Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts: Affordable Yet Thoughtful Gifts For Mom (2020)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • February 28, 2020
Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts: Affordable Yet Thoughtful Gifts For Mom (2020)

Every mom should be treated like a queen on Mother’s Day. But some moms always insist that you must not go overboard on this day with extravagant gifts. Or under some circumstances, you are on a budget but still want to gift mom some meaningful gifts. Don’t worry! Inexpensive gifts do not necessarily mean they look and feel cheap. We are here to help you find the best affordable yet thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Depending on your budget, you can still get mom a great gift with less than $25. But if you can spend up to $50, these Mother’s Day gift ideas will make her day extra special!

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

The first thing to do when you need a great gift for Mother’s Day is to determine how much you can afford to spend. It is entirely possible for you to show mom the right amount of appreciation and love without having to spend a big fortune. These Mother’s Day gifts under $25 are ideal when you are looking to make sure you use every cent to the fullest with your present.

Zander Pot

For the mom with a green thumb, a sturdy pot to store her plants is a practical idea. The Zander pot features a design that will look great alongside whatever greenery is placed within.

Price: $16.00

personalized gifts: mom custom mug gift

Custom Photo Coffee Mug Gift

Another great option when you need a personalized gift for Mother’s Day is a coffee mug. Pick your favorite picture of you and mom for a gift she can use every single morning.

Price: $22.95

affordable mother's day gifts: Round Shaped Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Round Shaped Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

If mom works in an environment where dangling earrings are not allowed for safety reasons, her jewelry options might be limited. Help her find a new pair of favorites with these studs.

Price: $19.99

MyGift Artificial Succulent

MyGift Artificial Succulent Plants in Grey Cement-Tone Pot

Not every mom has the time to take care of plants in the house. If your mom wants the pop of color without the added responsibility, an artificial succulent is a wonderful way to make it happen.

Price: $21.99

Glass Coffee Maker

There’s nothing quite like the appeal of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Help turn mom’s morning routine into an even easier one with this beautiful glass coffee maker.

Price: $17.99

affordable gifts for mom: rosebud salve tin

Rosebud Salve Tin

Cracked and sore hands can be a real frustration to a mom on a mission. Ease the discomfort by gifting mom salve that penetrates and moisturizes the skin.

Price: $6.99

instant birthday gifts: 6 gift set pure essential oils for diffuser

Top 6 Gift Set Pure Essential Oils for Diffuser,Massage

Different essential oils are said to bring out different moods in a person. With a reasonable price, you can help your mom discover the perfect balance for her needs with a collection of fragrant essential oils.

Price: $9.99

mother's day gift deals: knock knock what I love about being your mom

Fill in the Love Book

Every relationship between mother and child is unique. Use this book to tell the truly special tale of your connection with your mom.

Price: $11.55

Mother's Day Shirts

Are you looking for a perfect yet completly affordable gift? This shirt can be a practical consideration. Grab matching shirts for the holiday to really turn up the family fun factor

Price: $9.99

unique gifts under 25 dollars:I heart mom keepsake stone

Keepsake Stone

Customized and cheap gift ideas for mom can take many forms. A keepsake stone is a little reminder for mom about how much you love and respect her.

Price: $22.00+

cheap last minute mother's day gifts: bath bombs gift set ideas

Bath Bombs

Nothing beats an at-home spa day for the woman who never knows how to take a break. When you’re looking for creative Mother’s Day gifts that make a big impact, a bath bomb gift set is a great idea.

Price: $17.99

mum light bottle

Mom Light Bottle

The right lighting can transform a room. This Mother’s Day,  give mom a creative light bottle that softens the ambiance and proclaims how much her children care.

Price: $20.12

small gifts for mothers day: overnight foot care kit

Overnight Foot Care Kit

A lifetime of running from one responsibility to the next can take a toll on the feet. An little overnight foot care kit is a thoughtful gift when you want to help mom take care of herself.

Price: $18.00

affordable mother's day gifts: spring summer scarf

Women Scarves

One of the easiest and most practical gifts you can grab for mom or grandma this holiday is a scarf. Whether functional or fashionable, a scarf is a simple and inexpensive option that works well for moms everywhere.

Price: $14.90+

knife oven mitt

Silly Oven Mitt

A mom with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate a cute gift with a silly edge. This oven mitt reminds everyone in the family exactly who is in charge of the kitchen.

Price: $12.99

great quotes from great women

Book of Quotes

Moms are essentially leaders and revolutionaries, going to extreme lengths to provide comfortable lives for their little ones. This Mother’s Day, grab a  gift that contains powerful quotes from some of history’s most influential and amazing women.

Price: $10.77

makeup remove cloth

Makeup Remover Cloth

After a long day for a strong woman comes the evening skincare ritual. Makeup remover cloths can be a great gift that makes this process a bit easier on mom and her skin.

Price: $20.00

cheap birthday presents for mom: floral design book

Color Me Floral Book

A hobby can be a fantastic idea for a mom who is dealing with children who have grown up and left home. This book teaches how to create stunning floral arrangements throughout the year.

Price: $20.54

memories glass block for mom

Memories Glass Block

Personalized gifts are lovely when you’re looking to bring about feelings of nostalgia with your gift for mom. This glass block is a unique and sentimental way to show how much mom means.

Price: $18.74

online birthday gifts for mom: garden stepping stone

Garden Stepping Stone

Plenty of moms love to spend time outdoors in their gardens. These gorgeous stepping stones will make a wonderful addition to her garden this Mother’s Day.

Price: $14.99

inexpensive gifts for mom: photo pendant

Personalized Photo Pendant for Mother

Moms tend to carry plenty of pictures fo their children around with them, whether on their phones or in their wallets. A personalized photo pendant is a way to help mom wear her favorite picture wherever she goes.

Price: $14.99

cheap good mothers day gifts: handmade wooden rope back massager

Wooden Rope Back Massage

After all she’s done for the family, mom deserves a bit of relaxation. If she’s dealing with a sore back, this wooden massager is a easy way to work out any knots.

Price: $24.00

mom everything I am custom desktop photo plaque

Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

A photo can speak volumes about how much your mom has meant to you over the years. This personalized photo plaque is the perfect way to capture the sentiment and keep a meaningful moment with your mom.

Price: $24.95

gifts for bakers: a funny apron

A Funny Apron For Mom

If there’s a baker in the family with a sense of humor, this silly apron is a great way to help mom get a laugh while she whips up her next confection.

Price: $22.49

cheap good mothers day gifts: mama bear necklace

Mom Necklace with Personalized Horizontal Bar

There’s no bond like that between mother and child. Capture the ferocity and care of motherhood with this beautiful necklace.

Price: $24.99

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

If you can expand your gift-giving budget, there are worthwhile ideas that are under $50 you can go for. From unique jewelry pieces to personalized canvas to cosmetics, these gifts can still capture exactly how you feel about your mom. Take a look at these affordable Mother’s Day gifts and discover the right fit for your mommy.

a wooden photo cube

Personalized Wooden Photo Cube

A photo can serve as a lovely and simple gift idea. This wooden photo cube beautifully displays the pictures you select. It surely will look perfect on mom’s shelf.

Price: $42.78+

last minute mother's day ideas:actual handwriting bracelet

Personalized Signature Bracelet

Jewelry is never a bad idea when you want to surprise mom this Mother’s Day. A bracelet featuring your own handwriting is a sweet way for your mother to carry you around with her at all times.

Price: $40.80

Throw Pillow/Cover, Custom Gift for Mom

Throw Pillow/Cover, Custom Gift for Mom

Did mom raise a whole flock of little ones? A personalized throw pillow cover depicting the name of each child is a gift your mom will love to display prominently on her couch.

Price: $34.95

tech gift for her: beside smartphone vase

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Is mom always complaining about forgetting to charge her phone? A bedside smartphone vase is one of the more useful tech gifts for her, providing a simple place to charge her device and display her favorite flowers.

Price: $32.00

best online mothers day gifts: personalized grandma photo canvas.

Customized Photo Canvas for Grandma

Mother’s Day is also a perfect opportunity to show your grandmother a bit of extra love and attention. If you need inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts for grandma, this stunning photo canvas is a beautiful idea.

Price: $44.95

hair care holder

Hair Care Holder

With so many responsibilities to handle at once, mom can always use a bit of help with organization. And a hair care holder can make mom’s morning ritual a whole lot easier.

Price: $45.00

mothers day gift specials: glass and metal faceted terrariums

Glass and Metal Faceted Terrariums

If you’re after a truly unique gift idea for mom, a terrarium is a wonderful option. Made from glass and metal, this is a gift that will look fantastic as a piece of decor.

Price: $29.00+

gifts for bakers: my baking journal

My Baking Journal

Some moms love to spend time in the kitchen making baked goods for the fam. If you need gifts for bakers, this customizable cookbook provides a centralized place for mom to keep all of her famous recipes.

Price: $35.00

mothers day gifts under $50: eyeshadow

Amrezy Eyeshadow Palette

Moms might spend a lot of time taking care of the family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to get out and have fun. This eyeshadow palette is a gift for moms who want to glam up when hitting the town.

Price: $49.00

cute presents: gift box for mom

Gift box for mom

A truly special and cute present, a personalized LovinBox is an experience of a gift. Select photos that hold sentimental value and watch as mom uncovers each treasure as she opens the box.

Price: $34.00+

best ever wood pallet wall art

Best Ever Wood Pallet Wall Art

Mom probably has a ton of photos around the house she’s been meaning to put in frames. Surprise her this Mother’s Day with wood pallet wall art that gently displays pictures on a whimsical clothing line.

Price: $37.49

easy last minute mother's day gifts:summer beach bag

Summer Beach Bag

Being a mom means keeping a bunch of essentials handy at all times. This practical summer beach bag provides enough room for mom to tote around everything she needs.

Price: $31.99

small gifts for mothers day: leather purse

Small Sashiko Pattern in White Leather Change Purse

Some gifts are both practical and fashionable. This white leather change purse is a great solution for the mom who carries around quarters. Now she can do it in a great sense of style!

Price: $28.00

grandma picture frame

Wood Photos

Grandparents have seen children grow into adults and understand how precious time can be. With just $35, help grandma slow the passage of time!

Price: $34.95+

natural coco rose body polish

Natural Coco Rose Body Polish

A little bit of pampering is important for a mom who is always taking care of everyone else. Help mom find her relaxation with nourishing coco rose body polish.

Price: $36.00

Volupté Tint-in-Balm

Just because a gift is inexpensive does not mean that it can’t be luxurious. This lip tint by Yves Saint Laurent will add a bit of pop to mom’s lips and make her feel like a star.

Price: $34.00

handmade gifts: hair stick hair barrette

Hair Stick Hair Barrette

A handmade gift is another wonderful way to show mom how much you care about her presence in your life. A barrette carved by hand is a unique and useful option to think about.

Price: $49.00

oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is a simple and effective way to use essential oils to create a calming atmosphere through scent. A diffuser is a cheap gift but it allows mom a moment’s peace and tranquility with her favorite oils.

Price: $30.99

mothers day gift from son: mother's day card

Mother's Day Card

Whether you live far from home or need a little something to make your gift seem more personal, a card is definitely essential. Send the perfect message with a card that speaks to the true spirit of motherhood.

Price: $30.00

grandmother figurine

Grandmother Figurine

The bond a grandmother shares with her grandchildren is a truly special one that stands outside the ebb and flow of time. A figurine that captures this idea is a gift option that will tug at grandma’s heartstrings.

Price: $34.49

gifts to send mom for mothers day:DIY mochi ice cream kit

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Is mom an adventurous eater? Bring a little bit of fun into the kitchen with a DIY ice cream kit that helps mom concoct mochi desserts that she’s sure to fall in love with.

Price: $30.00


Hand Cream Collection

From doing household chores to working long hours in the office, mom’s hands tend to take a beating. This nourishing almond milk hand cream is a great way to give a gift that makes her daily routine a bit more comfortable.

Price: $27.00

jewelry for mom

Personalized Necklace For Mom

When you’re on a budget for Mother’s Day, a necklace is a perfect fit. This simple and classic style can be personalized with mom’s initials for an additional touch of sweetness.

Price: $30.00+

faux flowers barrel vase

Handmade Vase

A vase with a timeless style is a gift that is as simple as it is thoughtful. Select a bouquet to place within and watch as mom’s eyes light up as she sees her favorite flowers.

Price: $30.66

When the budget is tight, it can be difficult to imagine how you can afford a gift that helps show mom exactly how special she is to you. Thankfully, there is an array of amazing and cheap Mother’s Day gifts for you to explore when you are looking to make mom feel like a superstar.

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