50+ Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Husband (2021)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • January 14, 2021
50+ Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Husband (2021)

Grabbing a special present for the important man in your life isn’t always as easy as you’d hope. Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, which makes finding the best birthday gifts for husband a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to approach gifts for his birthday. Take your hubby’s specific interests to heart when shopping and it can totally transform your search.

These thoughtful birthday gift ideas for your husband run from romantic to practical to silly and are guaranteed to delight and surprise him on his upcoming B-day.

last minute gifts for husband: custom photo canvas print

Custom Photo Canvas


Sometimes, a simple and sentimental gift is enough to make a husband smile. Show him how much you care by offering a custom photo canvas featuring some special images of you as a couple. 

Price: $33.95+

romantic gift for husband: custom photo plaque

Custom Photo Plaque


Finding the right birthday gifts for the husband who has everything takes a bit of creativity. This custom photo plaque is a unique and touching way to make him smile with a thoughtful gift. 

Price: $24.95

birthday gift for him: you are my soul mate custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug


Heartfelt birthday gifts for your husband can take many forms. A custom photo mug featuring romantic moments of the two of you can be a simple way to infuse some love into your present.

Price: $22.95

gift for husband who has everything: custom photo canvas print

DAD Custom Photo Canvas Print


The perfect surprise gift for the husband who has everything is a photo canvas print featuring lovely photos of his kids. Memorable and affordable, this is a wonderful way for a dad to remember all he has accomplished so far.

Price: $44.95+

unique birthday gift for husband: salami bouquet

Salami Bouquet


Instead of a bouquet of flowers, your husband will probably get more use out of a salami bouquet. This clever and unique birthday gift idea for husbands is perfect for the man who loves to go to town on some meat. 

Price: $59.99

cool gift ideas for husband: Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug


Does your husband really take his time while enjoying a cup of coffee? A smart mug with temperature control helps him keep his beverage warm as he sips it at his own leisurely pace.

Price: $129.95 

christmas gift for husband: open grate smokeless grill

For the “grill dad”

Open Grate Smokeless Grill


Grilling is a favorite activity for many guys out there. An open grate smokeless grill can be a great gift idea to encourage some outdoor fun on the next sunny day. 

Price: $99.98

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


A man who is constantly working might find it difficult to relax after a long day due to tense muscles. A massager for his back and neck is a thoughtful birthday gift for your husband that will help ease his tensions and provide needed relief. 

Price: $54.99

gift for husband who is also a beer lover: go fetch magnetic bottle opener

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener


A hubby who likes to pop open a beer now and again will always get a kick out of beer gifts. A magnetic bottle opener is an inexpensive and practical present that he’ll get plenty of use from.

Price: $15.00

great gifts for husband: make your own hot sauce kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


Does the special man in your life prefer his food nice and spicy? A make-your-own hot sauce kit is one of the birthday gifts for husband that gives him total control over the intensity of sauce he slathers on his next meal. 

Price: $35.00

gift for husband: fix it kit

Fix It Kit


You never know when life is going to throw a small problem your way. If your hubby likes to stay prepared, a fix-it kit is exactly what he needs. This kit contains all the tools he needs to take on life’s little challenges.

Price: $30.00

christmas gift for husband: hooded puffer coat

The ReNew Lightweight Hooded Puffer


Need the best birthday gifts for husband when the holiday season is coming near as well? Help him stay dry and warm in the cold winter chill with a lightweight hooded puffer. He’s sure to appreciate this gift on the next cold day.

Price: $98.00

cool gift for husband: JBL portable speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


A husband who enjoys blasting his favorite music is sure to appreciate a present that allows him to play his tunes wherever he goes. Portable Bluetooth speakers are a perfect gift to encourage your husband to get his groove on.

Price: $49.95

gift for coffee lover: coffee subscription

Coffee subscription

The Classic Subscription


Subscription boxes are all the rage when it comes to modern gifts for husbands. The Classic subscription brings fresh coffee right to your door on a regular basis, which is perfect for a man who loves a quality cup of joe.

Price: $37.00

gift ideas for husband: custom leather money clip wallet

Leather Money Clip Wallet


Is your husband constantly misplacing his cash or cards? A leather money clip and wallet is a timeless gift option for a man. Plus, it helps him keep all his money organized which can benefit you the next time you’re out on the town.

Price: $37.14+

personalized gift for husband: personalized key organizer

Personalized Key Organizer


For the husband who likes to keep his life and keys organized, this pocket pro key organizer is a useful gift to keep those jangly keys organized. Add a personalized message to share how much you love your other half. 

Price: $31.99

unique birthday gifts for husband: custom morse code bracelet

Custom Morse Code Bracelet


Looking for a creative birthday gift for the man who has everything? A customized bracelet featuring a secret message in Morse code can be a wonderful and unique option. Simply select a phrase that he’ll appreciate decoding. 

Price: $43.00

sentimental gift for him: cufflinks with engraved handwriting

Handwriting Cufflinks


Cufflinks are a perfect gift to get for a husband who needs a few quality accessories. Cufflinks featuring the handwriting of someone special can be a lovely and simple touch on this ideal gift option.

Price: $31.50

husband gifts: weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket


A weighted blanket has been said to improve insomnia and other trouble with sleeping. If you need a useful birthday gift for the man in your life, a weighted blanket could be an ideal fit. 

Price: $49.99

cool gift for him: engraved zippo lighter

Engraved Zippo Lighter


This engraved Zippo lighter is perfect for the husband who loves high-quality cigars. Personalize it with his name, favorite team logo, or image of your beautiful face. Not to mention, he can also use it for cool party tricks!

Price: $24.99

good gifts for husband: custom geeky wooden mug

Geeky Custom Wooden Mug


Does your man enjoy time parked in front of the television playing video games? If so, geeky gifts like this custom wooden mug can be an awesome way to enhance his next experience with his favorite games or series.

Price: $41.99+

practical gift for him: desktop punching ball

Desktop Punching Ball


For the husband that is easily stressed, this desktop punching ball is sure to help relieve some of that stress. A perfect addition to his desk at work, help him destress in a constructive way while also building some biceps. 

Price: $15.75

gift idea for a new dad: dad's playbook

For the new dad

Dad's Playbook


Did you and your hubby recently welcome a bundle of joy into your lives? Dad’s Playbook is an inspirational and sweet gift for a first time dad that will help him feel excited for fatherhood.

Price: $13.00

romantic gift for him: date night bucket list

Date Night Bucket List


It isn’t always easy to find good ideas for a date night. This gift helps you and your husband come up with fun and exciting ways to spend your limited time together when the next opportunity presents itself. 

Price: $18.00

sweet gift: how do i love thee from a-z

How Do I Love Thee From A-Z


Milestone birthdays deserve special attention with your gift. If you need 50th birthday gift ideas for husband, consider this sweet personalized letter. A truly unique and sentimental way to celebrate a big birthday.

Price: $20.00

romantic & cheeky gift for him: sexy truth or dare

Sexy Truth or Dare


Being married isn’t a reason to allow things in the bedroom to cool down. Help him find his feisty side again with a sexy truth or dare game you can enjoy together.

Price: $14.95

romantic gift for husband: "the story of us" journal

A fill-in journal

The Story of Us


Every love story is unique. This gift allows you the chance to fill out the details and give personalized birthday gifts for husband that make him smile as he recounts the tale of when you first fell in love.

Price: $35.00

sentimental gift for him: husband definition print

Husband Definition Print


A simple and straightforward gift can be the best way to go with some husbands. If you’re looking for a classic piece of decor for your hubby to hang in his office, is print is definitely a lovely option to explore.

Price: $7.00

romantic gift for him: engraved wallet card

Engraved Wallet Card


Give him a little surprise with this engraved wallet card. Personalize it with some romantic words, or just a silly inside joke between you two. We guarantee that he will love this one!

Price: $14.99

recipe book for couples: date night in

Date Night In


Who says you need to go out to have a fun and romantic date night? The “Date Night In” cookbook has over 100 recipes you can enjoy making together. Grab a bottle of wine and your apron and get cooking!

Price: $20.99

personalised gifts for husband: personalised collar stays

Personalized Collar Stays


If you want a simple and affordable gift from kids to give to your husband, collar stays are an unexpected option. Creative and unique, you can easily have these gifts personalized with a message from the family.

Price: $16.00+

a funny birthday card for husband

A Funny Birthday Card


Nothing beats a funny birthday card when you need a simple way to put a finishing touch on a gift. Make your husband split his sides with laughter with one of these clever card designs. 

Price: $4.50

birthday gift for husband: beard grooming and trimming kit

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit


Beards have been quite popular for men over the last decade or so. Of course, some dudes need help keeping their whiskers maintained. This beard kit is an excellent way to encourage proper grooming.

Price: $35.97

unique gift ideas for husband: wine decanter gift set

For the wine lover

Wine Decanter Gift Set


Is your husband preparing for a very special birthday in the near future? A wine decanter gift set is one of the best 40th birthday ideas for husband, as it blends function with style in an effortless way. This decanter set works as a nice piece of decor for his man cave as well!

Price: $49.95

gifts for husband: barbecue seasoning set

Barbecue Spices and Seasonings Set


Another excellent way to encourage your husband’s love of grilling is with clever BBQ gift sets . A set of seasonings and spices can introduce him to a world of new flavors and help him master the art of cooking over an open flame. 

Price: $24.95

gifts for husbands: portable charger power bank

Portable Charger


A man who is always out and about is going to deal with dying devices a lot. Help him avoid this and present him with a portable charger for his birthday. This way, his phone and other gadgets will always stay juiced. 

Price: $29.95

birthday gift for him: apple watch series 5

Apple Watch Series 5


For the husband who is approaching his 30th, an Apple watch might be the best gift for him. This bit of tech is one of the more practical and exciting 30th birthday ideas for husband to consider.

Price: $414.00

husband gifts: running shoes

adidas Men's Running Shoe


Some men like to begin the day with a quick run before going off to work. Help your husband get the most from his morning run with a quality pair of running shoes by a trustworthy brand.

Price: $59.50 – $179.95

unique gifts for husband: golf-club style grill tool set

Golf Club Style BBQ Grilling Tool Set


The guy who loves golf as much as he loves grilling will love getting a set of BBQ grilling accessories that look like golf clubs. The golfer in your life won’t be able to wait to get this gift outdoors. 

Price: $27.99

creative gift for him: a silk tie

Silk Tie


A stylish silk tie is perfect when you’re looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for husband. Help him celebrate this big birthday moment with a tie that exudes class and elegance. 

Price: $22.00+

star wars gift for him: yoda best frame

Yoda Best Frame


For the husband who is a big fan of the Star Wars universe, a gift featuring Yoda is a great pick. This Star Wars gift is sure to bring a smile to his face as he remembers a galaxy far, far away.

Price: $34.99

husband gifts: the north face resolve jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Jacket


When the temperature drops, a quality jacket is something every husband needs. This birthday, find him a warm and durable coat that he can turn to whenever the weather becomes unkind.

Price: $42.25 – $159.95

birthday gift for husband: ray-ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses


No matter what his sense of style might be, a good pair of sunglasses will work as a great gift for most husbands. Simply discover a pair that meets his tastes and help him boost his cool factor in no time.

Price: $107.10

gifts for husband: birchbox subscription

Birchbox Subscription


A personalized monthly subscription box is also a clever option when you’re stuck on what to get for your husband. This gift allows you the chance to customize everything based on what your husband prefers. 

Price: $45.00+

birthday gifts for him: moccasin style slippers

Microsuede Moccasin Style Slippers


Something comfy for your hubby to slip on around the house can be clever gifts. Moccasin-style slippers are inexpensive and can help your husband keep his toes cozy at all times. 

Price: $22.98

golf gift for him: gps golf watch

GPS Golf Watch


A golf watch can be a great option when you’re searching for a useful gift to get your present. Golf gifts like this can help blend his passions with the practicality of the gift itself.

Price: $169.99

cool gift for husband: wireless phone charger

Catch:1 Wireless Charger


The husband who appreciates the latest tech gadgets will definitely get some good use out of a wireless charger. This is a great gift for men who like to stay aware of the newest tech toys.

Price: $80.00

gift idea for husband: leather sneakers

Koio Capri Castagna Leather Sneakers


A pair of leather sneakers are a great gift when your husband is in desperate need of some new casual wear. Whether he brings these on vacation or wears them to a semi-formal event, he’s sure to get use out of these kicks.

Price: $278.00

funny gifts for husband: dad jokes book


Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes


There is nothing like a dad joke. While often terrible, cheesy, and laden with groan-worthy puns, a book containing some popular dad jokes can offer as an easy gag gift that will make your hubby laugh out loud. 

Price: $6.99

Canvas Shoulder Bag


A canvas shoulder bag is a practical gift you can grab for your husband to help him with his work experience. Stylish and simple, this is a great way to help him celebrate a new job.

Price: $29.99

Cotton Boxers


A majority of men can benefit from an extra pair of boxers or two. Grab him a quality pair for his birthday and he’s sure to thank you for the thoughtfulness.

Price: $23.69 – $42.99

last minute birthday gift for husband: Amazon gift card

Amazon Gift Card


You don’t always have the luxury of time when selecting a gift. An Amazon gift card is a beautiful box can make for the best fit when you need a quick last-minute gift for your man.

Price: $50.00+

While selecting the perfect birthday gifts for husband might not be a straightforward journey, there are tons of fantastic ideas out there for you to consider.

Take time to look through the options that are most likely to appeal to your hubby and find an ideal present for the special man in your life.



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