Best Memorial Photo Gifts

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 30, 2021
Best Memorial Photo Gifts

­Photo gifts, either big or small, are powerful, sentimental keepsakes to preserve memories. These memorial photo gifts are a perfect way to give comfort to someone who has suffered a loss. Give them one of these items to honor those who passed away and help the living ones relieve the grieving pain.

1/ “In Loving Memory” Custom Photo Print

In Loving Memory Custom Photo Print - memorial photo gift

If you are looking for a bereavement gift for a friend or family member, then this photo print will help you express your sympathy and honor the memory of the dearly departed.

You can customize the print with some heartfelt text in place of “In Loving Memory”, and a photograph of the departed loved one to turn it into a thoughtful memorial gift for the grieving family.

2/ “Missing You Is A Heartache That Never Goes Away” Desktop Photo Plaque

a desktop photo plaque as a memorial photo gift

The plaque features a touching quote about the everlasting memory of the one who has been lost. It says: “Remembering you is easy, we do it every day. Missing you is a heartache that never goes away.”

Simply upload a photograph, add his/her name, and the living years; the plaque can be placed on a shelf in the home to dedicate the space to the deceased.

3/ “My Daddy Was So Amazing, God Made Him An Angel” Photo Canvas Print

my daddy was so amazing god made him an angel sympathy gift for loss of father

With a heartfelt saying, “My daddy was so amazing. God made him an Angel”, this photo canvas print is a perfect memorial gift for someone whose dad passed away.

This will also be a perfect reminder that their father is in Heaven now watching over them every day.

4/ “In Loving Memory Of Dad” Memorial Photo Ornament

In Loving Memory Of Dad Memorial Photo Ornament Gift

Honor a dad’s memory this Christmas with a memorial photo ornament. And this “In Loving Memory of Dad” custom ornament is a meaningful memorial gift for someone who has just lost their father.

5/ “Heaven Needed a Hero, God Picked My Papa” Photo Canvas Print

a memorial photo canvas print with the quote heaven needed a hero god picked my papa

The “Heaven Needed a Hero, God Picked My Papa” canvas print makes for a wonderful and heartwarming memorial gift for someone who is mourning the loss of their father.

Seeing their smiling papa before them will bring tears of happiness and a smile to their face.

6/ “She Made Broken Look Beautiful” Memorial Desktop Plaque

She Made Broken Look Beautiful Memorial Desktop Photo Plaque Gift

God created mothers/grandmas because He needed someone to look after us on Earth. But when He calls her back, we realize that a mother’s love is irreplaceable.

If you or someone is missing their late mother ardently on this Mother’s Day, then this memorial desktop photo plaque gift is just what you need to honor her memory.

7/ “Those We Love Don’t Go Away, They Walk By Us Every Day” Photo Canvas Print

Those We Love Don't Go Away, They Walk By Us Every Day Photo Canvas Print memorial photo gift for the loss of mother

Personalize this custom canvas print with a picture of the deceased, her name, and living years.

The print will be a great keepsake to remember a mother by. The touching words on the print will have tears of joy streaming down the recipient’s face.

8/ “My Mom Taught Me Everything Except How To Live Without Her” Photo Canvas Print

a memorial photo canvas print gift for the loss of mother

The photo canvas print pulls at anyone’s heartstrings, makes them tear up, and puts a smile on their face. This personalized gift is the most meaningful in remembrance of a mother. The photo canvas print will soothe and comfort their soul for the loss, especially on Mother’s Day.

9/ “I’ll Hold You In My Heart Until I Can Hold You In Heaven” Desktop Photo Plaque

I’ll Hold You In My Heart Until I Can Hold You In Heaven Photo Plaque - mom memorial gift

With a simple design yet heartfelt saying “I’ll Hold You In My Heart Until I Can Hold You In Heaven”, the plaque will help the grieving ones soothe the pain.

You can personalize the desktop plaque with a picture of the deceased. And you can even change the text, maybe to a little message to her.

The result is a perfect memorial photo gift for someone you care about who has suffered a loss. Or you can get one for yourself to reminisce about your mother and her memory.

10/ Memorial Photo Canvas Print For The Loss Of Grandma

Memorial Photo Canvas Print For The Loss Of Grandma

Losing someone special like a grandma is heartbreaking, but remembering them for how amazing they were and reminiscing about the deep bond you shared can be comforting in a time like that.

Keep your grandma in your thoughts by getting the “My grandma was so amazing, God made her an angel” custom canvas print. The print can be hung in the home as a loving memory of grandma.



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