40+ Unique Bridesmaid Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Cherish (2021)

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  • June 30, 2021
40+ Unique Bridesmaid Gifts That Your Bridal Party Will Cherish (2021)

Wondering what some good & unique bridesmaid gifts are? As a bride, you don’t have to give them gifts. But, it’s definitely encouraged as it’s a way to say thanks.
Bridesmaids are with you every step along the way, making sure all your needs and wants are looked after. So, it is important to make them feel like the queens that they are.

Show your bridesmaids you love, appreciate, and value and all that they do by giving them unique bridesmaid gifts from our list.

bridesmaid gift ideas: rose lace cotton robes

Rose Lace Cotton Robes


This cotton robe with lace trim makes a good bridesmaid gift idea. Each robe can be monogrammed to your desire with the initials or names of your bridal party. They can be worn during the bachelorette party or even on your wedding day. With the different colors available, you can match them to your wedding theme.

Price: $10.00+

gifts for bridesmaids: Will you be my bridesmaid photo collage mugs

Photo Collage Mugs


What better way to ask a bestie or family member if they’ll be your maids than with a personalized gift? If you’re looking for unique “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” gift ideas, then this is one you can’t pass up. It’s customizable and something they can use for years to come.

Price: $26.95 $22.95

personalized bridesmaid gifts: personalized makeup bag

Personalized Makeup Bags


Looking for more personalized bridesmaid gift ideas? This makeup bag can be customized with the name of your girls in the color that you choose. The bag is made from a polyester canvas and features a chic gold zipper. You can pick the color of the name and heart so that it’s personalized to your liking.

Price: $9.99

bridesmaids gift ideas: Speckled Minimalist Ring Dishes

Speckled Minimalist Ring Dishes


Personalized wedding gifts are ideal, especially for the bridal party. This ring dish can be personalized with the initials of the recipient, a touching message, or even a standard saying. The dish is not ceramic and doesn’t shatter when dropped. All of the customizations are hand-painted, which makes the gift even more special.

Price: $17.00+

Name Mug With Initial


Name mug with initial is an affordable and classy gift for all special occasions. It makes a great choice as a gift for your brisesmaid. The all-white base of the mug is perfect and elevates the photo printed on it.

Price: $26.95 $22.95

Personalized bridesmaid gifts: Personalized Wine Tumbler

Personalized Wine Tumbler


The perfect bridesmaid gift ideas are all related to wine. Just add the name and choose the font and color of these customizable wine tumblers and you’re good to go! They are bound to make your friends smile when they first see them. The perfect bachelorette or wedding party addition!

Price: $12.99+

Custom Swimsuits

Custom Swimsuits


If you’re planning on having your bachelorette party somewhere warm, gifting your gals these matching swimsuits is perfect. These custom swimsuits are the unique gift for the bride or the bridesmaids. They can be customized to say whatever you desire and in a way to identify the bride while keeping a chic look.

Price: $16.99+

will you be my bridesmaid gift ideas: Themed Bridesmaid Proposal Box Sets

Themed Bridesmaid Proposal Box Sets


This box set is ideal since it is customizable for everyone in your bridal party. From the maid of honor to the flower girl and, of course, the rest of the lovely squad. You can pick and choose the items that are included.

Price: $40.00+

Desktop Photo Plaque


This lovely desktop plaque is a perfect wedding gift for your maid of honor. It’s a thoughtful way to show your best friend you appreciate her being there for you on your special day.

Price: $29.95 $24.95

bridesmaid gift ideas: Engraved Hip Flasks

Engraved Hip Flasks


These flasks are laser engraved, which will make perfect gifts. Have each one engraved with the names of each of your girls or choose to use their nicknames for a more special touch. You can even customize the flasks further by picking a color that suits the style of your wedding.

Price: $10.99

Custom Travel Jewelry Case

Custom Travel Jewelry Case


A travel case is useful for holding your girl’s jewelry and accessories in one place. It is a thoughtful and adorable gift to surprise your girls with at your wedding.

Price: $21.24+

bridesmaids gift ideas: Custom Delicate Name Rings

Custom Delicate Name Rings


A thoughtful maid of honor gift is this custom name ring. It can also be gifted to each member of your bridal party – from best friends to sisters and even flower girls. Your party will cherish this ring and love its uniqueness. It’s available in 3 finishes – sterling silver, 18K gold and rose gold.

Price: $19.87+

Handmade Maids Box Gift

Handmade Maids Box Gift


It is one of the best DIY bridesmaid gift ideas ever. Pamper your girls with this gift box packed with amazing goodies as a way of thanking them for all their hard work.

Price: $35.00

Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug


Order one for all the bridal party gals who’ll help you live out your dream wedding! The personalized bridesmaid coffee mug is a beautiful reflection of love.

Price: $26.95 $22.95

gifts for bridal party: monogram pajamas

Bridesmaid Pajamas


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with pajamas. Especially if they’re made from super soft satin! These come in six colors, so you’ll have no problem finding the right pajama set for your girls. It’s an awesome wedding gift and a sincere ‘Thank you’ for all your friends’ hard work.

Price: $19.00+

personalized bridesmaid gifts: personalized beach hats

Personalized Beach Hats


Say thanks to your friendship while adding some style to their beach or pool outfits with these personalized beach hats. They make the ideal bridesmaid gifts and can be personalized with the text of choice at the top of the hat. You can also choose from a tan hat or a white one.

Price: $23.99

personalized bridesmaid gifts: personalized clutches

Personalized Clutches


As a unique gift, you can choose to give your bridal party these custom clutches. You can all wear them during the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or even on the wedding day. Have each bestie clutch monogrammed for an extra special touch and choose between white or clear colored options.

Price: $20.00+

bridal party gift ideas: Personalized Burlap Bags

Personalized Burlap Bags


Beach bridesmaid gifts are definitely a thing and something that each girl will love. Give your bridal party one of these personalized burlap bags and head out to the beach in style. Made from 100% burlap fabric and leather handles, they’re spacious, durable, and stylish. Plus, the personalization will make them even more special.

Price: $22.99+

Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized Name Necklace


This name necklace would make for a thoughtful bridesmaid or maid of honor gift. You can have each girls’ name spelled out or simply have it said “Bridesmaid.” It’s a necklace gift that your bridal party will wear long-term and cherish for years to come. You can also choose between gold or silver.

Price: $18.50+

bridesmaid gifts: Compact Makeup Mirrors

Compact Makeup Mirrors


Looks can be important, especially on your wedding day. Keep everyone in your bridal party camera-ready by giving them a compact makeup mirror. They can be kept in their purse or clutch. The mirrors come in different colors and make the perfect gift for anyone of your maids. There’s even one for the bride.

Price: $22.99+

maid of honor gifts: maid of honor sister bracelet

Maid of Honor Sister Bracelet


This is one of those maids of honor gifts that are bound to make mascaras run and hearts leap with joy. Show your maid of honor how much you cherish her with a customizable bracelet colored in silver, gold, or copper. It’s a thoughtful and unique way to show your appreciation for this special someone at your wedding.

Price: $36.00+

bridesmaids gifts ideas: bridesmaids stemless wine glass

Bridesmaid Stemless Wine Glass


Sit down with your bridal party to enjoy a glass of wine in these custom glasses. The stemless design adds a modern touch. It also has less of a chance of tipping over. It’s a cute and useful gift for all of your gals. You can use them during the bridal shower or during the bachelorette party!

Price: $23.31+

unique bridesmaid gifts: Custom Name Anklet

Custom Name Anklet


When it comes to unique bridesmaid gift ideas, you can never go wrong with a personalized anklet. Made from stainless steel, 31 centimeters in length, and with color options between silver, gold, and rose gold, you’ll be able to create a cute and memorable gift to your squad. The best part? It will have their name on it!

Price: $22.50

bridesmaid gift: floral kimono robe

Floral Kimono Robe


If you want to make really good bridesmaid gifts that speaks volumes of your appreciation, this floral satin kimono robe is the right choice. It’s both useful and cute! Your besties can wear them as they’re getting ready for your bridal party or the wedding itself. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Price: $10.59 – $15.99

Custom Tote Bag

Custom Tote Bag


Fill these bridesmaid tote bag gifts with adorable goodies for your girls and make them feel loved and valued. These bags are perfect for a weekend getaway with your girls.

Price: $9.00+

bridesmaid gift ideas: bride & babe sleep mask

Bride Babe Sleep Mask


Getting matching bride & babe sleep masks is an awesome way to make your bridal party extra fun. Made from soft satin nylon and with a trendy retro design, this is a super cute gift idea. The best part? Your girls can wear their masks at your sleepovers later on, too. Talk about a practical and special gift!

Price: $9.99

Maid of Honor Gift Necklace

Maid of Honor Gift Necklace


Nothing says ‘Thank you’ to a bridesmaid or a maid of honor like a customized piece of jewelry. This minimalistic initial necklace is your chance to make the perfect gift. To make things extra special, you can give it to her at your bridal party or the wedding rehearsal dinner. She will never forget your gesture and how special this nice necklace gift made her feel.

Price: $26.00

cute bridesmaid gifts: satin scrunchies

Satin Scrunchies


Not all bridesmaid gifts should be grand and over-the-top. Something as simple yet practical as these matching satin scrunchies is enough to bring up the mood. There are seven rose gold and one white scrunchy in the pack. Each has a diamond-shaped card reading “to have and to hold… your hair back!”

Price: $14.99

Bridesmaid Ornament Christmas Gifts

Ornament Christmas Gifts


If you all love Christmas, these customized bridesmaid ornaments are the perfect Christmas gift for your girls as they will add special value to the tree and always remind them of you.

Price: $25.00+

cute bridesmaid gifts: bridesmaid proposal candles

Personalized Bridesmaid Candle


Thoughtful yet practical, personalized candles with the name of the girl are always a fantastic idea. You can add in “I couldn’t say ‘I do’ without you” as a personal label. You have a great and super awesome present your ladies will love!

Price: $8.55

bridesmaids gift: bridesmaid tank tops

Bridesmaid Tank Tops


Nothing brings people, and especially maids, together like matching outfits. Celebrate your bachelorette party in style! Gift these themed bridesmaid tanks to your special ladies. Get one for yourself, too! When looking for cute personalized gifts for bridesmaids, you won’t go wrong with tank tops… especially if your squad loves Friends!

Price: $11.99+

unique bridesmaids gifts: Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Personalized Coffee Tumbler


Are your girls coffee addicts? Perhaps they can’t get through the day without their tea fill? Either way, these personalized mugs are the perfect bridal party gifts. They have spill-resistant lids to prevent accidents and you can customize the heck out of them. From the color to the vinyl lettering and fonts!

Price: $17.05+

Customizable Portrait Bridesmaid Prints

Customizable Portrait Bridesmaid Prints


You’ve shared countless meaningful memories. The ultimate bridesmaid gifts will be to get printed a picture of you both from the wedding day with a beautiful and heartfelt note on it.

Price: $12.93+

bridal party gifts: turkish towels

Turkish Towels


Pamper your special girls with a simple yet luxurious gift! These 100% premium Turkish cotton towels are exactly what they need! They are the right combination of coziness and elegance. Perfect for a pool party or a day at the beach. Talk about cute and classy bridesmaid gift ideas!

Price: $24.00

bridesmaid gift ideas: Bride & Bridesmaid Slippers

Bride & Bridesmaid Slippers


These slippers will make the perfect bridal party gifts. There’s an option for you as the bride and your bridal party to rock the “Babe” slippers during the bachelorette party or even as everyone is getting ready on the wedding day. They’re made from soft faux fur and super comfy to wear.

Price: $17.95

bridesmaid gift: Personalized Bridesmaid Hanger

Personalized Bridesmaid Hanger


This is fun, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift idea perfect for brides, bridesmaid and maids of honor. Imagine hanging your gals dress on a customized hanger that will always remind you of this special day. Not all unique gifts have to be expensive, this one is budget-friendly and has so many customization options!

Price: $7.99+

bridal party gifts: Personalized Duffle Bag

Personalized Duffle Bag


If you’re on the lookout for bridesmaid bag ideas, you’re in for a treat. This duffle bag is made from natural cotton with genuine leather piping and accents. You can add her name, initials, or your wedding party date/ Choose between six colors and make your gals happy with this thoughtful gift!

Price: $29.36+

Bridesmaid Thank You Charm Bracelet

Bridesmaid Thank You Charm Bracelet


A charm bracelet is a sentimental accessory and a very thoughtful gift to give your maids. It can be worn long after your big day and will forever be special.

Price: $8.60

bridesmaid gift ideas: bridesmaid photo frame

Bridesmaid Photo Frames


Customize a photo frame for each one of your maids and include a photo of a memory you have together. This is one of the best gifts for bridesmaids that you can give as it’s personalized and shows how special the memories are between you and your bestie or family member.

Price: $22.45+

affordable bridesmaid gift: Rose Petal Initial Keyring

Rose Petal Initial Keyring


Want more interesting bridesmaid gifts instead? Then take a look at this resin keyring filled with rose petals. Who wouldn’t love to have a gorgeous keyring? These rose petal keyrings are so delicate and cute, your girls will love them. They can attach them to a purse or wear them as a flower bag charm. Ideal for bridal party gifts! Show your special ladies how much they mean to you!

Price: $10.11

affordable bridesmaid gift: Rose Gold Can Holder

Rose Gold Can Holder


Be it for your bachelorette party or the wedding celebration, matching can holders make things extra fun. These come in two styles: 9 for the bridesmaids and one for the bride. Reusable and long-lasting, you won’t go wrong with them. They’re cute, awesome, and interesting!

Price: $21.99

practical bridesmaid gifts: Embroidered Sherpa Blanket

Embroidered Sherpa Blanket


If you’re looking for luxury bridesmaid gifts, this blanket is it. It’s so soft and cute, it invites you for warm snuggles with a cup of coffee. Isn’t that the kind of ‘Thank you’ your maids deserve? Make the gift extra special and customize it with their names or initials.

Price: $49.98

good bridesmaid gift ideas: Personalized Rose Quartz Coasters

Personalized Rose Quartz Coasters


Who doesn’t love coasters? They are useful and can be made super chic and pretty. Add their initials so each has a customized coaster. Drinking coffee and wine will be a whole new experience now! What are you waiting for? It’s the perfect bridesmaid gift idea for the squad!

Price: $24.99+

good bridesmaid gift: Personalized Journal

Personalized Journal


Personalized paper journals will never go out of style. They make for the perfect maid of honor or bridesmaid gift. Custom-made with a metallic gold vinyl name. Choose between pink, pink marble, white, mint, blush floral, and black. Who said fancy bridesmaid gifts should only be made of gold? Gift your special ladies personalized journals to map their adventures!

Price: $10.95+

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Bridesmaid Gift Box Set


As a ‘thank you’ after the wedding, this gift box is the perfect gesture. Customize it to the maid-of-honor or bridesmaid and watch her unwrap this fantastic gift box. Each box comes with a tumbler, travel candle, and Dead Sea bath salts. The best part? It’s all customizable.

Price: $49.99

Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Now that you have a range of maid of honor gifts to consider, the first thing to do is think about what your bridesmaids like. Keep in mind their personal preferences and personalities when gifting them something memorable. Happy gifting!

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