Gifts for Christian Women: 32 Religious Gifts to Inspire Faith (2021)

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  • February 4, 2021
Gifts for Christian Women: 32 Religious Gifts to Inspire Faith (2021)

With the holiday season approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about inspirational gift-giving. If you’re looking for the perfect Christian gifts for women, give a present that will inspire faith.

Women and girls of all ages will enjoy these heartfelt tokens of appreciation.

If you’re celebrating Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary, choose a souvenir with meaning. 

Whether a mother, wife, or church member, a religious lady will treasure the memory for years to come.

Make her feel appreciated with a thoughtful spiritual gift.

­Christian Home Decor

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than personalized decor.

Honor the women of God in your life with a Christian art gift, and they will always feel loved.

Spiritual gifts may also be personal.

Celebrate both your relationship and her commitment to her faith with a lasting treasure.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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canvas print - Christian gifts for women

Canvas Print

A unique way to celebrate her faith and brighten up any room! This canvas wall art will make a thoughtful gift. It’s the reminder of love and devotion to family and relationship with God that she’ll appreciate after the holidays are over. A versatile present suited for all ladies, this item is sure to find a permanent place in your home. Christian merchandise can be challenging to find, but this lovely print will inspire.

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desktop plaque

Desktop Plaque

A personalized desktop plaque is a perfect way to tell a special Christian woman in your life that she’s appreciated. This is a beautiful way to say thank you for a special occasion. It’s also ideal for a godmother or grandmother who has inspired you. A gift that’s always in sight without being too intrusive, it’s a great way to remind her you’re beside her. Much like her spirituality, it will be of comfort throughout the day.

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wall calendar - Christian gifts for women

Wall Calendar

The wall calendar is a gift that never goes of style. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year. In addition to being attractive and functional, a Bible verse keeps your devoted lady focused on the spiritual. While some Christian gifts may not suit a particular decor, a wall calendar blends in with any decorating scheme. Tasteful but inspiring, this is one for your Christmas list this year. Make the search for spiritual gifts for her a bit simpler!

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candle holder - Christian gifts for women

Candle Holder

Not all thoughtful Christian gifts for women have to be extravagant or personal. When you need something relatively inexpensive but beautiful, this is the ideal gift to bring a smile to her face. It’s the perfect way to show appreciation for a church member or other religious woman in your life. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for women while adding a touch of warmth to any room. Give her a gift that’s certain to be treasured for many years to come.

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doormat - Christian gifts for women


There’s no better way to bring faith to a home like an elegant doormat that spiritually welcomes visitors. A doormat is a perfect gift for the young Christian woman or newly married couple for the holidays. It’s a beautiful reminder of home and celebration of faith. Nothing brings a touch of spirituality to a home like a psalm or devotional meant to lift the spirit. Give a beautiful and thoughtful touch that will be appreciated by the woman who takes pride in her faith. Bible verse gift ideas such as this one brighten any dwelling.

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Although the Christmas season is cold, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the serenity of the great indoors. A blanket brings a sense of warmth and comfort when the chill seeps in. Religious ladies of all ages will feel wrapped in love and security with this thoughtful gift. Perfect for a sister or daughter who you don’t see often enough, it’s a reminder of God’s love and yours. Even when you can’t be by her side, this gift will make it seem as if you never left.

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personalized cross - Christian gifts for women

Personalized Cross

Few items hold as much sentimental and spiritual value for the Christian woman as a personalized cross. It’s the sort of thing the religious woman will wear every day of her life. The personalized cross reminds her of her faith along with her family’s love and pride.

Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift for religious women, it’s the sort of item that will be valued forever. Delight your mom, wife, or another irreplaceable woman of virtue. It’s also well-suited to remind a daughter or goddaughter to carry her faith with her wherever she may travel.

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picture frame

Picture Frame

Christmas is the season to celebrate faith, but also one devoted to love, family, and togetherness. Aa picture speaks a thousand words. It’s even more meaningful when put into an exquisite and inspirational picture frame. It’s the perfect spiritual gift that celebrates the role of faith in your family or your relationship. Ideal as a Christmas present for a girlfriend or family member, tuck a favorite photo inside. The sentimental value alone is priceless and will remind the woman you care about that she’s never alone.

Christian Gift Ideas To Wear

When looking for thoughtful Christian gifts for women, be sure to give her something in which she’ll find joy.

Today’s spiritual women and girls are not only devoted to their faith but also stylish.

Christian jewelry is a perfect sentimental item to remind any woman of God that she is loved and treasured.

When inscribed with a favorite Bible verse or devotional, it will become a treasured item you’ll rarely see her without.

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Cute and stylish without being extravagant, a bracelet is the perfect Christian gift for a younger girl. This sterling silver bangle is the right mix of tasteful and trendy. It’s the sort of gift that even a moody teenager is likely to appreciate and wear often. Whether you’re seeking baptism gifts for girls or a unique way to honor a young lady, you can’t go wrong. In today’s world, it’s not always easy for younger women to keep in touch with the spiritual. This religious keepsake gift is a reminder that her faith is a precious part of her life.

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Every woman or girl seems to have a drawer of t-shirts, most of which she rarely wears. If you’re looking for a gift that will become a favorite, brighten up her wardrobe with a spiritual t-shirt. Trendy but reflecting her faith and devotion to her beliefs, a beloved psalm is a proud statement to the world. Perfect for a younger girl or teenager looking to flaunt her individuality, a spiritual t-shirt is a comfortable gift. Brighten up her next birthday while celebrating her faith. Cool spiritual gifts are perfect just to say thank you, as well.

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Tote bag

Tote Bag

The tote bag is a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. While some are very simple, others show beautiful and intricate patterns, drawings, or quotations. The tote bag may not be the first idea that pops into your head when seeking creative faith-based gifts. However, it’s a versatile gift that a woman of faith will be happy to carry out in the world. Whether it’s for groceries, artistic projects, or off to Bible study, an inspirational tote will get a lot of use. It’s a perfect gift for a young mother on the go.

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Necklace - Christian gifts for women


In every life, a little rain must fall. If you’re shopping for heartfelt Christian sympathy gifts, this lovely necklace will convey your condolences. Trying times are also difficult on the faith of even the strongest and most devout Christian women. This personalized necklace is a beautiful token of encouragement and support. It will remind those struggling with the loss of a parent, spouse, or child that faith guides them through grief. Suitable for women of all ages, this gift is bound to help inspire those who feel lost. Christian engraved gifts like this one honor her strength.

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Earrings - Christian gifts for women


A woman can never have too many earrings! Even those who are not overly partial to jewelry and prefer to keep it simple will be delighted. This tasteful and stylish gift is terrific for the religious woman who doesn’t want too much sparkle. Whether it’s her birthday, anniversary, or just to say “I love you,” these lovely earrings get the point across. They are simple enough to make a unique stocking stuffer for a young girl or teenager at Christmas. If your daughter or granddaughter recently pierced her ears, it’s a reminder of her faith as she grows older.

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For the woman of faith who embodies elegance and refinement, this gift is sure to delight. Small enough to be worn daily, this rose gold ring is an alternative to a cross pendant. When it’s time to choose Christmas gifts for a parent, your mom will be honored by your thoughtfulness. She’ll be delighted to slip this delicate sign of devotion onto her finger. The small size allows this ring to be worn alone or stacked with others. Even the most modest women will feel comfortable wearing this ring. Christian gifts of affirmation are always a source of pride.

Bible Study Gift Ideas

Among the most popular Christian gifts for women are those that will brighten up her Bible study.

This book is a treasured item for any Christian lady, and encouraging her studies shows your support.

If you have a sister or daughter who routinely participates in Bible study groups, these gifts will be perfect.

Whether it’s a notebook to record thoughts and favorite devotionals or a cover for a family Bible, these gifts inspire.

Show support and encouragement to any loved one or Christian friend.

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A box of blessing - Christian gifts for women

A Box of Blessings

This thoughtful and beautiful gift for the spiritual woman in your life reminds her of life’s little blessings. Brighten up the day of any young girl or teenager by reminding her of your love and support. It’s a beautiful way to encourage a young lady’s faith and strength as she matures. When it comes to gifts for teenage girls, it can be a challenge. You want to give something with meaning that won’t be tossed in a corner. This small but thoughtful token expresses your endless love for her. Remind her that you’re blessed to have her in your life.

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When you’re looking for inexpensive bulk Christian gifts, a treasured bookmark is a lovely solution. It’s an ideal present for a congregation, Bible study group, or any church member. While not the most personal item, it is useful and attractive. It will be the kind of gift to brighten the day of any Christian woman or girl. Whether used with a favorite Bible or while enjoying quiet time reading, this faith-inspiring gift is one of comfort. A versatile gift, a bookmark is excellent during the Christmas or Easter holidays as a celebration of spiritual devotion.

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Purple notebook set - Christian gifts for women

Purple Notebook Set

A pretty notebook and pen are a must-have for the woman of faith. Journaling is a popular activity for women and girls of all ages. It will inspire her to take notes, record thoughts on Bible studies, or write reminders, prayer requests, and more. The right notebook or journal is an encouraging reminder to unplug. Perfect for a birthday or special occasion, this notebook set will be an inspirational reminder. It’s a charming gift for a young lady who needs a little encouragement focusing on her faith. Christian books and gifts are a fantastic way to center the mind and spirit.

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Bible covers - Christian gifts for women

Bible Covers

Aside from a cross, a unique or personalized Bible cover is the perfect gift for a Christian woman. When you need a way to celebrate a woman dear to your heart, this is one that will melt hers. Remind her of her favorite scripture or Bible verse in a way that honors your love for her. This is a unique and thoughtful present for a mother or godmother. It’s also an elegant solution when you need to find gifts for mother-in-law. Whether as a Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift, it celebrates the spiritual woman in a tasteful way.

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Prayer journal for women

Prayer Journal for Women

A prayer journal is a thoughtful and caring gift for any woman of faith. When you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member, this one is sure to be remembered. It’s a creative way for her to transcribe a favorite Bible verse, note a memorable scripture, or record her thoughts. She’ll appreciate your support in her quest for spiritual growth. Practical and inspiring without being overly sentimental, it’s the sort of gift that suits any Christian woman. This journal is at the top of the list for women’s ministry gift ideas!

Christian Christmas Gifts

Christmas is often the happiest season of the year for many people.

It’s a mixture of holiday cheer, volunteering, and celebrating both faith and family for many Christian women.

If it hasn’t occurred to you to give a gift that inspires devotion, Christmas is a perfect time.

From Christian friendship gifts to a nativity scene, a woman of faith will rejoice in the reason for the season.

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coffee mug - Christian gifts for women

Coffee Mug

When searching for the perfect Christian gifts for women, think creatively! The best choices mix practicality with a sentimental touch. In this day and age, people are learning to live more focused and decluttered lives. A coffee mug is a personal and practical gift; something a woman is likely to use every day. Whether you want Christmas gifts for grandma or a gift for a new mother, a mug will get a smile. Even if the special woman in your life isn’t a coffee drinker, it’s handy. Inspirational Christian gifts like this one will fill her with peace and warmth.

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Cross ornaments

Cross Ornaments

If you’re looking to bring some spirituality to your holiday decor, consider adding cross ornaments to your tree. This is a thoughtful and inexpensive gift, sure to be treasured by any Christian woman. For many, the best Christmas ornaments are those given with meaning. While snowflakes and reindeer are replaced relatively easily, those with personal value last forever. This is a beautiful and thoughtful way to spread holiday cheer while keeping faith in mind. Whether for your wife, mother, or a treasured friend, it will hang on the tree for years to come.

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Holiday decor

Holiday Decor

When considering the perfect Christian gifts for women, don’t forget the home. For many women, the house or apartment is a sanctuary. Decorating for Christmas is one of the little joys in which a lady of faith might take great pleasure. A devotional nativity scene is a must-have for any woman at Christmas. Also, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for a young woman in her first home. It’s also a fantastic way to congratulate a new or expectant mother. This is one of many prayer gift ideas that will stay with her for a lifetime.

Other Faith-Inspired Gifts

Today’s Christian woman is a strong, proud, and inspirational lady.

When searching for the right sort of gift to inspire faith, it’s important to remember the small things.

It doesn’t take a holiday or a special occasion to celebrate the spiritual woman who inspires you.

Whether it’s a small gesture of thanks or a way to remind her she’s loved, the thought counts.

Make every day one of gratitude for the Christian woman on your shopping list.

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keychain - Christian gifts for women


For most people, a keychain is an indispensable item. Help the spiritually focused woman to keep her faith at her fingertips with a cross-shaped keychain. It’s a way to keep the keys to the places she loves as well-protected as her devotion. When you’re looking for a way to say “thank you” for something special, simplicity is often the key. It makes a cute gift for a sister, daughter, or a faith-based stocking stuffer. If you need gift ideas for a Bible study ladies, this is a tasteful solution. Why not have it personalized for an extra-special touch?

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travel pillow - Christian gifts for women

Travel Pillow

Today’s woman is often on the go. For the special Christian woman in your life who never stops, an inspirational travel pillow makes a thoughtful gift. Cute and portable, it will suit the businesswoman who is never in one place for too long. Also, it’s perfect for a teenage girl who spends most of her life traveling between activities! It’s a gentle and comforting present that reminds any woman to take care of herself as well as others. If you want to encourage a special lady to take time out for herself, this is a beautiful reminder.

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coloring book

Coloring Book

The days where coloring books were made only for children are long gone. Whether for an adult, a teenager, or a young girl, encourage time to unplug and retreat with this inexpensive gift. Small Christian gifts have a significant impact. The life of a spiritual woman is highly focused on giving to others. Remind her of the importance of self-care. A coloring book is a creative way to combine relaxation with her love of scripture. The Christian woman in your world will reflect on an inspirational Bible verse while showing her creativity. A fun gift for any spiritually-inclined woman!

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gift box subscription

Gift Box Subscription

Whether the hobby of choice is fashion, makeup, books, or coffee, women of all ages enjoy gift box subscriptions. It should be no surprise there’s one to delight the spiritual woman. This gift will encourage her faith with a devotional, inspirational book, journals, and more. This is a lovely gift for a Christian woman who enjoys treating her mind, body, and spirit. It’s an ideal gift for a young lady who needs a reminder to keep her life centered and scripture-focused. It’s also perfect for the more mature woman who enjoys being inspired and strengthening her spiritual connection.

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rosary - Christian gifts for women


Not every Christian woman makes use of a rosary in the observance of her faith. For those who do, it’s a treasured and highly personal item. Many find comfort and inspirational energy in saying daily prayers with a rosary given from a beloved family member. This is a perfect birthday gift for a daughter or granddaughter who keeps faith close to her heart. It’s also a wonderful token to observe the baptism of a new family member. Whatever the reason, this is a gift that will be treasured her entire lifetime. There are no better spiritual gifts for Christmas.

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water bottle

Water Bottle

In search of faith-based gifts that are more practical than sentimental? Do you have a sister, cousin, or daughter focused on a new exercise plan or health goal? A sturdy and inspirational water bottle reminds any spiritual woman to stay focused on her dreams. Whether her new endeavors include exercise, working with her hands, or raising children, it’s tiring. This is the sort of encouragement needed when energy runs low. Remind her that her connection to God keeps her healthy. It’s ideal if you need gifts for sisters, cousins, or family friends always on the go.

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kitchen towel - Christian gifts for women

Kitchen Towel

A kitchen towel may seem like a simple gift, but it’s one that will be appreciated. Many of today’s religious women find relaxation and spiritual comfort in the kitchen. It’s a place in the home associated with warmth and nurturing energy. That’s why a lovely kitchen towel is a perfect Christmas or Mother’s Day gift. It’s also one of the most thoughtful Christian gifts because, like a family recipe, it will last generations. Highly practical for a young lady or newly-married woman in need of Christian goods for the home.

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luggage tags

Luggage Tags

Ideal for today’s Christian woman who travels, these unique luggage tags remind that faith protects those who journey. Beautiful and made of high-quality materials, they are an inexpensive way to give luggage a dash of spiritual flair. These tags are a wonderful gift for a wife or girlfriend who travels far more than you’d like. It’s also a way to reduce anxiety over lost luggage. Elegant, practical, and made to endure the rigors of travel, these unique luggage tags will leave her feeling blessed.

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This floral-inspired stand is an inspirational way for any Christian woman to keep track of her phones, tablets, and devices. The artfully printed Bible verse is a daily reminder of faith and hope, something often needed in today’s world. This makes a lovely gift for young girls and teenagers who prefer their room on the flowery and feminine side. It’s also a practical way to keep your teenager from constantly walking around with a device in her hand. This beautiful addition to any living space is sure to please.

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bath bomb - Christian gifts for women

Bath Bomb

While love for God, family, and others is foremost in a religious woman’s life, self-care is essential. This bath bomb is a thoughtful and relaxing gift that will encourage any hard-working woman to take time out. A relaxing bath with calming scents rejuvenates the mind and focuses the spirit. This gift idea will be sure to please any woman who needs a little push to make herself a priority. It’s perfect for a hard-working ministry member, appreciated church volunteer, or a young lady who keeps it all together. Besides, it’s even the sort of thing a spiritual woman might splurge on when shopping for herself!


When seeking quality Christian gifts for women, it’s not always as simple as a trip to the mall.

Even Christian bookstore gifts can fall short.

She’ll be far more pleased with an item that’s unique, thoughtful, and designed to celebrate her faith and determination.

Gifts that can be personalized or seem tailor-made for her are sure to bring a smile.

They’re perfect for celebrating Christmas, Easter, her birthday, or for no particular reason at all.

It’s a wonderful idea to skip the stores and choose something inspirational for your beloved or appreciated women of God.



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