Cheap Anniversary Gifts: 23 Affordable Yet Romantic Gift Ideas (2023)

Cheap Anniversary Gifts: 23 Affordable Yet Romantic Gift Ideas (2023)

If you’re on the hunt for cheap anniversary gifts, this guide is for you. Celebrating your marriage on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cute or meaningful presents. In fact, there are countless affordable wedding anniversary presents that are perfect for your husband, wife, or a couple you care about.

Explore this curated list of presents and discover a wealth of ideas that will help you commemorate an important date without coming across as cheesy or insincere.

The Best Inexpensive Anniversary Gifts for Everyone

There are many ways to go about finding the right presents for an upcoming celebration. Some people prefer buying a physical gift, while others are seeking out experiences and other cheap things to do for anniversary events.

Look over these ideas and see what works best for your own needs.

1. Heart-shaped Custom Song Lyrics Anniversary Mug

Heart-shaped Custom Song Lyrics Anniversary Mug

Celebrate your love with this perfect, affordable anniversary mug. Personalize it with your cherished song lyrics, adding sentimental value to your morning coffee or tea. This unique keepsake beautifully captures your special connection without breaking the bank

2. Handwritten Anniversary Card

anniversary gift ideas on a budget: Handwritten Anniversary Card

One of the best ways to go about anniversary gift ideas on a budget is with a handwritten card. There is something simple and sentimental about commemorating the first year together with a message from the heart. A card is both inexpensive and powerful, making it a perfect fit.

3. Star Map And Spiral Song Wall Art

inexpensive anniversary gifts: Star Map And Spiral Song Wall Art

When you’re rushing to find a last-minute gift, you may worry that what you pick out will lack any real significance. Put those worries to rest with this custom wall art featuring stars and song lyrics. If you want to grab something romantic, this is a wonderful choice.

4. Wedding Anniversary Calendar Custom Pillow

budget anniversary gifts: Wedding Anniversary Calendar Custom Pillow

Need a cheap gift that doesn’t come across as an afterthought? An anniversary calendar pillow is a great fit for this purpose. Customize this piece of decor with information relevant to your relationship, and you have a present that is sure to please your significant other.

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5. You Mean The World To Me Plaque

cheap things to do for anniversary: You Mean The World To Me Plaque

Being on a budget doesn’t mean your anniversary gift will lack substance. When you need an inexpensive way to express the deep love you have for your partner, a sentimental plaque is a great way to go. A beautiful fit for any milestone you may be celebrating.

6. A Jar Full Of Love Notes

cheap anniversary ideas at home: A Jar Full Of Love Notes

Sometimes, a handmade anniversary gift is the best way to get your feelings about your partner across. A jar full of love notes is a simple and cute option. All you need to do is write out some personal messages, place them in a jar, and watch the magic unfold.

7. Street Sign Canvas Print

things to do for anniversary on a budget: Street Sign Canvas Print

Another budget-friendly idea worth considering is a customized canvas print. Featuring a street sign with your names, this print will make a beautiful addition to the home you share together. Not only is it affordable, but it will also fill your space with the unique love the two of you share.

8. Home Cooked Meal

cheap things to do for anniversary: Home Cooked Meal

It has been said that food is the key to a happy and romantic relationship. If you want to take this concept to the next level, consider cooking a meal for your significant other for your upcoming celebration. When you’re hunting for cheap anniversary ideas at home, creating something delicious in the kitchen is a wonderful fit. Recreate the meal you had on your first date or whip up something new!

9. A Video With Touching Messages

affordable anniversary gifts: A Video With Touching Messages

No matter how long you have been with your significant other, there are some budget-friendly anniversary gifts that work for any occasion. A video featuring messages from friends, family members, and other people important to your relationship can be an ideal present for a 10th, 20th, or even 50th-anniversary celebration. All you need to do is film some sentimental messages and edit them together!

10. Couple Name Pillow

cheap romantic anniversary ideas: Couple Name Pillow

If you’re searching for a simple and affordable present for a couple that you care about, you may want to consider a custom pillow. This personalized option is one of the best friend anniversary gifts available, offering you the chance to show off your love for the duo.

11. To My Husband Mug

low budget anniversary ideas: To My Husband Mug

A small gift is often the best way to go when you’re short on time and ideas. Thankfully, an inexpensive present like a mug can still make a big impact. If you want him to feel special and appreciated, this is an excellent choice to explore.

12. Special Coupons And Offers

cheap wedding anniversary gift ideas: Special Coupons And Offers

Going out for a last-minute meal at a fancy restaurant can be a challenge on a budget. If you want an affordable alternative, give yourself time to hunt down a deal or two. There are many fantastic offers available online that can help you save some cash without sacrificing the quality of your excursion. Hunt down the best coupons and promotions and create a memorable and inexpensive experience.

13. Date Night In A Book

low cost anniversary gift ideas: Date Night In A Book

Date nights are a great way for couples to grow closer together. When you’re short on ideas, it can help to have a bit of inspiration. A cheap and clever gift like a “date night in a box” offers you the chance to try something new without spending a fortune.

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14. Massages At Home

cheap gifts for marriage anniversary: Massages At Home

If you and your partner work long hours, you likely carry a lot of stress in your bodies. To feel a bit more relaxed, consider cheap anniversary ideas to do at home like a massage. The next time you have an evening free together, grab some massage products like body oil and candles. Create an at-home spa experience and celebrate your anniversary in a truly relaxing and nourishing way.

15. What a Difference a Day Makes Wall Art

cute inexpensive anniversary gifts: What a Difference a Day Makes Wall Art

Finding the right anniversary present to fit your budget is all about getting creative. If you recently moved into a new home together, consider grabbing a thoughtful present like wall art. Fill your new space with beauty by investing in a custom piece that is centered around your unique relationship.

16. Picnic

romantic anniversary ideas on a budget: picnic

Few low-budget anniversary ideas are as romantic as a picnic date. When you need an affordable way to celebrate a milestone, all you have to do is grab some of your favorite foods and drinks, put it all in a basket, head to a local park, and indulge. This is a great way to talk and bond, especially if you haven’t had much time alone together in recent weeks.

17. DIY Candy Bouquet

things to do for anniversary on a budget: DIY Candy Bouquet

Some gifts are a perfect fit because they are both budget-friendly and outright delicious. When you want to find a cheap way to celebrate your anniversary while still offering up something wonderful, a DIY candy bouquet is a way to go. Select your partner’s favorite sweets and have fun!

18. Fill In The Blank Book For Couple

affordable anniversary gifts: Fill In The Blank Book For Couple

Another inexpensive gift idea to consider is a book that allows you the chance to fill in the blanks with your partner. Similar to mad libs, this is a way for you to bond with your significant other while discussing all the details of your unique and special love story.

19. Calendar Anniversary Date Keychain

cheap romantic anniversary ideas: Calendar Anniversary Date Keychain

On the hunt for a low-cost present that still comes across as thoughtful and sincere? A calendar anniversary date keychain makes for a great fit. Not only is this an affordable option, but you can also have the gift customized to meet the specific criteria of the love you both share.

20. My Everything Desktop Plaque

budget anniversary gifts: My Everything Desktop Plaque

A gift that is cheap in price can still be rich in sentimentality. A desktop plaque is a perfect fit for anyone on a budget. This custom home decor allows you to prominently display one of your favorite pictures in a gorgeous and inexpensive way.

21. Hello – Will You – I Do Map Satellite

cheapest things to do for anniversary on a budget: Hello – Will You – I Do Map Satellite

Some moments are truly special in a relationship. If you want to give your partner a memorable gift, consider wall art that incorporates these important moments. Not only will this dazzling personalized print look beautiful in your home or office, but it is also affordable enough to fit any budget.

22. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

cheap wedding anniversary gift ideas: Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Since music plays an important role in any relationship, you should consider gifts that include your favorite songs. One affordable idea worth exploring is a custom pillow that can be personalized to incorporate your favorite lyrics. A sentimental present offers a nice place to rest after a long day.

23. Social Media Style Photo Desktop Plaque

cheap wedding anniversary gift ideas: Photo Desktop Plaque

Capture love in a post with our Social Media Style Frame Desktop Photo Plaque. Featuring a Facebook post design, it’s a unique anniversary gift. Personalize with your photo and text for a meaningful touch. Crafted with care, it’s a stylish decor piece that preserves cherished moments with a modern twist.


When you’re working with limited funds and have an important milestone celebration coming up, it can be difficult to know how to find the right present. As long as you get creative and seek out meaningful and cheap anniversary gifts, you’ll have no trouble finding a lovely and thoughtful offering.




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