31 Inexpensive Gifts for Women That Don’t Look Cheap (2021)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • August 18, 2021
31 Inexpensive Gifts for Women That Don’t Look Cheap (2021)

The women in your life deserve to be treated like the queens they are. The best way to do this without breaking the budget is by seeking out the best and most inexpensive gifts for women. Whether you’re trying to find a present for your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or your best gal pal, there are a ton of inexpensive small gifts you can explore. No matter what the occasion, there are some wonderful gifts under $50 for the women in your life that won’t break the bank and feel anything but cheap.

Cheap Gift Ideas for Women

1. Personalized Pillow

home is where our heart is throw pillow - cheap gift for women


In need of a simple way to show her how much you care? A custom pillow is a wonderful option, providing a special lady with a personalized and comfortable place to rest her head after a long and stressful day.

2. Ladies Ring and Watch Stand

an affordable rings and watch stand for women


Having a lot of beautiful jewelry is much nicer when there’s a place to safely store each piece. If you need a perfect gift for her, consider a ring and watch stand where she can proudly display her favorite items.

3. Hand Cream Gift Set

hand cream cheap gift set for women


A woman who works with her hands all day will appreciate a gift that helps her tend to the cracks and calluses that develop over time. A hand cream gift set with 18 packs of product can make her feel truly appreciated.

4. Name Initial Necklace

round initial necklace gift for her


For the girl with a minimalist style, there are some truly elegant gifts available under $40. A name initial necklace is a simple and effective way to give her a present that captures her unique personality in an understated manner.

5. A Photo Canvas Print

custom photo canvas print - inexpensive gift for women


Those buying for the woman who has everything may want to look at customized photo presents. A canvas print featuring your favorite pictures of the woman of honor is a very easy way to get her something that will make her smile.

6. Fun Wine Tumbler

Not a Day Over Fabulous Wine Tumbler - Fun Inexpensive Gifts for Women


The lady who likes to end her day with a glass of her favorite wine will definitely appreciate a fun wine tumbler that works for all occasions. Any fabulous woman will be sure to get some immediate use out of this gift.

7. Mini Heart String Art

mini heart string art - small gift for women


There are some women in your life who deserve a present that is extra sweet. To achieve this in a simple way, consider mini heart string art. This is a small way to make a big gesture with your present.

8. Star Map Print

birthday constellation print only - cheap gift for women

$24.95 (Print Only)

It has been said that each person is as unique as the stars in the sky. If you’re looking for a birthday present that captures this idea in a perfect way, consider the simple present of a customized star map print.

9. Fleece Blanket

affordable Fleece Blanket - gray


Want to find a gift for the woman in your life that is as affordable as it is practical? A fleece blanket is ideal for chilly nights when she’s looking to get cozy. Plus, it will also look great draped over the couch!

10. Leather Journal

leather journal for women under 30 dollars


A woman who likes to keep track of her thoughts will appreciate the gift of a journal. A stylish leather journal is an excellent present under $30, as it provides a gorgeous and classic place for her to jot down any passing ideas.

11. Planter

cute flower succulent planter gift for women that costs under 30 dollars


The lady in your life who has a green thumb can definitely benefit from the inexpensive option of a planet. No matter the type of garden she is growing, this gift will help her bring her next project to life.

12. Name Initial Coffee Mug

a custom coffee mug - gift for women under 30 dollars


You don’t need to spend a big fortune to find a cute and customized present for her. In fact, a practical small gift like this photo coffee mug featuring her name initials can be found from $22.95.

13. Essentials Pouch

a makeup bag with a cute quote about friendship - a small gift ideas for women


Every woman needs a place to keep all of her essential items. When you’re running short on ideas, you can definitely find a perfect present for her by opting for a cute makeup bag that offers ample space for her necessities.

14. Stylish Mini Speaker

stylish portable bluetooth speaker for women that costs under 50 dollars


Searching for fun tech gifts under $50? A stylish mini speaker might be a great fit. No matter where her day takes her, she can use this clever present to keep all of her favorite tunes pumping at all times.

15. Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set

Burt's Bees Classics Gift Set for Women


Some gifts are perfect because they offer her the chance to tend to the needs of her skin. This gift set features a variety of classics and essentials that she can put to immediate use on her lips and hands.

16. Boss Babes Coloring And Activity Book

boss babes coloring and activity book for women


For the girlboss in your life, you may want to focus on a present that puts powerful women on the pedestal they deserve. This feminist coloring book is a fun and unique way to show her just how much you respect what she’s accomplished.

17. Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

a romantic small gift for women - song lyrics desktop plaque


For the special woman in your life, you may be seeking cheap romantic gifts that capture the love your share. Since there are likely many songs you’ve enjoyed as a couple, this custom song lyrics desktop plaque can be the ideal romantic gesture.

18. Luxury Mini Candle Set

a luxury candle gift set that costs under 50 dollars for her


The stylish and modern woman in your life will always appreciate a chic gift. If you want to find her a present that captures this edge, consider a luxury mini candle set that helps her unwind in elegance and style.

19. Fun Wine Coasters

fun wine coasters - small gifts for her


For the woman who loves wine, accessory gifts can be the best way to go. Coasters that feature beautiful designs are a practical gift that can add a sense of style to her home while protecting her surfaces from moisture damage.

20. Fragrance Travel Set

an inexpensive fragrance travel set for women


Some gifts are perfect because they are classics that work for a variety of women. A travel set featuring a collection of captivating fragrances is the kind of present that she is sure to love and get some immediate use out of.

21. Dog Mom Photo Mug

best dog mom coffee mug - small gifts for women


For the dog mom in your life, be sure to put her pooch at the center of the gift. A dog mom photo mug is an easy and incredibly effective gift that she will definitely love the moment she sees it.

22. A Unique Straw Clutch

affordable straw clutch gift for her


If you’re seeking a unique present at a reasonable price, you will definitely want to think about a straw clutch. This is a gift that is an essential all women can use in a design that is both clever and absolutely original.

23. Stylish Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Band For Women That Costs Under 10 Dollars

Under $10

Finding a present under $10 that makes a woman feel appreciated is not very difficult. A new watch band for her Apple watch is the kind of easy and inexpensive present that she will definitely feel a sense of gratitude over.

24. Custom Map Canvas Print

custom home map canvas print - an affordable gift idea for a woman


Presents don’t need to be elaborate to be perfect. If you want a present that falls just under $50, be sure to consider a unique piece of décor like a custom map canvas print that can be personalized to your specifications.

25. Vera Bradley Cord Organizer

a Cord Organizer bag from Vera Bradley - Small Gifts For Women


Some gifts are great because they solve a problem. Help her keep all of her cords, device chargers, and other wires organized with this beautiful tech accessory by the trusted designer Vera Bradley. A truly stylish way to make order from digital chaos.

26. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

an inexpensive gift for women - cold brew coffee maker


These days, cold brew coffee has become the more popular option in the summertime. For the woman who loves caffeine, consider this clever and modern coffee maker that creates cold brew concoctions with the simple touch of a button.

27. Chic Summer Sandals

chic summer sandals for women


When the summer arrives, the right shoes can make a world of difference. If you want a special woman in your life to be prepared for the warmer seasons, a pair of summer sandals can be a sweet and thoughtful option to go with.

28. Stylish Desktop Photo Plaque

social media frame desktop plaque - unique small gift for her


If you’re on the hunt for cool small gifts under $30, there are many different choices to think over. A stylish desktop photo plaque is the kind of present that she is sure to love for how thoughtful it is.

29. Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick

Slip Shine Sheer Shiny lipstick - gift under 30 for women


A woman who wants to bring about an effortless look of glamour is sure to appreciate the kind of gift of sheer shiny lipstick. Not only is this a stylish present, it also is made in a way that won’t dry out her lips or cause any discomfort during long wears.

30. Bath Bomb Gift Set For Women

An Inexpensive Gift Set of Organic Bath Bombs For Women


It is easy to help her create a spa experience at home for under $30 with your present. A bath bomb gift set for women features a variety of colorful and nourishing options that can turn her next bath into a wonderful experience.

31. Orchid Jewelry Hanging Tree Stand

Orchid Jewelry Hanging Tree Stand Gift for Women


Shopping on a budget doesn’t have to limit the quality of the gifts you buy. If you want a present with a truly elegant design and a wonderful sense of functionality, consider an orchid jewelry hanging tree stand.


So, when it comes to finding the best yet inexpensive gifts for women, there are all kinds of options to consider. Take time and think about the cheap gift options here to gain a bit of inspiration and find the best fit for her.



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