41 Unforgettable Baptism Gifts for Boys to Cherish Forever (2024)

41 Unforgettable Baptism Gifts for Boys to Cherish Forever (2024)

A baptism is a memorable event where a child begins a journey with God. If a baby boy in your life is about to be christened, you might consider getting the best baptism gifts for boys.

We made a full list of personalized, traditional, and thoughtful boy christening gifts and keepsakes.

Check out these ideas to find the best fit.

Traditional Baptism Gifts for Baby Boys

When you’re attending a traditional event, it is best to look for an appropriate gift to fit the mood. This can be anything from gifting a godson a family heirloom or a personal keepsake to a personalized present that is spiritual in nature.

These ideas will help you select a useful gift that parents and babies will find appealing.

1. 1 Samuel 1:27 Scripture Blanket


This soft blanket makes a fantastic present for any boy of God. A beautiful 1 Samuel 1:27 scripture appears in the pattern makes it even more meaningful. What a great reminder of our love and prayers for the Christian baby boys!

2. Psalm 139:14 Canvas Print


If you’re looking for meaningful christening gift ideas for baby boys, check out this wall art. It’s simple but beautiful. A great choice to hang right above the crib.

Baptism Gift Set decorated in blue

3. Baptism Gift Set


Godparents play a significant part in a child’s baptism. If you’re looking for traditional presents that are a good fit, consider a simple baby boy baptism gift set. This appropriate set provides the essential items involved in this special occasion.

2 Personalized Baptism Blankets. One goes with blue name and the other goes with pink name.

4. Personalized Baptism Baby Blanket


One of the most common gifts given to a baby is a blanket. There are few options as useful for a little one as a personalized piece such as this. Consider a custom baby blanket for your godson with his baptism date on it and provide a gift that will always be remembered fondly.

Wooden Personalized Baptism Block with name and cross on it - Perfect baptism gifts for boys

5. Personalized Baptism Block


There are many clever ways to find perfect presents for baptism day. An alphabet block is a personalized gift that grandparents will adore. Buy alone or in twin pairs depending on the babies and see this typical item transform into a unique gift. 

Christening Blessed Bodysuit

6. Christening Blessed Bodysuit


A baby boy needs to wear a specific baptism outfit. One great way for a godmother to go about selecting the best baby baptism gift for boys is by picking up the traditional outfit for the family.

White Baptism Bowl with engraved text - Baptisms gifts for boy

7. Baptism Bowl


A traditional item involved with a baby christening is the baptism bowl. If you need a last-minute gift for your grandson, consider a personalized bowl that can be used to commemorate the event in a simple and beautiful way.

Frame Hanging on White Wall Mockup

8. Joshua 1:9 Desktop Plaque


This desktop plaque brings good wishes for the cute bundle of joy. Simply personalize it with a photo of the little nugget and add the name or a heartfelt message. This keepsake can be by the boy’s side as he grows. It’ll remind them always to be strong and courageous.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

9. Sterling Silver Cross Necklace


Baby boy baptism gifts involving religious imagery are quite common options for an infant. To put a unique spin on a gift like a cross necklace, consider having a personal message engraved. This will take a traditional gift and bring it to the next level.

Boy Resin Box with Rosary

10. Baptism Rosary Beads


Rosary beads are an heirloom gift that can be passed from one generation to the next. This common present is the perfect way to provide a godchild with a gift he will cherish throughout his life.

Personalized Cross

11. Personalized Cross


A cross is a typical spiritual gift that works perfectly when you need gifts for boys. It can be personalized with the child’s name and the baptism date. This custom cross is an appropriate way to celebrate your godson’s milestone in a family’s life.

Baby’s First Bible Box set - Baptism gifts for boys

12. Baby’s First Bible


A child’s first Bible is important. For godparents, grabbing this book of blessings as a gift is an inexpensive way to make a big impression. Highlight a bible verse you love for a personal touch. This sweet board book is cool for reading aloud to babies and toddlers.

Baby Booties

13. Baby Booties


Nothing is more adorable than a pair of baby booties. For a godmother seeking a communion gift, a super-soft pair of twin booties is one of the best baptism gifts for any boy. A present that will be kept as a loving keepsake for years.

Baptism Picture Frame

14. Baptism Picture Frame


Running late in finding the right gift for a newborn? A baptism picture frame featuring a photo of you and the little one is an ideal last-minute gift that doesn’t sacrifice sentimentality.

15. Prayer Pillowcase


Falling asleep on an appropriate bible verse can comfort the soul. For a Catholic baptism, consider a prayer pillowcase. Featuring a verse of your choice, this is a simple gift with a powerful message.

Baptism Compass

16. Baptism Compass


A compass is a classic baptism gift idea for grandparents to get for grandchildren. This traditional option acts as an elegant heirloom. Make a holy communion a special event with this timeless timepiece. You can personalize it with a meaningful message like “May God bless you today and always” or “May your faith always guide you”.

Baptism Keychain

17. Baptism Keychain


When you’re grabbing a gift for a friend or associate’s baby boy, your gift doesn’t need to be wildly impressive. A sterling silver souvenir keychain that has been monogrammed with the child’s name is an affordable and quick solution.

Cross Locket Necklace

18. Cross Locket Necklace


A cross locket necklace is a great gift for an infant on his baptism day. This spiritual present is cool and can be adjusted so the child can wear it as he grows older, connecting him forever to your thoughtful gift.

Non-Religious Baptism Gifts for Boy

For some families, a baptism is less about the religious message and more about the tradition. If you’re attending an event for a secular family, feel free to explore baptism gifts for baby boys that are non-religious in nature.

These cute and useful gifts are sure to impress without relying too much on the religious symbolism of the event.

19. “For This Child We Have Prayed” Photo Blanket


This cozy throw makes a thoughtful gift for the baptism boy. It encloses love and prayers for our little ones to sleep safe and warm each night.

Blue Snow Globe with text "Jesus Loves Me" - Baptism gifts for boys

20. “Jesus Loves Me” Snow Globe


Not all baptism gifts need to be serious. A modern godfather might want his gift to be a sweet and sentimental baby dedication. A “Jesus Loves Me” snow globe is a cute and appropriate gift that godfathers can grab in no time.

Blue Baby Boy Christening Suit with a pair of shoes

21. Baby Boy Christening Suit

$50.00 $42.50

A special outfit helps to make a blessing ceremony distinct for a baby boy. If you need a gift for your grandson, consider a christening suit. Select a style that will look adorable in pictures and provide a practical present.

Noah's Ark Dinnerware Set with bowls, glass, spoon and fork

22. Noah’s Ark Dinnerware Set


The story of Noah’s Ark is one that plenty of children know. If you want a cool and useful gift that can be passed on from godmother to godson or goddaughter, this dinnerware set featuring imagery from Noah’s Ark is a fun option. “Two of every kind” takes on a whole new meaning here!

23. Personalized Baby Bathrobe


After the baby has been baptized, he will probably be a bit fussy. Getting dunked in water is enough to make anyone a bit chilly. A personalized baby bathrobe is a unique gift that godparents can consider for the big day.

Lamb Mobile with 5 lambs

24. Lamb Mobile


Many people remember their first childhood mobiles with a fond sense of nostalgia. A mobile featuring adorable baby animals is a non-traditional way to approach your gift. Ideal for a newborn or a godchild, this mobile will help him sleep like a lamb.

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Ornament

25. Baby’s Handprint Keepsake Ornament


Babies grow fast. To help the parents cherish this moment in time, consider the inexpensive gift of a handprint ornament. This baptism gift for godson is a keepsake that freezes this moment in time so that it can be remembered later.

Twins Word Art with double blue stars - Baptism gifts for boys

26. Twins Word Art


Getting a gift for twins can be twice the fun. If you want a modern baptism gift idea for boys, consider this cute word art print. A lovely way to celebrate both of the boys with one thoughtful gift.

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

27. Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box


A keepsake box is a gift that a child will get a lot of use as he grows older. This perfect gift from a godfather is a baby dedication present that the child can use to store other keepsakes and treasures over the years.

Baby Bodysuit

28. Baby Bodysuit


One cool way to approach a gift for a baby from a godfather is a baptism outfit. A baby bodysuit is an essential part of the christening experience.

Piggy Bank

29. Piggy Bank


A piggy bank is a classic option for kids’ baptism gifts that all boys will love. This good last-minute gift is even better if you remember to put a bit of money inside to help kickstart the future funds.

Personalized Crib Sheet

30. Personalized Crib Sheet


A simple non-religious gift idea that will always work well for a baby is a crib sheet. Parents can always use an extra sheet, especially one that has been personalized in a loving way.

31. Personalized Toy Instruments


The gift of music is one that all children will appreciate. If you’re looking for a non-traditional approach to your godson baptism gift ideas, consider a set of personalized toy instruments. Encourage creativity with this thoughtful present.

Musical Stuffed Animal

32. Musical Stuffed Animal


Nothing is more appropriate as a gift for a little one than a stuffed animal. If you want a present that is a bit less common, consider a musical stuffed animal. The baby will love falling asleep with this gentle, comforting friend.

Engraved Baby Rattle

33. Engraved Baby Rattle


A sterling silver rattle is a timeless gift that captures the heart of childhood for babies and parents alike. A personalized rattle for a godson is a way to take a typical gift and bring it to new levels of sentimentality.

Baptism Gifts for Older Boys

Though babies often are the ones being baptized, there are plenty of people who approach their religious paths in unique ways.

If you’re attending a christening in the future, it could be for an older kid, a 12-year-old boy, or a teenage guy.

This means you want to take a moment to think about some of the best religious gifts to grab for older boys.

These ideas will definitely get your wheels turning!

34. A Prayer For My Son Canvas


For children, parents’ blessings are one of the most precious gifts. This canvas is the best present from parents to their son on baptism or other occasions.

Engraved Bookmark with bible on it - Baptism gifts for boys

35. Engraved Bookmark


Nothing beats sitting down with a good book. If you’re looking for a baptism or communion gift for young guys, consider an engraved bookmark. Whether he is engaged in spiritual reading or marking a favorite bible verse, a bookmark is an excellent tool to have handy.

Compass Tie Bar with a green card

36. Compass Tie Bar


As a boy gets older and becomes a young man, he will likely wear more ties than he did as a child. Help a man in your life prepare for this transition with the right godson baptism gifts like a compass tie bar. An elegant way to mentally prep for manhood’s approach.

Black Stainless Steel Ring with text "Man of God"

37. Stainless Steel Ring

$19.99 $11.99

Whether you’re attending a classic baptism or a modern blessing ceremony, you might not always have the time you to search for the perfect boy’s baptism gift ideas. A stainless steel ring is an excellent last-minute gift that is affordable and a perfect fit regardless of a person’s age.

Inspiration Ceramic Coffee Mug

38. Inspiration Ceramic Coffee Mug


With age comes wisdom and the ability to partake in “adult” beverages like coffee. A ceramic coffee mug that displays faith through a favorite bible verse is a teenage baptism gift that will certainly be put to good use right away.

Black titanium Prayer Bracelet - Baptism gift for boys

39. Titanium Prayer Bracelet


A reminder of faith and love is always a good way to focus on your gift. For a holy communion or a baptism, consider a prayer bracelet for young male teens. A great fit for any age, this is a lovely way to show your appreciation for someone in a period of transition.

White Candle Container

40. Candle Container


Candles play a very big part in the baptism process. This symbol of eternal faith can be a perfect way to grab the right gift. If you need godson baptism gifts, a candle container is appropriate and considerate.

Men Cross Pendant Necklace

41. Pendant Necklace


A pendant necklace is a souvenir communion gift that boys of all ages will appreciate. Featuring the eternal symbol of Jesus in the form of the cross, this sterling silver piece is one that will be loved and cherished for many years.

Final words

Whether you’re preparing to welcome a newborn babe into the arms of the Lord or you need a non-traditional gift for a secular baptism ceremony, there are a number of practical ways to go about your search.

Take time to research the best baptism gifts for boys and get a feel for your choices. In no time, you’ll have plenty of ideas on how you can use your gift as a thoughtful reminder of the journey the young man is about to embark upon.



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