50+ Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2020 Edition)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 18, 2019
50+ Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2020 Edition)

It’s never too early to start planning presents for Valentine’s Day. Usually, if you wait till the last minute, you end up getting the same generic gifts that can often get boring. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of February, is a day to express love and be romantic with those who mean most to you. So, to celebrate this day, why would you not give the best possible gift to express that love and surprise your special guy? To help you out, we have made a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. 

The “him” in your life could be your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, father or even just a friend. Whoever it may be, we have you covered with a breakdown of all of our favorite thoughtful and creative gifts for whoever the man in your life is: 

Are you sick of getting your husband the standard colognes, ties and socks on every special occasion? Well, we have some really unique ideas for gifts that will definitely be appreciated this Valentine’s Day..

Stone Drink Dispenser

Golfers BBQ Set

This gift is a definite hold onto his heart! This is a set of BBQ utensils that look and feel like golf clubs. Perfect for the golfing enthusiast who loves to BBQ on the weekends! 

Price: $34

valentines day gifts for him - Stone Drink Dispenser

Stone Drink Dispenser

This beautifully-crafted cobbled granite dispenser will allow your husband to have his favorite spirit on tap! The natural and organic look will elevate the aesthetic of any bar or counter. 

Price: $45.00 – $150.00

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Whether he rides a bicycle or not, your husband would love to add this cool, recycled bike chain bottle opener to his collection. It can be a great addition to a larger gift, or just given on its own.

Price: $10

custom desktop plaque - valentines gifts for him

Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

Relive your favorite memory with your husband with this custom photo plaque. He will cherish the photo, especially because of the beautiful quote that goes with it!

Price: $24.95

Personalized Tie Clip, Tie Bar

Personalized Tie Clip

If your husband wears ties often, this is a cute way to remind him how much you love him! Customize the clip with a hidden message to show off your sentimental side. 

Price: $9.99+

valentine's day gift for husband - Muscle Rub

Muscle Rub

Does your husband live a relatively active life, where you often hear him complain about body aches and pains? This soothing rub will melt away his pain. As a bonus gift, throw in a mini massage by you!

Price: 15.95

thoughtful gifts for him - custom photo canvas

Custom Photo Canvas

Show your spouse appreciation by capturing your favorite memories in Love. You can make it even more personal by including your names and a date that is special to both of you; an exquisite personalized Valentine’s Day gift for him.   

Price: $39.95

Hanging Side Table

Hanging Side Table

Let your husband feel like the bedroom is his too with the addition of these minimal-hanging side tables. He will appreciate the lack of frills and florals and feel more at home!

Price: $40

Beard Care Gift Set

Beard Care Gift Set

For the brawny bearded gentlemen, this is a great gift to subtly nudge personal grooming while still having the sentiment of love. It comes beautifully packaged with an array of manly scents for you to choose from. 

Price: $37

practical valentine's day gifts - Yankee Stadium home plate Cufflinks

Yankee Stadium Home Plate Cufflinks​

For the baseball fanatic, and Yankees fan, these cufflinks make the perfect gift. We guarantee enthusiastic appreciation if your husband is a true fan!

Price: $75

mens valentines day boxers

Personalized Boxer Briefs ​

Looking for the perfect men’s Valentine’s Day boxers? What’s more romantic than having your face plastered all over them? This gag gift will have your husband laughing out loud!

Price: $24.99+ 

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend (11 Ideas)

Show your boyfriend how much he means to you with these fun and creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him. They’re out-of-the-box ideas that give the boring old presents a run for their money!  

creative valentine's day gifts for boyfriend - necktie

Choose Your Dog Breed Necktie​

Does your boyfriend have a dog, or just loves dogs? Pick his favorite breed and get it on this tie to show the world how much he loves his canine companions! 

Price: $55

watch bands for apple watches

Watch Bands

It’s time to replace his same old watch band with something more extraordinary. From classic to smart watches, StrapsCo has it all to offer. The material is top notch. Plus, the designs will certainly enhance the beauty of his favorite watch. He’ll love it for sure! 

Price: $19.99+

boy valentines gift - shocks

Shark Socks​

Funky socks are all the rage, so get your bae on the fashion forward path with these super cool (and slightly goofy) shark socks! This also makes a funny gift for the fisherman of your life!

Price: $10.00

Stone Bracelet

This one’s for the surfer boy who loves nature! It is a beautiful accessory and timeless piece that would make a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. 

Price: $40.76+

personalised valentine gifts for him - custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug

Customize the photos, names and dates on this mug for a truly special gift for your sentimental loved one. 

Price: $22.95

Notes of Whiskey Soaps

Notes of Whiskey Soaps

For the guys’ guy, these soaps are a superbly masculine present. Though they are inspired by classic whiskey cocktails, they won’t leave your skin smelling boozy. Rather, you’ll smell like the fresh honey and spices made to mix these cocktails. 

Price: $14

Scratch Map

Scratch Map

Boyfriend loves travelling? This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Your globetrotting bae will love scratching off all the places he’s been while keeping track of where he still has to go! 

Price: $26 – $40

practical valentine's day gifts for him

Shoreline Jacket

If you and your boyfriend live in a place with harsh weather, and he’s been looking for the best weather-proof, long-lasting jacket, surprise him with this one to help him through the winter! 

Price: $129.99 – $144.99

cute things to get your boyfriend for valentines day - keychain

Personalized Rectangle Keychain 

This keychain gives a subtle but meaningful reminder to your boyfriend how much he means to you. Its sleek design will integrate into his existing chain without looking over-the-top. 

Price: $22

snack by month

Snack Every Month

Does he love to eat, and try new things? Get him a subscription for these delicious snacks, which will help him expand his palette and raise his snacking game to a whole new level! 

Price: $60/month

gifts for gaming boyfriend: player 1 & player 2 keychains

Player 1 & 2 Keychain

Is your man also a gamer? Then this couple keychain is a sweet gift for him on this Valentine’s Day! 

For more ideas, check out our gift guide for gamers here: 70 Coolest Gifts for Gamers That Will Make Their Day

Price: $25.00+

funny valentine's gifts for boyfriend - sexy truth or dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

Bring some fun into the bedroom with this sexy truth or dare game. If you want to get to know your boyfriend’s deepest desires, but are too shy to ask on your own, let this game do it for you! 

Price: $8.76

Perfect Gifts for Your Fiancé on Valentine’s Day (10 Ideas)

Show your fiancé how lucky he is to be spending the rest of his life with you through these thoughtful gifts! They are perfect for showing him how much you care and how well you know his interests! 

thoughtful gifts for fiance - Putt-A-Bout Grassroots

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots 

This high quality putting green is a lovely gift for your fiancé if he wants to practice his game or even kill some spare time. Show him you really know him with this thoughtful gift! 

Price: $49.99

cool gifts for guys - indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

If your fiancé has been talking about going skydiving, but he hasn’t got the chance yet, this is a great Valentine’s Day gift for him! The adrenaline junkie will love the once-in-a-lifetime experience of anti-gravity and free floating.

Price: $72+

Personalized Camera Strap

Personalized Camera Strap

Is your fiancé into photography and you’ve noticed his camera strap being frayed from the wear and tear of regular use? Get him this classic leather camera strap that you can personalize with his name.

Price: $25

Hockey Puck Opener

NHL Game Used Hockey Puck Opener

These cleverly repurposed hockey pucks are officially licensed by the NHL. So, if your fiancé is a hockey fan, get him one of these and have him squealing with joy!   

Price: $95 – $200 

USA Beer Cap Map Cherry

USA Beer Cap Map in Cherry Wood

If your fiancé loves to drink beer, give him the opportunity to have one from every state; he can have fun over time filling up his beer cap map! 

Price: $35.99

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

Lens Kit for iPhone

Another one for the photographer fiancé; this 3 in 1 lens can be clipped on to any iPhone camera to make amateur photos look professional. These lens breathe life into ordinary photos, making them exceptional and extraordinary! 

Price: 39.99

Radiate Portable Campfire

Radiate Portable Campfire

The outdoorsman will really appreciate having a portable campfire that is quick to light with no hassle! This fire lasts for up to 4 hours and makes the perfect gift for the avid camper and hiker.

Price: $24

what to get a guy for valentine's day - Perfect Home Bartending Kit

Bartender Kit

This is a great gift for the amateur mixologist that’s looking to show off his skills. It’s beautifully crafted and makes a great addition to any bar. 

Price: $49.97+

sexy valentine's day gifts for fiance - underwear

Valentine’s Day Underwear

Tommy John makes hundreds of designs in these soft boxers that feel like second skin. They’re comfortable and airy; trust us, your fiancé will thank you for them every time he puts them on. 

Price: $34

Personalized Guitar pick

Personalized Guitar Pick

Does your fiancé love to serenade you with his guitar? Show him how much you love that with this personalized guitar pick. He’ll know you love him every time he plays.  

Price: $9.99

Ideal Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Daddy (10 Ideas)

Don’t forget the most important man for most of your life this Valentine’s Day. Show your dad how much you appreciate him with these ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for him! 

warm ginger candle for him

A Manly Candle

This is a crisp ginger scented candle that will evoke feelings of nostalgic winter afternoons for your dad! You won’t regret gifting this to him.  

Price: $22

a pair of socks with the funny quote world's greatest farter father

Funny Socks for Dad

If your dad loves to crack jokes, he will surely appreciate the funny socks! Show your dad you get him with this gag gifts for men!

Price: $10.99

hat with custom text/logo for him

Custom Hat

Whether you print your dad’s favorite joke, quote, movie dialogue or simply his name, your dad is going to love this custom cap!

Price: $14.25 

Daddy personalized Keychain that says hooked on daddy

Personalized Daddy Keychain

Simply the cutest Valentine’s Day gift for him. Your dad is going to love this keychain that features all the names of his children to remind him how much he loves you!

Price: $22.95+

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes Book

Dad Jokes Book 

Who doesn’t love a classic dad joke? Give your dad the opportunity to up his dad joke game with this hilarious book full of gags. 

Price: $6.99

gifts under $20 - Pizza Cutter

Personalized Pizza Cutter

Get your dad’s name printed on a personalized pizza cutter so he can proudly cut you a slice of everyone’s favorite food!

Price: $18 

popular vday gifts - Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife 

Looking for a masculine Valentine’s Day gift for the macho man? Get this classic Swiss Army pocket knife to show your dad you get his grit!

Price: $26.71

Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

Beer Chiller Sticks

Do you hear your dad complaining about warm beer too often? These beer chiller sticks go straight into the bottle, keeping beer cool even on the warmest days. 

If you would like to find more gift ideas to make him CHILL, don’t forget to click to beer related gifts

Price: $19.99

Jack Black Double

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer 

Show your dad you care by getting him this moisturizer with SPF 20. If you’re looking for other great ones, click here to see a list of the best moisturizers for men.

Price: $28.00

Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Beard Oil

Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Beard Oil 

If your dad has a beard, chances are he hasn’t invested in beard oil, so maybe you should get him one! Read this list to find out the best one or make your own using our favorite DIY recipe .

Price: $19.40

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Any Other Man in Your Life (10 Ideas)

Are there any other men in your life that you want to show love and appreciation to? Pick one of the following presents to show him how much you care.

valentine day gift set

Personalized Gentleman's Gift Set 

This one’s for that dapper gentleman in your life who loves to look put together all the time! He will love this personalized set of money clip, tie clip and cuff links.

Price: $34.99

Bourbon Infused Coffee

Bourbon Infused Coffee

These don’t actually get your buzz going with booze, but rather with caffeine. The 100% Arabica beans are perfect for the coffee and whisky lover.  

Price: $20

Men's Texting Touch Screen Gloves

Give these to the James Bond fan if you really want to show him you care. These leather winter driving gloves are designed so you can use your touch screen without ever having to take them off!

Price: $29.50 – $35.44 

Valentine’s Day 6 Pack Beer 

Suppose you’re heading over to a friend’s with a 6 pack? Why not add this fun little holder this Valentine’s Day to make it a little more special.

Price: $15.95

Small Travel Coffee Maker

Small Travel Coffee Maker

This brilliant little device is perfect for the man in your life that’s always on the go. It’s lightweight and portable, and will get you a lot of brownie points with the gift receiver!

Price: $49.99

thoughtful valentines gifts for him

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Know someone who is always typing away on their computer? Gift them this stylish bamboo keyboard and mouse to give them a little more swag behind the screen.

Price: $58.90

valentines gifts for guy friends - mini speakers

Mint Tin Boom Box Portable Speaker

This is an upcycled mint tin turned mini boombox that connects to any phone; a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the music enthusiast.

Price: $75

men valentine day gifts - hold paperweight

A Hole Paperweight

Are you looking for a great gift under $50 bucks for the guy that always makes you laugh? This is the Valentine’s Day gift for him! This A-Hole paperweight is sure to put a smile on his face.

Price: $45

Vanilla Nougat Caramel Bar

Surprise your foodie friend with this scrumptious vanilla nougat caramel bar! It’s decadent and delicious and will definitely be appreciated.

Price: $9.50

men watch

Men’s Watch

This classic wrist watch will make a lovely present to show how much someone means to you this Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have the words to express yourself, let this watch do it for you.

Price: $99.95

Personalized Beer Glass

This one’s for the guy you love drinking with! Show him what a good time you have together by gifting him this personalized beer glass, one of perfect and unique gifts for beer lovers

Price: $11

Send the Perfect Message

We hope our list of favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him will help you break out of the ordinary and get your loved one something they will love and cherish; just like you do them!



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