The 60 Best Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Dad in 2021

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • August 29, 2021
The 60 Best Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Dad in 2021

Let’s admit it. Dads are hard to shop gifts for.

No worries!

In this 2021 holiday gift guide, you can find the best Christmas gifts for your dad, even when he is one of the dads who already have everything.

Do you want to give him some sentimental gifts that touch his heart? Or are you in need of superbly practical gift ideas that he can make use of on a regular basis? In this article, there is no shortage of unique gifts for your old man, and we have some great gifts that are perfect as stocking stuffers. These dad gift ideas are epic, and will make you his favorite child this year’s holiday season!

Also, think of your father-in-law, stepdad, and grandpa as you read through the article. Our Christmas gift recommendations for dads will work just as well for them too.

Unique Gifts for Dad

1/ A Print of The Night Sky

a star map print gift for dad from children

Show the constellation when he officially became your dad. And tell him that you love him more than all the stars in the sky.

This unique real star map illustration uses the actual view from the date and location of the sky at that time.

1 to 3 children options are available. And you can change the quote and the name you use to call your dad.

2/ A Photo Canvas Print

daddy to me you are the world canvas gift for dad

Fathers are the pillars of any family, without whom a family can never be complete. Express what’s in your heart and make sure your father knows his efforts aren’t going unnoticed with this gift.

It will brighten up a home with happy memories and celebrate your everyday heroes, fathers. Make a dad feel loved and appreciated!

3/ A Sentimental Book for Dad

Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

There are so many meaningful gifts for dad from daughter or son. And this book is sure to bring a tear to his eye when you include all of your favorite memories of your dear old dad. He is sure to have a #prouddadmoment when he reads through all of your sweet sentiments that you have included.

4/ Coin Cufflinks and Tie Clip

Sixpence Coin Cufflinks and Tie Clip Birthday Gifts For Dad

In search of a truly unique birthday gift that dad will cherish? These sixpence cufflinks and tie clip set are handmade with love and feature the year 1959, which makes a great gift for his upcoming birthday.

5/ A Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn For Beer Lover

Raise a glass to the best dad around with this authentic, Viking style horn mug. A truly one-of-a-kind gift for beer drinkers. Beautifully handcrafted and ethically sourced from Oxen. This is a cool dad gift that he will love to show off to his buddies while enjoying a cold pint of beer.

6/ Bacon Gift Pack

Bacon Gift Pack

Bacon is a man’s best friend, and so is your dad’s. Whether he likes it chewy, extra crispy, or smothered in chocolate, dad is sure to love this meaty Broquet gift set. From sweet, savvory, and spicey, there is a little bit of everything for that big ham in this gift set.

7/ A World-Class Hot Sauce Gift Set

Flavors of the World Hot Sauce Gift Set

If he’s the daring kind of guy who likes to put hot sauce on EVERYTHING, then he is going to get a kick out of this sampler pack. He’ll have a blast exploring all the spices of the world with 30 international flavors. A hot gift that just might leave him speechless.

8/ A Bear Family Map Canvas Print

Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print, Gift For Dad

Gifts that highlight family make great Father’s day gifts for him. The bear family print includes Dad, Mom, and up to four children. Each bear shows where each member was born. Don’t forget to include the year established for a meaningful gift idea.

9/ A Journal Between Father and Son

Between Dad and Me- A Father and Son Guided Journal

While dads might be great at giving advice, they might not always be great with listening. This guided journal makes a thoughtful daddy-and-son gift that will become a keepsake later in life. A perfect gift to use with a young son filled with coloring pages, writing prompts, and top secret father son instructions.

10/ A Mug with Dad Definition

a coffee mug gift for dad with dad definition on it

Remind the father figure in your life of the place they hold in your heart with this lovely mug. Your dad deserves to know how special he is to you!

11/ A BBQ Sign for His Kitchen

Personalized BBQ Sign, Grilling Gifts

For the dad who is always lighting up the grill, he is going to love this sign. Sure to spark up a conversation by including meat themed references on these one-of-a-kind signs. They make hot grilling gifts and are a great addition to his patio or outdoor kitchen.

12/ A Photo Blanket

a photo blanket with family pictures - gift idea for dad

What dad wouldn’t love to snuggle up with all his kids? Make sure he is able to do that with this incredibly soft photo blanket featuring all his favorite people. The best gifts for dad always come from the heart! You’re sure to win holiday gift giving with this one of a kind present.

13/ A Sound Wave Art

Sound Wave Art For Dad from Kids

One-of-a-kind gifts like this sound wave picture make sentimental gifts to dad from his little kids. A beautiful and artistic way to tell dad how much you love him. Each print comes with a QR code that he can scan to hear your voice whenever he wants.

14/ A Golfing T-Shirt

a tshirt with the words best dad by par

This hilarious golfing t-shirt is perfect if you’re searching for gift ideas for your golf dad. If he spends a lot of time at the golf course, he’ll love to have this on. This comfortable, high-quality but inexpensive t-shirt is guaranteed to make him look super cool!

15/ A Metal Sign for Daddy’s Workshop

Daddy’s Workshop Metal Sign

Dad always seems to know how to fix things when they are broken. If it is a woodworking gift you are after, he will surely adore this vintage style sign. This gift works great whether he specializes in fixing cars or things around the house.

16/ A Set of Harley Davidson Blueprints Wall Art

Harley Davidson Blueprints Wall Art Prints

If the dad on your list is a gear head and has owned a couple Harleys, then he is going to love these vintage style Harley Davidson motorcycle blueprints. These would make a perfect addition to dad’s man cave or for any motorcycle themed room or garage.

17/ A Family Street Sign Print

a street sign print with family members names

A father’s heart is always with you, no matter how far apart you might be. Capture the family bone by giving him this thoughtful photo of the crossroads where the entire family is in one place.

18/ A Set of Fishing Lures for Dad’s Retirement

Retirement Fishing Lure For Men Dad

When the man, the myth, the fishing legend dad retires, it’s time to get him something extra special. These retirement themed fishing lures will have him reeling in a good time, even on Mondays. The perfect gift for a retired dad just looking to take it easy or snag the catch of his life.

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19/ A Gift for A Dad Promoted to Grandpa

a photo canvas print gift for dad who is promoted to new grandpa

Having his first grandchild is a milestone in his life! This canvas print is an excellent gift for your dad to commemorate the occasion.

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20/ A Platter that Illustrates Your Home

Personalized Platter Gift For Dads

Your childhood home is something you never forget. This hand painted platter is a great way to make sure dad knows how special that home is to you. Make him proud that he was able to provide you with such a memorable time. A novelty item that he will love to display anywhere he lives.

21/ A Beverage Bucket for His Home Parties

Galvanized Beverage Bucket & Wine Ice Bucket Chiller

Give a gift that he can use for any occasion. Make sure his home parties are filled with good times and cold brews with this sturdy beverage bucket. Include his name on the side of the bucket for a one of a kind gift. Large enough to hold all of his favorite brews and beverages!

22/ A Branding Iron For His Steak

Monogram Branding Iron For Steak Unique Grilling Gift For Dad

He will be able to create a one of a kind meal with this meat branding set. Not only will the ‘Grill Master’ be able to add a unique touch to steaks, buns, and burgers, this branding set also works on other items like wood and leather. A super hot gift he’ll be burning to use.

23/ A Wooden Train Model Puzzle Kit

a train model puzzle kit for dad

This is a wonderful gift for puzzle loving dads or those who are crazy about collecting train models. He’ll spend hours getting creative and engrossed in building this elaborate train replica. Imagine his pride when he’s done putting it together. It’s the perfect toy for him to show off on the mantlepiece.

24/ A Mug for Mechanic Dads

Tire Coffee Tea Mug For Daddy

Keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks ice cold with this stainless steel interior travel mug. A cool gift for the dad who is a mechanic or avid car lover. He will never get tired of using this tire mug! Rugged and durable, just like dad himself.

25/ A Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball, Novelty Gift For Dad

He’ll be ready to tee up his favorite beverage in no time with this golf themed pint glass. If golf gifts are his favorite by par, then he is going to love this best gift for dad fore-sure. Handmade by artisan glass makers, each glass is as unique as your dad.

26/ A Pillow from Long-Distance Children

a map pillow gift for dad with a quote about long distance family

If members of the family are already grown up and moved out, or headed off to out of state college, this pillow makes a thoughtful long-distance gift for dad. The pillow includes maps of different states with hearts placed where each family lives. Although you might be far apart, you are never far from his heart.

27/ A Shovel for His Ice-Cream

Daddy's Ice Cream Shovel Ice Cream Spoon Gift

For the dad with a sweet tooth, give him a creative gift that he will actually use. This adorable little spoon is shaped like a tiny shovel and will become his favorite spoon to use when digging into a bowl of ice cream.

28/ A Home-Run Wine Holder

Baseball Glove Wine Bottle Holder Gift For Dad

If dad is more of a wine connoisseur, then this wine holder in the shape of a baseball glove will be the perfect addition to his vintage and rustic decor. This gift will be an awesome addition to his sports-themed man cave!

29/ A Mug for The Best Father Ever

Best Farter Ever Oops! I Meant Father Photo Mug

Make sure he knows “He’s the best farter, oh wait… father”, with this coffee mug. Funny gifts for dad are never in short supply, especially when he’s the kind of guy always making bad dad jokes or beating you to the punch line.

30/ A Cool Coaster for The Cyclist

Bike Chain Coasters For Dad

Whether he’s cruising around on his road bike or tackling the terrain on his mountain bike, one of his favorite places to be is up on two wheels. These recycled bike parts coasters make a great gift for cyclists of all kinds.

31/ Novelty Football Whiskey Stones

Football Whiskey Stones Cool Birthday Gift Sets for Him Man Father's day Dad

Whiskey stones are a great addition to any man cave. While he might already have a traditional pair of whiskey stones, you can bet he doesn’t have a novelty pair of stones that look like tiny footballs. A wonderful gift for any sports fan that will keep their drinks the perfect temperature without diluting them.

32/ A Whiskey Glass Set for The Mountain Man

whiskey glasses with forest landscape

These glasses are the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers. They are beautifully crafted, classy, and guaranteed to turn any drink into a special occasion. The intricate forest illustration makes these charming glasses perfect for any outdoorsman.

33/ A Pillow to Mark His Spot

dad's spot pillow gift

Every dad has one, whether he admits it or not. That one unique spot on the couch or chair that he always sits in that fits him just perfectly. He’s worked years to get that butt groove just right! Make sure he’s comfortable and has all his essentials with this creative Dad’s spot pillow.

34/ A Wallet with His Children’s Handwriting

a wallet with children's handwriting

This wallet will make an amazing gift for a dad from his kids. Every time he looks at his wallet, it’ll remind him of the amazing family and life he’s made for himself.

35/ A Sentimental Keepsake for Step Dad

“Thank You for Being the Dad You Didn’t Have To Be” Photo Desktop Plaque, Photo Gift For Step Dad

It can be difficult to find beautiful and sentimental gifts for stepdads. Make sure he knows that you appreciate everything he has done for you over the years, even though he didn’t have to. Give this frame just for him that carries a simple message of love and appreciation.

36/ An Ornament of His Loving Family

an ornament with family photo as a gift for dad

An ornament that shows the whole family will warm his heart as he put it on the tree.

Useful Gifts for Dad

37/ A Beard Kit

a beard kit - dad gift on any occasion

Help your old man take care of himself and up his grooming game with this beard kit. It includes all that he needs to take care of his magnificent beard: a real boar bristle brush made of walnut tree wood, a beard oil, a beard shampoo, a beard balm, a mustache wax and a free body beer soap. I say BEER SOAP!

38/ A Docking Station

a docking station gift for dad

This practical docking station is the perfect gift for the man who doesn’t want anything. He’ll no longer need to waste time hunting for things before leaving home.

It is a beautifully handmade charging station for his phone and holds everything in one place. It makes his life less messy and storing things like keys and name cards easy.

39/ A Book for Dad’s Recipes

Dad's Recipe Book

For the guy who is always whipping up the family favorites, he will think this is an egg-cellent gift. You butter believe that the chef dad in him will appreciate the thyme you spent pickling out his gift. The a-peeling best gift for dad that will make him love you even s’more than before!

40/ A Weighted Blanket

Adult Weighted Blanket For Elderly Dad

Your old dad can benefit from a weighted blanket. Help him to get a peaceful night’s sleep with this thoughtful gift idea. These blankets help to soothe sore and achy muscles and will help him get a deep sleep.

41/ A Pair of Blue Light Glasses

a man wearing glasses with anti blue light technology

These glasses will make sitting in front of a computer for long hours much more bearable. They are perfect to keep your dad’s eyesight healthy and circadian rhythms optimal. These glasses are one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give him.

42/ An Eyeglass Holder Stand

a funny eyeglasses holder stand for dad as a gift

If you have a dad who’s 70 years old and constantly losing his glasses, fix it quickly with this stand. It is a cheap useful gift, and a great accessory to decorate the home, too.

This handy eyeglass holder will keep glasses within reach and scratch-free. Dad will no longer have to hunt high and low for them!

43/ A Leather Golf Log Book

Leather Golf Log Book

Whether he’s new to golf or has been on the green most of this life, this journal makes a great gift for a dad who is an avid golfer.

Compact enough to fit in a pocket or his golf bag and made from durable materials, it will help him to keep track of his best and worse scores.

44/ A Pair of Slippers

Men's Casey Slippers For Dad

Moccasin slippers are a signature style for many dads. These slippers are not only stylish, they are incredibly durable. A luxury slipper that is soft enough for lounging around the house and ultra-comfortable. Well-made with rubber soles, these slippers will outlast any other pairs he has bought.

45/ A Retro Record Player for Music Loving Dads

a red record player as a gift for music loving dads

Keep the music going with this beautiful record player. Its retro design will make it a very special Christmas gift for him. The music loving dad will appreciate its premium sound quality as well as its convenience. The perfect mix of old and new, this turntable will turn every event into a party.

46/ A Survival Kit for His Camping Trips

Survival Gear and Equipment Gifts Ideas for Him

There are so many great outdoorsy gift ideas for dad! Whether he is off hunting, fishing, camping or hiking, this gift will be a necessity for all of his outdoor adventures. A compact gift filled with 14 multifunctional tools that he can use for anything the wilderness throws at him.

47/ A Cutting Board for His RV

Life is Better at The Campsite Retro RV Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board for Food Prep

For the dad whose motto is “Life Is Better At The Campsite,” he will love this camper shaped bamboo cutting board. This makes a great gift for a dad who would love nothing more than traveling around in his RV on the weekend or when he retires.

48/ A Kit for Dad Who Takes Beer Brewing Seriously

Beer Brewing Starter Kit

If dad has talked about brewing his own beer, what better time to start than now? This beer brewing kit is great for beginners and comes with everything he needs to be whipping up some suds. Choose from ale, lager, or stout to start with. He’ll be sipping his own brews in no time!

49/ A Barrel for His Brews

American White Oak Barrel With Custom Dad's Name

No matter what he is filling this barrel with, it is going to taste great! His name, special symbol, or favorite sports team logo can be put on the front of the barrel. He can fill it with whiskey, rum, tequila, or any other spirit drink for a good time.

50/ A Rotating Oven for His Pizzas

Pizza Rotating Oven

Whether he’s cooking up pizzas for the big game or a late night snack, this rotating pizza oven makes a practical gift. This gift will easily and quickly cook fresh or frozen pizzas and other convenience foods like fried chicken and onion rings. A great gift for a dad with a small kitchen.

51/ A Pizza Cutter of His Own

Pizza Cutter With Dad's Name

Dad will be able to get perfect pie slices with this heavy duty pizza cutter. Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo and durable stainless steel, this pizza cutter is made to last. Include his name or funny saying on the wooden handle for a special gift that he won’t think is too cheesy.

52/ A Smart Watch to Monitor His Health

Apple Watch Series 6 - Blood Oxygen

Even if dad can’t figure out how to use his smartphone, he’ll find this Apple watch a thoughtful and useful gift. A great gift for an elderly dad that can help him to monitor his health, equipped with fall detection and electrical heart sensor. An easy to use, wearable device that he will use daily.

53/ A Therapy Lamp

a therapy lamp as a thoughtful gift for dad

Over time, many old dads find it harder to get a good night’s sleep. And for that reason, this therapy lamp is a thoughtful gift for him, helping him overcome sleep issues and improve his overall health.

54/ A Stand for Dad’s Watch Collection

watch stand Personalized Watch Display Watch gift for Dads

For the stylish dad who has quite a watch collection, he’s going to love displaying his treasured time pieces. This watch stand displays his prized possessions in a truly unique, timeless style.

55/ A Magnetic Wristband Made for The Best Dad

Best Dad Ever Magnetic Wristband

For the dad that always has a hammer in his hand fixing something, he is going to love this cool and useful gift idea. The gift has two special messages for him, that he is the best dad around and as a thank you for always being there to fix things for you.

56/ A Must-Have Set of Light Gloves

LED flashlight gloves men gifts

Whether he’s got his head by the engine block or riding solo on his bike, these LED gloves make a useful and practical gift he will get a ton of use out of. These gloves are a cool mechanic tool that won’t just be another gadget that gets lost in his tool box.

57/ A Multifunctional Pen for His Survival

a multifunctional tool pen for dad as a gift on christmas

Your dad will wish you got him this pen much earlier. This small gift packs a punch and is the modern-day man’s utility knife. It works as a screwdriver, box cutter, bottle opener, stylus, and much more! You will be pleased to know that it’s a great pen, too.

58/ A Carousel to Showcase His Coffee Pods

Coffee Pod Carousel that Holds 35 K-Cups - Gift For Dad

If k-cups are the first thing he reaches for in the morning, then he is going to like this gift a latte! Warm his heart with this gift to express-o your love for him. He will be whipping up his favorite cup of coffee in no time with this brew-ti-ful k-cup stand.

59/ A Subscription Gift for Tea Drinkers

a tea subscription gift for dads who are tea lovers

Subscription boxes are getting more popular by the day, and they’re a great way to indulge in a hobby. Tea lovers and novices alike will love this cool concept that introduces exciting new teas for them to try. This subscription will make a really thoughtful gift for any dad, especially if he loves tea.

60/ A Leg Exerciser at His Desk

A compact leg exerciser - gift for dad

This under-desk elliptical will help your dad work out even while he’s at work. This is multitasking at its finest. As far as fitness gifts go, this portable elliptical is one of the best. Getting fit has never been easier and more fun!

61/ A Massager for His Aching Feet

Shiatsu Foot Massager For Dad

While you might think massagers are great gifts for old dads, they make wonderful gifts for dads of any age. Whether he’s on his feet all day for his job or chasing after kids, this foot massager makes a thoughtful gift for any dad. A great gift to show you care about his well-being.


We hope you feel inspired by these gift ideas for your dad this Christmas.

No matter his hobbies or interests, or even for the dads who want nothing at all, we bet you found one or some gifts that your dad will love this holiday.

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