27 Cheap Yet Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts On A Low Budget (2023)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • December 14, 2022
27 Cheap Yet Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts On A Low Budget (2023)

If you’re looking for thoughtful and cheap Valentine’s Day gifts – this is the list for you! Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. A romantic and inexpensive gift for her or him will do. After all, it’s the intention of the Valentine’s gifts that counts.

We’ve curated a list of gifts for under $30 for February 14. Make this cheap Valentine’s day gift guide your inspiration and pick your favorite gift for the love of your life!

Let’s get shopping!

1. Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Looking for a sweet and affordable Valentine’s Day present for him? Check out this custom song lyrics mug. It is under $25 but is a great keepsake that will remind you of your guy’s favorite song. Besides, it can be customized to your liking.

Buy it: Custom Map Mug, $17.95, 365canvas.com

2. Spark Romance

Spark some romance this Valentine’s Day with these adorable little matchsticks. It has fun date night ideas to deepen your connection. Searching for an inexpensive Valentine gift that holds so much meaning? This is a great one.

Buy it: Spark Romance, $12.95, Amazon.com

3. When I Say I Love You More Desktop Plaque

This plaque is the perfect find that is both romantic and budget-friendly for your girlfriend. It makes a unique Valentine’s day idea for women that will be cherished for years to come. Personalize it however you want.

Buy it: When I Say I Love You More Desktop Plaque, $24.95, 365canvas.com

4. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Art Print

This adorable heart-shaped song lyrics art print is a cute gift for your wife that doesn’t require you to break the bank. Personalize this home décor piece with your favorite lyrics to make the most of the occasion.

Buy it: Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Art Print, $29.95, 365canvas.com

5. Handmade Bath Bombs

Handmade bath bombs are the perfect DIY Valentine’s gift that will save you money to spend on the dinner or her dress. She’d sure love a rose-scented heart-shaped bath bomb.

Buy it: Handmade Bath Bombs, Acultivatednest.com

6. Pink Chocolate Hearts Box

These tiny treats are a simple, sweet gift of less than $10 but will have your girl feeling like a million bucks. Filled with strawberry chocolate goodness inside, they look and taste amazing.

Buy it: Pink Chocolate Hearts Box, $7.02, Etsy.com

7. If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow

Not only is this romantic but one of the top cheap things to buy for Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this gift will surely win her heart. It will show how much you care and miss her.

Buy it: If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow, $27.95, 365canvas.com

8. Heat Pad and Cooling Neck Wrap

This heat pad and cooling neck wrap is a thoughtful gift for your mother that works well with a low budget. It will work best to relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. It conforms to the body even when cold and is long-lasting.

Buy it: Heat Pad and Cooling Neck Wrap, $16.59, Amazon.com

9. Custom Star Map Framed Print

A customized star map framed print is, without a doubt, the sweetest gift for February 14. It will make a gorgeous wall décor and always remind him of the time you met and hold a special place in his heart.

Buy it: Custom Star Map Framed Print, $22.95, 365canvas.com

10. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

One of the cheap valentine’s day gifts but one that will spice things up! This 100-dates scratch-off poster is full of adventurous activities for a couple’s date nights that will keep things fun and romantic at all times.

Buy it: 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, $27.97, Amazon.com

11. Single Taken Building My Empire Mug

This unique mug is a small Valentine gift for coworkers that best suits someone who is always moving forward. It’s simple but definitely makes their day.

Buy it: Single Taken Building My Empire Mug, $22.95, 365canvas.com

12. I Love You More Photo Desktop Plaque

This desktop plaque is a sweet and romantic gift for your lover. It will allow them to keep memories of you right next to them at all times. Personalize it to your heart’s content – it is will surely be adored.

Buy it: I Love You More Photo Desktop Plaque, $24.95, 365canvas.com

13. Ticket Stub Organizer

An inexpensive yet useful gift that will help the ticket collector in your life organize their tickets accordingly. This great keepsake can hold up to 80 tickets. Your loved one will like it and cherish it for years to come.

Buy it: Ticket Stub Organizer, $8.99, Amazon.com

14. Succulent Assortment

A succulent assortment is a small and affordable gift. It makes one the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for the plant lover in your life. These require bright direct light and will sit perfectly on the windowsill.

Buy it: Succulent Assortment, $19.00, Thesill.com

15. Mini Waffle Maker

A mini waffle baker that makes heart-shaped waffles is a big yes for Valentine’s Day! Not only is it cute, but also a budget-friendly gift to give. The dual non-stick surface provides an even cook each time.

Buy it: Mini Waffle Maker, $17.99, Amazon.com

16. Herbal Intention Candles

A herbal intention candle is a thoughtful gift to give your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Handmade with love and genuine herbs, they will change the entire mood and vibe of the room. Looking for something that brings healing and sweet dreams? This candle is what you need.

Buy it: Herbal Intention Candles, $11.11, Etsy.com

17. Custom Sexy Initial Name Mug

If you want to keep things light and humorous, this customized sexy initial name mug is one of the best funny presents to give, and that is under $25 too. This coffee mug will surely become a favorite.

Buy it: Custom Sexy Initial Name Mug, $22.95, 365canvas.com

18. Jewelry Stand

Get things sorted by gifting her this jewelry stand that will help her keep her earrings, necklace, and rings organized. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her as it is not only beautiful but extremely functional.

Buy it: Jewelry Stand, $14.61, Amazon.com

19. Tea Gift Set

If you’re aiming to give a gift of wellness and good health on a budget, this tea gift set is for you. It makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s day that is delicious and in deluxe packing.

Buy it: Tea Gift Set, $18.98, Amazon.com

20. Diffuser Oil

This set of diffuser oils is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that promotes calmness, clarity, and happiness in one’s life. These oils are best for your hair, skin and enhance your living.

Buy it: Diffuser Oil, $9.99, Amazon.com

21. Water Bottle

If your loved one has been searching for an eco-friendly water bottle for a while, this lightweight, trendy plastic water bottle is perfect for everyday use. It can be customized to their liking and makes for a thoughtful gift.

Buy it: Water Bottle, $14.39, Etsy.com

22. Find You Sooner Loved You Longer Photo Plaque

A sweet and romantic gift for your soulmate that will leave them teary-eyed. Celebrate your special day by giving them this heartfelt photo plaque to cherish forever. Choose your best picture together and gift away.

Buy it: Find You Sooner Loved You Longer Photo Plaque, $24.95, 365canvas.com

23. Date Night In

An affordable gift for February 14 that will add spice into your life – packed with delicious recipes this date night in the cookbook will have you both cooking meals every day of the week.

Buy it: Date Night In, $10.62, Amazon.com

24. Love Tokens

This bag of love tokens will add the missing fun into your everyday routine life. It is a cute gift perfect for the occasion and will cost you less than $15. Each bag contains 10 tokens – pick your favorites.

Buy it: Love Tokens, $14.00, Etsy.com

25. Notebook

Inexpensive yet great quality, this notebook is a thoughtful gift for note-taking, journaling, or teaching. It will allow the writer a good writing experience, and the durable cover will protect it for years. If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for teachers, this item is a perfect choice.

Buy it: Notebook, $10.79, Amazon.com

26. Heart-shaped Custom Song Lyrics Mug

A heart-shaped custom song lyrics mug is a sweet gift for the occasion. It will express your true feelings for her and will make her feel special. This great coffee mug will soon become her favorite.

Buy it: Heart-shaped Custom Song Lyrics Mug, $14.95, 365canvas.com

27. Personalized Pocket Knife

One of the best cheap Valentine’s day gifts for him. You can engrave your guy’s name, anniversary date, or a sweet message, this gift will be by his side every day.

Buy it: Call To Say I Love You Pillow Set, $21.99+, etsy.com



We hope our list of sweet, thoughtful, and cheap Valentine’s Day gifts inspired you for the occasion, and that you’ve picked your favorites.

It is best to get your gifts sorted ahead of time so that you don’t have to stress about prepping for other things for that day.



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