35+ Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Honor Their Important Milestones

35+ Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Honor Their Important Milestones

Not sure what to give your parents or parents-in-law on their anniversary? Picking wedding anniversary gifts for parents can be challenging. So you’ve got to think outside the box for that creative, breathtaking surprise to make them feel special. 

Nothing is as precious as a parent’s love. In fact, without mom and dad, you wouldn’t be here today. It’s only right that they get a unique form of love and appreciation from their kids.

There are tons of different ways to honor parents’ important anniversary milestones, from a small card with a lovely message to a practical gift that they will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some thoughtful anniversary gift ideas for parents to celebrate their lasting love and beautiful marriage!

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Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

1. Wedding Vows Canvas

Best Anniversary Gift for Parents: Wedding Vows His-Her Photo Canvas


You won‘t find anything more romantic than this Wedding Vows Canvas. Immortalizing parents and their vows on canvas, one on his side, and another on her side is utterly beautiful. What you add in a photo from their wedding day, the gift turns into a precious keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

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2. Song Lyrics with Photo Canvas Print

song lyrics canvas with black and white photo


Besides having you, getting married is probably the most significant moment in your parents’ lives. Most likely, they still dance to their wedding song whenever they hear it. With this romantic black and white lyrics photo canvas print, you can bring that memory back to life.

3. Where It All Began Map and Photo Wall Art

anniversary gift for mom and dad: Where It All Began Custom Map And Photo Canvas Print


How many times have you heard the story of how your parents met? Here is an opportunity to celebrate their passion with a parents’ anniversary gift they will never forget. Commemorate their anniversary with a sentimental reminder of their love!

4. Willow Tree Anniversary Figure

anniversary gifts for parents: willow tree anniversary figure


Love ever endures. This figure is the perfect depiction of mom and dad’s love. It’s an ideal parent anniversary present for a couple that has shared many beautiful years. Not only will it make for an intriguing story piece, but it will surely be a highlight for their decor!

5. Personalized Cutting Board

inexpensive anniversary present for parents: Personalized Cutting Board


Looking for personalized anniversary gifts? This one is for parents who love to spend time in the kitchen. Make a handsome addition to their kitchen with this gorgeous chopping and serving board. Engrave it with their names and anniversary date to complete the stunning inexpensive anniversary present!

6. “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Custom Couple Mugs

useful anniversary gift for mom and dad: “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Custom Couple Mugs


Whether it’s a coffee or a cup of hot chocolate on a cold evening, it’s better when they are together. This useful anniversary gift for mom and dad can be an amusing reminder of their undying love. With two designs and an assortment of colors, this inexpensive present is a great way to make them feel special.

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7. Travel Map Candle

Small Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents: Travel Map Candle


Get the family name and locations printed on this cute anniversary candle. The candle comes with maps of special places to mom and dad (their trips together and wedding location, perhaps?). It’s a small but seriously meaningful gift for parents’ anniversary.

8. Funny Marriage Pillow

funny parents' anniversary pillow: Marriage It’s All About Finding That Special Person to Annoy for a Lifetime Pillow


The “Marriage – It’s All About Finding That Special Person to Annoy for a Lifetime” pillow is a love story. It‘s a tale related to marriage that’s both funny and true at the same time. If you are looking for a way to make your parents’ anniversary stand out, here it is!

9. The Anniversary Journal

parents' anniversary gift: The Anniversary Journal


Celebrate your parents’ most beautiful moments in style. This custom journal will record memories from their 1st to their 60th anniversary. With prompts to guide romantic reflection and aspirations, accompanied by their favorite photos, it’s a memento to cherish for life.

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10. Family Hands Casting Kit

anniversary gifts for parents: Family Hands Casting Kit


Do mommy and daddy still hold hands when they take those long walks at sunset? Create a one-of-a-kind, tabletop-style cast with the members of your family to capture this special occasion. This one tops the list of creative anniversary gifts for parents to create a family heirloom that will last a lifetime.

11. Custom Name Blanket

anniversary gift ideas for couples: custom name blanket


We love custom keepsakes, don’t you? Mommy and daddy have been fortunate enough to live the fairytale most of us only dream of. This novelty custom name blanket is a thoughtful idea to keep them warm and comfortable in the winter. It’s a practical parents’ wedding anniversary gift they will treasure!

12. Street Sign Canvas Print

parents' anniversary gift ideas: street sign custom canvas print


Tell your parents’ beautiful story through this wall art. Display their names and the special date or wedding date on this canvas. And the result is a meaningful anniversary gift for your mom and dad.

13. Custom Couple Bobbleheads

parents anniversary gift: custom couple bobbleheads


Is there anything more adorable than this? Please be honest, how many cool anniversary gifts for parents like this have you seen? These custom couple bobbleheads are bound to be a barrel of laughs for the whole family! It’s an unusual anniversary gift, but they will cherish it!

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14. Group Memory Gift Box

parents' anniversary gift ideas: Make Your Own Group Memory Gift Box


Honor your parents’ milestone with this box of memories that tells their story. Show them just how many memories they’ve made by collaborating with their friends and family on a beautiful box filled with custom-printed messages and photos.

15. 50th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

50 year wedding anniversary gift for parents: custom photo canvas print


Looking for a 50th-anniversary gift for parents? You can’t go wrong with this wedding anniversary photo canvas! Celebrate the golden anniversary in style! For a duo that’s been through it all, this personalized photo canvas print is the perfect representation of endless love!

16. Metallic LP Clock

anniversary gift for parents: Metallic LP Clock


This personalized LP clock commemorates a chart-topping moment in their life. Made from an upcycled vinyl LP that’s finished in a dazzling metallic hue, the two-tone label features your choice of “band name” (usually a name or two), “album title,” and five “song titles” (real or your own invention).

17. Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents: custom name and song lyrics pillow


To older couples, a wedding song or a first dance song can mean so much. Get those sentimental lyrics printed on a suede pillow and revive those old memories. It’s one of the amazing anniversary gifts for parents guaranteed to put a smile on their faces!

18. Gourmet Specialty Snacks Basket with Wine

anniversary food gift for parents: Gourmet Specialty Snacks Basket with Wine


We are pretty sure mom and dad have received some cheap but great anniversary gifts for parents over the years. How about you spoil them with a luxury present this time? This basket of Harry & David Merlot is filled with a brimming selection of cheery ancho chili chutney, velvety chocolate decadence cake, Gouda cheese, and many more!

19. Anniversary Pushpin World Map

anniversary gifts for parents: personalized anniversary push pin map


If you ask mom and dad what their best adventure was, they will probably say it was finding each other! As romantic as that is, it doesn’t have to end there. This wedding anniversary gift for parents offers a good way for them to visualize that journey. It’s a sentimental way to celebrate traveling as a twosome!

20. The Kissing Mugs

anniversary gift idea for parents: the kissing mugs


Mom and dad are inseparable, so their mugs should reflect that. Celebrate their perfect match with these porcelain cups that fit together as they do. Each mug looks like a cute, friendly face, making for thoughtful anniversary gifts for parents.

21. Custom Anniversary Year Photo Collage Canvas

anniversary gifts for parents: custom heart photo collage canvas print


Are mommy and daddy celebrating their 40th anniversary? Or maybe grandma and grandpa have hit that 60th-anniversary milestone? This photo collage canvas print is the perfect way to celebrate their lifelong companionship.

22. Engraved Couple Champagne Flutes

anniversary gifts for parents: Engraved Couple Champagne Flutes


Here’s to the toasts they have had since they met, and many more to come! These engraved champagne flutes are the best anniversary gifts for parents who enjoy celebrating every moment. Personalize them with a name, title, initials, or anniversary date to make them a little more sentimental.

23. Family Photo Collage Blanket

functional gift for parents' anniversary: Joy, Love, Laughter Family Photo Collage Blanket


The three important pillars of a family are joy, love, and laughter. This custom blanket makes use of these pillars to appreciate the love and bond that a family shares. Parents can use it while watching TV or reading a book on the couch. It’s a functional gift that they can use every day

24. Champagne Milestone Vase

anniversary gift for parents: Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase


Made from a champagne bottle, this keepsake is a reminder to always celebrate with bouquets and bubbly. The deep green glass is engraved with a “label” that can be personalized with the parents’ names, wedding date (or special anniversary number), and location for a timeless toast to the day they said I Do.

25. Anniversary Flower Growing Kit

DIY anniversary gifts for parents: Anniversary Flower Growing Kit


Mommy and daddy have spent so many years growing and nurturing their relationship. That’s why flower-grow kits always make for the best DIY anniversary gifts for parents from kids. Each comes with soil, seeds, growing instructions, and a glazed ceramic pot.

26. Digital Couple Painting Printed Portrait

anniversary presents for parents: Digital Couple Painting Printed Portrait


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a custom portrait. Work with an artist from Etsy to bring the image to life. It’s one surprise that’ll blow them away. Some anniversary presents for parents will earn you the title of the best kid ever! This unique and sweet present is one of them!

27. Custom Song Wood Carving

sound wave art anniversary gift for parents: Custom Song Wood Carving


You know how when certain songs come on your parents almost feel frozen in time? Capture that feeling with this customizable sound wave art. Take their first dance song and turn it into the coolest piece of decor.

28. Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

unique anniversary gift for parents: Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board


Taking cues from the cheese world, the board takes the shape of a triangle but transforms into a tiered server. Mom and dad can enjoy their favorite cheeses and appetizers with this unique anniversary gift!

29. Family Tree Picture Frame

anniversary gift idea for parents: Family Tree Picture Frame


Are you wondering what to get your parents for their 30th anniversary? We have found a good way to show how your family tree has blossomed over the years. This unique metal tree with intricately carved branches and leaves artfully accommodates every family member’s picture.

30. Love Letter Blanket

anniversary gift for parents: Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket


Are you tired of the same old boring anniversary gifts for parents? This love letter blanket is the perfect way to honor your parents’ important day. Write your own custom letter to a loved one so they can wrap themselves up in love.

31. Personalized Puzzle

anniversary gift for mom and dad: Personalized Puzzle With Tin Container


How about a photo puzzle to honor parents’ togetherness? Featured with a photo of your mom and dad, it serves as a treasured keepsake. They’ll display this pretty present for years to come.

32. Custom Bear Family Map Canvas

meaningful gift for parents' anniversary:  Custom Bear Family Map Canvas


Are you searching for an adorable gift that includes family members in a special way? If so, this is a perfect gift idea that everyone will adore. Customize each map with the place of birth of each family member. The result is a beautiful canvas print and a meaningful gift that your parents will surely cherish.

33. Personalized Mixtape Pillow

best gift for parent's anniversary: Personalized Mixtape Pillow


Back in their day, there was nothing like buying a new mixtape and listening to a musically-coded love letter. This is the best gift for your parent’s anniversary. Mom and dad can curl up with a bit of nostalgia and enjoy this personalized retro indoor/outdoor double-sided pillow.

34. Tree of Love Photo Ledge

wedding anniversary gift for parents: Personalized Tree of Love Photo Ledge


Carving your parents’ initials on a tree and encompassing them with a heart is probably the most romantic thing ever. This tree of love photo ledge is a sweet way to display photos of favorite times together.

35. Custom Poem Print

wedding anniversary gift for parents: Custom Poem Print


This wedding anniversary gift for parents is truly special. It acknowledges your parents as the foundation of your family. Because they have remained as strong as the roots of a tree, it has only risen taller and burrowed deeper. Just like your beautiful family!

36. Funny Anniversary Card


Looking for a last-minute parents’ anniversary gift? Opening with “Happy Anniversary!”, your parent will be met with a sense of humor: a funny cartoon art and a hilarious sentence at the bottom.

37. Mr. and Mrs. Custom Pillow

anniversary present for parents: In Celebration of The Awesome Mr And Mrs Custom Pillow


Show your parents your care and support with this adorable and memorable gift. The In Celebration of The Awesome Mr. and Mrs. Custom Pillow is also the perfect 25th-anniversary present.


Final Thoughts

We know how much you love your parents and want the absolute best for them. That is why our list includes some of our all-time favorite anniversary gifts for parents! It takes dedication and endless love to commit to someone for so long, so they both deserve to feel special!



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