35+ Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends To Knock His Socks Off (2021)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • April 13, 2021
35+ Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends To Knock His Socks Off (2021)

Find the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend with our curated list of cool gift ideas.

He will feel so special when he opens his surprise.

From sport-themed gifts to everything beer-related, there is no shortage of perfect birthday gift ideas for your bae.

If he loves all the latest technology gifts, he’s sure to geek out on these gadgets.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Surprise your guy with something meaningful for his birthday this year with our list of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend.

He’s sure to love any one of these sweet and sentimental gift ideas on our list.

36. Happy Birthday Star Map

Happy Birthday Star Map

$39.95 $24.95 (38% OFF)

While you may not have been there since the very beginning, you can show your boyfriend how much you appreciate the day he was born. This happy birthday star map is a sweet way to show him how you feel. A truly special gift form when the stars aligned.

35. Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


You and your bae can jam out all day and night with this cool birthday gift from you. With a long battery life you can be sure that he will always have his favorite tunes on hand. There are so many different colors available for birthday presents.

34. Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Recycled Ski Bottle Opener


Whether he prefers cross country or downhill, your boyfriend is sure to get a kick out of this bottle opener. The perfect gift for a beer lover who enjoys being on the slopes just as much as he enjoys your company.

33. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Cocktail Shaker Bar Set: birthday presents for boyfriend


This copper cocktail shaker bar set makes a great last-minute gift for a guy who loves to experiment behind the bar. This practical 11-piece set makes a great birthday gift for 30-year-old man who likes to be adventurous with his alcohol.

32. Making The World A Better Place Birthday Mug

Making The World A Better Place Birthday Mug

$26.95 $22.95

Searching for the perfect custom gifts for your guy? This cute mug makes a great gift for a coffee or tea lover. Each one of a kind can be made to order with his birthday year to include your favorite images of your man.

31. AirPods

AirPods: birthday ideas for boyfriend


Your guy can listen to his favorite music with these AirPods. Grab him one with either a wired or wireless charging case. With up to five hours of listening time per one charge, he’ll always have his tunes playing on demand. A great gift idea for his 20th birthday party.

30. Camera Backpack

Camera Backpack: birthday ideas for boyfriend


Does your guy always seem to have his camera in hand? Be sure the birthday man always has everything he needs to get the best shots with this camera backpack. Perfect for hauling around all of his camera essentials wherever he goes.

29. Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless Charging Stand


Searching for a special gift for his 18th birthday? For the guy who always needs to be connected, he’s going to love this wireless charging station. Rather than mess with multiple plugs, he can use this one, sleek charging station to charge his phone, smartwatch, and headphones all in one!

28. Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas

Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas


A good quality watch always makes for great birthday gift ideas. This eco-drive watch is perfect for the guy with an active lifestyle. He will always be fashionable and always be on time with this light-powered timepiece. Add to his current watch collection or start one with this stunning piece.

27. Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes


Whether he’s running on the trails or running to the grocery store, your guy is sure to appreciate these comfortable sneakers. This simple gift is so incredibly affordable, you can buy him a couple pairs so he will always have the right pair of shoes for any active occasion.

26. Sofa Arm Tray Table

Sofa Arm Tray Table


This sofa arm tray table is the perfect birthday gift for him if he spends a lot of time on the couch. This flexible tale is a practical gift that will fit on any couch arm. He can watch his sports and drink a beer all without disturbing you.

25. I Love You More Desktop Plaque

I Love You More Desktop Plaque

$29.95 $24.95

Every new couple has played the “I love you more,” game at least a time or two. This desktop photo plaque makes a sweet birthday gift for a boyfriend who always lets you win. Remind him every day of how much you love him with this adorable photo plaque.

24. Ice Ball Maker

Ice Ball Maker


Be sure that your guy has the perfect bit of ice for his drink every time with this crystal clear ice ball maker. He will be able to impress his friends when they come over for drinks with this cool gift. His drink will stay cold without getting watered down.

23. Sunglasses



Searching for practical ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday present? Your guy will be riding in style with these classic sunglasses. Made in Italy, these high-quality sunglasses are sure to be a hit on his special day of the year.

22. Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling Water Maker


This sparkling water maker is a creative gift for a guy who likes to experiment in the kitchen. Surprise him with this cool and eco-friendly gift idea. Whether he’s looking to cut back on soda or save the planet from plastic bottle waste, he’s sure to appreciate this great gift.

21. Contour Gauge Profile Tool

Contour Gauge Profile Tool: boyfriend birthday gift ideas


This contour gauge profile tool makes a great gift for his 30th birthday. A versatile instrument that he can add to his toolbox that will get the job done right every time. From flooring to fireplaces, he’ll have the perfect cut with this useful tool.

20. Baseball Bat Wine Rack

Baseball Bat Wine Rack


Get him a gift for his birthday that combines his two favorite things, baseball and wine. This stylish wine rack holds three of his favorite vinos. He will be able to beautifully display his cabs and merlots on this wine rack that really hits it out of the park.

Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

No matter how long you have been in your relationship, be sure that you let him know how special he is with these thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas for him.

The birthday man will be delighted with these cool ideas.

19. Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle


This water bottle does more than just keeping him hydrated. This smart water bottle is a thoughtful gift that also doubles as a bluetooth speaker. The led lights on the bottom of the bottle will light up to remind him to drink enough water. A neat high-tech gift for him.

18. Beard Oil Set

Beard Oil Set: unique birthday gifts for him


He will be the best smelling guy around with this affordable beard oil set. Made from high-quality essential oils, this set is the best present for boyfriend who takes pride in his appearance. The ideal gift for a bearded boyfriend that will have him looking and feeling his best.

17. Camping Cookware Kit

https://www.amazon.com/Odoland-Camping-CookwaCamping Cookware Kit: birthday presents for boyfriend


With this cool gift, your boyfriend will be able to cook all of his favorites out in the wilderness. There are so many great birthday presents to get your guy who loves being outdoors. This set includes all the essentials to make meals over the campfire.

16. Massage Gun

Massage Gun


You know your guy works hard, at the gym and at work. Make sure that he’s relaxed after a long hard day with this massage gun. This truly is the perfect gift for active guys who are always on the go. Treat him to a nightly massage with this gift.

15. Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie: birthday ideas for boyfriend


In search of a practical and high-quality gift for his 18th birthday? This bluetooth beanie is great for the guy who’s always listening to his favorite tunes. This gift will be especially appreciated during those chilly winter months or when it’s time to hit the slopes.

14. Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver: ideas for boyfriend birthday present


Make sure he gets that smooth, kissable face with this quality electric shaver. He can get in a quick shave in the shower or before running out the door with this versatile razor. With its quick charge function, he will always be ready to look his best.

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Have you been wondering, “how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday?”

Then these gift ideas are for you. From sweet love notes to one-of-a-kind blankets, he’s sure to love any of these sweet gift ideas.

13. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

$79.95 $59.95

Surprise your boyfriend with this cute gift for his birthday. He will think about you every time he cuddles up in this warm and cozy blanket. Include his favorite song lyrics on this blanket for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for your boyfriend he is sure to love.

12. Love Notes Card Set

Love Notes Card Set


Giving your boyfriend handmade gifts means something truly special. This pack includes 24 cards that you can use for his birthday and every occasion thereafter. Pick your favorite card and include a lovely handwritten note that he will cherish forever.

11. Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme


There’s something special about a guy who always smells nice. Be sure he smells his best with this Versace cologne. Bath and body items aren’t just for women, they make great birthday ideas for boyfriends also. Pick out a smaller more affordable option, or spoil him with a larger bottle.

10. Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary


Whether you both enjoy going to sporting events, the movies, or the theatre, capture those special memories with this ticket stub diary. Each diary page has room for three ticket stubs and room to write about the event. A cute gift to get for him to share those sentimental moments.

9. 3D Wood World Map

https://www.amazon.com/Enjoy-Wood-Christ3D Wood World Map: romantic birthday ideas for boyfriend


Celebrate your budding relationship with this wooden world map. A beautiful way to display all the places you two plan to travel together. The map includes push pins to keep track of all the places you have already been together and many more for the places you want to go.

8. Custom Photo Pillow

Custom Photo Pillow: boyfriend birthday gift ideas

$34.95 $27.95

Searching for ideal birthday gifts for a long-distance boyfriend? With this pillow, he will be counting down the seconds until he sees you again. Include your favorite pictures of the two of you for a truly special gift idea. A great gift he can snuggle with until you’re together again.

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Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Who Has Everything

Perhaps you are dating one of those guys who just seems to have everything they could ever want to need.

If so, it’s time to check out these ideas for birthday presents for your boyfriend and find him something special.

7. Star Map And Calendar

Star Map And Calendar

$52.95 $42.95

Whether your bae is an astrology buff or just needs a little help remembering what day it is, he is going to love this star map and calendar. A great surprise birthday gift for a boyfriend who appreciates the thought you’ve put into this.

6. Beer-Inspired Socks

https://Beer-Inspired Socks: surprise birthday gift for boyfriend


Your boyfriend is sure to get a laugh from these sudsy socks. An affordable gift that any beer lover would appreciate. Choose from one of the three pairs, stout, IPA, or lager, or get him all three for a case worth. They even come in their own reusable beer cans.

5. Watch Box



Any guy that appreciates his watches should have a luxury case to display them in. This watch box makes great birthday gift ideas for guys who need a nice place to store their everyday essentials. This simple gift has room for just about everything.

4. Beginner Wine Kit

Beginner Wine Kit: surprise birthday gift for boyfriend


On the hunt for the perfect last-minute gift for a guy who loves to try new things? This wine-making kit is for the complete beginner and is easy and fun to use. You will both be enjoying his quality homebrew in no time with this DIY kit.

3. Portable Cooler Backpacks

Portable Cooler Backpacks


Whether he’s headed over to a buddies for beers or taking you out on a picnic, he’s sure to love this cool gift idea. A great idea for his 20th birthday that he’ll use for years to come. This insulated cooler backpack will become an essential accessory for every outing.

2. Drinking Games

Drinking Games: ideas for boyfriend birthday present


Rather than buy him a silly video game for his birthday, opt for something a little more interesting. This wooden pong game is like a miniature version of beer pong. The birthday guy will get a kick out of this amusing game and insist on playing it at every party.

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card: unique birthday gifts for him


When all else fails and you are out of ideas for birthday presents, get him an Amazon gift card. Amazon gift cards make a great gift for anyone for any occasion. Whether he’s the type of guy who seems to have everything or you just aren’t sure what he likes.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for boyfriends, we’ve got you covered:

Final Thought

Find good birthday gifts for your boyfriend with our list of 35+ special gift ideas.

From sentimental to fun and exciting, you are sure to find the perfect present for your perfect guy with these birthday gift ideas for him.



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