34 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts To Show Your Excitement

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • September 29, 2021
34 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts To Show Your Excitement

There are plenty of reasons why you want to put thought and effort behind finding the best bridal shower gifts. Marriage is a big step for many people. When a special woman in your life is about to go on this journey with her significant other, it falls on family and friends to make the bride-to-be feel special and appreciated. Typically, the right gift is the best possible way to show the woman how much she means. Whether you’re a sister, a best friend, a mom, a coworker, or a neighbor, there’s a lot to be said for conducting some research.

If you’re currently shopping around for the best bridal shower gift ideas for a special lady you know, now is the time to consider all of your options. Take a look at these thoughtful, practical, and fun presents that are ideal for a wedding, honeymoon, or shower. 


Best Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

Often, the easiest way to express how you feel about someone through a gift is by offering a customized present. These personalized bridal shower gift options are sure to get your wheels turning and help you find a fit that she adores.  


couple photos on canvas print

Wedding Photo Collage Canvas Print


The longer you’ve known the bride-to-be, the more pictures you likely have together. If you want to make her smile with your present, be sure to consider a personalized option like a wedding photo collage canvas print. A perfect way to bring out happy tears on a big day


CUSTOMIZED MR & MRS CANDLE bridal shower gifts

 Customized Mr and Mrs Candle


You don’t need to opt for a big and elaborate give to provide a present that really packs an emotional punch. Sometimes, the best way to express your love is by gifting something sweet and practical like an item on their register. A customized candle is a perfect way to mark the special occasion. 


wedding photos on canvas print

Wedding Day Canvas Print


Every love story is unique. Bring this detail front and center with a present that highlights how special the couple is. This custom print offers plenty of options for personalization and allows you the chance to really make the bride feel loved.


Personalized Wedding Date Calendar bridal shower gifts

Personalized Wedding Date Calendar


The date that a couple selects for their wedding is significant for many reasons. If you want to find the best personalized bridal shower gifts, an easy way to find a winner is by working the wedding date into the finished product. This personalized wedding date calendar canvas print is an ideal fit!


Address Pillow bridal shower gifts

Address Pillow


Sometimes, the best wedding gifts for friends are the ones that are simple and straightforward. A sweet and practical gift like a personalized pillow offers you a chance to give your friend a present that looks as great as it feels. 


wedding photos on custom mugs

Wedding Photo Collage Monogram Mug


Certain gifts work well because they are small, simple, and practical. If you need gifts for bridal shower events, think about an inexpensive and effective present like a customized mug. A cup boasting the initials of the bride can make for a thoughtful idea!


Personalized Cutting Board bridal shower gifts

Personalized Cutting Board


The kitchen is a special room in a couple’s home. When you’re on the hunt for bridal shower gifts for bride, think about a cutting board. If she spends a lot of time preparing meals for the family, a personalized board can be a very thoughtful present.


Custom Bridesmaid Gift Hanger bridal shower gifts

Custom Gift Hanger


Often, a nice way to approach a gift for a bridal shower is by thinking about what practical presents the bride can use. Honeymoon gifts, for example, are perfect for such scenarios. This custom bridesmaid gift hanger is a simple and lovely touch that she will love.


The Perfect Pair Custom Canvas Print bridal shower gifts

The Perfect Pair Custom Print


You don’t need to spend a small fortune or go to extremes to find the right bridal shower gift ideas. One of the best options available to you is a simple custom print. This personalized print featuring the couple’s names will definitely make a splash.


Tree Wood Carving bridal shower gifts

Tree Wood Carving


Seeking out unique bridal shower gifts? A personalized carving made from tree wood is the kind of present that she will definitely be impressed by. Pick a message and create an irreplaceable gift in no time.


wedding photo on custom plaque

 Desktop Plaque


If she spends long hours at work away from her partner, then a present she can take to the office is a must. Take a look at what she has on her registry and see if she could use a personalized desktop plaque she can display at her job.

Best Last-minute Bridal Shower Gifts

When you’re running late on buying presents, you may need to come up with some ideas fast. Thankfully, there are a ton of last-minute gifts for bridal showers that you can explore! Check these out and grab exactly what you need in a pinch. 


Floppy Beach Hat bridal shower gifts

Floppy Beach Hat


For plenty of couples, an ideal honeymoon situation is one where they can relax on a tropical beach and unwind. If you want your present to help the bride-to-be maximize her enjoyment of the trip, consider a practical present like a floppy beach hat that will shield her from the sun’s rays. 


Soft Plush Slippers bridal shower gifts

Soft Plush Slippers


There are many ways to approach purchasing inexpensive bridal party gifts. A pair of soft plush slippers, for example, offers her the perfect footwear for the morning of her wedding. As she readies for the day, these comfy slippers will cradle and support her.


Engagement Coffee Mug bridal shower gifts

Engagement Coffee Mug


A gift doesn’t always need to be serious or sentimental to be a winner. For the bride who enjoys laughing, you absolutely want to consider funny gifts for bridal shower events. This engagement coffee mug is sure to get her sides splitting right away


Martha Stewart’s Newlywed Kitchen


For a mother, a wedding is a very special moment. If you need bridal shower gifts for daughter, consider a present like this classic kitchen gift by Martha Stewart. A surefire way to show your child how much she means to you.


Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case Organizer bridal shower gifts

Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case Organizer


Sometimes, the best bridal shower gifts are ones that match the sensibilities of the bride-to-be. If she is concerned about animal cruelty, then consider a travel jewelry case organizer made of vegan leather and blend her passions with your present.


 Home Depot Gift Card bridal shower gifts

Home Depot Gift Card


When you really don’t know when to get, you can always benefit by grabbing a gift card. A Home Depot card is one of those bridal shower cards for the bride that she can put to immediate use in the home she shares with her spouse.


Wedding Keepsake Library bridal shower gifts

Wedding Keepsake Library


A gift that allows her the chance to look back on this time in her life can be a wonderful option to explore. A keepsake library allows her the opportunity to preserve all of the cherished items to reflect on later.


Glass set bridal shower gifts

Glass set


Sets of glasses have long been considered a classic present for couples about to tie the knot. If you’re running short on time, a glass set can offer a perfect and simple gesture of luck and love.

Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

For the bride-to-be who has everything, you might benefit by asking yourself “what are some unique bridal shower gift ideas?” This curated selection features a variety of presents that she definitely does not already own.


Bhldn Rosa Chemise bridal shower gifts

Rosa Chemise


If you want to have a bit of fun with your bridal shower gifts from bridesmaids, consider a Rosa chemise. This lacy number is sexy and fun, providing her with something she can show off to her new spouse the night of the wedding.


Modern Growframe bridal shower gifts

Modern Grow frame


In recent years, there have been some impressive advancements made with gardening tech. This grow frame is a wonderfully unique gift because she can create a beautiful garden of her own indoors without the need of the sun’s rays.


Beauty Sleep To Go bridal shower gifts

Beauty Sleep Kit


Beauty sleep is vital for a bride as she approaches her wedding day. When you want cute bridal shower gift ideas that have an impact, consider a present that helps her feel refreshed and revitalized each morning.


Pro Kiss'r Lip Care Set  bridal shower gifts

Lip Care Set


Luscious lips are quite important for a bride. To have plump, kissable lips in every wedding picture, she could benefit from the aid of a lip care set. Consider this present when you want to gift something truly useful.


Something Blue Gift Box bridal shower gifts

Something Blue Gift Box


The old saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is as classic as the idea of the wedding vows themselves. If she needs something blue still, this present perfectly fits the bill.


Yacanna Wedding Survival Kit bridal shower gifts

Wedding Survival Kit


Some presents are great because they are both practical and the best affordable bridal shower gifts. This wedding survival kit includes everything she might need to get through her big day and it won’t set you back a small fortune.


Mark & Graham Everyday Italian Leather Tote bridal shower gifts

Mark & Graham Everyday Italian Leather Tote


Perhaps one of the most important essentials a bride-to-be can own, a leather tote can come in handy in almost all scenarios. From the shower to the ceremony, this bag will carry everything she needs to keep nearby.


 Lumina Lace Gown bridal shower gifts

Lumina Lace Gown


Another great way to go about finding the perfect gift is by focusing on the honeymoon. A lace gown is a great option she can slip into when she’s ready to put a cap on a beautiful wedding experience.


Weekender Jewelry Case Pearl White bridal shower gifts

Weekender Jewelry Case Pearl White


A jewelry case is one of the more practical presents to consider for her. An ideal spot for her to store her wedding ring and any other valuable she wants to keep protected at all times.


Minted Chicago Modern Toile Apron bridal shower gifts

Minted Chicago Modern Toile Apron


There are some presents that are cute for a bride because they invoke a classic look. A modern apron is a present that brings out a vision of the past while still retaining a contemporary edge.


Happily Ever After Platter bridal shower gifts

Happily Ever After Platter


In the market for good bridal shower gifts that are also unique? A platter that is personalized to your liking is a gift that is special as it is decorative for a new home.


Marital Bliss Game

Marital Bliss Game


For the couple who loves to get competitive and have a bit of fun, a game can be the right choice. This is one of those engaging and funny wedding gifts that the bride and her partner will be able to enjoy right away.


Loeffler Randall Satin Clutch bridal shower gifts

Loeffler Randall Satin Clutch


Sometimes, the right way to go about your search is by looking for the best luxury bridal shower gifts. This satin clutch is a decadent and beautiful way to express how much this moment means to you


Wedding Pebble Portrait bridal shower gifts

Wedding Pebble Portrait


A truly unique present to consider when you need a bridal shower present is a wedding pebble portrait. This is an item she definitely doesn’t already own and can be prominently displayed on the walls of her home or office.


Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak bridal shower gifts

Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

Gifts that encourage a bit of rest and relaxation are always a good fit when you want something for a special friend. This tropical bath tea soak and scrubbie set is a way for her to transform her tub into a spa in no time.

Celebrating the bride at a shower and other preliminary events means taking time to find the right presents for the occasion. There are many ways to go about finding the right bridal shower gifts. As long as you put thought and care into the decision, you will have no trouble discovering a fit that works perfectly for the bride.


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