30 Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom That She’ll Adore

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • February 22, 2021
30 Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom That She’ll Adore

­Your mom deserves the best gifts for her birthday in 2021. If you have been searching for the best birthday gifts for your mom (or your mother-in-law), then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are looking for something fun, sentimental, or personalized, you can find it on our list of 30 gift ideas for mom’s birthday. She’ll be delighted when she gets one of these gifts from her son or from her daughter.

Best Gifts for Mom’s Birthday

A custom star map framed print - birthday gifts for mom

1/ Birthday Star Map Framed Print

$79.95 $59.95 (25% Off)

Just like mom, these star maps are one of a kind. No matter what age she will be turning in 2021, remind her that the day she was born was truly a special one.

The stars aligned and the sky opened up when this angel was born! A top gift for the perfect mom (from her favorite child).

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a birthday mug gift for mom with the funny quote it took me 30 years to look this good

2/ It Took Me Years To Look This Good Photo Mug

$26.95 $22.95 (15% Off)

How old is your mother turning this year? 30, 50, 70? No matter how young she is, you know she doesn’t look that good by accident.

A funny gift not only for mom’s 30th birthday, but a great gift you can personalize with any age. The perfect gift for those decade milestone birthdays.

a family tree photo collage canvas print as birthday gift for mom

3/ Family Tree Collage Canvas Print

$52.95 $42.95 (15% Off)

Your mom has spent years taking care of her family. Celebrate everything she has done for you and your family with this meaningful birthday gift for her.

A wonderful gift to showcase (and brag) about her children and even grandchildren. From weddings to births, include all of her favorite memories and family members in this one of a kind collage.

Butterfly Birthstone With Family Tree Necklace Birthday Gift For Women Mom

4/ Butterfly Birthstone With Family Tree Necklace


Want to give mom a creative birthstone gift but can’t seem to find any you think she will like? This butterfly birthstone necklace is a truly unique piece of jewelry that she won’t want to take off.

Rather than basic birthstones, each month corresponds to a beautiful and colorful butterfly attached to the tree of life. Great for large families.

Mom We Love You Custom Canvas Print With Kids Names

5/ Mom We Love You Custom Canvas Print With Kids Names

$69.95 $54.95 (20% Off)

For the mom who loves her rustic or farmhouse decor, she is going to adore this custom canvas print. Each sign is personalized with her children’s names written over the word “MOM”.

Her heart will be filled with joy every time she looks at this beautiful piece of art on her wall.

I Just Want To Be A Stay At Home Dog Mom – Desktop Photo Plaque birthday gift for mom

6/ Stay At Home Dog Mom Desktop Photo Plaque

$29.95 $24.95 (15% Off)

Perhaps the lovely lady you are purchasing a birthday gift for also has a few fur babies. A lovely personalized gift for the mom who would rather spend the day at home snuggling her pooch than heading off to work.

Your dog mom will certainly appreciate this gift and for sure she will brag about it to all her co-workers!

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Quarantined Birthday Queen Insulated Tumbler Birthday gifts for mom

7/ Quarantined Birthday Queen Insulated Tumbler


Even though 2020 was a crazy year, it’s certainly one she will never forget. This funny birthday gift for her is a reminder that no matter when life throws at you, drinks always make it better!

The quarantined birthday queen will certainly love to celebrate a 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th milestone birthday with this tumbler filled with her favorite beverage.

Le Clair Trésor Eternal Rose Gift for mom's birthday

8/ Le Clair Trésor Eternal Rose


What mother wouldn’t love a bouquet of fresh roses? While fresh flowers are beautiful, unlike her beauty, they quickly wither away.

On mom’s birthday, get her a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime. This eternal rose is not only stunning, but functional. Beneath the rose is a storage drawer for jewelry where she can store her most prized pieces.

60 Reasons We Love You Canvas Print gift for mom 60th birthday

9/ 60 Reasons We Love You Canvas Print


Her 60th birthday is a big deal! She might be close to retirement or well underway enjoying her golden years. Be sure she is reminded everyday of all the reasons you love her.

60 reasons for her 60 years on Earth. Gather together her friends and family to put down all the reasons she is loved.

Personalized Birth Year Sign gift for mom

10/ Personalized Birth Year Sign


This personalized birth year sign is a thoughtful way to show her that every second counts, all 1 billion and counting! This unique print can be made for any birthday year and includes special information about her.

A sentimental gift she will love to display in her home or office. A great B-Day gift idea for mom from her children.

Birthstone Crystal Bracelet For Mom

11/ Birthstone Crystal Bracelet


Is your mother celebrating a birthday in April? Rather than get her a traditional (and very expensive) diamond for her birthday, consider this gorgeous Herkimer diamond bracelet.

A thoughtful gift, the Herkimer diamond not only celebrates the birth month of April but also helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit. A great birthday gift for mom she’ll love.

Personalized Birthstone Ring birthday gift for mom

12/ Personalized Birthstone Ring


If mom prefers minimalist jewelry, then opt for this birthstone ring. A sentimental gift for a mom that can include up to five stones for up to five children.

She will sure love this dainty and delicate ring that she can wear by itself or compliment with other jewelry. A perfect way to say I love you on mom’s birthday.

Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

13/ Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings


All moms love to get flowers on their special day. These pressed flower earrings make a wonderful gift to give as a birthday gift for mom.

With each piece hand-crafted, no two are alike. The real flowers used give each earring a one of a kind look that no other gift will.

Butterfly Sun-Catchers Birthday gifts for mom

14/ Butterfly Sun-Catchers


Items for her garden make nice gifts that she’ll appreciate. This pressed flower sun catcher also includes an engraved charm to help express your love for her.

Each piece is unique and just like the earrings, are made with pressed flowers. This makes an especially lovely gift for elderly moms. A beautiful piece of art to add to their window.

Mom Birthday Gift Set

15/ Mom Birthday Gift Set


Looking to spoil mom on her birthday with a gift that is easy to give? This gift set for her makes a great last-minute gift that includes all the essentials.

From a cute mug and spoon to a gift card all packaged in an adorable little box. A great little gift with some fashionable jewelry she’ll love.

Dried Fruit Gift Basket Gift for Mom's Birthday

16/ Dried Fruit Gift Basket


Fruit baskets make thoughtful and delicious gifts for mom’s birthday. Impress her with this dried fruit basket that doubles as a fruit tray.

An ingenious birthday gift that she just might not want to share. An affordable gift that you can send to a mom that lives a long distance.

Looks 22 Feels 18 Acts 10 - 50th Birthday Mug Mom

17/ Looks 22 Feels 18 Acts 10 – 50th Birthday Mug


Coffee drinking moms can never have enough funny mugs. While she might be turning 50 this year, she certainly doesn’t look, feel, or act like it!

Toss this mug in with a few other coffee related items for a gift basket she will love. Include some delicious flavored coffees, this hilarious mug, and maybe some chocolates for a special gift.

Mom & Daughter Portrait Print

18/ Mom & Daughter Portrait Print


Get mom a creative gift for her birthday that will bring a tear to her eye. Because to her daughter(s), she isn’t just a mom, she is also her friend.

Personalize each of these cute prints with clothing, hair styles, and skin tone for a one of a kind gift she’ll be proud to display.

I've Got a Knife Oven Mitt Funny Gift For Mom Birthday

19/ I’ve Got a Knife Oven Mitt


Whether she’s whipping up some fresh baked cookies or making her famous pot roast, mom always seems to be making magic in the kitchen. This cool oven mitt will keep her hands protected while putting a smile on her face.

It’s always nice for her to open the drawer and see something funny and silly while she is making dinner.

I Am So Glad I Tumbled Out Of Yours Photo Mug

20/ I Am So Glad I Tumbled Out Of Yours Photo Mug


Nothing quite says “I love that you’re my mom,” like this mug. A hilarious birthday gift is sure to bring tears of laughter to her face.

While this mug is available in a wide range of colors, we do think the pink colors compliments the quote the best.

Agraria AirEssence Diffuser - birthday gift for mom

21/ Agraria AirEssence Diffuser


Every mom loves for her home to smell nice. This beautiful and delightfully scented gift just screams luxury.

This AirEssence diffuser makes a top gift for mom on her birthday that she can also place in her office. A simple yet elegant gift that would be perfect to get from a daughter on mom’s 50th birthday.

Love Knows No Distance State Map Pillow

22/ Love Knows No Distance State Map Pillow


No matter how far apart you might live from each other, you know she is always in your heart. This custom pillow makes a sentimental gift from a daughter who lives a long distance.

Each pillow can be personalized with the states that you both live in connected by a heart. A good B-Day gift for a mom far away.

Candle for Mom Birthday Gift

23/ Candle for Mom

$19.00 (9 Oz)

How many times have you asked your mom for gift ideas and she suggests candles? Well now you can spend a little on her knowing how much she has spent on you.

This all natural soy candle includes a funny quote that is sure to make her giggle every time she lights it.

Throw Blanket With Inspiring Words Gift for Mom Birthday

24/ Throw Blanket With Inspiring Words


While mom has always showered you with love and encouragement, there are times where she needs some too. This cozy blanket is filled with inspiring words like “love and gratitude.”

She always seems so strong on the outside, you never know how much she might need some extra support. This blanket will wrap her in words of love and encouragement.

Memory Lane 70th Birthday Book For Mom

25/ Memory Lane 70th Birthday Book


Help mom to take a walk down memory lane with beehive hair and fringe as far as the eye can see! Get her a unique birthday gift for the big 70 with this memory lane birthday book.

She’ll be swimming in nostalgia and craving that Tab soda as she relives her favorite memories in this book.

Sea Glass Necklace Birthday Gift for Mom

26/ Sea Glass Necklace


Much like the ocean, the love for your mother is vast. What do you get a mom for her birthday who would rather be at the beach? A little piece of beach to carry with her.

Any sea-loving mama will think this is a whale of a gift.

Birthday Candygram For Mom

27/ Candygram


Searching for a creative DIY gift that your mom will think is oh so special? This candy gram includes a meaningful saying for your mom on her birthday.

A simple gift you can throw together last minute that will look like you spent a ton of time on.

Wooden Recipe Book Binder Birthday Gift For Mom

28/ Wooden Recipe Book Binder


Give her somewhere (other than Pinterest) to store all of her favorite recipes. This wooden recipe binder makes the perfect gift for a mom who could spend all of her time in the kitchen.

Personalize the binder with her name or a meaningful quote. A great birthday gift that she can pass down to her children or grandchildren one day.

Engraved Ring Dish for mom

29/ Engraved Ring Dish


You can never go wrong with a simple and personalized gift for mom’s birthday. This engraved ring dish is a minimalist gift that she will find very useful.

She can place all of her favorite jewelry in there and use it as a catchall for change and other small items she might otherwise misplace.

Queens Are Born In February Wine Glass Birthday Gift For Mom

30/ Queens Are Born Wine Glass


You know it, she knows it, everyone knows that your mother is a queen and should be treated as one. And queens deserve a wine glass that states that.

This wine glass makes a lovely gift for a mom for her 40th or 50th birthday, or any other monumentos milestone birthday.


There is no need to fret over finding the perfect birthday gift for mom. With these gift ideas, you are sure to find something that she is sure to love on the special day!

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