29 Cool Gifts For Baseball Lovers of All Ages (2022 Gift Guide)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • January 10, 2022
29 Cool Gifts For Baseball Lovers of All Ages (2022 Gift Guide)

Struggling to find the best baseball gifts for the baseball-loving guys in your life?

These great gift ideas are sure to be a home run for a young boy just developing a love for the game, a seasoned coach, and every super-fan in between.

Check out these baseball-themed ideas to find the perfect gifts for baseball fans of all ages, even if they have never played the sport.

Our list of unique and personalized gifts works great for a last-minute birthday present, Valentine’s day gift, Christmas present, and even an anniversary.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Gifts For Baseball Lovers

If you’re scrambling to find the ideal gift for any baseball fan in your life, look no further. Check out our ideas for yourself or your favorite sports fan.

29. Baseball Photo Collage

Baseball Photo Collage Canvas Print

$54.95 $42.95 (22% OFF)

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Celebrate your special athlete with this unique canvas print. This print can be personalized pictures from the beginning of his baseball career. From the first pitch to the last ball he hits as a senior, this is a piece of art that he will truly cherish for years to come.

In addition to the memorable images on the canvas, the print can also be customized with the player’s name and number. This would make a great graduation gift for a senior or for a coach.

28. Personalized Baseball Bat

Engraved Baseball Bat and a glove


This personalized baseball bat works great as a graduation gift or for a senior picture prop. This full-sized wooden baseball bat is engraved with a name and special message for the athlete.

These make great graduation gifts for him and also a sentimental gift for coaches that might even bring a tear to their eye. These make really cool gifts for individuals or team gifts as well. The bat can also be engraved with a team logo or other special messages in addition to their name. These bats will look great displayed in any baseball fan’s home.

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27. God Hit A Home Run Canvas For Dad

baseball gifts for dad on father's day: god hit a home run canvas


On many occasions, including Father’s Day, this canvas print is a unique gift for a baseball dad. Simply choose a photo of him and his kids playing together. This baseball-themed canvas artwork is a thoughtful Father’s Day present that your dad will treasure for years.

26. Coat Hanger

coat rack hanger wall mounted little league all-star baseball bat


This is certainly a unique coat hanger that will spark a sports conversation. Make your baseball fan happy with this coat hanger made from authentic baseballs. In addition to the hangers on the rack being actual baseballs, the backboard itself looks like a baseball.

This would make a great gift for a high school senior who is going to go off to college soon to hang in their dorm. A fun way to decorate their new living space with baseball gifts. This gift also works great for hanging up all their well-loved baseball hats and even a few metals.

25. Wine Rack

Baseball Bat Wall Mounted Wine Rack


Searching for unique gift ideas that will also be a conversation starter? Combine their love of baseball and wine with this unique baseball bat wine rack.

This would make a great gift for a teacher or that special someone’s birthday. Made in the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, this sawed in half baseball bat is certainly a one-of-a-kind gift that they will love. The only thing that would make this gift even better? Their favorite bottles of wine to fill the rack with.

24. Bottle Opener

Baseball Bottle Opener Bat Replica with Gift Pouch Yankees team


If your baseball fan is more into beer than wine, then they will love this baseball-themed bottle opener. Perfect for opening a cold brew. A great idea for those looking for Yankees gifts or other popular teams, like the Cubs, Giants, Dodgers, and Red Socks.

The handle of the bottle opener is a replica of the classic Louisville slugger bat knob. A perfect gift for men looking to add to their sports-themed man cave. This would also make a great gift for sports-loving groomsmen or for the groom himself.

23. Baseball Socks

Red Sox-Baseball Socks with text "if you can read this, Shh! the red sox game is on"


Searching for an inexpensive baseball-themed gift for Red Sox fans on your list? These socks are great for gifting to your best friend, father, or in-laws for a holiday or just because you feel like it.

The socks can be customized with your own saying or pick from one of the nine popular team options like Cardinals, Braves, and White Sox. A funny and thoughtful gift for young and old guys like to keep their feet warm while relaxing and watching the game.

22. Letter Art Canvas Gift

letter art canvas print using baseball theme

$54.95 $42.95 (22% OFF)

Celebrate their love of the game with this unique wall decor that spells out love with baseball-themed images.

This print makes a lovely gift for a close friend or senior athlete as a graduation gift. The saying on the canvas speaks volumes: In baseball, as in life, all important things happen at home.

This sturdy canvas includes images of all the classic baseball essentials, a well-loved ball, an aerial view of the baseball diamond, and to emphasize the message, a home plate. A thoughtful gift any baseball fan would love to display in their home or dorm.

21. Cufflinks

Groomsmen Cufflinks Real Baseball Cufflinks


If you have been looking for unique baseball gifts for the guys in your wedding party, you have found them in these baseball-themed cufflinks. These super cute baseball cufflinks are handmade from the stitches of real baseballs.

They would work great as groomsmen gifts for buddies who love going to games with one another or hanging out in the man cave watching the game. These cufflinks would also make a great gift for a team when they have to dress up on game days. These are one-of-a-kind cufflinks that are sturdy and will last a lifetime.

20. Bag Tags

baseball bag tags


Bag tags make a nice, inexpensive gift for an entire baseball team to give them at the start of the season. Whether for a son or friend who is playing, these bag tags are a great, small gift to encourage their love of the game. Each tag can be personalized with the player’s name and includes a chain to easily attach to their gear bag. And of course, don’t forget to get one for each of the coaches too!

19. Baseball Wallet

Leather Baseball Wallet with 3 colors


This unique wallet makes a great anniversary gift for a husband or a special guy in your life.

Whether he has played or watched the game his whole life, this genuine leather wallet makes a thoughtful gift that he will use every day for years to come. The outside of the wallet is decorated with baseball seam stitches. The perfect place to store his tickets stubs from every game of the season.

18. Key Chain

Personalized Father's Day Key Chain with baseball theme


Searching for baseball-related Father’s Day gifts? This adorable little stamped keychain is engraved with cute sports saying and kids’ or grandkids’ names. Highly customizable baseball gifts for dad and grandpa are great as you can order something that you know he will truly love. Include fun, baseball-related sayings like, “my greatest catches” or “dad’s all-stars.” Perfect for a dad or grandpa who is also a current or retired baseball coach.

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17. Mason Jar Sets

Rustic Baseball Bathroom Decor - Painted Mason Jars


These rustic Mason jars would make a great addition to a bathroom in a sports-themed man cave! Not only are they functional, they are just so darn cute! Each jar is hand-painted with white chalk paint to look like a baseball tied with a lovely little twine bow. But you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined by getting wet, they are sealed and perfectly protected for a long stay in a bathroom. Store your toothbrushes and soap in these ones of a kind, hand-painted “Ball” jars.

16. Gift Card

baseball gift card


What do you get a baseball fan and player of the game when you can’t find anything else that you think they will like? An official MLB gift card of course! These gift cards make great gifts for super fans, coaches, and young players alike. For those that are still playing the game, baseball equipment can get really expensive, especially as they get older. New bats, balls, helmets, gloves, cleats, the list goes on. Gift them a gift card that will help to deter some of those equipment expenses as a Christmas or easy birthday gift.

15. Baseball Hat

Men's Los Angeles Dodgers New Era Royal MLB Team Classic hat


Every baseball fan has more than a few baseball hats. They might even own a few hats that are absolutely loved to the point where they are falling apart. Before the end year, make sure you give them a brand new hat that they will quickly become their new favorite for years to come. While a hat makes a great gift for any super fan, they also make lovely baseball team gifts for those that are celebrating a team win.

14. Light Switch

Baseball-themed Metal Wall Plate Cover for Light Switch Outlet Rocker - best baseball gifts


When decorating a baseball-themed room, you can’t forget the light switch plates! These baseball-related light switch covers and wall plug covers really tie everything together. An inexpensive gift to give to a boy that already has a room covered in baseball gifts. These covers are printed to look like a three-dimensional version of a baseball. Whether looking for a simple gift for Easter or his birthday, he’ll love how realistic these cool light switch covers look.

13. Baseball Stitch Shoelaces

Pairs of Baseball Stitch Pattern Shoelaces


Let the boys show off their love of baseball with these baseball stitch pattern shoelaces. Whether that’s a 13-year-old boy or your dad, he’ll definitely love it. These laces fit most adult shoes, sneakers, and kids’ shoes. If you’re looking for a cool baseball-themed Christmas or birthday gift for your friends, dads, coaches, then searching no more. This perfect gift will wow any baseball fan around you.

12. Baseball Ball

To My Boyfriend Baseball Ball


Does your boyfriend seem to spend all of his time on the baseball field and not enough time with you? Give him this heartwarming gift of a custom baseball. A sentimental Valentine’s Day gift for him that he will proudly show off to his buddies. For the guy who loves baseball almost as much as his girlfriend, this makes the perfect baseball gift for a boyfriend. Make sure that he never forgets that he is your missing piece with this sentimental present.

Baseball Gifts for Boys
And Kids

If you have kids who are crazy about baseball, buying them something baseball-related is the perfect gift because you know they will love it.

In this list, you’ll find some great baseball stuff for boys and kids that will totally surprise them.

11. Custom Name Collage Canvas

custom name collage canvas

$64.95 $52.95 18% OFF)

This is a one-of-a-kind gift that you can gift any baseball fan on occasions like birthdays. If their team makes the semifinals or finals, gifting this canvas print is the perfect way to commemorate the moment.

Don’t think twice! There’s nothing better than a beautiful canvas print featuring their pictures.

10. Night Light

Personalized Baseball Glove Night Light - cool baseball gifts


While he might not be afraid of the dark anymore, this baseball glove night light makes a great gift for teen boys. This light makes a pretty neat piece of room decor he can proudly display next to all of his baseball trophies. These night lights make great baseball gifts for a 13-year-old to showcase in his room. Equipped with a remote for the 16 different colored lights, this is a gift that will never get old and he could even take with him off to college.

9. Sports Chair

Baseball Chair With Footstool


This sports chair has such a fun design and will make a great addition to any sports-themed bedroom. The footstool tucks right into the chair itself for easy storage and saving on-floor space when not in use. A good chair just for lounging around or playing his favorite video games with friends. A unique gift from his baseball team for a 9-year-old. With a soft finish and tough construction, this chair will last many years, even after they have grown out of it.

8. The Baseball Lovers Gift Box

The Baseball Lovers Gift Box - Makes a Great Gift for Men and Boys


There is something about baseball and salty snacks that just make them the perfect game day combination. Baseball gifts don’t all have to be about balls and bats, try something different with this gift basket filled with all of the classic ballpark snacks. From jerky to the necessary bags of peanuts, this gift box has it all. This box also includes a book about baseball wisdom from the “old timers.” A thoughtful gift for a big or little guy who loves spending his nights at the ballpark.

7. Boy’s Shirt

Red baseball birthday shirt - cool baseball gifts


Celebrate that special little birthday boy in your life with this adorable tee shirt. Every kid loves to be celebrated and spoiled on his birthday, why not give him a sports gift that he will love to show off.

Whether you are looking for baseball gift ideas for a 10-year-old boy or a little guy just developing a love for the game, he will think this shirt is the best gift ever. Easily customize the tee with his name and age on the back of the shirt and choose from one of three main classic baseball colors.

6. Custom Jacket

Baseball Style Kids Varsity Jacket - best baseball gifts


Encourage a love of the game with this custom baseball jacket. An adorable gift for a toddler to wear while attending his first baseball games with mom and dad. This cute jacket would make a perfect gift for a grandson who’s family history is in the game. Available in sizes 3 to thirteen, these jackets would certainly make for an adorable family picture of brothers who love the game.

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Top Baseball Coaches Gifts

Coaches play an important role in any team. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a great gift that says thanks for all their hard work.

If you don’t know what to get your coach, check out the following gifts that they’ll love.

5. Baseball Rebounder

Baseball Rebounder


Help him make sure he has the perfect pitch by the season opener with this sturdy baseball rebounder. From learning how to catch pop flies and grounders, this rebounder does it all. This essential piece of equipment will quickly become his best friend during the off-season. While this makes a great gift from mom and dad, it would also make a great gift from a youth baseball coach for his star player. Constructed out of steel, this rebounder will last his entire baseball career and then some.

4. Batting Tee

Premium Baseball Batting Tee


For the younger baseball players that are just learning how to bat, this batting tee makes a great baseball gift. He can hang out in the backyard with dad and practice his batting game. Baseball equipment makes such a practical gift for young players just starting out and helps those that have been playing the game for a few years. Inspire your young player with a batting tee that even players from the big leagues use.

3. Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun


Looking for practical baseball gear gifts for a pitcher? This speed gun makes a great gift for a young pitcher trying to improve his speed in the game. The large LED display makes it easy for coaches and parents to read the speed and relay it back to their players. The speed gun has a simple point and shoots operation that even his young teammates can easily operate.

2. Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Pocket Radar Ball Coach


Perhaps you are looking for a cool gadget for a friend who is trying to improve their pitching speed. This pocket radar ball coach is simple to use and displays an incredibly accurate speed. Not only is this a great gift for baseball players, it even works for other sports such as; hockey, tennis, and volleyball. This radar is accurate within 1 mile per hour and has a range of 125 feet. An amazing tech gadget they are sure to love and use often.

1. Photo Canvas For Coach

Team Gift for Baseball Coach Custom Photo Canvas Print


When looking for end-of-season gifts, it can be difficult to find the perfect thing for that special coach. Show your coaches your appreciation for being such a great role model for your athlete with this custom photo canvas. Let him know that he is the number one coach. You can personalize this baseball gift with your team’s name and year and even include the coach’s name on the frame as well.

Bottom lines

Whether you are searching for baseball gifts for your budding superstar or an experienced athlete, you are sure to find something on our list of baseball gift ideas for 2022. Whether you’re a coach looking for something for your team, a parent of a player, or searching for a super fan.

From one-of-a-kind engraved bats to awesome tech gadgets to improve their game, there is no shortage of awesome ideas for baseball-themed gifts for all ages.



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