• Halla has been with 365Canvas since 2022
  • She has 5 years of writing, editing, and planning content strategy experience
  • She covers quotes, decor ideas

About Halla Edna

Halla is a Content Team Leader at 365Canvas. Her expertise in developing engaging content extends to topics: quotes and wall decor. One of her passions is connecting with audiences and conveying powerful messages.


Halla embarked on her content creation career in 2018, honing her skills as a writer. In 2022, she joined the 365Canvas team as our Content Team Leader. At 365Canvas, Halla focuses on creating content: Quotes & Wishes; and Decor Ideas.

Halla champions the power of content in fostering deeper customer connections. She is passionate about understanding the customer journey. She creates impactful content that resonates at every touchpoint. It is also a core tenet of 365Canvas’s content strategy.

Articles from Halla Edna