40 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Best Man In 2020

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40 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Best Man In 2020

Your wedding is coming soon. But you still have not found the perfect gift for your best man in the wedding? You’ve come to the right place, bro!

In this chaos, what kind of gift, how much to spend and when to present the gift to your best man are questions that bother you.

Your best man plays a very important role in ensuring the success of your wedding, including delivering an epic best man speech at the reception and trying not to lose your rings (!). So obviously, you need to go the extra mile to show how grateful you are for all his work.

In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of gifts that you can buy for your best man. Most of the gifts are personalized with different price ranges that may fit your budget. The result? As many have said, “Best man today, best friend for life!”

Note: We have sorted the gifts by price.

Best Man Gift Ideas Under $50

You need not break the bank to show how grateful you are to your best man. In this section, we will have listed out some affordable but practical and thoughtful gifts that you can give your best man.

The gifts are affordable, some of them are under $25; others are under $30 while some are under $50.

Personalized Black Hip Flask with Funnel-Best Man Flask

1. Personalized Black Hip Flask With Funnel

$11.99+ $9.59+

Looking for a conventional but affordable gift for your best man? This flask is made with dent-resistant, rustproof stainless steel. You can personalize it by engraving the name or any other detail of the best man you are gifting it to.

Personalized Mini Hockey Sticks For Best Man

2. Personalized Mini Hockey Sticks


This is one of the unique best man gifts under $25 that you can buy for your sports-loving best man. You can personalize the mini hockey stick by engraving the name, title, and date of the wedding. The cost of engraving is a part of its overall price.

Engraved lighter with initial of the best man

3. Engraved lighter

$18.95+ $17.05+

This traditional lighter is made of sturdy steel with a black finish. The lighter fluid is also refillable. You can also personalize it with the initials or name of your best man.

Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints As A Gift For Best Man

4. Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints


If you have a geeky or nerdy best man, this Star Wars poster prints will save you the stress of looking for the perfect gift. It captures the spirit of imagination and innovation; which every geek loves. They can hang the poster prints on the walls or any part of the house.

Personalized Black Harmonica - Best Man Gift

5. Personalized Black Harmonica


A personalized harmonica is one unique music gift that you can buy for under $25. You can personalize it with your best man’s name and the wedding day.

Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool - Gift For Best Man

6. Golf Ball Marker & Divot Tool


The golf ball marker is an affordable best man golf gift. This 3 in 1 golf ball marker and divot tool is stylish and useful. The markers can be custom engraved with the initials or name of your best man to give it a more personal touch.

Big Cock - Rooster Flask - Funny Gay Best Man Wedding Gift

7. Big “Rooster” Flask


If you need a hilarious gift for a gay best man, this affordable rooster flask is just the perfect gift to buy. This is a very funny wedding gift that your best man will appreciate.

Awesome Best Man Beer Crate Wedding Thank You Gift

8. Awesome Best Man – Beer Crate – Wedding Thank You Gift


A beer crate that says Thank You will perfectly satisfy a beer loving best man. It comes with a large wooden bottle opener and can be personalized with the best man’s name and the date of the wedding.

Best Man Custom Golf Balls

9. Best Man Custom Golf Balls


These custom golf balls are some of the few unique best man gifts under $25. If the best man loves playing golf, this gift will mean so much to him.

Best Man Today Best Friend For Life - Custom Photo Mug

10. Best Man Today Best Friend For Life – Custom Photo Mug

$29.95 $22.95

This photo coffee mug is a beautiful but affordable gift that you can gift your best man. Show your gratitude to him for all the effort he put into making your big day memorable!

personalized Best Man fishing lure

11. Best Man Fishing Lure


If your best man loves fishing, you can buy these real lures for him. They can use the lure to catch different fish. The lure is hand-painted, and you can personalize it with the texts of your choice.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Practical Man Cave Gifts

12. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


This is a unique gift that your best man will appreciate. This man cave custom made wall mounted bottle opener will suit his taste. Made with premium wood, it has magnets that can hold and catch the bottle caps.

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Gift Set For Your Best Man

13. Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Gift Set


This Star Wars best man gift set is another affordable option. You can determine the number of glasses you want in the set and customize the entire set to fit your best man, who happens to be a Star Wars fan! He’ll surely be thrilled to receive it.

Personalized Football - Best Man Gift

14. Personalized Football – Best Man Gift

$30.90+ $27.81

You can buy this personalized football for your best man if his favorite sport is football. As long as your best man has the ball, he will always remember the beautiful memory of your wedding day.

Best Man Wedding Morning Essentials

15. Best Man Wedding Morning Essentials


This is one gift that comes with a lot of stuff, but still very affordable. More importantly, your best man no longer has to worry on the big day since all the grooming essentials are already taken care of!

Best Man Pocket Watch

16. Best Man Pocket Watch


This stunning pocket watch boasts delicately etched engravings on polished stainless steel. The watch face style is in Roman numerals and the engineering is by quartz. This is one classy gift that your best man will find very useful.

Personalized Fly Fishing Box For Angler Best Man

17. Personalized Fly Fishing Box For Angle Best Man


This fly-fishing box will come in handy for your angler best man. Upon your request, they can also include six handmade flies. And you can personalize the box with his name or initials.

Batman Logo Mirror

18. Batman Logo Mirror

$30.96 $24.47

Does your best man love superhero characters? If yes, then this batman logo mirror may be just the perfect gift for him. This perfect man cave gift is large enough to serve as the center of attraction in any part of the house.

Engraved Insulated Growler - Best Man Gift For Beer Lover

19. Engraved Insulated Growler


This is one of the best man gifts under $50 that we recommend for any best man who is a home brewer. Various designs are available where you can have your best man’s name shown.

Personalized Docking Station - Gift For Best Man

20. Personalized Docking Station


The personalized docking station is a practical gift that you can give your best man. You can engrave your bro’s name or picture of your choice on the docking station.

Personalized Insulated Cooler Chair for Best Man

21. Personalized Insulated Cooler Chair

$39.99+ $35.99

This Insulated Cooler chair is an ideal gift for your best man. Made with fold out seat, he can use this hunting, at any backyard party, or even for his weekly poker night.

Personalized Best Man BBQ Tool Gift Set

22. Personalized BBQ Tool Gift Set


This personalized BBQ gift tool set consists of a spatula, tongs with bamboo handles in a bamboo case and stainless steel grill fork. You can choose to either personalize the case or the handle of each tool in the case. A perfect gift idea for a best man who loves grilling.

A Cutting Board With The Best Man's name, Targaryen dragon and the words You Will Bend The Knee

23. Targaryen Cutting Board


This cutting board can be the perfect gift for any best man who is a fan of Game of Thrones. One side of the board is used to slice and dice, and the other side of the board has a clever design that anyone will be jealous of!

Caricature Portrait Beer Mug - Best Man Gift

24. Caricature Portrait Beer Mug


Who said gifts can’t be funny? This caricature portrait beer mug will crack your best man up when he sees it. You can choose the theme of the caricature to be casual, sports, formal, or any other theme that will appeal to your best man’s sense of humor.

Personalized Poker Set For Best Man

25. Best Man Personalized Poker Gift Set With Cards, Chips And Dice


You can personalize this poker gift set with a monogram or the name of the best man. They can deliver the set to the doorstep of your best man with a gift wrap and gift cards attached. 

26. Leather Charger Roll Up


This leather charger roll-up is a perfect gift to give a best man that loves gadgets. They can use the charger roll-up for organizing cords, headphones and chargers. Monogramming is included for free.

Personalized Whisky Glass Set With Best Man's Name

27. Personalized Whisky Glass Set with Whiskey Stones

$59.50+ $44.62

This affordable whiskey gift set is a great gift for your best man. The set contains two pieces of whiskey glasses and whiskey stone, all of which are packaged in a personalized wooden box.

Best Man Gift Ideas Over $50

If your budget is not too tight, below are some best man gifts over $50 that will enable you to show your gratitude to your best man and put a smile on his face.

Leather Desk Caddy - Best Man Gift

1. Personalized Leather Desk Caddy


The personalized desk caddy tray is handmade with full-grain American leather that gives a rustic look and feel. This is a best man gift that will be used and loved for a lifetime!

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set - Best Man Gift

2. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set


The personalized whiskey decanter set is a classy best man gift that will serve your best man for a long time. He will display the custom decanter and matching glasses with pride!

Best Man Wedding Cufflinks

3. Best Man Wedding Cufflinks


These cufflinks are engraved with the words “best man” with the initials of your choice on one and the wedding date on the other. Remember to give him this gift beforehand so he can wear them on your big day!

Mini 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen With Personalized Pen Sleeve

4. Mini 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen With Personalized Pen Sleeve


If you want to give your best man an unusual and cool gift, go for this action pen and personalized pen sleeve. The set includes one pen and one handcrafted leather pen sleeve that is customizable with your man’s initials.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones - Gift For Teenage Best Man

5. COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones


This gift is best for a teenage best man, or when your best man is a gamer. This high-tech gift has 30 hours of playtime, and significantly reduces noise. The headphones are also lightweight and comfortable that he can wear all day long.

Handmade Leather Blanket Strap - Practical Gift For A Best Man

6. Handmade Leather Blanket Strap

$63.00+ $31.50+

Thinking of buying an unusual but practical gift for your best man? Then a leather blanket strap with buckles is your best bet. He can use it for holding and storing picnic rugs. Perfect for a day out!

Engraved Baseball Bat For Best Man

7. Engraved Baseball Bat For Best Man


The personalized baseball bat is a great gift to give your best man. These Suit & Tie full size trophy bats make wedding gifts for your best man less boring. And they look great up on a mantle!

Engraved Baseball Bat For Best Man Hanging On The Wall

Monogrammed Duffel Bag For Best Man

8. Monogrammed Duffle Bag

$69.99+ $48.99

This monogrammed duffel bag for men is the perfect go-to item for a day of the wedding carry-all, bachelor party camping trip, or even a destination wedding carry on. And your best man can use this quality bag over and over again even after the wedding has come and gone!

1.5L Engraved Whiskey Barrel for Best Man, Groomsmen

9. 1.5L Engraved Whiskey Barrel


This piece of rustic Americana makes an ideal gift for the best man who is a whiskey connoisseur or barware enthusiast. With it, your best man can treat his guests real good beverages at his future parties!

Monogrammed Mixology Gift Set For Best Man

10. Monogrammed Mixology Gift Set


If your best man is interested in mixology, this gift set will give him the power to whip up impressive cocktails for his guests. Whether he’s an amateur bartender or a professional cocktail mixing guru who is setting up a bar at home or at work – this cocktail set is a brilliant way to help him hit the ground running.

Personalized Wooden Watch - Fashionable Gift For Best Man

11. Personalized Wooden Watch

$95.47+ $71.61+

This engraved wooden watch is the best gift to give your best man. Made from high quality stainless steel, the watch makes a unique, classy and fashionable complementary accessory for his wardrobe.

Rhinoceros Wooden Beer Mug

12. Rhinoceros Wooden Beer Mug

$99.00+ $89.10+

This is an epic best man gift that your best man will love. This rhinoceros wooden beer mug has a hand-carved handle that is shaped like a rhino and sealed with beeswax. A perfect gift for a safari loving best man.

Honda F1 Up-cycled Clock - Thank You gift For Best Man

13. Honda F1 Up-cycled Clock


This is the best gift for the best man who is a car guy. The second hand of the clock moves round in a continuous sweep, and the clock has a silent mechanism. This Honda F1 up-cycled clock gift is a unique way of telling your best man “thank you”.

Best Man Gift Etiquette

Below is some best man gift etiquette that will make the gifting process smooth and pleasant for both parties. They aren’t set on stone, but following them will simplify things for you.

How much should you spend on a best man gift?

Our advice to you is to keep your expenses within range. Why?

  • First during your wedding you spend a lot, there is no need to strain your finances just because you want to buy a best man gift.
  • Second you have groomsmen that you may also want to appreciate, it won’t appear fair to them if, for instance, you get your best man a gift worth $500 while the groomsmen get a $20 worth gift.

So how much is acceptable?

Some say $30 is the average and some say $50. As mentioned, you might want to spend more on the dads and the best man, but keep it more or less within range.

Even though there is no silver bullet answer for this question, we suggest that you keep the cost of the gift between $20 to $100 (not too cheap, not too expensive) with the average being between $30 to $50.

When to give the best man gift?

  • At the rehearsal dinner: This is a great time to give gifts, especially those that are intended to be used during the wedding ceremony itself, such as cufflinks and morning essentials mentioned above. A good thing about giving gifts at the rehearsal dinner is that the timing is convenient for both parties, and it will also encourage him to play his role well.
  • Other options: During the Bachelor party, morning after brunch, Groomsmen’s lunch or Engagement party. If you have the gift on you during any of these activities, you can give him the gift when it is conducive.

Those are our top picks for best man gifts. You shouldn’t buy best man gifts with the mindset of paying him for his service, rather it should be from a place of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifice of love they have made for you. Choose gifts that are practical and useful for your best man to thank him, but also keep your budget in mind.

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