21+ Christian Father’s Day Gifts for Spiritual Dads in 2024

21+ Christian Father’s Day Gifts for Spiritual Dads in 2024

When looking for the perfect Christian Father’s Day gifts, look no further than our curated list of gifts to celebrate his faith. To a Christian dad, there are a few things that are very important in his life, his family and church take the top ranks. Whether you are searching for unique religious Christian Father’s Day gifts for something special to celebrate his spirituality, you are sure to find something on our list of gift ideas for Father’s Day that he will cherish.

1. A Prayer For My Dad Canvas Print

A Prayer For My Dad Canvas Print christian fathers day gifts


Whether for dad or grandpa, this canvas print is sure to bring a tear to his eye. You know the Lord took extra care in picking the best dad for you. Be sure you know how he feels about this special, religious gift.

2. Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Blessed Is The Man Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug


Is Psalm 84:5 his favorite bible quote? “Blessed is the man whose strength is in you.” Then he is sure to appreciate this stainless steel travel mug. This thoughtful Christian gift for men is sure to keep his coffee and heart warm all day long.

3. Christian Jesus Cross Dad Hat

Christian Jesus Cross Dad Hat


Are you looking for an inexpensive father’s day gift idea for a religious dad? Then he is going to adore this vintage, washed cap with a Jesus cross embroidered on the front. Perfect for wearing out and about or just hanging out at home.

4. Christian Blessed Dad Cross Shirt

Christian Blessed Dad Cross Shirt christian gifts for dad


There are many words that describe your father: strong, mentor, trustworthy, wise. But most of all, he knows he’s blessed with good fortune and great kids. Be sure to remind him what a great guy he is with this blessed dad t-shirt.

5. Personalized Wooden Pen

christian fathers day gifts Personalized Wooden Pen


Every working professional can use a great pen. This wooden, engraved pen is a perfect father’s day gift for pastors that is always in need of a study pen to write down all of their blessings. It even comes with a wood box.

6. Engraved Leather Wallet

Engraved Leather Wallet church father's day gift ideas


One of the most important things to your father is to ensure that he passes his beliefs down to his children. You can engrave your dad’s favorite quote or bible, show him that you truly understand what he taught you.

7. Christian Wood Coasters

Christian Wood Coasters for Christian dad


Having household items with bible passages on them is a great reminder to live every day in the name of the Lord. These wooden coasters are not only lovely reminders for him to live in his faith but to also use coasters.

8. Christian Father and Daughter Print

Christian Father and Daughter Print


Your father’s love for you is just like the love that Jesus has for his followers, everlasting. This would make a lovely Father’s Day gift from a younger daughter or a daughter that is already grown. You know he will always love you.

9. Give It To God Canvas Print

Give It To God And Go To Sleep Canvas Print


What we often don’t realize is how much a father carries with him. Something makes him tire, the good gift you can give him is this advice. Even if you are not quoting Bible verses regularly, this canvas print will inspire and encourage him about life.

10. Christian Art Leather Journal

Christian Art Gifts Tan Faux Leather Journal


For dads, journaling is underrated. While he might not always have someone to talk to about his worries and fears, he can always turn to his journal and use this to focus on scripture. With its soft feel, he’ll never want to put this journal down.

11. God’s Path Compass

God's Path Compass Christian fathers day gifts


Dad is always trying to do his best to walk in faith and confidence. Be sure that he always feels encouraged and motivated to stick to the right path with this God’s path compass. A truly unique and inspirational gift.

12. Ichthus Jesus Fish Cufflinks

Christian Ichthus Jesus Fish Cufflinks father's day religious


The Jesus fish has been a symbol of faith in the religious community for many years. Whether he’s wearing these to work every day or needs them for a special occasion, he is sure to love these faith-filled fish!

13. Psalm 23 Bracelet

Psalm 23 Bracelet christian father's day gifts


This stylish bracelet is modeled after Psalm 23. Each color is meant to represent a different image from the Psalm scripture. White for Shephard, green for the green pastures, blue for the still waters, clear for the soul, and so on.

14. Scripture Jar – 55 Bible Verses

Scripture Jar church fathers day gifts


This scripture jar contains 55 encouraging and uplifting verses that will provide him with hope, strengths, and comfort even in the most difficult of times. Not only is this a great Christian Father’s Day gift, but it’s also a great gift to give any time.

15. To My Dad Cross Necklace

To My Dad Necklace Cross Necklace fathers day christian gifts


While he knows that you appreciate him as a father, it’s always nice to give him a strong reminder of what an amazing job he has done as a father. He always has been and always will be, your dad, your hero.

16. Personalized Christian Wood Wall Art


There is nothing quite like a handmade and personalized gift to show him how much you appreciate everything he has done for you and your family. He will proudly display this wooden wall art for all to see and admire.

17. Psalm 91 Canvas Print Sign

Psalm 91 Canvas Print Sign For Home


The Godly man and father have much in common with the Lord himself. He is a protector, he provides refuse to those in need and forgives those that have wronged them. This beautiful canvas print highlights the entire Psalm 91 passage.

18. Bible Verse Keychain

Bible Verse Keychain father's day gift for church members


Searching for ideas for Father’s day at church? This keychain is a simple and meaningful gift that you can give to dad on Father’s Day. A great gift for your dad on this special occasion or to give to a group of dads.

19. Function Flashlight

bulk Father’s Day gifts for church member


On the lookout for bulk Christian Father’s Day gifts? This flashlight is an affordable and functional gift to give to every dad you know. Whether to every dad in your family or church member, this gift is sure to light him up!

20. Man Of God Water Bottle


This Man of God Water Bottle is a perfect way to keep your dad both inspired and hydrated. What a good gift on Father’s Day. 

21. Christian Art Print

Christian Art Print christian fathers day gifts


The Lord knows each and every one of us even before we ever knew ourselves. This Psalm 147:4 verse holds a special meaning in his heart. He knows that God sees him and everyone in the world as equal.

22. Family Love Blessed Blanket

Family Love Blessed Blanket


He already knows that he is blessed. Be sure he has a unique way to show it off with this cozy family, love, and blessed fleece blanket. A great way to display all of his blessings for the world to see.

23. My Greatest Blessings Desktop Plaque

My Greatest Blessings Call Me Daddy Desktop Plaque


Of all the titles he holds, daddy and father are the most important to him. While he might be blessed in many ways, his greatest blessings call him dad. A truly special gift that he will be proud to display at work or home.

24. Real Men Love Jesus Mug


Who doesn’t love a nice Jesus mug? Dad will enjoy this special-themed mug every day.

25. Custom Engraved Folding Pocket Knife


You can customize the text with your dad’s name and favorite psalm or Bible verse on this engraved pocket knife. A perfect gift for the knife lover in your life, also on Father’s Day too. 

26. Dad Custom Photo Canvas


The perfect canvas is a heartfelt and personalized gift, featuring a high-quality canvas print with favorite photos. Celebrate your dad’s special moments with this beautiful and sentimental keepsake.


Bottom Words

Your dad is sure to feel truly blessed when he opens any one of these stunning Christian Father’s Day gifts. From sentimental to useful, he won’t be disappointed!



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