41 Best Birthday Gifts for Dad of the Year 2021

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  • March 10, 2021
41 Best Birthday Gifts for Dad of the Year 2021

Many of us tried asking dad what gifts he wants for his birthday.

But the most common response is a shrug or a chuckle from dad.

If he is feeling particularly generous, he will crack a joke about it too.

In either case, you still have no idea what gifts you can give your dad for his birthday and will keep racking your brain for answers!

Worry not, though.

Here is the complete list of ideas for the best birthday gifts for dad that sons, daughters, or anyone can give.

Personalized, funny, sentimental, or practical, these gifts will surely please him.

Father Daughter Star Map Print Gift for dad from daughter

A Star Map Print

$59.95 $49.95

The moment someone is born is truly special.

This star map print recreates that magic moment and shows the exact alignment of the stars when dad was born.

70th Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

From $19.00

Customize this poster sign with one of dad’s photos and other details. It is one of the best ‘newspaper’ poster out there, looked authentic, and he will absolutely love it.

60 reasons we love you 60th birthday canvas print for dad

60 Reasons We Love You Canvas Print

From $55.86

This custom canvas print is made with your own 60 Reasons/Words/Phrases that tell why you and other family members love him.

On his 60th birthday, this will be the best gift ever!

“We Have A Hero We Call Him Dad” Photo Collage Canvas Print

“We Have A Hero. We Call Him Dad” Photo Canvas Print

$52.95 $42.95

Give him this adorable canvas print, customized with your favorite pictures together.

The gift will remind him that he will always be your first hero.

We Love You DAD Custom Photo Collage And Name Blanket

“We Love You, Dad” Photo Collage Blanket

$89.95 $74.95

Add warmth of his favorite family memories to this throw blanket. And this will be a sentimental, practical gift that he will enjoy using every day!

60th Birthday Gift- Personalized Book For Dad

60th Birthday: The Book of Dad

From $40.00

A perfect gift for dad’s special 60th birthday!

All you have to do is provide his date of birth and the shop will create a book filled with fascinating personalized facts, music trivia, and so much more.

I'm The Best Present Ever Baby Bodysuit

I’m The Best Present Ever Baby Bodysuit

From $18.00

Your baby is the best gift to give! Show off to daddy and enjoy some humor all at the same time with this fabulous Happy Birthday, Daddy bodysuit for toddler.

The Man The Myth The Legend 40th Birthday Mug for dad

The Man The Myth The Legend 40th Birthday Mug

From $40.00

Does he have genuine quality? Is he a one-of-a-kind, limited edition dad who has aged perfectly?

Then give him this “The Man – The Myth – The Legend” 40th birthday mug with his name or month of birthday showed on it.

DAD definition photo coffee mug

DAD Definition Photo Coffee Mug

$29.95 $22.95

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to find the right funny birthday gifts for dad. But this customizable mug is the answer to your prayers!

Add your favorite picture with him and see him chuckle at the hilarious ‘Dad’ definition on the other side.

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candygram dad birthday gift from kids



Make your Daddy smile with a funny ‘play on words’ pun print.

The candygram is available for Dad or Daddy, and from one child, or multiple children (wording changed from ‘I’ to ‘we’).

Funny Birthday Mug for Step Dad

Funny Birthday Mug for Step Dad


Your step dad will find this birthday mug hilarious and show off to everyone!

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Memory Lane Birthday Fact Book Gift for Dad

Memory Lane Birthday Fact Book Gift


An incredible softback book commemorating the big 70.

Full of nostalgia, memories, personalisation, quizzes and facts, this great book will give him a wonderful trip down ‘Memory Lane’.

Birthday Photo Collage Print Gift For Old Dad

Birthday Photo Collage

From $34.99

Create a gorgeous photo collage for dad’s 80th birthday. He’ll be moved by the all the photos and memories.

Dad's dream team print gift for dad on birthday

Dad’s Dream Team

From $13.10

This ia a personalized family football shirts print, dad’s dream team!

Personalize this print with his team colours, you names and add your age to the shirt numbers. Add any message you would also like to include along the bottom of the print.

1951 Birthday Newspaper

Birthday Newspaper


This is a fun 70th birthday poster filled with facts, pop culture, and events from the USA in 1951.

It’ll make an excellent gift or party decoration.

Year of The Legend Engraved Slate Coaster

Year of The Legend Engraved Slate Coaster

From $10.19

If dad is about to hit 70 and you want to celebrate in style, this engraved slate coaster is the perfect gift for him.

Engraved with the striking, “1951: Year of the Legend” design, this coaster is an affordable, thoughtful 70th birthday gift that is sure to put a smile on the old man’s face!

Personalized Book For Dad Birthday

Personalized Book For Dad


Personalize this book to tell dad all the reasons why you love him.

The fill-in-the-blank style makes it so easy to remember your best memories and to get all your thoughts and feelings out. Easy sentence prompts like “You are the best dad because…” You fill in the blank.

Great birthday gift idea for dad, and perfect as a gift for dad from daughter or son.

we love dad - thin blue line photo canvas print birthday gift

Thin Blue Line Photo Print for Police Dad


Your dad’s line of work puts him on the front lines often and is stressful. So make this birthday special for him by giving him a personalized and loving reminder of his family. It will help reduce his anxiety and motivate him to power through the day because he has a beautiful family to go home to.

Heavy Sturdy Motorcycle Chain Bike Chain Bracelet For Men

Motorcycle Chain Stainless Steel Bracelet


Your bike-loving dad has probably never seen an accessory that calls out to him quite like this bracelet. There is a good chance this cool birthday gift will become such a favorite that he refuses to let it out of his sight. There is no better joy than knowing you were able to give this little happiness to your parent.

Arc Star Floating Speaker Birthday Gifts For Dad

Arc Star Floating Speaker


If your dad is a Star Wars fan and you have a moderate budget, you’re in luck!

This spectacular mix of design and technology of the Arc Star Floating Speaker will have him in awe! It will get him excited about something as simple as playing songs or charging his phone. It is a definite recommendation!

The General's Hot Sauce Gift For Dad

The General’s Hot Sauce


Looking for cool birthday gifts for dad who is also a hot sauce lover?

Look no further. This bombtastic hot sauce will leave your dad’s tongue tingling and the bottle can become a part of his collection of cool items once the sauce is finished. He will be thrilled!

BBQ Funny Grill Aprons for Men The Grillfather Men’s Grilling Gifts

The Grillfather Apron


Get your grill loving father the gift of his dreams! This funny apron will definitely be his go-to every time he whips out the grill for a nice BBQ. He wants it known that he is the master of the grill and the apron is just the right accessory for him to show everyone who is the grill boss!

Greatest Dad Personalized Football Shaped Cutting Board Birthday Gift For Dad

Personalized Football Shaped Cutting Board


Football is a huge part of a significant number of American households and dads tend to really get excited about the games. Of all the birthday gifts for football fan dad, this one will take his game watching prep to the next level. Don’t be surprised if you visit him during game season and find him arranging snacks on it for special effects.

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag For Dad

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag


Growing up, the 2 things that stood out about your dad were his love for golf and his wicked sense of humor.

So this birthday, give this legendary gift to him to hear him roar with laughter as he realizes you got his sense of humor too. Props for if he uses it on his next golf vacation!


Coffee Liqueur


Looking for unique birthday gifts for dad keeping in mind his coffee love? Take the game up a notch and Single Origin Colombia.

This limited edition coffee liqueur will appeal to the coffee geek in your dad and definitely make him one happy birthday boy! This fancy and tasteful coffee is the perfect gift for him.

pizza socks box 4 pairs birthday gifts for dad

Pizza Socks Box


Does your dad like pizza or does he love pizza? If it is the latter, then you really need to buy these pizza socks for him!

They will not only go perfectly with his casual attire but be a super match with his jacket and suit! Plus, they are super affordable so get buying.

NFL Stadium Views 3D Wall Art For Sports Fan Dads

NFL Stadium Views 3D Wall Art


If your dad is an NFL enthusiast, there’s no way he would want to miss out on having this one-of-a-kind keepsake. Can you imagine his elation when he unwraps your present and finds this inside? You probably can which is all the more reason why you should be buying this for him right now!

Record Player With Bluetooth Speakers

Record Player With Bluetooth Speakers


If you’ve been looking for unique birthday gifts for dad, this record player is the right choice for you. Its vintage design will have him happily reminiscing about the good old days. The exquisite design will suit his taste for the finer things in life and you can choose his favorite color from the 32 options.

Harley Davidson Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher As A Gift For Dad On His Birthday

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher


Give this retro and fancy spin to “cracking open a cold one” tradition with your dad.

If your dad is one for the Harley Davidson aesthetic, nothing will please him more than to have this hanging in his man cave.

It will be a good piece of decoration, bottle opener and cap catcher all in one! Your dad will be ecstatic!

Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12V Polar Fleece Travel Throw for Car, Truck & RV

Electric Car Blanket


You know your dad loves road trips quite a bit. Give him this Electric Car Blanket to take along in his truck on his camping trips.

It is a convenient thing to have around the car in case of emergencies or when the car gets a little extra chilly in the middle of a drive.

Foot Massager Machine - Dad Birthday Gift

Foot Massager


Dads usually don’t really know how to pamper themselves and that’s what we’re here for! Give your dad this foot massager and help him relieve his tired and aching feet. Although it is a little pricey, he deserves this and the absolute delight on his face will make it worth it!

Birthday Gifts For Dad - Ford Tough- 100 Years of Ford Trucks Book

Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks


Your dad still uses his old Ford and you probably remember him being a proud die hard Ford Man.

Since you cannot yet afford to gift him a new Ford, make him happy on his birthday by giving him this 100 year history of Ford Trucks to geek out on!

Smart Digital Picture Frame - Dad Gift On Birthday

Smart Digital Picture Frame


Our parents grew up in the age of pictures. In the age of digital pictures and families separated by distance, home loses a little warmth for them.

Surprise your dad this birthday with a sweet digital frame to help him put up his favorite digital memories in the house. Do keep tissues near for any tears that might escape.

the home depot birthday gift card for dad

Home Depot Gift Card

Price: Varies

If your dad is a Home Depot enthusiast, forget everything else and get him this gift card.

It will be useful for him when managing home improvement projects and it will be a hit.

Telescoping Magnet Pick Up Gadget Tool With Led Lights

Telescoping Magnet Pick Up Gadget Tool


Some dads enjoy being the handymen around the house and their leisure time is spent taking up little projects.

Give him a gift that he will love to use, the Magnetic Pickup Tool! Sort of an all in one, this gadget is practical, portable and convenient.

Premium Leather Toiletry Travel Pouch With Waterproof Lining | King-Size Handcrafted Vintage Dopp Kit For Dad On Birthday

Premium Leather Toiletry Travel Pouch With Waterproof Lining


The best birthday gifts for dads who like to keep themselves groomed and classy have to involve shaving and toiletry necessities.

Therefore, consider giving your dad this elegant travel pouch to help him maintain his look during his travels. It is waterproof and durable, so perfect for long-term use.

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Luxury Razor Shaving Kit


There’s nothing like the luxury of a good shaving kit! Make your dad a happy man by getting him this beautiful present for his last minute grooming.

He will surely love the satisfaction of a thorough and smooth shave and give himself the much needed pampering.

Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men - Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men


If you were reading the option above and thinking just a shaving kit won’t be right because your dad has a beard, we have you covered.

This luxury beard care kit will give your dad everything he needs to make his beard smooth, kempt and proper. It would make for an excellent and thoughtful present!

bullet whiskey stones for dad on birthday

Whiskey Stones


The best birthday gifts for your whiskey lover dad should ideally be centered on his favorite drink. And these whiskey stones is likely to be a hit.

In fact, don’t be surprised if his the rocks in his scotch on the rocks are the whiskey stones.

This Beer Tastes A Lot Like I'm Not Going To Work Tomorrow - Funny Beer Glasses For Dad

“I’m Not Going To Work Tomorrow” Beer Glass


Remember how happy your dad was when grabbing that drink with his boys at the end of a work week?

Now you can make a fun post retirement birthday gift for your dad from that memory.

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Deep Sea Sand Art - A birthday gift for father

Deep Sea Sand Art


Having a dad who appreciates art is super fun because you can always find something interesting to give to them for their special days.

Give this Deep Sea Sand Art piece to your dad to add to his study to give it the creative touch. He will definitely appreciate this elegant gift!

Collapsible Folding Table with Insulated Cooler, Food Basket, and Travel Bag Gift For Dad

Collapsible Folding Table with Insulated Cooler


Were your favorite memories with your dad made during camping, hiking and picnics?

Then give him a birthday gift which you both can make new memories around the next time around.


So this is it for our recommendations for the best birthday gifts for dads. We hope you enjoyed the read and found the perfect item on this list.

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