26 Funniest Cat Costumes: Dress Up Your Kitty Purr-fectly (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • September 15, 2020
26 Funniest Cat Costumes: Dress Up Your Kitty Purr-fectly (2021)

Looking for the funniest cat costumes for your feline friend?

If you are, we have some paw-some ones for you.

If your cat took part in a Halloween “best-dressed pet” costume contest, these clever, creative, and funny costumes would win over the judges. 

However, the ghostly day isn’t the only excuse to dress up your kitty.

You can dress them up for a wedding, Christmas party, and more.

We bet that out of the 26 cat clothes, there will be a few that will catch your eye.

Funniest Cat Costumes

Welcome, cat lovers!

We know you’ll love these unique and simple cat costumes as much as we do.

You can dress up your cat in a themed full-body cloth costume for various occasions and holidays.

We bet the pictures will come out hilarious.

More importantly, it’ll be a fun and memorable experience.

Without further ado, here are some great costumes ideas for cat owners:

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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Is your cat the boss of you? Does he remind you of the evil, but (not) scary cats in cartoon movies? Your little mob boss needs a pair of sunglasses and a gaudy gold chain to get into character. This creative and cool cat costume will turn heads, especially when your cat walks by. You know in your heart that your cat is the real king or queen of the home, not you, and you know what, you’re okay with it.

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You love tacos and your cat, so why not bring them together to create “taco-cat!” Your pet will look absolutely adorable and delightfully funny in a taco cat costume. You should join in the fun and become a taco yourself. If you have other pets in the house, dress them up too in a taco costume. Just don’t forget the tacos because you know a taco eating a taco is a laugh out moment. For your cat, make them a fish taco for tolerating your kookiness because they love you.

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Imagine your kitty as a vigilante rising from the darkness to the right all wrongs. Imagine your kitty as Batman, the caped crusader. If you love superhero costumes and have dressed your cat as other superheroes before, then consider dressing them up as Batman. However, it’ll be funny and cute to see a superhero lazing around and sleeping all day. The only heroic thing your cat might do is catch the mouse they had been eying for a long time.

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If you’re a nurse, you can dress up your cat in a nurse costume. If you’re celebrating nurses— the real heroes— you can pose with your cat in a nurse costume to let them know you appreciate all that they do. The costume comes with a hat and a full-body costume, which are easy to put on and take off. This costume is one of the most chosen cat Halloween costumes. If you have yet to dress your kitty in a funny nurse costume, you may want to now, especially when you see how cute they are.

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Lion Mane

Did you know cats are the smaller members of the feline family? Big cats rule the jungle, but your kitty rules your house. Give your cat the title it deserves by putting a lion mane with ears outfit on them and making them a king. Even with the cheap and affordable cat costume, your little king will not look scary. They will look like the cutest little thing you ever laid your eyes on in this ferocious costume look.

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Make your cat a part of your wedding by dressing them up in a tuxedo. Your cat will strut in a tuxedo, looking sharp, elegant, and poised. Tuxedos are the perfect cat clothes for intimate functions, as they also add a sense of hilarity to an emotional occasion. Be warned! This hilarious cat costume has been shown to steal attention. Although your cat may not want it, the tuxedo will make them the star of the wedding.

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Night Fury Dragon

Your cat is a little dragon… on the inside. On Halloween, your cat can be the Night Fury Dragon. The full-body dragon costume with wings comes in several different colors. So, when your cat jumps from spot to spot, you can imagine your cat is flying. Dragon cat costumes are one of the best sellers because when you dress something cute in something fierce, it becomes fiercely cute.

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Xmas Cloak

When Christmas arrives, you dress up in your best clothes. If you have a cat, don’t leave them out, but also find a holiday outfit for them to wear. You don’t have to go elaborate either. You can get a simple Xmas cloak in either red or green with colorful pompoms. For families that like to send Christmas cards, having their cat dressed in holiday colors will raise the holiday spirits of anyone who sees it at the same time make them go “aw.”

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Your sweet little rabbit…uh kitty…will look like a whole different animal. Your cat was already cute, but in a rabbit costume, they’ll look even cuter. Rabbit pet costumes are pink with fur and long bunny ears. If you have more than one cat, make them wear a rabbit costume to make them twins. If you’re dressing up as a rabbit for a costume party or Halloween, have your cat match with you.

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Transform your kitten into a magical and mythical creature by putting a cute unicorn hat on their head. The unicorn has a horn, an open ear to let your cat’s ears breathe, and a ribbon to tie it around their neck, so it doesn’t fall. You can take your cat dressed up as a unicorn to play dates, holidays, parties, and family photoshoots.

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For Halloween, dress up your feline in a pumpkin-themed costume. A witch’s hat with a pumpkin and a cat collar with pumpkins will make your cat look extremely adorable. If the cat collar has jingle bells, it’ll be jingle all the way, but on the year’s scariest night. Even if your cat takes off the hat, the collar will still be on, as it feels like any other collar.

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Put a creative spin on scary by dressing your pet cat in a black witch’s hat with a matching cloak. It won’t irritate your cat’s skin. The comfortable and plush costume is perfect for themed parties. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween themed birthday or hosting a fancy dress party, you can dress your cat in a scary witch costume. They just have to get their purr right to sound scary.

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Have you ever seen a cat in a sailor outfit? If you haven’t and you have a cat, dress them up in this unique costume. You can also buy a sailor’s hat separately to pair with this costume. If you’re an active or retired sailor, consider taking a family picture with you in your sailor’s outfit and your cat in theirs.

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This Halloween, you can be your cat’s sidekick. You can dress up a parrot, and your cat can dress up as a pirate. The cheap pirate costume comes with a pirate’s hat, as no pirate costume is complete without it. It will look like your cat is standing. It’ll make for great memories filled with laughter. Turn your cat into a pirate you see in movies and cartoons and yourself into its trusty sidekick, the talking green parrot.

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Who wronged your kitty? Your little kitten looks cross, and no one dares to look into their eyes. Tales of your cat’s bravery, such as sneaking off with your food, have made them into a feared and admired cowboy among all cat-folk. Dress your cat in this cowboy outfit and let the fun begin. When your cat comes to you, it’ll look like they’re walking on two feet.

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Dot Skirt

Your sweet princess has a sophisticated personality, and they love to dress up in beautiful cat costumes. However, not just any costumes, though. They only wear beautiful and regal costumes.  The dot skirt is a cat dress they’ll love. If you like to take your spoiled princess to fancy dress parties with other princesses, create a royal combination of a dot skirt with a crown.

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Kimonos are articles of traditional Japanese clothing with timeless and universal appeal. You can highlight your Japanese heritage or show your appreciation for kimonos by wearing them for a photoshoot. You can also get your cat their own kimono costume and include them in the photoshoot. Cats with cattitude can pull off this beautiful look with ease. If a kimono isn’t a part of your collection of cat clothes, you need to get one because when you see your cat in it, you’ll regret not buying it sooner.

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Peacock costumes are cute. When we say peacock, we don’t mean decking your cat out in large feathers, which will be uncomfortable for the poor kitty. You need to get an adorable wool hat inspired by the beautiful bird. You don’t have to wait for a holiday to make your cat wear it. You just have to wait for winter.

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The police costume couldn’t be more purr-fect for a cat adopted by a family of officers. The costume comes with a hat, which your cat will probably want to take off, so take as many pictures as you can and do it quickly. Your cat will be maintaining law and order in your household. They’ll be walking around, watching for the baddies, and ensuring their family is safe.

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Sometimes simple is enough, and this is especially true for cat owners who want to see their pet in a costume, but their pet wants nothing to do with it. This eggplant wool hat may just win them over. When it’s time for pictures, even your cat will be in costume, looking like a vegetable. When it gets cold outside, bring out the hat, as it doubles as winter wear.

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If your pet loves to put on a show, this paw-some patrikka hat will bring out the party girl in them. The beautiful feathered and bejeweled hat will make your kitten look adorable. Your kitten will become an even bigger charmer when wearing this hat. If your cat can do tricks, this is the perfect show hat. Put on a show and introduce your star— your cat in their cattastic hat.

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! The Santa costume is a creative way to celebrate Christmas. If you have other cats, you can dress one cat as Santa and they others as elves. Your kitty will look cute, adorable, and somewhat funny in their Santa outfit. If you have a baby who’s afraid to take a picture with Santa, they can take a picture with kitty Claus instead.

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Naruto Akatsuki

Are you a cosplayer? You can cosplay with your cat. You can dress them up in the Akatsuki outfit from Naruto, and you can dress up as one of the main characters. You don’t have to wait for a convention to dress your cat in the cloak, but you can just do it on Halloween.

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If your cat is your pretty princess, stop your search for the perfect costume because you’ve found it. You can dress your cat in a fancy full body princess costume. Your cat will look beautiful in her costume. If your cat’s birthday is coming up, this can be their birthday dress. You can invite all their cat friends dressed in their princess outfit to meow happy birthday to the birthday girl— your cat.

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Most cats don’t like water, so it’ll be ironic and funny at the same time to dress your cat up as a shark. If you have several pet costumes, get this one also. If you’re having a pool party, you can make your cat a shark. Your cat will look their best wearing their new outfit. Perhaps, they can scare away a few mice this way as well.

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Nyan Cat

The Nyan cat costume is a cute and funny outfit for a kitten to wear. If you have a grumpy cat, the cat outfit will make them appear a little cheerier. You can take your cat to costume parties and events. It goes on like a collar, so your cat will be less reluctant to wear it. Give your grumpy cat a brighter look with this rainbow costume.

Important Things When Selecting Cat Costumes

You need to consider the following when selecting cat costumes:


Your kitten will sulk around the house if you make them wear a cat costume made from a stiff fabric.

Instead, choose cat costumes made using cotton and cotton mixed with polyester.

Cotton based fabrics are soft and easy to stretch.

Your cat will be able to move around and do things as they please without the material getting in the way.


Cat costumes are available for big and small cats, but some manufacturers also make one-size-fit all cat clothes.

You need to read the manufacturer’s instructions on where and how to measure your cat.

Most manufacturers ask you to measure your cat based on the thickness and length of their fur.

Once you have the measurements, compare them to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.


You can save time searching for cat costumes if you know the theme.

Is the theme Christmas or Halloween?

Are you going for something cute or funny?

Cat clothes aren’t that expensive, and you can even be creative by mixing and matching different items.

A sweet deal would be to buy an outfit that you can make your cat wear more than once.

How to wear?

Give your cat their favorite treat before you put on the costume.

Since your cat might not be used to wearing clothes (for obvious reasons), don’t leave on too long, but take it off to try again in a few minutes. 

Your cat will need time to adjust to their new clothes.

For multi-piece costumes, put their legs through the holes and put the cap on followed by the cape.

It’s okay if your cat doesn’t like their costume; forcing it will only make your cat miserable.

Wrapping Words

Did you like any of the cat costumes?

If you did, you need to get these paw-some cat clothes for your pet.

When Halloween, Christmas, birthday, or any other holiday or event arrives, you’ll be ready to dress up your cat in a cool cat outfit.

The clothes for pets are cheap and affordable and so worth it, as playing dress-up with your cat is always fun.



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