Cheap Father’s Day Gifts 2021: 30+ Inexpensive (But Cool) Ideas

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • March 30, 2021
Cheap Father’s Day Gifts 2021: 30+ Inexpensive (But Cool) Ideas

Be sure that your dad, step-dad, or grandfathers feel special this Father’s Day with these cheap gifts that won’t break the bank.

From golf to grooming kits, your old man is sure to appreciate these small and budget-friendly gifts for him.

We’ve curated a good selection of gifts under $25 for every type of father figure. He’ll be happy with any of these cool and affordable Father’s Day gifts.

Good Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

Ranging from $33 to $12, dad will love any of these cheap Father’s day ideas. These good and cheap ideas for dad include sentimental gifts and some for his hobbies.

Check out the simple ideas that he is sure to love!

35. DAD Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

Dad Desktop Photo Plaque

$29.95 $24.95 (17% OFF)

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You can never go wrong with this photo gift for dad. Whether it comes from his kids or the mother of his children, he is sure to cherish it for years to come. Create a unique gift by adding his favorite photos of him and his little ones.

34. Freeze Beer Glass

Freeze Beer Glass


What better way to wind down after a long day at work than with an ice cold beer? These affordable freeze beer glasses are great for keeping drinks cold and hands warm. These glasses come in a set of two, perfect for having his beer bestie over for a pint.

33. Star Wars Shot Glass

Star Wars Shot Glass - great cheap fathers day gifts


If May 4th is your dad’s favorite holiday, then he is going to love these Star Wars themed last-minute Father’s day gifts. A cute gift for those on a tight budget as they are under $10 and are sure to bring a smile to his face.

32. Special Dad Photo Mug

Special Dad Photo Mug - ideas for cheap fathers day gifts

$26.95 $22.95 (15% OFF)

This special dad photo mug works as a great gift for a first-time dad from his baby. This cute gift has a special saying about how any man can be a father but it takes a special guy to be a dad.

31. Beat That

Beat That


If one of your favorite past times with dad is playing games, then everyone will love this gift. This goofy challenge game will make for an amazing family game night. Kids and parents alike will be yelling “beat that,” after these hilarious challenges.

30. Traeger Rub

cheap fathers day ideas - Traeger Rub


Does dad love spending the evenings standing outside tending to his Traeger (or any other brand of smoker)? Then you should already know that he can never have enough meat rubs. He can crank up the flavor of anything he’s smoking or grilling with this sweet and salty, inexpensive rub.

29. Whiskey Stone

cheap fathers day ideas - Whiskey Stone


Whether he’s sipping spirits with his buddies or relaxing after a long day at the office, dad is sure to appreciate these budget-friendly whiskey stones. A simple gift he can add to his man cave and impress his friends with when they stop over to watch the game.

28. Golf Ball Display

Golf Ball Display


For the dad who can’t wait to tee off in the mornings, he will for sure love this golf ball display. A good gift to get a dad that is ready to retire and spend his days on the green working on his swing.

27. Dear Dad Plaque

Dear Dad Plaque

$29.95 $24.95 (17% OFF)

Surprise dad with a sentimental gift this Father’s day with this high-quality “dear dad” photo plaque. He will never forget those memorable times of checking for monsters and giving the best piggyback rides to his little ones. A thoughtful gift from his kids he’ll cherish.

26. Beard Kit

Beard Kit


Does it seem like your husband spends more time grooming himself than you do? If so, get him this affordable beard kit. He will have the nicest and best smelling beard in town with this luxury kit. The perfect Father’s day gift for the bearded man in your life.

25. Lucky Fishing Socks

Lucky Fishing Socks - fathers day inexpensive gifts


You know you caught a good dad, now be sure that he catches some good fish with these lucky fishing socks. A creative way to celebrate his favorite hobby on this day of the year. These will be his favorite socks to wear on and off the boat.

24. Popcorn Popper Maker

Popcorn Popper Maker - ideas for cheap fathers day gifts


This popcorn maker is the perfect fit for a dad who loves to snuggle up with his kids and watch their favorite family movies. A nice gift that he can also share with the family to make their favorite movie snack.

23. Beer Ingredient Kit

Beer Ingredient Kit


If dad has wanted to try his hand at making beer, this makes the perfect cheap Father’s Day gift. It includes everything he needs to brew his first batch of beer on the budget and without having to worry about loads of equipment.

22. Hot Ones Truth or Dad

Hot Ones Truth or Dab - fathers day inexpensive gifts


If dad always seems to be slathering his foods in hot sauce, then he is going to love this unique board game. A cool way to spend some quality time together with his buddies while enjoying a cold one or being in the hot seat.

21. Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener - fathers day inexpensive gifts


Searching for a budget-friendly gift for dad? This leather keychain and bottle opener makes a great gift that is affordable on any budget. Customize this bottle opener with his favorite color leather and a hand stamped name or just have it say dad.

20. Notebook

Notebook - ideas for cheap fathers day gifts


While notebooks are traditionally thought of as a mom gift, dads will appreciate this simple gift also. Whether he jotting down measurements for his latest project or keeping track of his golf scores, he’s sure to find a use for this gift idea.

19. Funny Photo Mug

funny photo mug for dad

$26.95 $22.95 (15% OFF)

So many dads are known for their gastly surprises. Be sure that he knows that he’s the best farter…I mean father there is with this funny Father’s day gift. He will chuckle every time he fills up this mug and sees an image of your smiling face.

18. What I Love About Dad

What I Love About Dad - cheap fathers day ideas


With so many special memories about dad, where do you start? This book might seem like a quick gift, but it is a thoughtful one that he will cherish forever. Fill in each one of the blanks with special memories and life lessons you’ve learned from him over the years.

17. Wireless Charging Station

cheap fathers day ideas - Wireless Charging Station


You know dad loves having the latest tech to stay connected. Be sure that he never runs low on battery with this all in one charging station. A stylish phone charger and charging station for his Apple watch and airpods so he will never run low on the go.

16. Shadowbox Frame

Shadowbox Frame - ideas for cheap fathers day gifts


You already know that dad is a hero! Be sure that he knows it with this adorable, custom shadow box. A cute idea that you can surprise your dad with his favorite Lego superhero.

15. Watch Box

cheap fathers day ideas - Watch Box


Some dads really appreciate the finer things in life. A good glass of scotch, a nice suit, and high-quality watches. If you are looking for a place for dad to store his prized watches after a day at work, then this watch box makes an inexpensive gift for him.

Father’s Day Gifts Under $20

There are so many great cheap Father’s day gifts on our list here it’s hard to pick just one.

With this list of gift ideas under $20, you don’t have to! Treat your dad with these affordable gift ideas.

14. They’re Good Dad Jokes

They're Good Dad Jokes - great cheap fathers day gifts


When you become a dad, you also get instant rights to tell bad dad jokes, a lot of them. This book makes a great Father’s day inexpensive gift from a younger child who will actually think the jokes are great. Dads and kids alike will love this hilarious book.

13. Money Clip

Money Clip - ideas for cheap fathers day gifts


Give dad a friendly reminder of who his money really belongs to with this money clip. A special Father’s day gift idea for a guy who knows that his money won’t stay in his wallet very long. A sweet and cute gift to give dad when on a budget.

12. Soy Candle

Soy Candle  - great cheap fathers day gifts


Candles make a great cheap Father’s day gift for dad when you want to give him something special. A great smelling candle under $20 that he will laugh about every time he lights it. A great way to say that you got your good looks from him.

11. The World’s Strongest Coffee

The World's Strongest Coffee - great cheap fathers day gifts


You know your husband works hard. Be sure that he is awake for all those great moments with you and your kids with the world’s strongest coffee. A great gift to give the father of your children that you know he will appreciate.

10. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky


Searching for ideas for cheap Father’s day gifts? Whether he’s out at the job site or watching his daughter’s softball practice, it’s nice to have a beef jerky snack on hand. This classic jerky is good for tossing in the car for road trips or stocking up on for work.

9. Insulated Coffee Mug

Insulated Coffee Mug - fathers day inexpensive gifts


Of course dad is going to need to have a good quality coffee mug to go with the world’s strongest coffee. This stainless steel coffee mug is a simple yet functional gift that he is sure to love. Easily customize the mug with his favorite color and special saying.

8. Father’s Day Card

Father's Day Card


When it comes to DIY Father’s day gifts, there is nothing that beats a homemade item. Turn a favorite picture of a dad and his kids into a one-of-a-kind card that you can give with a gift card or other special gift. A great gift idea you can print at home.

7. Emergency Dad Soap

Emergency Dad Soap


Be sure dad smells great every time he hops out of the shower with this emergency dad soap. A great way to give him a small and affordable gift that he will use daily (or at least you hope.) A manly looking soap made from natural ingredients and plant extracts.

6. Carabiner Paracord Bracelet

Carabiner Paracord Bracelet


Even the most rugged of men like to look nice. This paracord bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for the avid outdoorsman. You never know when an extra bit of rope might save his life.

5. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet  - fathers day inexpensive gifts


It’s likely that dad could use an upgrade to his wallet. This budget-friendly gift makes a great gift for a dad who needs to do some downsizing from his old wallet. Sleek enough to fit comfortably in his pants while still holding all of his essentials.

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts Bulk

Searching for some cool gifts to get dad in bulk? These gifts starting at $5 and below are great if you are purchasing items of a lot of dads on your list.

4. Cotton Cap

Cotton Cap


Help dad to show his pride for the local baseball team or with a fun saying with this customizable cotton baseball cap. A perfect way for dad to represent his kids at all of their sports.

3. Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Stainless Steel Hip Flask - great cheap fathers day gifts


Turn an inexpensive gift into a luxury item by including a bottle of dad’s favorite drink with this hip flask. A fun way to remind him that he’s the world’s best dad.

2. Fish Hooks Keychain

Fish Hooks Keychain


Any avid fisherman would appreciate this adorable fish hook keychain. You know that dad is a great catch, and never let him forget that with this small and meaningful gift idea.

1. Coaster



Grab dad some super affordable coasters for his bar or man cave with these Father’s day gifts under $3. A great gift to get from his kids or in addition to something else for his man cave.

Bottom Words

No matter which one of these cheap Father’s day gifts you choose, you can be sure dad will love it. You’ll never have to worry that you’ll break the bank with our list of 35 affordable gift ideas for him.

If you’re looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got you covered:



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