43 Gifts for Best Friend to Prove You Really Know Each Other

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • August 5, 2020
43 Gifts for Best Friend to Prove You Really Know Each Other

So, your bestie has a special occasion, and you’re looking for the perfect best friend gift? Could be stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas, Friendship Day worthy gifts for her, or even Valentine’s Day gifts.

Best friends are always there for each other no matter what! A best friend is like a brother or a sister and deserves love and a unique gift for their special day.

Here are the coolest 43 ideas for best friend gifts that everyone would appreciate.

best friend gifts: photo collage canvas print

Photo Collage Canvas Print


This canvas print is one of the best friend gift ideas if you’re not seeing each other very often. The message is clear, and you can choose 4 of your favorite pictures to be printed along with the kind words. The cute canvas comes in 3 sizes, and you can even customize your names.

Price: $46.95+

best friend gift ideas: morse code necklace

Morse Code Necklace


Not only an affordable best friend gift idea but also a unique one. With this necklace, your friend can keep a secret message from you close to their heart. Well, not a super-secret one, but only people that know the Morse code will be able to crack it. You can select the color and how many sides you want to be engraved.

Price: $9.50+

gift for best friend: custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug


This “You’re My Favorite Person” mug is an affordable, yet sentimental gift for your bestie. Customize the mug with a favorite photo of you two. Also, your names will be written below in a stylish font. Custom mugs will remain one of the most chosen gifts for best friends. We’re sure that your friend is going to love this particular one.

Price: $22.95

cute gift ideas for best friend: double name ring

Double Name Ring


Your names – one over the other and forged into a beautiful ring tell about a friendship bond like no other. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a circle of life representation – yours and your best friend’s life, bound to be together forever. You can even choose the font, and it’s made of quality materials.

Price: $31.50+

best friend gift ideas: letters to my friend

Letters to My Friend


A handwritten letter is not only a sentimental gift but shows how much you appreciate the receiver as a person. This “Letters to My Friend” bundle includes 12 letters that invite both the sender and receiver to celebrate a cherished friendship. Each letter has a unique prompt printed to it and also a space to write when it was sealed and when it should be opened. You can write one for the upcoming birthday and leave the others for special dates throughout the year. Of course, if you’re into time capsules, you can instruct your friend to open them in 20 years.

Price: $9.74

best friend gifts: custom photo plaque

Custom Photo Plaque


If you’re looking for personalized and sentimental birthday gifts for her, this custom photo plaque might be your best option. All you need is a lovely picture of you two, and you’ll have the cutest gift for your BFF. The plaque is also suitable for a Friendship Day and even a Christmas gift.

Price: $24.95

birthday present for best friend: Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Bracelet


All the best friend gifts should be personal and meaningful. An engraved bracelet with minimalistic but beautiful design fits the description. The 14K gold bracelet can come in rhodium and rose gold as well. Before ordering, check out the sizing guide to choose the most suitable one. Also, you can request a bigger size (up to 20”).

Price: $18.00+

best friend gift: Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized Passport Cover


We all know someone who loves traveling. If that someone is an exceptional friend, they deserve a very special gift. Well, this personalized passport cover is a great and unique gift idea for your friend. It comes with 28 different colors, 38 charms, and 10 name tag designs. The covers are made of Saffiano and Brass Charms Leather.

Pro tip: Since the passport cover is rather affordable, you can combine it with something else, and why not a plane ticket to your favorite destination? Put the ticket inside the cover for an extra surprise effect.

Price: $12.95+

cute gift ideas for bff: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


Friendship is all about the precious memories you create over the years. With the new Instax Mini 8, making memorable pictures is easier than ever. The film camera comes in a variety of colorful designs and new features. It’s also really easy to use and makes better quality photos than before.

Price: $52.95

cute gift for best friend: you're my bestea spoon

“You’re My Bestea” Spoon


There are coffee lovers, and there are tea people. Needless to say, this “You’re my bestea” spoon makes a perfect gift for the second kind. It’s not just the message that makes this spoon so special and unique. It’s made of recycled silverware, and each letter is hand stamped individually.

Price: $17.17+

cute bff gifts: mermaid tail blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket


If your best friend doesn’t like the cold, this 75×35.5-inch mermaid blanket should be the best of all BFF gifts you can find. It’s made of high-quality fabric (70% Orlon + 30% Cotton), it’s soft, it’s comfy, and it looks good. The back and the bottom are open so that the blanket is more convenient to wear.

Price: $23.99

unique gifts for friends: buds for life planter

“Buds for Life” Planter


This is a unique gift for friends who live away from each other. Just like Elisabeth Foley once said: “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” This is why your best friend will love growing a plant in this “Buds for Life” planter.

Price: $24.97+

cute christmas gifts: Personalized Wine Tumbler

Personalized Wine Tumbler


This personalized wine tumbler makes a great gift for women friends. It comes in a floral design and is made of stainless steel. The design allows a custom name tag which can be printed in many color and font options. It holds up to 12 oz liquids, up to 24 hours when they’re cold and 12 if hot.

Price: $24.20

best friend gifts: "I'm Thankful for You Bitch" Keychain

“I’m Thankful for You Bitch” Keychain


If you’re looking to make a cute and sentimental gift to your best friend, they will certainly love this keychain. It has character, and the message just makes you smile. Whether it is for their birthday, your friendship anniversary, or as an unexpected surprise, this gift idea is perfect. It shows how much you care in a sentimental yet funny way!

Price: $13.89

gift for best friend: Knock Knock "Why You're My Bestie" Fill in the Love Book

Knock Knock “Why You’re My Bestie” Fill in the Love Book


When there’s a special occasion, and you’re scouring the Internet for meaningful gifts for your best friend, this book won’t disappoint. It contains 112 pages full of empty lines where you can list all the reasons why your pal is simply the best. It’s cute, and a loving way to show your appreciation.

Price: $9.95

cute gift ideas: custom airpod case with pompom

Custom AirPod Case


Is your best friend a music buff? These custom AirPod cases are super cute, and you can personalize them with your best friend’s name. With so many colors and font styles to choose from, you’ll certainly find the perfect match for your best pal. After all, some best friend gifts are more unique than others, wink-wink.

Price: $19.99

gift for best friend: Best Friend Definition Print

Best Friend Definition Print


This gift idea is definitely on the affordable side, so if you’re on a tight budget, this print is a great option. If your friend has room for sentimental wall art, here’s your perfect present. You can choose between several size options too. The print is made from matte premium paper, so even though it’s not expensive, it looks stylish.

Price: $6.81+

gift ideas for best friend female: travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer


For her special day, your bestie deserves something unique, right? Make her travels extra awesome and get her a jewelry organizer like this pink cute one. It’s stylish and easy to maintain, not to mention it has enough room for her to pack her favorite jewelry pieces. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, there’s enough space for all of them!

Price: $11.99

cute gift ideas for best friend: handwriting bracelet

Handwriting Bracelet


Now this is a truly unique and special gift idea. Giving your best friend a bracelet with your actual handwritten wish on it is a loving, sentimental gesture. It’s a sweet keepsake, and no one else will ever have the same like it. Is the best gift idea or what?

Price: $27.75

funny best friend gifts: bff custom socks

BFF Custom Socks


A fun idea for your BFF’s birthday or any other special occasion, these custom socks are bound to make them smile. All you need is to send a picture of you and your best friend, choose the size and color of the socks, and wait for them to be made. Simple as that. You even have the option to add a BFF mug and make things extra fun.

Price: $23.00+

long distance gift for best friend: city candle

Homesick City Candle


This is one of those best friend gift ideas your BFF won’t expect to get. The homesick city candles have a unique concept and make for a sweet and thoughtful gift. Especially if your friend recently moved elsewhere and might be feeling a little homesick. You can add the candle to a bigger gift or make it a standalone present to remind them of home.

Price: $34.00

gift for friends who like travelling: Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster


Scratch off maps are always a fantastic gift idea for avid travelers. Does your best friend get their high from exploring new places? Well, here’s a way to help them document each place they’ve visited around the globe. It’s the perfect gift for the experienced adventurer, and it’s super stylish too!

Price: $19.99 – $23.99

cute gift ideas for best friend: pusheen slippers

Pusheen Cat Slippers


Fluffy slippers are never enough. The more you have of them, the better. So, if you’re out of other ideas for your best friend, these Pusheen house slippers are a great choice. They will make them feel warm and fuzzy when they’re at home. It’s a gift that will remind them of you each time they wear the slippers too.

Price: $23.99

gift ideas for best friend: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


This is both an affordable and practical gift idea your best friend will surely love. Portable speakers are a must-have item for trips and long walks, and they can fit in every backpack. Easy to charge, perfect for music lovers, these are the perfect present for your bestie. Let the party start!

Price: $18.99

best friend gift ideas: the office inspired mug

The Office Inspired Star Mug


Much like with slippers, mugs are always needed around the house or at the office. If they are by chance a fan of the show “The Office”, why not get your bestie a cute coffee mug inspired from the popular TV show for their birthday? Customize it with their picture and choose the mug size. It’s simple like that. Watch them react to seeing their face on the mug, it will be priceless!

Price: $12.95+

cheap gifts for friends: bath bomb gift set

Bath Bomb Gift Set


Remind your bestie it’s good to unwind and de-stress every now and then with this thoughtful gift. The bath gift set comes with 12 therapeutic bombs made from natural ingredients. Gift her the ultimate at-home SPA experience. It is one of the best gift ideas you can find for your dear friend.

Price: $26.80

cheap gifts for friends: animal ring holder

Animal Ring Holder


Looking for creative best friend gifts? This animal ring holder is it. It’s compact, and it can easily store multiple rings regardless of their size. Not to mention how cute the animal options are! They are a sweet addition to any interior and take up less space than a jewelry tray or a ring box would. It’s both practical and thoughtful!

Price: $8.00+

best friend gifts: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer


If you’re willing to expand your budget, this ‘social’ printer is the best idea ever. You can easily print your favorite photos, play around with the design, and build a whole album together. It’s easy to use and a really unique present for your bestie. Document your adventures together with the help of this tiny smartphone printer!

Price: $99.00

unique gifts for friends: Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


If you’re looking for long distance friendship gifts for your bestie, this bracelet will help make spending time apart easier. This touch bracelet makes a good gift for your BFF when you’re spending a single day apart or living apart long term. It’s one of those best friend gifts that you’ll both enjoy and cherish.

Price: $8.00 – $98.00

christmas gift for best friend: Automatic Handbag Illuminator

Automatic Handbag Illuminator


This illuminator makes the perfect stocking stuffer for your bestie. It goes into your handbag and can be used to light up the inside of your bag to make finding whatever you’re looking for easy. The light goes on with a simple touch and it turns off automatically which gives you enough time to find what you need.

Price: $29.95

good gifts for friends: Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential oil set

Aromatherapy Diffuser


When looking for unique best friend gifts or something nice to give your soul sista, consider this aromatherapy diffuser. It’s a way for your BFF to relax and unwind after a long day or even help them feel like they’re at a spa with all of the different and calming scents.

Price: $33.95

christmas present for friend: Knitted Tweed Throw Blanket

Knitted Tweed Throw Blanket


As a cozy and unique gift idea for your best friend, you can choose this blanket in one of the many colors that it comes in. It’s made from polyester fabric and is perfect for year-round use due to it’s lightweight yet cozy feel. It’s the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your bestie.

Price: $33.59

gifts for female friends: Flapover Crossbody Bag

Flapover Crossbody Bag


If your best friend is into fashion and likes to style numerous outfits with accessories like handbags, this gift is perfect and affordable. You can choose the color of the handbag to match their style as closely as possible. It’s a spacious and stylish bag that your best friend or sister will love.

Price: $23.95

best friend gifts: ring trinket dish with quote about friendship

Ring Trinket Dish


Send a sweet and meaningful message to your friend with this ring dish. It’s a small gift for friends or sisters for birthdays, Christmas, or even Friendship Day. They can keep it by the sink for when they need to remove their rings to wash their hands or on their makeup table for when they get ready for the day.

Price: $16.99

yoga gifts for her: pattern yoga pants

Pattern Yoga Pants


If you have a yoga lover as a best friend, you should consider giving them one of these full-length patterned leggings so that they can be stylish even when in zen mode. They’ll make a thoughtful gift for a birthday or a just because gift since they can use them all year long.

Price: $22.99 – $29.99

best friend christmas gifts: Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain

Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain


A meaningful gift for any dog lover or cat lover best friend of yours would be this keychain that can be personalized with a portrait of their pet. Their pet’s portrait can be printed right onto the keychain and their name can be added along with other numbers or symbols.

Price: $19.99

bff gifts: Hey Friend, I Wrote a Book About You

Hey Friend, I Wrote a Book About You


As a more sentimental gift for your bestie, you can give them this book that you can fill in on your own based on your friendship or decide to do it together. The book comes with prompts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face once they’re all completed. It’s the perfect Galentine’s Day, Friendship Day, or birthday gift for your BFF.

Price: $12.39

cool gifts for friends: agate coasters

Agate Coaster


If you’re looking for more affordable and beautiful best friend gifts, these coasters are just what you need. They’re unique coasters that can be used for many purposes while also keeping up an elegant and modern look to anyone’s home. They can be ideal for housewarming gifts for your BFF or for other occasions.

Price: $14.00

gift for friend: Faux Fur House Slippers

Faux Fur House Slippers


When wondering what to get your best friend for her birthday, choose something comfy and cozy that they can use all year long. These faux fur slippers make for a cute gift for your BFF since they’ll be able to keep warm and feel stylish, even when they’re staying indoors.

Price: $19.97 – $28.19

birthday gift for best friend female: custom tumbler

Custom Skinny Tumbler


If you’ve got a bestie or a sister that loves taking drinks on the go, they’ll love receiving this customized tumbler as their birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift. It can keep drinks both hot and cold for hours at a time since it has triple-insulated technology. It’s also customizable so you can add their name to it as a special detail.

Price: $33.00

birthday gift for best friend female: sephora gift card

Sephora Gift Card


For your best friend that is a makeup lover and into all things cosmetics, get them a gift card to Sephora so that they can shop for their favorite products. This gift is a way to get something nice for your bestie that may be hard to shop for since they can choose their own items.

Price: $10.00 – $250.00

best friend gifts: Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Mini Beauty Refrigerator


A beauty refrigerator is one of those unique best friend gifts that your bestie or sister would love and enjoy using, especially if they’re into beauty products and makeup. They can keep their beauty products like serums, crystal rollers, creams, and more tucked away in this chilled mini refrigerator along with their favorite beverages.

Price: $59.95

last minute gift for best friend: Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Urban Outfitters Gift Card


Another best friend gift for the one bestie that may be hard to shop for is a gift card to Urban Outfitters so that they can shop for their favorite items. You can customize their card to include a sweet message to go along with the thoughtful gift and stocking stuffer.

Price: $25.00 – $1000.00

Shopping for best friend gifts can be simple when you have a variety of options to choose from that your bestie or soul sista will love.

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your BFF for their birthday, Christmas, Galentine’s Day, Friendship Day, or just because, the ideas above will definitely help you find something thoughtful and meaningful.



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