Happy Anniversary Quotes For Him: 90+ Messages from The Heart to Celebrate Time Spent Together (2021)

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  • July 31, 2020
Happy Anniversary Quotes For Him: 90+ Messages from The Heart to Celebrate Time Spent Together (2021)

Everyone wants to let their partner know how special they are. Especially when it comes to your 1st or just another anniversary. A love letter or anniversary card will make such a huge difference, regardless of the gift you choose. All you need is the right message for the right occasion, and our collection of anniversary quotes for him is here to help.

No matter how long you’ve been together, we’ll help you convey your love in just the perfect words. Let’s find out the best quote and let your boyfriend or husband know he’s still the only man for you.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him

Reminding your boyfriend or husband how much he means to you is as sweet as it gets. Even a short message on the blank space of a greeting card could be heartwarming. Whether it’s a silver anniversary or 3 years together, it deserves proper attention. Check out the following togetherness quotes and sayings and make your lover happy.

anniversary quotes for him
  • “Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm.” -Anonymous
  • “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -Paulo Coelho
  • “I love you for all that you are all that you have been and all that you are yet to be.” -Anonymous
  • “Darling, the moment that I met you, you were going to be something special. I knew that.” -Anonymous
  • “Darling, I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  •  “You’re the only person who has ever made me feel truly special. When I am with you, I am home.” -Anonymous
  • “You have touched a part of my heart that no one else has ever been able to get to. I will love you forever.” -Anonymous
  • “Everyday I discover that I love you even more, and in this infinite universe I will love you till the ends.” -Alicia N Green
  • “I didn’t think it was possible, but I love you more and more with each passing year. Here’s to another year filled with love.” -Anonymous
  • “ I don’t want our lives to be quoted as an example of the perfect marriage, but as the coolest adventure ride that two people ever took.” -Anonymous
  • “Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. Love is about how much you love each other every single day.” -Anonymous  
  • “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” -Plato
  • “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” -Rumi
  •  “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our souls and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” -Nicolas Sparks
  • “Biology says that a man’s behavior changes as he ages. But you have proved that wrong because you’re still as romantic and charming as you were when we started dating. Happy anniversary.” -Anonymous

One Year Anniversary Quotes for Him

The first anniversary is known as the paper anniversary. This is what makes a romantic card message an absolute must for this occasion. Your wishes should be about appreciation and coming from the heart. Pick up the perfect phrase for your husband or lover below. And as a loving couple, you’ll find that those wishes will still be relevant after 20 years.

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anniversary quotes for him
  • “Best day in Μy life. Ηappy anniversary to you Μy dear.” -Anonymous
  • “One year ago, you kissed me goodnight for the first time.” -Anonymous
  • “Even after one year together, I get butterflies every time I see you.” -Anonymous
  • “Just being with you makes me fall in love with you all over again.” -Anonymous
  • “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” -William Shakespeare
  • “Life has never been so beautiful as it has been this past year with you by my side.” -Anonymous
  • “The more time I spend with you, the deeper I fall in love. Here’s to the years to come.” -Anonymous
  • “I thought all guys were the same, but you proved me wrong! Here’s to the most incredible guy I know.” -Anonymous
  • “They say the first year is the hardest, but when you’re married to your best friend nothing could be easier.” -Anonymous
  • “No matter how much time goes by, I’ll never forget the first time you looked at me and how I fell in love.” -Anonymous
  • “Spending one year with you in pure bliss equals a thousand years of experiencing all the other pleasures of life.” -Anonymous
  • “Even after a whole year together, I still think I’m dreaming. How could I ever be so lucky as to have a life with you?” -Anonymous
  • “A year has flown by, and I didn’t even realize it. Is the rest of our lives together going to run just as smoothly? I hope so.” -Anonymous
  • “The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you’ve really wanted to kiss them for a long time.” -Anonymous
  • “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Happy first anniversary.” -Anonymous

Romantic Anniversary Quotes for Him

So, you’ve been a husband and wife for 10 years now. You’ve seen enough togetherness sayings and want to come up with something more special this year. Some people bet on funny quotes; some prefer traditional wishes (scroll down to see some). No relationship is complete without those. However, in this section, you’ll find romantic and sweet wedding anniversary wishes to your man.

anniversary quotes for him
  • “I love you every step of the way.” -Anonymous
  • “If someone asked me to describe you in two words I’d say, simply amazing.” -Anonymous
  • “You are the source of my joy, the center of my world and the whole of my heart.” -Anonymous
  • “When I tell you I love you, I am not saying it out of habit, I am reminding you that you are my life.” -Anonymous
  • “Nothing in this universe can break the loving bond that holds this union together. Happy anniversary, my love.” -Anonymous
  • “Sometimes someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever.” -Anonymous
  • “ I am so totally, completely, overwhelmingly, eye-poppingly, life-changingly, spectacularly, passionately, deliciously in love with you.” -Anonymous
  • “As the years go by, may our union become increasingly stronger and our love grow even higher than the highest mountain in the universe!” -Anonymous
  • “You changed me for the best, with you I became the woman I’ve always wanted to be. You rock my world, baby. Happy anniversary! ” -Anonymous
  • ” For as long as I live, I will always thank God for giving me someone as phenomenal as you that I can depend on. Every day I wake up in your arms is a cause for celebration! ” -Anonymous
  • “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our souls and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” -Nicholas Sparks

Cute Anniversary Quotes for Him

Celebrating your 1st year together? Many young couples are all about those cheesy love quotes you see everywhere. However, a phrase or a whole wish could be cute without being corny, and our next selection is to prove that.

Whether you’re together for 1 or 11 years, you’ll sure like the following anniversary quotes for a husband or boyfriend. Make the best out of your anniversary and keep reading!

anniversary quotes for him
  • “I will never forget the moment I realized I loved you.” -Anonymous
  • “You make me laugh even when I don’t want to smile.” -Anonymous
  • “The best relationships are the ones you never saw coming.” -Anonymous
  • “Forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.” -Anonymous
  • “The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.” -Marilyn Monroe
  • “Magic is not in fairytales, magic is between our hearts and souls. I love you.” -Anonymous
  • “I think that a new synonym to “love” should appear in dictionaries, this synonym is your name.” -Anonymous
  • “You owe me a pack of sleeping pills, do you know why? Because ever since I saw you, I lost my sleep.” -Anonymous
  • “Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite.” -Anonymous
  • “Confused, elated, excited – these were my feelings when I’ve met you. Later all of them have transformed into an amazing feeling – “love” -Anonymous

Inspirational Quotes for Your Husband

On your anniversary, you’ll want to give your hubby some special wishes to show your appreciation. Whether it’s 1 year together or 25 years, these inspirational quotes for husband from wife are just what you’re looking for. Your husband is likely to also be your best friend, so make sure that you tell him, “thank you for always being there.”

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anniversary quotes for him

“Home is where my husband is.” -Anonymous

“Materialistic things do not impress me. Your soul does.” -Anonymous

“Love you yesterday. Love you still. Always have always will.” -Anonymous

“God gave me my husband so we could weather the storms of life together.” -Anonymous

“Every day I spend with you, becomes the new best day of my life.” -Anonymous

“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” – Leo Christopher

“You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.” -Anonymous

 “I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.” -Anonymous

“Your love is the strength that drives me to do everything for this family. You are the armor that shields me from tears. I love you so much!” -Anonymous

“I trust you, but not because you are my husband. The reason I trust you is because you are the epitome of everything that a man should be.” -Anonymous

 “The very first moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew our hearts were meant to be. You are my courage, my angel. You are my soldier, you saved me. I love you.” -Anonymous

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Him

Most relationships thrive with some comedy. Why not add a funny quotation in the anniversary wish you send your man? It can be short and sweet or something longer to mirror your 11th anniversary.

Summarize your relationship with your lover in more ways than one by adding a few comical words to the nice gift you got for them.

anniversary quotes for him
  • “Love is being stupid together.” -Anonymous
  • “I always wake up smiling, I think it’s your fault.” -Anonymous
  • “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” -Anonymous
  • “You’re the only one I want to annoy the rest of my life.” -Anonymous
  • “Good thing you don’t have to suffer from a lack of vitamin me.” -Anonymous
  • “All of these years you’ve heard me nag. But on this day, I’m going to brag.” -Anonymous
  • “You and I form the perfect combination. Thank you for being the bacon to my eggs!” -Anonymous
  • “Marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is the husband.” -Anonymous
  • “Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh I put up with you. So we’re even.” -Anonymous
  • “The first year was magical, the rest will be the same too… I cherish the warmth of being wrapped, in the love given by you.” -Anonymous
  • “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it Love.” -Dr. Seuss

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Looking for romantic anniversary quotes for him as a 3 or 5 year anniversary occasion? Maybe a sweet poem to your hubby. A wedding anniversary is a big deal. As a wife, be sure to include something that will make your husband think back to the special day. See the below wishes.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband
  • “This is all I want to do with you forever.” -Anonymous
  • “We may not have it all together but, together we have it all.” -Anonymous
  • “The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.” -Anonymous
  • “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” -Emily Brante
  • “Husband, may the day of our nuptials be grand in our minds! May we rejoice in the knowledge that we are right for each other!” -Anonymous
  • “Wishing my dear husband a Happy Anniversary! You are the strongest, yet the kindest man that I have ever known! I am lucky to be your wife!” -Anonymous
  • “Happy Anniversary to the man who leaves me in awe of him! Husband, your giving nature and endless affection for me is astounding!” -Anonymous
  • “Happy Anniversary, husband! The respect that you give me, and the love and attention that you pay to our children, fills my heart with gratitude for you!” -Anonymous
  • “Noting the day that we got married and being reminded of how blessed I am to have a husband like you! You are moral and just! Happy Anniversary to a man of high character!” -Anonymous
  • “Husband, you are a dignified and charismatic man! You hold you head up high, because you are aware of your greatness! Becoming your wife was the smartest action I have ever taken! Happy Anniversary!” -Anonymous
  • “A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other when the other feels weak.” -Ashley Wiillis

Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriends

Be romantic on your anniversary. After dating your boyfriend for one month, you can show your appreciation. Do so with a quotation from below. Include special memories that have touched your heart over the years or something inspirational that shows that the two of you will last forever.

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Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriends
  • “Happy anniversary to the hottest, cutest, and sweetest boyfriend ever.” -Anonymous
  • “My love, Happy Anniversary! The day I met you, I knew you are the one for me. You make my heart smile.” -Anonymous
  • “It doesn’t matter whether it is raining or shining, you will always be the one for me. Happy anniversary my love.” -Anonymous
  • “Your presence in my life tells me how blessed I am. You completed my life with your love. Thank you for coming in my life, love.” -Anonymous
  • “Among the few good things that I have ever done in my life, falling in love with you was the best them. Happy anniversary, my love.” -Anonymous
  • “Till now whenever I look at your eyes, my heart skips a beat. Till now your presence gives me goosebumps. I love you, man. Happy anniversary!” -Anonymous
  • “Your every kiss and every hug tell me that you have kept the promise you made on this day! Happy anniversary! We’ll never let go of each other!” -Anonymous
  • “I always enjoy your company and the peace you offer. Thank you for not being a typical but a rare find. Happy anniversary, darling. Love you so much.” -Anonymous
  • “You are the true meaning of happiness, joy, and restfulness for my soul. Thank you for treating me like a queen. Happy anniversary, my king. Love you so much.” -Anonymous
  • “You are my true love of life which I found on this day, I can’t wait to give you some special on this happy anniversary of our blessed relationship, loves you lot honey!” -Anonymous
  • “For the man that steals my heart, The man that made my heart flutters, The man that sweeps me off my feet and put butterfly in my stomach when he’s around, Happy Anniversary sweetheart!” -Anonymous

“Remember that one time?”

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing your partner say those words. The above anniversary quotes for him are definitely worth remembering.

Don’t stress over what to write anniversary wishes. When you need inspiration for what to write on the card for your husband or boyfriend on your anniversary, consider the ideas above. You can be romantic and show that your 1 year or 20 years together have meant something special.

Anniversary gifts can be better when they have a romantic card attached with sentimental quotes and memories. Tell them what makes your marriage or relationship the best.

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