42 of The Best Baptism Gifts for Girls to Keep Forever (2023)

  • BY Simon Smize
  • January 7, 2023
42 of The Best Baptism Gifts for Girls to Keep Forever (2023)

What are the best baptism gifts for girls? Baptism is an important moment and it needs something truly meaningful to welcome her into the faith of God.

Whether you’re a parent, godparent, or just a guest, there is plenty of baby girl presents out there to consider.

Here, we made it easier for you with this list of useful, inexpensive, and sentimental gifts for baptism girls. Check it out.

Typical Baptism Gifts for Baby Girls

It can be useful to start your search with the most traditional of gifts. The typical communion gift incorporates the symbols of the faith in order to create a present that is as meaningful as it is appropriate.

Look over these gift options for baptism ideas and find a simple and powerful way to show your love.

1. I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Canvas

1. I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Canvas


Are you looking for a sweet but thoughtful baptism present for girls? Take a look at this piece of wall art. With a meaningful scripture from Psalm 139:14, it’s perfect for hanging above the crib to protect her dreams every night.

You Are A Child Of God Blanket

2. You Are A Child Of God Blanket


If you’re searching for a gift for your goddaughter that is both fitting and unique, consider this blanket. Featuring a text of a Bible verse, this is a communion gift that will be cherished for many years.

Cross Baby Bracelet with pearls - baptism gifts for girls

3. Cross Baby Bracelet


Jewelry is always a classic fit when you are a godfather or godmother searching for the perfect present for a godchild. A bracelet featuring a cross is the perfect way to capture the symbolism of this special day and provide a gift that will be cherished forever.

4. Be Strong & Courageous Plaque


You don’t need to stick with traditional gifts if you’re a godparent. In fact, a non-religious gift like a custom desktop frame photo plaque is a creative option to consider. Pick some pictures you love and create a truly meaningful present.

Be Who You Were Created To Be: gifts for goddaughter

5. Be Who You Were Created To Be


If you’re looking for a baptism gift for your goddaughter, check out this wall art. It’s simple but meaningful. Simply personalize it with her full name and date of baptism, and she’ll have a keepsake to keep forever.

God Bless Book cover

6. God Bless Book


You don’t need to spend a small fortune on a baptism gift for your granddaughter. In fact, a religious book featuring information on why baptisms matter in your faith can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to welcome a young child into the light.

White heart Bowl with cross - baptism gifts for girls

7. Heart Bowl


Some of the most popular christening gifts are those that take the traditional items associated with baptism and put a unique spin on them. The baptism bowl is a traditional part of the etiquette surrounding this event, and a custom bowl is a great gift to consider in a pinch.

8. Personalized Photo Blanket


Perhaps one of the most sentimental gifts you can consider getting for a godchild is this customized baby photo blanket. Simply select the message and style that captures the relationship you share with the little one and present a gift that will be kept as a special family keepsake.

 Rosary Beads

9. Rosary Beads


There are some religious gifts that are always a good fit when you are looking for a last-minute option for a baby girl. If you’re a godmother, be sure to consider a set of rosary beads. This is a keepsake item that she will hold on to throughout her life.

Pink Musical Praying Woolly Lamb - baptism gifts for girls

10. Musical Praying Woolly Lamb


Baptism gifts for girls don’t have to be exclusively religious in nature. In fact, you can blend the right symbols with an adorably cute idea by grabbing a musical praying woolly lamb. These are great baptism party gift ideas that a little one will love to receive as a present.

Personalized Baptism Gifts for Girls

Finding the right keepsake for a baptized baby girl is sometimes easier said than done.

One easy way to find a perfect fit is by looking over baptism gifts for girls that offer personalization.

The chance to customize a present with a message of your choosing is one that you will definitely feel satisfied with investing in.

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11. For This Child We Have Prayed Blanket


This cozy blanket is a great gift for the newest member of any Christian family. This baby dedication present is simple, inexpensive, and ideal for showing how much you care.

name girl wall art for baptism

12. May God Grant You Always Wall Art


Another creative way to go about finding the perfect gift for a young girl’s baptism is through a piece of art. A printable poem featuring the child’s name can be a great way to commemorate the christening with art that can be prominently displayed on her wall.

Pink Engraved Baptism Block - baptism gifts for girls

13. Engraved Baptism Block


An engraved baptism block is a good pick for a grandparent. This timeless present is perfect for a baptized baby girl because it allows you full control over the message. Customize it to your liking and pick a personalized approach to your present.

Noah Ark Candles - baptism gifts for girls

14. Noah Ark Candles


Some Bible stories are told over and over to children. The tale of Noah is one a little girl will definitely remember. For baptism ideas, explore a gift like customized Noah’s Ark candles. This is a unique way to celebrate faith alongside the special day.

White Cross Keepsake Box - baptism gifts for girls

15. Cross Keepsake Box


A dedication gift can be taken with a child as she grows from being a young girl into being a woman. A cross keepsake box with a personalized message is the type of present that is an ideal fit for a godchild. Simply select a message that captures how you feel!

Personalized Book with text "God loves Jamie! - Baptism gifts for boys

16. Personalized Book


A child’s first holy communion is an important story in the book of her life. If you’re searching for a present that will help her remember the most impactful moments of growing up, consider a personalized book. It will help you capture the spirit of the occasion.

Cross Silver Photo Album with a photo of a baby holding a teddy bear - baptism gifts for girls

17. Cross Silver Photo Album


For a godfather, a baby’s christening is a big moment that requires a significant gift. If you want to hit all of the right sentimental notes with your present, consider a photo album featuring a beautiful silver cross on top. Select some photos to include and give a thoughtful gift that is easy to cherish.

Pink Baptism Flower Cross -baptism gifts for girls

18. Baptism Flower Cross


Flowers are a lovely gift for many reasons. Selecting a personalized floral arrangement is a simple way to show how much this day means to you. A baptism cross made of pink flowers is one of the more meaningful baptism gifts for girls.

White Brush and Comb Set for baptism girls

19. Brush and Comb Set


Some gifts are for parents and babies alike. For a godmother, a brush and comb set is a wonderful present for a baby girl. Made from gorgeous silver, this is a last-minute gift that parents will find both practical and symbolic.

20. Baptism Gift Set


When you’re stuck on what is an appropriate gift for a baptism, consider a gift set. This popular option is perfect as a present from a parent, grandparent, or godparent. Instead of guessing at what gift is a good fit, go for a set that includes a lovely assortment.

Modern Baptism Gifts

Though a timeless ritual, baptism practices have changed a lot over the years. A baby dedication for a little girl does not need to be restricted by customs or traditions of the past.

If you need to find the perfect baptism gifts for girls, these modern options might be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Wooden Noah's Ark Puzzle - Baptism gifts for girls

21. Wooden Noah’s Ark Puzzle


One unusual way to go about modern baptism gifts is by blending classic ideas with more non-traditional approaches. A wooden Noah’s Ark puzzle set is one example of a fun and unique present that is perfect for this special day.

Baby Lamb Bank with blue ribbon - baptism gifts for girls

22. Baby Lamb Bank


A baby girl might not have much use for money yet, but there’s no time like the present to start saving. One wonderful communion gift to consider for a special little bundle of joy in your life is a baby lamb bank. A cute and appropriate gift for this important time in a child’s spiritual journey.

If you also looking for baptism gifts for baby boys, this idea is a cool one to consider.

Personalized Baby Bib with text "cute like my godmother" and a picture of an elephant

23. Personalized Baby Bib


A baby can never have too many bibs. It takes a bit of time for a child to figure out how to eat without making a mess, which means a personalized bib is a unique and inexpensive gift for an infant. If you’re a godmother who is searching for a funny and useful present, this is definitely an affordable option to consider.

Pink Snow Globe with text "Jesus loves me"

24. Snow Globe


Need a last-minute dedication gift for a little girl? A snow globe is a classic present that is suitable for most of life’s precious moments. This is a great gift for a child, as the swirling beauty of the snow in the glass tends to encourage a sense of wonder and whimsy.

Lamb Musical Mobile with two lamps and 2 flowers - baptism gifts for girls

25. Musical Mobile


A musical mobile is a timeless gift that a godparent can get for a little girl. The combination of flower and lamb makes this an adorable and elegant present that will help lull her to sleep in a gentle and comforting manner. This musical mobile is one affordable and thoughtful christening gift you can consider.

Noah’s Ark Toy Set with 6 animals and a ship

26. Noah’s Ark Toy Set


Though a story from the bible, a Noah’s Ark playset can still be a non-religious gift to consider for a baby girl. The cute animals and gorgeous craftsmanship will captivate a young mind and encourage a sense of play.

Pink Teether with cross

27. Pink Teether


Teething can be an uncomfortable experience for a young baby. If you’re in need of baptism gifts for girls, a pink teether is a way to go. You won’t need to worry about your goddaughter reaching for rosary beads to chew on when your baptism ideas include a helpful item meant to make the teething experience less painful.

Baptism Gifts for Twin Girls

If you think buying one gift is tricky, then you probably need some extra assistance when it comes to finding the best baptism gifts for twin girls.

These communion gift ideas are affordable and sweet, making it easy to find twice the gift ideas for a baby girl without struggling too much with the decision.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or cute, consider these gifts for twins.

28. Two Little Blessings Sent from Above


With this lovely canvas, they can mark the important milestone of their christening baby girls. It’s also a great way to thank God for sending two bundles of blessings into their lives.

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

29. Baby Hand and Footprint Kit


Babies are only small for so long. A perfect present to help freeze this special moment in time is a baby hand and footprint kit. When the parents open this present at the baptism party, they will be ecstatic at the opportunity to frame the image of how small and precious their children were during this time.

Keepsake Box with two girls sitting with each other - baptism gifts for girls

30. Keepsake Box


A traditional catholic gift to consider for twin girls is a keepsake box. As etiquette dictates, this is a simple and timeless item that the girls can use to store all sorts of things from rosary beads to prayer cards or anything else they want to hold onto.

Angel Figurines of two girls

31. Angel Figurines


For a grandmother, a baby dedication for twin girls can be a big moment in life. If you want to find a religious gift that is fitting of your feelings for this special day, consider an angel figurine for a granddaughter. A great gift for sisters to share as they grow.

Baptism Dresses

32. Baptism Dresses


Another helpful gift a grandparent can consider getting is the outfit required for the ceremony. Communion dresses are an integral part of the big day, and purchasing these can save parents a lot of stress. Find the right dresses for twins and contribute in a very useful way.

Baptism Accessories with shoes and headband

33. Baptism Accessories


There are also a few accessories that are helpful to purchase as gifts for holy communion. An infant will need a nice pair of shoes and a flower headband in order to look her best. Find the right accessories and put your own personal touch on the baby girl’s look.

Bracelets for Twins with cross in  hearts

34. Bracelets for Twins


Matching monogrammed bracelets are one of the more popular gift items you can consider for twin girls. Nothing beats a solid set of good jewelry items like bracelets when you need a gift in a pinch. A rosary theme can give this present an even more appropriate touch.

Musical Baptism Pillow - baptism gifts for girls

35. Musical Baptism Pillow


A personalized pillow is a classic gift for a little girl from a godfather. All you need to do is select the baptism quotes you find most appropriate and have the pillows customized to meet your needs. A simple and touching gift that will help to make this day special.

Unique Baptism Gifts for Older Girls

It is not only little babies and infants who go through the process of baptism. In fact, plenty of teenage girls and adult women take this step when searching for a meaningful way to connect to their religion.

If you need baptism ideas and baptism gifts for girls of all ages, be sure to think about these ideas.

Angel Earrings holding a golden heart

36. Angel Earrings


One non-traditional gift to consider getting a godchild is a pair of angel stud earrings. Since not all babies have pierced ears, this is the perfect present to consider when it comes to older children entering this sacrament.

Light and Love Faith Lantern with bible on the door - baptism gifts for girls

37. Bible Verse Faith Lantern


Another traditional dedication gift for a granddaughter is a lantern. Featuring a bible verse of your choice, etiquette dictates this dedication gift to be a classic approach.

Cross Ring with the text "faith hope love" - baptism gifts for girls

38. Cross Ring


An engraved ring featuring a silver cross is a wonderful option to explore. Jewelry is never a bad idea when it comes to baptism gifts for girls of all ages.


39. Compass


Symbolism is a powerful force when it comes to christening gifts from grandparents. An appropriate gift for a goddaughter is a compass that helps to symbolize the direction her own internal needle will point.

Infinity Cross Necklace

40. Infinity Cross Necklace


An infinity cross necklace is a modern approach that a godmother can take for a teenage goddaughter. If you need clever gift ideas, this is a great option to think about.

Sixpence Keychain put in a box - baptism gifts for girls

41. Sixpence Keychain


A sixpence keychain is an inexpensive souvenir communion gift that will work for girls of all ages. Featuring engraved baptism quotes, this is an affordable way to grab a gift fast.

Bible Verse Mug

42. Bible Verse Mug


Few gifts are as simple or as practical as a mug. A religious godparent looking for a good gift can consider this mug that comes with a bible verse to help their godchild start the day right.

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There are a number of different ways you can approach finding the best baptism gifts for girls. Whether you’re searching for a present for a small baby, a pair of twins, or an older child or adult, you’ll have no problem finding the right fit with a little bit of creativity and a lot of spirit.



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