47 Bridal Party Entrance Songs to Brighten Up Your Wedding Day

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47 Bridal Party Entrance Songs to Brighten Up Your Wedding Day

Your bridal party includes all those who will play a direct role in your wedding. Anyone accompanying the bride or the groom on the day of the wedding is considered part of the bridal party. Selecting the perfect bridal party entrance songs on your wedding day can make or break your wedding. Read further to learn how to select the perfect entrance songs for your special day. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Entrance Song for Your Bridal Party?

A wedding is a beautiful occasion. For most people, it is probably the most beautiful occasion of their lives.

Even if you plan your wedding down to every little detail, your wedding will be incomplete if you don’t select the perfect entrance music for your bridal party. 

When selecting the perfect bridal party entrance songs, keep in mind that the type of songs you select will depend on the type of wedding you decide to have.

The songs you select need to go with the overall mood and setting of the wedding. If the overall setting is formal, you should not opt for teenage romance songs by Taylor Swift. Instead, opt for someone traditional like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. 

Make sure that your selection of songs is something that means something to you or your partner. Weddings are meant to be intimate affairs. The point of inviting guests to a wedding is only to express to them the love that you have for your partner. So you want to make sure that your song selection is representative of this love. 

Bridal Party Entrance songs do not always have to be slow and romantic. If you are opting for a more vibrant, ‘fun’ wedding day, you can even include contemporary pop songs. It all depends on your mood and that of your partner.

What Are the Best Entrance Songs for Your Bridal Party?

Here is a comprehensive list of bridal party entrance songs we have put together for every sort of wedding day.

Bridal party entrance songs - music

Traditional Ceremony Entrance Songs

Contemporary Songs for Bridal Party Entrance

Light-Hearted Bridal Party Entrance Songs

Bridal Party Entrance Songs for the Reception

Final Words

No matter what style of wedding you opt for, these songs are sure to make your most special day all the more memorable!

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