26 Thoughtful Baby Girl Gifts for Newborn and Infant Girls (2020)

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  • October 15, 2020
26 Thoughtful Baby Girl Gifts for Newborn and Infant Girls (2020)

Are you having a hard time choosing baby girl gifts? Sometimes, it’s tough enough to pick a gift for someone you’ve known for years. Babies, however, are hardly showing any interest at such a young age. Babies, however, are hardly showing any interest at such a young age.

However, the best gifts are meant to help the baby’s parents, and these are people you should know. Below, you’ll find more than 26 gift ideas that are both cute and lovable.

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The Best & Most Useful Baby Gifts for Girls

Many doubt that babies can appreciate a personalized gift. Maybe not now, but all of the following gifts are picture-worthy.

See the following baby clothes and accessories that every little girl would love.

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six Baby Bibs for girls

Baby Bibs

Let’s start with the classics – bandana drool bibs. This 6-pack is made with 100% organic and super absorptive cotton. It’s great for teething babies, and parents would never have to worry about their cute baby girl dropping her bib on the floor. With a modern, 2020 design, the bibs are best for babies between 3 and 24 months.

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Personalized photo ornament with picture and text - best baby girl gifts

Photo Ornament

If you’re looking for sentimental baby gifts in the festive season, this photo ornament is perfect. You can choose between 2 designs and personalize it with a lovely photo of your little angel. Your girl’s 1st Christmas will be forever remembered.

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Organic Baby Gift Basket with everything a newborn girl need - best baby girl gifts

Organic Baby Gift Basket

This baby girl’s gift basket has everything that new parents need to welcome their newborn to the world. You can’t miss the hand-knit and squishable soft pink bear, but the basket comes with blankets, booties, balms, and a lot more organic items. It’s the luxury gift that would make every infant girl special.

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Unicorn baby girl mobile for nursery decor - best baby girl gifts

Girl Crib Mobile

Your little angel will meet elements such as stars, clouds, pom-pom, and even a cute unicorn. The details are cut from quality felt and sewn manually. It’s a fancy and a bit expensive gift but its quality pays off. Most new baby gifts are all about the music. This one is as well as you can add a music block with 35 melodies to the ornament.

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Portable Diaper Changing Pad for Girls by Ludivy

Portable Changing Mat

A lot of baby gift ideas are meant for the parents rather than the newborn. This portable diaper changing pad for infant girls is a great example. It is small enough to be carried around everywhere. It’s also large enough to cover public changing tables. It’s an awesome shower gift for a friendly couple’s newborn.

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A baby girl wearing a Princess Gold Headband

Gold Crown Headbands

It’s never too early for hair accessories. Take this cute princess gold crown for example. While meant for baby girls, it’s so comfy and it can actually stretch to fit an adult. Every single headband is unique and slightly different as they’re all handmade. Speaking of uniqueness, you can also request a different color and other customizations

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Pink sock with cute bunnies

Stay-on Socks

Pink socks with bunnies, blue with lions, and so much more. Slipping off is not possible with these favorites of both babies and parents – “stay-on” socks. They all come in 1 size suitable for babies between 0 and 12 months, making them one of the greatest gifts for infants you can find on the Internet.

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Personalized Rainbow Baby Girl Onesie with name on it

Baby Girl Onesie

This cute baby onesie is one of the top-rated baby girl gifts available. It can be personalized with a rainbow name. Custom size and sleeve length are also available. These baby clothes are organic. Sizes are available between 0 and 18 months. Also, there are toddler sizes for ages between 2 and 5 years.

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Cute Niece Baby Girl Outfit with text Sassy Like My Auntie - best baby girl gifts

Baby Girl Outfit

This sassy little outfit is the perfect baby niece gift. You can purchase individually a white baby bodysuit, heather peach pants, or a beanie. Of course, you can also get them as a set. All items are made of soft and gentle interlock cotton fabric. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s made of high-quality fabric. Don’t just take any newborn outfit, and be that sassy aunt from your niece’s very first years.

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Plush Pink Unicorn Bathrobe

Unicorn Bathrobe

You can’t go wrong with this comfy unicorn plush bathrobe. At least not when you’re looking for creative birthday gift ideas for baby girls. It’s also perfect for baby showers and other occasions. The bathrobe is girly, soft to the touch, luxurious, and fancy. Different sizes and colors are available.

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Zoo Personalized Baby Blanket with name on it - best baby gift for girls

Baby Blanket

Blankets are important baby essentials, and this is one of the coolest blankies you can find. The materials are ECO-friendly, and so are the print and dyeing. It’s so fluffy, comfy, and soft. It’s also machine washable. The 3D assisted touch bulge reduces baby crying, improves sleep, and gives both parents and the baby a sense of security.

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Personalized Floral Carseat 4 in 1 Cover, Girl Carseat Canopy, Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

Another great gift for both the parents and the baby. This personalized car seat canopy is made of stretch polyester jersey. The light and breathable fabric is printed in baby-safe water-based ink. It’s also machine washable (on gentle cycle) and will last for years. This is possibly the best car seat canopy for baby girls. It also functions as a nursing cover, shipping cart cover, high chair cover, and possibly other stuff (get creative here).

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Baby Birth Stats Custom Desktop Photo Plaque with picture and text on it

Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

A unique desktop plaque is a great way to celebrate the birth of a baby. It’s also a great announcement gift and a stylish nursery decor. You can easily customize the plaque with a photo of the little girl. In time, the plaque will remain a memento of the greatest gift for a family.

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Birth Announcement Custom Photo Canvas with picture, text and song lyrics

Custom Photo Canvas

Twinkle, twinkle, little star… The famous lullaby has a double meaning for new parents. This cute photo canvas is the most awesome way to announce the birth of a new star.

Pro tip: The canvas would make a great addition to an Easter basket or combined with other baby girl gifts.

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Baby Memory Book Make Baby’s Hand or Footprint Included, Pink - best baby girl gifts

Baby Memory Book

This is one of the most unusual baby girl gifts you can find. It has themed pages for the mom, dad, the family tree, everything. Capture the first five years of your cute baby on the pages of this book. It will be a meaningful keepsake for years to come. Welcome your baby girl into the world with that book!

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Baby nest with Removable pad, pink color, white cloud

Baby Nest

Get something special for your newborn girl. It will keep her safe and sound while she is sleeping. That way, you will sleep better, too! You can easily move the nest from one room to another. There are three sizes to choose from, depending on the size and age of your cute baby. It’s the perfect gift for baby showers, too!

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Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set to Nourish Skin for Baby and Mom, 4 items

Daily Bathtime Gift Set

This set is perfect for new moms and first baby gifts. It has everything you need to give a good baby’s bath. The items in the set are specially made for babies and their gentle skin. If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, this set is it. It is the best!

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Wooden Personalized Baby Keepsake Box with name and date on it

Baby Keepsake Box

This box is a popular choice when you are looking for a baptism gift for a baby girl. It makes for a sweet heirloom ideal for a new mom and dad. Stand out with a cute and useful gift that everyone will love. It’s a win-win idea!

MORE: 33+ Baptism Gifts for Girls

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2 Baby Nursery Signs Over the Crib Sign

Custom Twins Sings

Looking for fun gifts for twin girls? Something that will blend in with the nursery decor? How about these cute personalized signs? They will add a touch of luxury to the space. The new mom and dad will love them, and so will the babies! What are you waiting for? Get them today!

Cute Toys For Baby Girls

Are you attending a baby shower? Maybe you’re just looking for creative birthday gift ideas for your baby girl?

Whatever the case may be, this is the section for everyone looking for the perfect baby toys for girls.

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Silicone Ice Cream Teether with Relief Beads Binky Holder and Pacifier Clips for Toddlers & Infant (Pink)

Ice Cream Teether

Looking for teething baby toys? Does your baby girl need something for the pain in her gums? This ice cream cone is perfect for your girl. It’s small, soft, and chewable. It’s also 100% safe. The bead clip is also a teether. It can help massage their gums and ease the pain that they’re experiencing. It’s one of those baby girl gifts you can’t pass up.

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Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll - best baby gift for girls

Baby Doll

For those looking for the best baby gifts ever, this is one of them. It’s a soft and plush baby doll that’s perfect for hugs and playtime. Keep your baby girl or toddler happy with this pink doll. It’s a fun toy for your little girl to enjoy. Great for car rides, home play, naps, and more. It’s also easy to care for.

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Personalized Personalized Name Wood Puzzle Handmade Newborn Girl Baby Gift

Name Puzzle

When searching for unique newborn baby gift ideas, choose this puzzle. It’s one of the personalized gifts that your baby girl will love. It can have her name spelled out with puzzle pieces in fun colors. Keep her busy and add some style to your home once she’s done putting it together. You can even have animals and other fun objects added

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Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Realistic Sound and Colorful Lights

Musical Activity Cube

A creative way for your little girl to pass the time is with this activity cube. It plays music, sounds, lights up, and more. It can also help with learning and development. This toy will keep your girl engaged for hours since there is so much to do. It makes for great baby girl gifts and keeps learning fun for your little one.

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Unicorn White Noise Sound Machine

Portable Baby Soother

This sleep soother will become your baby’s favorite when trying to fall asleep. There won’t be a need for rocking or walking around until your baby girl drifts off into her dreams. It has 10 soothing songs, tweeting birds, and heartbeats that will remind her of her mom. You can wash the plush toy and stuff the sound maker back in once you’re done.

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6 PCS Nontoxic Fabric Baby Cloth Activity Crinkle Soft Black and White Books for Infants Girls Early Educational Toys

Crinkle Black and White Book

One of the great baby gifts you can give a newborn or toddler is a soft book like this. You don’t have to worry about any paper pages since this book is made of a soft fabric. It’s a cool way for you and your baby girl to get a headstart on learning words, animals, and letters. This book can be the perfect gift for a baby shower or even a newborn gift.

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Princess Castle Stuffed Plush Playset with princess, horse, etc

Princess Castle Playset

Birthday gift baskets like this one will bring joy to your baby girl’s eyes. It’s filled with plush toys and girly items. It’s soft, machine washable, and great to cuddle. These pink baby toys will be perfect for a baby shower, birthday present, Christmas, and practically any occasion. Let your baby cuddle these toys and play with them, too.

Gifts Are All About Personalization

These gift ideas are among the top-rated baby girl gifts over the Internet. Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely make one little girl or her parents happy!

Small and affordable or luxurious and expensive, it’s all on the list. What’s important is that everything can be personalized, which gives a whole new meaning to your gift.



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