55 Best Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything (2021)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • August 26, 2021
55 Best Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything (2021)

Having trouble finding the best gifts for your mom?

It can be hard to know what present perfectly captures how much you appreciate her presence in your life.

Don’t worry. With this guide, you’ll find the most meaningful and sentimental gift ideas for moms even those who don’t want anything.

Check out these ideal gifts to get your mom for Mother’s Day, holiday, or her birthday.

1. Constellation Maps


This star map would make an excellent Mother’s Day present. Make it unique by adding her children’s names, birth dates, birth places, and star maps. It’s a great present for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

2. You Are The Heart Of Our Family Canvas


With this photo canvas print, you can show your mom how important she is to her family. To make it more special, simply upload three photographs and include her children’s names.

3. Mom To Us You Are The World Mug


This one-of-a-kind mug accurately expresses what a mother means to a child. Let your mom feel the depth of your love every time she takes her cup of coffee and reads the quote.

4. Ring Dish

thank you gifts for mom - Trinket Tray


If your mom leaves trinkets all over the place, one of the best gifts to consider is a trinket tray. Cheap and appealing, these trays are the perfect way for mom’s stuff to stay in one place at all times.

5. Silk Pajamas

presents for mom - Long Sleeve Silk Pajamas


You don’t have to go to extremes in order to find a gift for your mom that she will be able to appreciate for years to come. For anyone in search of meaningful gifts for mom, a pair of silk pajamas might be the perfect fit. A lovely blend of comfort and style, these pajamas are sure to impress any mother.

6. Home is Wherever Mom Is Pillow


A piece of artwork is always a wonderful way to help express your feelings for someone you care about. If you want the perfect present for a mom with a sentimental streak, this pillow is the perfect option. Whether you’re looking for a gift from daughters or sons, this is a lovely way to tell mom you care.

7. Bear Family Retro Map Wall Art


This bear family map wall decor is a wonderful present idea for any mom! How to get it?

  • Decide on the number of your entire family.
  • Personalize each map with each family member’s birthplace.
  • Add the names and the year of establishment.

8. Bouquet Subscription

mom gifts - Bouquet Subscription


Some moms love the way a bouquet of flowers can brighten up a room. If you need a last-minute gift from a child to a mom, then a subscription to a bouquet service can be a lovely idea. Each month, mom will be surprised and delighted by the blossoms that arrive at her door.

9. Thank You Mom Photo Plaque

Thank You Mom Photo Plaque - thoughtful gifts for mom


Is your mom constantly going above and beyond for you? Since your mom holds a special place in your heart for all she’s contributed to your development, you want to put serious thought behind picking the right gift. A photo plaque is one of those perfect presents for mom, as it allows you the flexibility of customizing the gift perfectly.

10. Birthstone Earrings

mom gifts - Birthstone Earrings


It has been said that a birthstone says a lot about a person. If your mom is the type who connects with the power and beauty of gemstones, one beautiful gift to explore is a set of birthstone earrings. This is one of those small gifts for mom that can have a big impact with very little effort at all.

11. Leather Handbag

gifts for your mom - Leather Handbags


Does your mom appreciate the finer things in life? A durable handbag is something all women need and you can easily find the right gift by exploring different options with leather handbags.

12. Superhero Mom Blanket

mom blanket


When mom is approaching her day, you want to make sure you get her a gift that perfectly complements the importance of this date. A blanket is a very creative birthday gift for your mom, allowing you a lot of freedom when it comes to presenting a perfect gift for her 40th, 50th, or 60th.

13. Bracelet With Kids Name

gifts for mothers - Bracelet With Kids Name


Buying the right gifts for your mom can be tough when it feels like she has everything already. If you want to keep it simple and still get your point across, a bracelet is a lovely way to go. Custom jewelry is a gift that always feels right, especially when it prominently features the engraved name of her child.

14. Meal Kit Subscription

presents for mom - Meal Kit Subscription


These days, meal delivery service subscriptions are all the rage. Since most people don’t love having to make their own meals every single night, a subscription to HelloFresh is an easy way to make mom’s life way less stressful. Whether she loves cooking or can’t stand it, all people can use a break from this task every now and again.

15. For Moms in Cold Climates: Down Coats

presents for mom - Long Down Coats


When the temperature drops, staying nice and warm is essential. To help your mom stay toasty when it gets cold outside, a down coat is a wonderful fit. A perfect combination of stylish and practical, a long-down coat is a surefire way to show your mom how much you care about her and how she fares throughout the winter.

16. Mom Nutrition Facts Mug


Every mother is made of love, devotion, care, and a lot of caffeine. Let your mom know that you understand all of the components that make her so unique. with this mug.

17. Boy Mom Matching Shirt


There are lots of sweet and silly ways to go about grabbing a gift for the special mom in your life. For the mother who has recently given birth to a little boy, a cute gift to go with is a matching shirt set. A sweet and easy way to go about finding the right mom and baby gifts.

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18. Photo Book

good gifts to get your mom - Photo Book


What do you get for the world’s best mom to show her exactly how much she means to you? A photo book is always a lovely idea. Keepsakes like a photo album offer you the chance to personalize your gift with pictures that will make mom smile and remember days gone by with a sense of sweet nostalgia.

19. Collapsible Bottle

mom gift ideas - Collapsible Bottle


It has been said that there is no cure like travel when you’re dealing with the headaches of everyday life. If your mom loves to get away, then you should definitely consider gifts that can make her life easier in practically all ways. A collapsible bottle is a great option, providing a convenient way to hydrate wherever your mom goes.

20. A Necklace

thoughtful gifts for mom - Necklace


Looking for a gift to grab to show your appreciation for the mother of your significant other? This necklace is a wonderful and simple option to go with. A nice blend of sentimental and thoughtful, this is an easy gift to consider when you’re short on time and need a gift that will make a good impression on your in-laws.

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21. Love You Forever Desktop Plaque


Looking for a unique gift for your beloved mommy? This desktop photo plaque will warm her heart for sure! It comes with a sentimental poem. Besides, a cute photo of you and your mom will make it even more special.

22. Winter Knit Gloves

practical presents for mom - Winter Knit Gloves


Some people can’t help but spend all of their free time outdoors. If your mom is one such individual, you should consider a gift meant for cold weather days. When you need the best holiday gifts for mom, you can bet a pair of winter knit gloves will be perfect. An absolutely perfect fit for runners, hikers, and lots more.

23. Ceramic Mama Bear Mug


Does mom enjoy waking early and greeting the day with a nice cup of coffee? One thoughtful way to show you’re the favorite child is by grabbing her a mug she can use for this ritual. A personalized mug that’s also dishwasher safe is a present that she can put to good use as soon she needs caffeine to refuel.

24. Digital Picture Frame

gifts for mothers - Digital Picture Frame


A picture frame is a thoughtful gift idea for mom, but a digital frame is even more practical in the current day and age. Not only does this make a sweet piece of modern decor, it also allows mom to perfectly display all of her favorite pictures at once with no more than a push of a few simple buttons

25. Marble Notebook

presents for mom - Marble Notebook


Does your mom love to keep notes on everything? Some people are writers by nature. In order for you to encourage this side of your mom’s interests, a marble notebook can be a great gift option to explore. This gift is as simple as it is stylish and perfect to toss in a bag and take wherever she goes.

26. Smartwatch

gifts for mothers - Fitbit Smartwatch


Looking for a perfect present to tell your mom “thank you” for all that she has done? Grab her a gift that matches her interests! For the mom who loves to get out and exercise, a Fitbit is a wonderful idea. Mom will love keeping track of her progress in such a convenient and fun way.

27. One-Step Hair Dryer

good gifts to get your mom - One-Step Hair Dryer


For some moms, the working day never stops. If your mother is constantly bouncing between the boardroom and the homestead, she probably could use help making her daily processes as easy as possible. A one-step hair dryer is just the fit for the mom who could use all the help she can get in terms of expediting her daily routine.

28. Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

gifts for your mom - Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven


If your mother loves to cook and has no time each day to make a new meal, a Dutch oven is a fantastic gift to explore. Cooking becomes a breeze when she has access to a gift that can help her prep in advance and dish out hot and fresh meals to the family whenever hunger happens to strike them.

29. Weighted Blanket

thank you gifts for mom - Weighted Blanket


Life has a way of moving so fast that most people forget to stop and take a moment to themselves. If this sounds like your mom, you should go out of your way to ensure your gift is thoughtful. A weighted blanket is a lovely way to help mom remember she needs to stop and relax every now and again.

30. Gift Card

Homedepot Gift Card - presents for mom


Looking for a cool way to help mom make the most of her weekends? Some moms are always thinking about the next big home improvement project, meaning a gift card can be a lovely way to help her bring her dreams to reality. A gift card is one of the better things for moms you can consider as a present.

31. Smart Thermometer

practical presents for mom - Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer


When mom barely has enough time to sit down and enjoy watching TV, you might want to think about gifts that can help her maximize her schedule. A wireless smart meat thermometer is a great way to achieve this, as it is one of the top tech gifts to help people get more from the days and experiences in the kitchen.

32. Beauty Box Subscription

thank you gifts for mom - Beauty Box Subscription


Every mom is a special mom. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to feel so special. If you want your mom to radiate with the glow she deserves, a skincare and beauty box subscription is a great option. Each month, she’ll be greeted with an array of personal care products meant to nourish, restore, and invigorate her skin.

33. A Wine Subscription

practical presents for mom - Wine Subscription


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a long and stressful day? If your mom appreciates a fine bottle of wine every now and again, then a wine subscription gift is definitely worth your consideration. Help mom taste a robust assortment of flavors both domestic and international with a thoughtful subscription present she’ll definitely love.

34. Coffee Maker

mom gift ideas - Coffee Maker


Some gifts are a bit more practical than others. When mom spends all her time doing for others, she likely doesn’t have as much time for herself. This is where a good cup of coffee can prove invaluable. Bring the quality of the local cafe to her home with a coffee maker that boasts a number of useful, cutting-edge features

35. Wool Runner Mizzles

practical presents for mom - Wool Runner Mizzles


Health experts agree that there’s nothing quite like a daily run to strengthen the cardiovascular system. If mom likes to get out and get her heart rate up, a pair of new shoes is a super helpful gift! A pair of wool runner mizzles is definitely the type of present that mom will be ecstatic to receive and impatient to try out.

36. Wireless Earbuds

practical presents for mom - Wireless Earbuds


Whether engaged with sports or working out at the gym, it is hard to deny how much the right music can boost performance and motivation. If your mom is all about the athletic life, some wireless earbuds are a great gift choice. Perfect for a young mom or a mom who is young at heart and looking to stay active.

37. Nonstick Pan

thoughtful gifts for mom - Nonstick Pan


Nothing beats making breakfast for the family. If your mom likes indulging in this tradition, you can easily show her you’re the favorite child with a nonstick pan. Made specifically to improve the entire cooking experience, a quality pan can be put to good use no matter what meal mom is looking to make.

38. Cutting Board


When you’re running short on time for a special occasion, finding a perfect gift can feel like a stressful experience. Thankfully, some gifts cut right to the heart. A custom cutting board is a cheap and effective way to approach the gift. If you need something fast, a cutting board is definitely what to get your mom for Mother’s Day.

39. Oil Diffuser

gifts for mothers - Essential Oil Diffuser


The working mom usually has very little time to sit and decompress. If you want your mother to relax and recharge, an essential oil diffuser is the way to go. Help her experience all of the benefits of aromatherapy by picking out a selection of scents like eucalyptus and mint, which are known to encourage a state of relaxation.

40. Neck Shoulder Back Massager

thoughtful gifts for mom - Neck Shoulder Back Massager


Your mom doesn’t need to be an elderly mom to feel the weight of her daily activities on her body. Whether she’s in her 20s or her 70s, a mom can always use a way to relieve tension. A neck, shoulder, and back massager is one of those last-minute presents that can easily help her find the sense of peace she needs.

41. Hand Moisturizer

gifts for your mom - Hand Relief Moisturizing Cream


A mom doesn’t always stop and think about how working with her hands all the time can damage her skin. If you want to help her care for herself in the best ways possible, hand moisturizer is a great gift to consider. The restorative power of a good product is a gift all moms can use.

42. Bluetooth Trackers

thank you gifts for mom - Tile Essentials Bluetooth Trackers


Sometimes, mom wants to feel cool and in the know. If you’re looking for a gift that will help her achieve this, consider some modern stuff for moms. Bluetooth Trackers make for a great fit when it comes to this goal. Mom will love feeling like she’s up to speed on the latest gadgets found in the industry.

43. Stroller and Car Seat

meaningful gifts for mom - Baby Stroller And Car Seat Set


A new mom often needs all the help she can get. If someone you care about has just given birth to a little one, you might want to help with a gift that is going to go far. A baby stroller and car seat set help kill two proverbial birds with one stone by offering a gift that can be put to immediate use.

44. Digital Kettle

thank you gifts for mom - Smart Temp Digital Kettle


These days, it seems like all home appliances have taken on a digital appearance. Kettles are no exception to this, and the rise of the meteoric rise of the digital teapot is proof! When you require tech gifts for mom from son or daughter, you can accomplish this goal with ease by grabbing something clever like a digital kettle

45. Matte Revolution Lipstick

presents for mom - Matte Revolution Lipstick


You don’t need to spend a small fortune in order to make the most of a gift for your mom. If she’s the type who appreciates some quality makeup, then you can easily discover some perfect presents under $50. Matte Revolution lipstick can help her feel invigorated in no time with bold and beautiful colors.

46. Kindle

gifts for your mom - Kindle Paperwhite


A mother who enjoys spending time with a good book could always use a present that helps her take her hobby to the next level. Instead of carrying around heavy books whenever she wants to read on the go, a Kindle Paperwhite can make a perfect alternative. The latest in the Kindle line, this is a cutting-edge present she’ll be sure to adore.

47. AncestryDNA Testing Kit

meaningful gifts for mom - AncestryDNA Testing Kit


Learning about one’s past is an amazing opportunity. Help mom discover where she comes from in a unique way by gifting her a DNA test. These kits are popular and a fun way of discovering your roots as a family.

48. Watercolor Portrait

thank you gifts for mom - Watercolor Portrait


Do you know a special dog mom who could use a gift for an upcoming event? A watercolor painting of the pup is an absolutely fantastic present to consider. She’ll love seeing an artistic interpretation of her furry friend.

49. A Plant

meaningful gifts for mom - A Plant from Bloomscape


A touch of green has a way of breathing life into a home. If your mom has a green thumb and wants nothing, an uncommon gift to consider is a plant.

50. We Are So Glad That You’re Our Mom Blanket


A meaningful gift for your mother is definitely a great way to go when you’re stuck for ideas. A photo blanket featuring special images can be the perfect fit for a mom who likes to keep nice and cozy.

51. Candle Making Kit

mom gifts - Candle Making Kit


Who doesn’t appreciate a good candle? If your mom has a thing for lighting candles for ambiance, help her take her hobby to new heights with a candle kit. Picky moms will love the option of creating handmade candles at home.

52. Embroidery Book

Plant Lady Embroidery Book- good gifts to get your mom


Do you know a lady who loves plants? If you want to get the plant lady in your life a beautiful gift that makes her feel like a mommy, an embroidery book is sure to be a wonderful present. She’ll love creating embroidery as captivating as the plants found in nature.

53. Wine Glass

presents for mom - Mom Juice Wine Glass


Some moms need a nice big glass of wine at the end of a stressful day. If you’re searching for a present for the retired wine mom in your life, then you know a custom wine glass is absolutely the way to go with your gift. The mom who loves wine will adore this present.

54. You Are The World Pillow


If your mom likes to keep her life simple, she might not enjoy receiving a gift that doesn’t have a purpose. Exploring custom gifts for moms can be a great way to achieve this. Find a sweet phrase like “To the world you are a mother but to your family, you are the world” and make a remarkably meaningful present.

55. Online Cooking Classes

Online Cooking Classes - good gifts to get your mom


Learning a new skill can be a fun practice at any age in life. If you want an easy gift for a mom who has everything, cooking classes are a way to help her learn to cook the way they do in TV shows.

When it comes to a mother’s love, it is impossible to perfectly capture the feeling with a gift.

Still, exploring a variety of thoughtful and useful gift ideas for mom is a great way for you to feel inspired and discover an item your mom will absolutely adore. 

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