25 Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples in 2022

25 Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples in 2022

The wedding season is in full swing and there are plenty of wedding gifts to buy and give. Apart from the couple’s registry, check out our list of the best personalized wedding gifts to give to the newlyweds to make their special day even more magical!

1/ Personalized Street Sign Canvas

Personalized Street Sign Canvas With Custom Names and wedding day


Our lives are made up of a range of possibilities, but the paths we choose lead us to our better halves. This symbolic idea of destined love is what this street sign canvas print is all about.

The canvas print is elegant and can be personalized with the couple’s names and marriage date. They will love the symbolic representation of their love.

2/ “Home Sweet Home” Personalized Pillow

Home Sweet Home Personalized Address Pillow Wedding Gift


It is exciting for the newlyweds to officially decorate their marital home. So help them add a personal and sweet touch to it by giving them this cute pillow customized with their names and home address.

It is an inexpensive gift that will be a great reminder for the couple about the beginning of their journey together.

3/ “Love is Patient, Love is Kind” Engraved Prayer on Wood

Corinthians 13 Prayer Engraved on Wood, Love is Patient, Love is Kind Personalized Gift for newlywed


One of the best ways for the married couple to start their journey together is by understanding scripture’s lesson about love. It teaches us about the true nature of love, which is self-less, kind and patient.

So gift the couple this engraved Christian prayer home décor so that their marriage may always be blessed with an abundance of true love.

4/ “This Is Us – Our Life – Our Story – Our Home” Custom Blanket

“This is Us” Personalized Family Throw Blanket


Some of the most treasured personalized wedding gifts for couples are those that symbolize the beginning of their married life together. And this easy to customize blanket is a gift that does this perfectly.

With customized details and a beautiful message, this blanket will be a great addition to their new décor.

5/ Wedding Monogram Photo Collage Canvas Print

Wedding Monogram Photo Collage Canvas Print


The most precious memories of the couple’s special day are captured in their wedding photos. Help them keep the sweetness and magic of the day alive by giving them a monogrammed collage of their favorite memories!

You can choose the best photos from the day to be included along with their names and wedding date. It will be a meaningful addition to their marital home and one of their favorite gifts.

6/ Personalized Copper Beverage Tub

Personalized Copper Beverage Tub Wedding gift for couples


Perfect for their first celebrations together as a married couple, this personalized copper beverage tub will add a fun touch to all the parties. Whether it is a housewarming get-together, birthday celebration or their anniversary, this tub will be an awesome accessory.

7/ Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas – Canvas Print


An adorable and unique personalized wedding gift to give to the newly married couple is this sweet Couple Puzzle Map Canvas.

You can get it customized with their names, wedding date and the map locations of their different home towns or the places where they had their favorite relationship moments.

This gift will truly trace the path of their romantic journey! They will fall completely in love with this meaningful gift!

8/ The Simpsons Wedding Portrait

The Simpsons Wedding Portrait


Is the happy couple a fan of the Simpsons? Then you have the perfect gift right here! This creative gift is a caricature wedding portrait of the couple drawn in the Simpsons’ art style.

It will be an amazingly unique gift and will surely stand out from all the rest!

9/ Personalized Wine Cork Keeper

Personalized Wine Cork Keeper Cork Holder Custom Wedding Gift


What do you do when your best friend ties the knot? Give them an elegant wine cork keeper, of course! This rustic yet classy customizable keeper is the perfect gift for a couple whose celebrations always include at least a couple of wine bottles.

The keeper will help them make a keepsake out of the corks of each wine bottle opened to celebrate a special moment of their married life.

10/ Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print Gift For Newlywed Couples


Every couple has a love song they consider their own, so why not make wall art of the song to give to them as a wedding gift? This beautiful gift can be customized with your chosen song lyrics on canvas, along with the couple’s name and wedding date.

It will make for the perfect décor for their marital home!

11/ Personalized Key Holder for Wall

Personalized Key Holder for Wall Wedding Gift For Couples


One of the best parts about decorating a marital home is getting to put things with the family name on them. So gift this cool and inexpensive key holder to the newlyweds, customized with their family name, to help them cement the beginning of their married life together in their homes.

12/ Mr And Mrs Custom Coffee Mug

Mr And Mrs Custom Couple Mug


There’s a mellow and serene sweetness to making little symbols of love a part of routine. So celebrate the best year of their relationship together by giving them these Mr. and Mrs. couple mugs.

It will make their coffee drinking moments together all the more special.

13/ “Our First Christmas Married” Ornament

“Our First Christmas Married” Personalized Wedding Ornament For Couples


Out of all the first celebrations together as a married couple, Christmas is often the most significant. So become a part of their happiness by giving them this personalized couple ornament for Christmas to commemorate their first holidays as a married couple.

14/ Personalized Last Name Canvas Sign

Personalized Last Name Canvas Sign


Getting to put the family name to shared decorations in the house is one of the most exciting parts of being married. Help the new couple establish this change in their home with this sophisticated canvas sign personalized with their family name and marriage year.

15/ Monogrammed Farmhouse Coasters

Monogrammed Farmhouse Coasters


Instead of opting for bigger personalized wedding gifts, give the couple these elegant ceramic coasters with custom monogram initials. It will make for a charming gift that symbolizes their new life together as a married unit. Plus, it can be a part of their new home decorations.

16/ Personalized Wedding Platter

Personalized Wedding Platter Gift


If you are not on a strict budget and want to choose niche and creative wedding gifts, give the couple this decorative wedding platter. An impressive and sophisticated piece of artwork, the gift can be a beautiful reminder of their special day.

17/ Round Monogram Wood Sign

Personalized Round Monogram Wood Sign Personalized Wedding Gift Last Name Established Sign


Some of the personalized gifts the newlyweds will love the best are those which acknowledge their newly established family name. So buy this rustic monogrammed wooden name sign for the couple to add to their home décor.

Its elegant design will be an immediate hit!

18/ Personalized Song Lyric Vinyl Record Wall Hanging

Personalized Song Lyric Vinyl Record Wall Hanging


If you are a fan of giving creative wedding gifts, then this engraved wall hanging should be your pick. With the coolest possible design, this gift will come engraved with the wedding song of your choice. 

It is the most thoughtful and unique way of commemorating the happy couple’s special day.

19/ “Always” Personalized Cutting Board And Spatula Gift Set

“Always" Personalized Cutting Board And Spatula Gift Set


The best thing about Harry Potter fans is that they adore almost all Harry Potter merchandise. So when you give the enthusiasts this custom Deathly Hallows cutting board and spatula gift set, engraved with their names and wedding date, they will be ecstatic!

You will be their favorite person of the year for this gift.

20/ Custom Family Name Letter Art Canvas Sign

Custom Family Name Letter Art Canvas Sign personalized wedding gifts for couples


Give the happy couple an unusual yet creative gift to commemorate the beginning of their marital journey. Custom designed to have each letter of their family name creatively represented through everyday objects, this gift will definitely be well liked.

21/ Personalized Wooden Candle Holder

Personalized Wooden Candle Holder


A sweet celebration of a new marriage can be done by decorating the marital house with trinkets that establish the union. So buy these personalized candle holders as wedding gifts for the newlyweds to add to their new home decorations.

22/ “The Art of a Good Marriage” Poem With Personalized Framed

The Art of a Good Marriage Poem Print + Personalized Frame - Wedding Gift for Bride + Groom


One of the sweetest gifts a child can receive is a wedding gift from their parents that sweetly captures the love and excitement of the moment. Give your child this graceful personalized marriage poem to act as both a decoration and a guide for the new couple to lead a happy married life.

23/ Head Chef and Sous Chef Aprons

Head Chef and Sous Chef Aprons


Have some fun with the wedding gift and give the couple a gift to celebrate the reality of shared responsibilities of marriage! They will love the humor and enjoy using this kitchen wedding gift as they go about their routine cooking.

24/ Mr. & Mrs. Satin Robes for Bride & Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Satin Robes for Bride & Groom


Some of the most fun customized wedding gifts are those which include the new last names of the couple. These embroidered Mr. and Mrs. Satin Robes for the bride and groom will be a memorable surprise! They will also be the best gifts for them to take on their honeymoon trip and will be duly appreciated.

25/ Monogram Beer Growler With Glasses Gift Set

Monogram Beer Growler With Glasses Gift Set


The new celebrations for a newly married beer loving couple will obviously involve drinking beer. So give them a personalized gift that will not only commemorate their wedding but also come in handy for their beer drinking tradition. 

It is sure to be a favorite.


We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best personalized wedding gifts and find the perfect ones to buy for all the upcoming weddings you will be a part of.


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