

What’s a kitchen without some religious paraphernalia thrown in? Preparing meals and cleaning up with this towel guarantees good spirits all around. Want to save the planet for future generations? Let this spiritual wedding gift take the place of paper towels!

Buy it: Song of Solomon 3:4 Towel, $10.19, Etsy.com

17. Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

Throw the bride a bridal shower she’ll never forget as long as she’s alive. While you’re at it, offer up a canvas print that will double as a housewarming gift. When the couple puts love in all they do, every solution will become clear.

Buy it: Let All That You Do Be Done In Love, $39.96, 365canvas.com

18. Newlywed Couple’s Devotional

A couple who prays together stays together, even through the hard times. They’ll build a strong foundation with this Christian marriage gift idea. When facing a problem, sometimes a discussion is all you need. Let this book drive the talk.

Buy it: Newlywed Couple’s Devotional, $12.58, Amazon.com

19. Marriage Prayer Wall Art

For a marriage to work, a couple needs to find the time to pray. Give them a personalized gift, complete with a prayer and a memorable photo. This wedding blessing gift idea is a wonderful way to guide them on their journey!

Buy it: Marriage Prayer Wall Art, $34.36, 365canvas.com


Congratulate a Couple on Their New Spiritual Journey

Your favorite religious couple deserves a show-stopping gift. As they embark on a new journey as Mr. and Mrs., they’ll discover how precious your unique present is. Surely, it will guide them with God’s loving hand and His unfailing love.



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