Canvas Sizes: The Ultimate Guide For Every Living Space

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • November 16, 2023
Canvas Sizes: The Ultimate Guide For Every Living Space

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It is a hassle to choose the best canvas sizes for your art project.


A simple incorrect estimate, just a few inches, can surprisingly make the canvas print too big or too small. And a disproportion between the artwork and the wall or space you hang it on makes the project a complete disaster.

Therefore, knowing all the standard sizes that a canvas print comes in helps you:

  • Look for the right frame size to stretch a canvas
  • Design a wall of canvas prints
  • Choose a size for a DIY canvas creation
  • Purchase the suitable canvas print size for the space you want to decorate.
  • Avoid wasting money on beautiful wall art that does not fit the wall as you envisioned.

And in this post, I will show you the 10 most common canvas sizes that a majority of art enthusiasts prefer. And you can confidently make the right purchase for your latest home décor projects.

wall art size for scale

Common Canvas Sizes

Here we will list out 7 most commonly purchased canvas sizes that fit different locations in your home. Among those, rectangular canvases dominate square sizes. But after all, you can use them separately or combine them into a stunning gallery wall.

12-by-8 inches

With the aspect ratio of 3 to 2, this 12-by-8 inches canvas print is fairly compact and portable.

And you might be wondering what kind of photos is best for this rectangular print size, which is rather small, isn’t it? You will be surprised at how well a canvas print this size can display diverse and versatile images – from your favorite family photo to the picture of your pet.

Best for: An artwork that comes in this size makes a great and easy fill-in in gallery walls. Or you can use this as an accessory that complements your desk or bookcase.

a 16-by-16 canvas above work place

12-by-12 inches

A square 12 by 12 inches canvas art is a fun and interesting way to accent your wall and bring your room together. This is among popular square frame sizes of canvas. Although 12-by-12 canvases seem small, you can still easily use the space for a photo collage or a single large image.

Best for: Owing to the compact size, 12-by-12 square canvas prints can fit almost anywhere, but maybe best for:

  • Apartment living rooms.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Gallery walls.
  • Bookcases.
  • Offices, or over the working spaces.

a canvas print with the size 16 by 12 inches hanging in a room

16-by-12 inches

The 16 by 12 inches canvas print is big enough to catch your eye but small enough to fit between other wall hangings. You can get creative with this medium-sized canvas because it allows you the freedom to showcase one photo or use multiple images (but note that small details cannot be shown).

This is one of the most typical canvas sizes because its dimensions are ideal for several locations:

  • Living room
  • Guest room
  • Study

Besides, the 12 by 16 inches print (portrait canvas) is also perfect for your gallery wall and hallway. You can even add artwork or other details that will complement your space and that ties in with the décor. For example, on a print this size, think of combining images with quotes, poems or custom details of an event such as your anniversary or wedding day.

square photo canvas on the floor with the words Dance Dad

16-by-16 inches

Slightly bigger than the 12-by-12 inches canvas, you can be more creative when creating this square-sized art print. For instance, instead of a sole photo, try combining photos and a couple of fun quotes on the design or creating a photo collage.

And you can hang the 16-by-16 inches canvas prints above a bedroom dresser, or feature it in an elaborate gallery wall.

a 18-by-12-inch canvas print on a wall behind a table

18-by-12 inches

18 by 12 inches canvas prints are the most commonly designed and bought that fit various purposes and space. With the ratio 3:2, the canvas size looks great in:

  • The space over a fireplace mantel
  • Down a long hallway
  • On the wall in a dining room.

Canvas artwork that comes in 12-by-12 inches in size allows you to showcase 1 image together with a short poem, message or quote.

Besides, If you have the wall space and a series of photos you want to display, you can easily double or triple up on this canvas size to make your project pop.

the sun and the moon canvas print with the quote I love you to the moon, to the sun, to the stars and back again

16-by-20 inches

What does a canvas print of 16-by-20 or 20-by-16 inches look like? For your easy estimation, the print’s dimensions are just shorter than those of A2 papers (16.5-by-23.4 inches).

For the portrait size, below the image, you can add some quotes, sayings, messages or a date that reminds you of a special occasion in life. It is best as part of a compilation of wall art for a large space. Or you can use this canvas size to jazz up your hallway. But overall, the print can fit almost everywhere.

For the landscape version (20-by-16 inches), try hanging this behind a desk or above a doorway. And if you use this longer canvas size, you can display longer photos like wedding pictures, tall buildings or expansive landscapes. And the size is ideal to showcase the portrait of your family members.

a 24-by-16-inch photo canvas print above the cabinet

24-by-16 inches

With the same ratio of 3:2, this canvas size doubles the 12-by-8 inches mentioned above. Therefore, go overboard and exhibit larger photos that you like. And together with the 18-by-12-inch canvas, this 24-by-16-inch canvas size is also one prevalent size that many artists and wall decor buyers go for when crafting a custom canvas.

It is best as a standalone canvas print that creates a focal point in your room. Of course, the print can be grouped together with other works of art to make a striking exhibition right in your home place.

Large Canvas Sizes

Now let’s move on and have a look at some larger canvas sizes. Wider or narrower, these sizes are best for standalone canvas prints. Or you can use a print this size as the centerpiece of your gallery wall with smaller sizes in adjacent.

a canvas print of a couple of wolf under the full moon

36-by-24 inches

Compared to the 24-by-16 inches, the 36-by-24 inches canvases follow the popular 3:2 aspect ratio, but are listed as big-sized prints. 

This rectangular canvas print is fantastic for displaying a single image on the canvas to create a visual impact. For instance, this wolf canvas print is a prime example. Or you can print the picture using portrait orientation, which is also known as the most common standard poster size.

This can be a standalone canvas over the sofa in a living room or the bedroom headboard.

a big photo canvas print above the sofa

40-by-20 inches

If you’re wondering which canvas sizes on the wall will work if the space is large, consider ordering a 40 x 20 canvas print for your project. A large blank wall needs a great big canvas that can easily handle the vast space while livening up the room. This large-sized canvas is usually best as the main piece hanging over the sofa in a living room or over the bed in a bedroom.

With such a large canvas print, you can get creative. Consider adding multiple photos, artwork or an inspiring quote to the design. Use tones that incorporate a color scheme that coordinates with the room. It’s also important to keep in mind that a 40 x 20 canvas is large. So small photos or tiny details may not be observed easily from across the room.

48-by-16 inches

A 48-by-16 canvas print is odd in shape, with the aspect ratio of 3 to 1. We recommend that the print is only for specific places and purposes. And be careful when going for this print size. Since it is too narrow and horizontal-oriented, the wall must be large enough to accommodate the canvas. And it must go well with other furniture and decor in the room. So the best places to display the canvas are living rooms or long hallways.

Regarding the design, the 48-by-16 canvas print works best as a personalized family name signs. To make the sign more striking, use letter arts to form your family name. Besides, print any jaw-dropping panoramic images that you like in this size, and amaze your house guests.

Canvas Size Chart

In addition to these common canvas print sizes, there are several other sizes with distinct dimensions to choose from. However, before you settle on the size of your project, it’s important to ensure the aspect ratio fits your target location. Use the canvas size chart below to calculate the aspect ratio with the main sizes available:

Unit: Inches

Aspect Ratio1:11:21:32:33:44:5
Most Popular Canvas SizesAll Squares
12 by 12
16 by 16
40 by 2048 by 1612 by 8
18 by 12
24 by 16
36 by 24
12 by 1616 by 20

If you need a more detailed guide, our wall art size guide can give you great tips when choosing the right canvas size for your next masterpiece. Besides, our canvas resolution guide will help you get the best, most relevant canvas print. In the end, you’ll find it easy to create the perfect décor for your room! With so many sizes of canvas prints to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right size for your wall space. But don’t worry! Just remember to take into account the location, artwork, and ratio.



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