The 40 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for Your Wedding Bridal Party (2021)

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  • November 3, 2021
The 40 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for Your Wedding Bridal Party (2021)

Are you looking for bridesmaid proposal gift ideas to pop the question about joining your bridal party? When you ask your friends or family to be at your wedding, it’s ideal for you to do it in a memorable way. Whether they’re your best friends or close family members, you’ll want to give them a gift they deserve and one that they’ll cherish for years to come. Make it official by proposing with either small or large gifts, but make sure that they’re worthwhile.

Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

No matter how many bridesmaids you’re planning on having, coming up with the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift can be tough. The ideas below can help you choose something that is worthwhile and memorable for your bridal party-to-be.

1/ “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Destination Proposal Box Gift Set

Destination Bridesmaids Proposal Box Gift Set

If you’re planning on having destination and beach weddings, you might be interested in making your proposal gift box with the same theme. This gift set has all the tropical bridesmaid essentials. From sunglasses to luggage tags, it’s all there.

2/ Wooden Bridesmaid Gift Box with Wedding Jewelry

Wooden Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box With Jewelry

This bridesmaid gift box includes wedding jewelry, so it makes for the perfect little keepsake. There is a note that reads “White dress, lace, and pearls; But I can’t do it without my girls; Be my bridesmaid!”, which is a heartfelt message your bridesmaids will enjoy reading.

3/ Be My Bridesmaid Mini Wine Bottle Labels

custom Be My Bridesmaid Mini Wine Bottle Labels
$16.99 for 4 Labels

For a more custom bridesmaid proposal gift, you can make custom mini wine bottle labels. Customize them with the name of the bridesmaid-to-be along with a proposal message. You can also include the wedding date/location and your own signature.

4/ “Crack Me!” Proposal Egg

bridesmaids proposal eggs

As a more fun and unique bridesmaid proposal gift, you can choose to have your potential bridesmaid crack open a quail egg. The egg will have a custom note and message inside that will ask if they’ll be your bridesmaid. Customize it further with a closure sticker of your choice for the box.

5/ Bridesmaid Luggage Tag

personalized bridesmaids luggage tags gifts

Destination weddings are always fun and if that’s what you’re planning on having for your big day, then make the bridesmaid proposal something just as fun. A destination wedding bridesmaid proposal isn’t complete without a bridesmaid luggage tag. This tag will help your bridesmaid identify their suitcases in no time.

6/ Spa Soap Set

a day at the spa gift set - gift idea for bridesmaid proposal
From $20

What better way to encourage your bridesmaids to pamper themselves than with a spa soap set. It’s the perfect treatment after a long day and it can make for the perfect bridesmaid’s proposal gift. These handmade soaps come in different scents and you can pick your custom message.

7/ “Will You DOUGH Me A Favor? Be My Bridesmaid!” Cookie Dough

cookie dough box to propose bridesmaids

An edible proposal gift idea would be this flavorful cookie dough. These cookie dough boxes come with different sticker options. Pink is for the bridesmaids and blue is for the maid of honor. There are 5 different cookie dough flavors in each box along with a spoon for your bridesmaid to enjoy.

8/ Proposal Puzzle


If you’re looking for fun and engaging bridesmaid proposal gift ideas, this puzzle is just what you need. Have your bridesmaids put together the puzzle to reveal a message asking whether they’ll be your bridesmaid. You can also customize the picture in the background.

9/ Personalized Travel Accessories Case

Personalized Travel Accessories Case Gift for Bridesmaid Proposal

A nice way to surprise your bridesmaids is with a practical and personalized travel accessory case for all of their items. This case features compartments for all of their stunning jewelry pieces. Plus, it might come in handy if you’re planning a destination wedding.

10/ “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Magic Mug

bridesmaid proposal gift idea - will you be my bridesmaid photo mug

When you give your bridesmaid-to-be a plain black mug, they’ll probably have a blank look on their face similar to the blank mug. However, once they fill it up with a warm drink, the question will be revealed. It’s a creative way to ask an important question and leave them with a keepsake.

11/ “My Wedding Would Succ Without You” Proposal Gift Box

My Wedding would succ without you - succulent proposal gift for bridesmaids

A succulent gift box is an ideal way to propose to your soon-to-be bridesmaids. It’s a cute gift and it’s one that they’ll be able to enjoy long-term. You can keep the box simple with just a succulent or you can add other goodies to the cheeky proposal box, like bath bombs and more.

12/ Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies

Will you be my Bridesmaid Cookies - bridesmaid proposal gift ideas

Another unique way to propose to your bridesmaids is by giving them custom cookies. Your bridesmaids-to-be will not only be surprised by the question on the cookies, but they’ll also be able to enjoy them as a delicious snack.

13/ The Little Book of Bridesmaids

The Little Book of Bridesmaids Book Gift for Proposal

This book is ideal for all of your bridesmaids. It can help them stay up-to-date with helping you prepare for the big day. It has everything from fun activities to games and other little touches. It’s also a keepsake that is perfect for a bridesmaid proposal gift.

14/ Bridesmaid Proposal Photo Card

Bridesmaids Proposal Photo Card Gift

A photo card is a perfect addition to your bridal party proposal boxes. Add a photo of your choice of you and the bridesmaid-to-be along with their name and a cute message. It will complete the box and remain as a special keepsake for the bridesmaid.

15/ Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Bridesmaid Tote Bags Proposal Gift idea

If you’re planning on giving your bridesmaids a bunch of goodies during the proposal, this tote bag is what you need. Fill the bags with goodies for your bridal party proposal and keep it all in one space. They can be individually customized to your liking.

16/ Personalized Mug with Bridesmaid’s Name and Initial

simple proposal gift for bridesmaids - a mug with custom name initial

One of the bridesmaid proposal gift ideas that you can consider is this personalized mug that will have the bridesmaid’s name and initial. It’s a simple and creative gift that can be personalized with a picture, too. Add a proposal card and you’re all set.

17/ “Can’t Get Hitched Without My Favorite Bitch” Candle

will you be my bridesmaid candles

Everyone loves a good candle and this one will definitely give your bridesmaid a great laugh. Give your girls this custom candle with a sassy message that shows them just how important they are to you on your big day.

18/ Bridesmaid Proposal Scratch Off Card

bridesmaid proposal card gift - scratch off card

Another interactive way to propose to your bridesmaids is with a fun game. Personalize the card with the bridesmaid’s name and have them scratch off the film on the heart to reveal the big and important question. It’s the perfect addition to any gift.

19/ Luxury Bridesmaid Box Set

luxury bridesmaid proposal box set gift
From $46

If you’re interested in having a bit more of a luxurious gift box for your bridesmaids, this set is ideal. Go for a luxury set that includes a satin silk eye mask, hair ties, scrunches, and more. It’s the perfect pampering box.

20/ Personalized Makeup Bag with Bridesmaids-To-Be’s Name

will you be my bridesmaid proposal makeup bag gift

Every bridesmaid will need a makeup bag, especially for the wedding. Propose to your bridesmaids with a personalized makeup bag that has their names on it along with an important message on the inside. They can use it on the wedding day to get ready and every day.

21/ Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

best friend custom desktop plaque gift to propose to future bridesmaids

Pop the “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” question with a customized desktop photo plaque. Include a photo of you and your future bridesmaid along with a card and you’ll be set. This photo plaque can be used as decor around the house or in the office.

22/ The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook

bridesmaid handbook from the knot

When you have bridesmaids, you’re going to want them to be as helpful as possible, not only on the big day but on the days leading up to the wedding, too. This helpful book has everything they need to be the best bridesmaids to you.

23/ Bridesmaid Proposal Card

simple and elegant bridesmaid asking card
$14 for 4 cards

Pop the question to your bridesmaids in a simple and elegant manner. Make sure to add a bridesmaid proposal card to your proposal boxes. There is a card with the appropriate question for each person of your bridal party, the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and the flower girl.

24/ Wedding Party Socks

bridesmaid socks as a proposal gift for wedding party

Everyone in your bridal party can have matching cute and cozy socks for the bachelorette party or even the wedding day itself. These socks are personalized with the appropriate roles like a bridesmaid, maid of honor, and more. It’s a perfect addition to your proposal boxes.

25/ “Will You Be My” Tumbler and Champagne Flute Box

tumbler and champagne box gift for bridesmaid proposal

Pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be with a wedding proposal set that is ideal for each person in your wedding party. This tumbler and champagne flute are perfect additions to a proposal box. They can be gifted on their own or in combination with other goodies.

26/ It’s My Turn To Pop The Question Ring Box

my turn to pop the question - proposal ring box for future bridesmaids

For a more unique way to propose to your bridesmaids, you can get them this ring box. Ask each person to be in your wedding party with this pop-up box that includes a ring and a personalized message that also includes their name.

27/ “I Donut Want To Get Married Without You” Doughnut Bath Bomb

bridesmaid proposal donut shaped bath bomb gift

Not only will this proposal box be the perfect surprise for your besties, but they can also enjoy the bath bombs as they relax before the big day. Ask them to stand by you for your wedding day with this creative message and gift.

28/ Bridesmaid Proposal Cards With Custom Illustrations

custom illustration bridesmaid invitation card

A personalized card can be the ideal addition to your bridesmaid proposal gift or gift box. The card can be completely customized with specific hairstyles and colors according to the bridesmaid-to-be, wording, names, roles, accessories, skin color, robe color, and more.

29/ “I Can’t Say I Do Without You” Enamel Pin

enamel pins to propose bridesmaids

If you’re looking for bridesmaid proposal gift ideas that are inexpensive, this pin is perfect. It’s an inexpensive way to ask those closest to you to be part of your bridal party. The pin can be attached to hats, clothing, accessories, and more.

30/ Pop The Balloon

pop the balloon to propose to bridesmaid idea

A fun idea to pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be is with this balloon. The balloon comes blown up complete with a pin to do the popping, confetti inside, as well as the important question that is revealed once the balloon is popped.

31/ Proposal Hair Tie Card

Bridesmaid Proposal Hair Tie Card
$18 for 4 sets

Ask your girls to say “I do” to you with this hair tie card. It’s an affordable way to pop the question to your favorite girls and also provide them with something that they can use long-term. These hair ties are wrapped around the card with the message.

32/ Personalized Planter

personalized planters with bridesmaids names for proposal

This bridesmaid’s gift is perfect for those who love plants and succulents. Personalize the planter with the name of the bridesmaid-to-be and include the proper question based on the role that they’ll be playing in your wedding. Place a small plant inside and you’re done.

33/ Online Bridesmaid Invitation Card

will you be my bridesmaid digital card for online proposal
$0.8 for each digital card

In some cases, a virtual proposal might be necessary, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it special. There will be no physical mailing involved and with a virtual card, you can keep track of their responses with ease. You’ll also be able to customize the card to your liking.

34/ Calendar Proposal Card

Calendar proposal card to bridesmaid

Bridesmaid’s boxes wouldn’t be complete without a proposal card. Get it together for your bridesmaid’s boxes by including this calendar proposal card. It not only has the proposal question, but it can also have the wedding date highlighted in a unique manner.

35/ Message in Bottle

bridesmaids proposal bottle gift box
$7.90 With Gift Box

One of the more unique bridesmaid proposal gift ideas that you might want to consider is putting a message in a bottle. This is a stunning way to pop the question. Your bridesmaids will adore the creativity and uniqueness of it all.

36/ “The Key To My Perfect Day” Proposal Gift

a key with a proposal message for future bridesmaids

Show your bridesmaids-to-be how important they are to you by proposing to them in this unique way. This key and beautiful wooden invitation make for the perfect proposal gift or addition to your proposal boxes. It includes a very important question and other personalizations.

37/ “My I Do Would Not Be The Same Without You” Initial Bracelet

custom bracelet with initials for bridesmaid proposal
From $6.59

A simple yet worthwhile bridesmaid’s proposal gift can be this initial bracelet. You can pick the jewelry finish based on your preferences or even that of the bridesmaid-to-be. These bracelets include a card that can be personalized with the proper question and name.

38/ Bridesmaid Scrunchies

scrunchies for bridesmaid proposal ideas

These bridesmaid scrunchies can be the perfect addition to your proposal gift box. They can be used during the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and even on the wedding day. They’re a versatile gift that your bridesmaids will enjoy long-term with their proposal.

39/ “You’re Obviously Going To Be My Bridesmaid” Wine Glass

funny bridesmaid asking gift - wine glass with a message: you are obviously going to be my bridesmaid

Another nice addition to your proposal box is this custom wine glass. Give your bridesmaids-to-be a wine glass that they can utilize long-term with a custom message that makes them feel honored to be your friend, family, or loved one.

40/ “I Couldn’t Tie The Knot Without You” Earrings

i could not tie the knot without you earrings box gift for bridesmaid

These earrings are perfect for your bridesmaids to have for your wedding day or any other occasion. They’re in the form of a knot so it’s the perfect item to add to your bridesmaid proposal box so they can help you tie the knot.


The bridesmaids proposal gift ideas above are ideal for small and large proposals. You can combine the ideas or choose a single one to give your bridesmaids-to-be in order to ask them to be by your side on your big day.


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