45+ Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him to Express Your Love (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 4, 2021
45+ Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him to Express Your Love (2021)

Anniversaries are important because they are the celebration of love, one of the best blessings to have. People put their maximum effort into ensuring they give each other tokens that will become sentimental keepsakes or memories for many more years to come.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your fiancé or husband, you have come to the right place. We know generic gifts don’t cut it when you want to express your feelings. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 45 anniversary gift ideas for him which will sweep him off his feet! 

song lyrics canvas with black and white photo

Song Lyrics Photo Canvas Print


Sometimes, songs express our feelings more accurately than any other gift can. This Song Lyrics Photo Canvas Print is the perfect anniversary gift because you can customize it with your choice of song, photo, and details. It will be romantic, and a great way to commemorate the love you two share.

hello will you i do map canvas print

Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print


If you are looking for the cutest anniversary gifts for husband, this one wins our prize. You can customize the maps in this canvas print to match the location of your first meeting/date, proposal, and wedding. It is simple, unique, and the perfect way to celebrate the consistency of your love journey. The best part? It makes for amazing wall decoration in the house!

anniversary gift for husband: personalized initial throw blanket

Personalized Initial Throw Blanket


The best relationships make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Help your man understand the way he makes you feel by getting him a gift which does the same. Not only will this blanket be comfortable, but it can also be personalized with your names, initials, and anniversary date to make it extra special. It’s the perfect mix of warmth, love, and comfort.

wedding vows and photo canvas print

Wedding Vows Photo Canvas Print


Your wedding vows will always be special because they are the promise of love you and your partner made to each other. A great way to commemorate that promise on the anniversary of your wedding is to get both your wedding vows printed on this elegant canvas print with your favorite picture. It will be sentimental, romantic, and a tender renewal of the promise of love.

anniversary gift for him: personalized cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks


The best anniversary gifts for him are those he can use regularly. If he likes dressing up, you can give him these cufflinks personalized with a sweet message on one, and your name and anniversary date on the other. This way, he can carry your love around as he goes about his routine, and feel comforted by its warmth.

wedding anniversary gift ideas: always and forever custom photo plaque

Custom Desktop Plaque


Pictures are worth a thousand words, and especially if those pictures encompass the love you share with your husband. You can customize this photo collage plaque with your favorite pictures from your wedding, your names, and your anniversary date. It will be a precious keepsake for both of you. 

unique anniversary gifts for him: the story of us custom photo print

“The Story of Us” Photo Print


Sometimes, the most accurate expression of love lies in the journey, so that’s exactly the gift you should give him. Get creative and put all your love into this photo frame which you can customize with photos of your first date, proposal, and wedding. It will be a touching gift for him and remind him of all the beautiful moments you two share. It’s a great way to celebrate your bond.

anniversary gifts idea for husband: custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug


If you and your partner like to keeps things simple, you can always give him this customized photo mug to celebrate your anniversary. You can add your favorite picture with him and a little message of love, so he is always reminded of you when he sits down with a nice cup of coffee.

anniversary gift for husband: personalized leather bracelet

Personalized Bracelet


Personalized gifts for the anniversary convey love and adoration exceptionally well. This leather bracelet is sophisticated, and a unique gift to give to your significant other. He will be pleasantly surprised when he opens the present to find this bracelet, personalized with your anniversary date. The additional benefit is that he will no longer have an excuse to forget the special date since he will carry it on his wrist regularly.

unique anniversary gifts for men: bacon roses

Bacon Roses


There’s no doubt that food is the way to a person’s heart. Reach out to your man’s heart and express your love to him by giving him these gorgeous bacon roses to enjoy on your anniversary. It is a creative, humorous, and tasty way of telling him that you love him with all your heart.

anniversary ideas for him: salami bouquet

Salami Bouquet


There’s no fun in getting a traditional bouquet but what if you give it a little twist? Make the anniversary celebration special and unforgettable for your meat-loving husband by giving him this salami bouquet. Not only will he be completely taken aback, he is likely to appreciate the novelty of your approach. In short, it’s a win!

couple gifts ideas: keepsake hand casting kit

Hand Casting Kit


Holding hands is a basic expression of love and care, and you can also make this into a gift. Use the hand casting kit to make a cast of you and your partner holding hands and give the finished version to them for your anniversary. It will become a memorable and sentimental keepsake of your relationship.

personalized anniversary gift for him: engraved wallet card

Engraved Wallet Insert


All we need is a little love to get us through the day. Get your man this engraved customized wallet insert so he can carry your message with him daily. If he is having a rough day, he will have to just reach into his pocket to make his day all better. This will especially be a great choice for those of you in a long-distance relationship.

funny anniversary gift: you are my favorite husband card

A Funny Card


Having a sense of humor is incredibly important in a relationship because it helps keep the communication light and strong.  So take the humor route this year and give your husband this hilarious card. It will crack him up and become one of his favorite relationship keepsakes of all time.

husbands anniversary gift: personalized handwriting wallet

Handwriting Wallet


If you are looking for personalized ideas that stand out, you can opt for this handwriting wallet. Not only will it have a personalized message, but you can also choose to have your handwritten message engraved in it to make it even more expressive. Needless to say, your partner will be touched and appreciate the gesture.

wedding anniversary gifts for husbands: love letter blanket

Love Letter Blanket


Traditional love letters have always been romantic, but they get stored away from the routine. If you want the warmth of your love letter to reach your hubby every day, give him a love letter blanket, customized with your declaration of love for him. It is a creative way of adding some extra warmth to his life.

cute anniversary gifts for him: our adventure book photo album

Our Adventure Book Photo Album


Very few gifts can completely convey how much you cherish not only the present love but the journey you have shared with your partner. However, you can make it yourself by getting this adventure book, filling it with your couple pictures through the years, and sharing how each moment made you feel. It will be nostalgic, special, and a sweet expression of love.

sweet gift: how do i love thee from a-z

How Do I Love Thee From A-Z


Sometimes, you are so full of love, that you need every alphabet to express how you feel. Have some fun this year and give your partner this handmade gift which gives them 26 reasons (one for each English alphabet) for loving them. While your reasons may be well over 26, this will still be a creative way to remind them how special they are to you.

gifts for anniversary for him: personalized anniversary journal

The Personalized Anniversary Journal


Finding the right anniversary gift for him can be difficult, but words will always have the intended effect. If your journey of love cannot be fully captured by a simple gift, get this elegant anniversary journal. You can fill it with personalized messages about your relationship story, your love, and the future you hope to share with your partner. It will be an affectionate and emotional gift to make and receive.

personalized anniversary gifts for him: personalized socks

Personalized Socks


There comes a point in your life when you start looking forward to opening a gift to find socks inside. If your husband has reached this stage, help him out by giving him these premium socks personalized with his initials. They are practical and will show him how much you care about his needs. 

anniversary gift for men: weekender bag

Weekender Bag


If your fiancé has been hoping to find a nice weekend bag to take on his short trips, beat him to it by giving him this gorgeous bag for your anniversary. It has the optimal space for him to keep his essentials and will help him travel in style. A bonus is that this bag will remind him of you even when he is away for work or on a trip with the boys.

good anniversary gifts for him: couple portrait

Custom Couple Portrait


Gift ideas that commemorates your special bond are some of the best ones. So for this anniversary, get your husband this beautiful couple portrait of the two of you with your favorite picture together. It is unique and will become a great addition to the home decoration.

custom whiskey decanter set - unique anniversary gifts for him

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set


Make your husband a happy man this anniversary by giving him this Whiskey Decanter Set, so he can enjoy the luxurious experience from the comfort of his home. It is elegant, complete, and can be customized to have his initials on the bottle and the glasses. His adoration for you will definitely double.

mens anniversary gifts ideas: engraved cutting board

Engraved Cutting Board


Knowing your partner can help narrow down the possible gift options. If your partner is passionate about cooking, surprise him with this cutting board stylishly personalized to have both your names on it. It will ensure that he thinks of you every time he cooks, which will increase his happiness. 

cool anniversary gifts for men: custom belt buckle

Custom Belt Buckle


Subtle anniversary gifts for him can sometimes be far better gifts, depending on his preferences. If your partner likes stylish belt buckles, give him this simple, yet elegant one to get him excited. You can customize it with the number of years you have been together or your anniversary date. Either way, it will be a cool gift that he will love and appreciate. 

men anniversary gift: personalized wall mounted bottle opener

Wall Mounted Beer Opener


All a man needs is a rustic bottle opener for his man cave. Buy this wall-mounted bottle opener for your husband for this anniversary and watch his face light up with delight when he opens the packaging. Opening beer bottles will be an exciting experience for him, and he will have you to thank for it. 

cute anniversary gifts for him: spooning since engraved spoon

‘Spooning Since’ Engraved Spoon


If you are tired of buying the same kind of gifts for the guy, take a little risk and go cheesy. This cute engraved spoon commemorates all the years you two have spent together with its simple message. You can customize it to have your name and anniversary date, and decorate it around the house.

wedding anniversary gift for man: weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket


Giving weighted blankets is a great way of telling the person you love them and care about their needs. They are the epitome of comfort and your hubby will likely fall in love with you all over again upon receiving this bundle of comfort.  

creative anniversary gifts for him: custom tie clip

Custom Tie Clip


Does your husband wear formal clothes a lot because of his job or choice? If so, tie clips will be the perfect anniversary gift for him. You can make them special by adding a custom message of love to them so he can think of you even when he is busy negotiating business deals. It will be a sweet way to express your feelings.

wedding anniversary gifts for husband: custom money clip

Engraved Money Clip


A subtle way to show your love is through giving little gifts which are useful and practical for them. This personalized money clip will probably help your partner organize their money better, and they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

male anniversary gifts: memory foam moc slippers

Memory Foam Moc Slippers


The older we get, the more we start valuing comfort. If your fiancé likes to relax with comfy shoes, give him these memory foam slippers. They are incredibly soft and will help him unwind after a tough day of running around. He will be ecstatic about receiving them from you.

unique anniversary gifts for him: custom valet tray

Engraved Valet Tray


Several home objects become shared property when you live together, valet trays being one of them. If he frequently wears trinkets like tie clips, cufflinks, rings, etc. which he would prefer to keep within reach, you can give him this engraved leather valet tray personalized with your names and anniversary dates. It is elegant and will be a practical addition.

gifts for men on anniversary: wireless charger

Wireless Charger


With everything becoming electrical and digital, wired charging is becoming a bigger hassle. If you have a gadget-loving partner, the best gift you can give them is this wireless charger, which will help him charge several gadgets at the same time without having to connect even a single one to a wire. He will be grateful, and ecstatic about this gift.

useful gift for him: bathrobe



The best part of taking a bath is getting to chill out afterward in a comfortable bathrobe. Make your man’s comfort dream come true by gifting him this bathrobe for this anniversary. If he has a quirky sense of humor, he might just send funny pictures after trying it out.

ideas for anniversary gift for him: beard care kit

Beard Grooming Kit


Some men love remaining well-groomed and presentable. If your husband or partner falls in this category, give him this beard grooming kit so he has everything he needs to keep himself looking fresh and polished. He will enjoy using it and appreciate your attentiveness.

anniversary gifts idea for husband: gourmet coffee sampler

Gourmet Coffee Sampler


Coffee enthusiasts can sometimes live in a world of their own as they go about tasting several kinds of coffees. Get your coffee-loving man this gourmet coffee sampler and he will absolutely fall more in love with you. He is likely to become lost in the world of coffee right after, but his happiness will make everything worth it.

gifts for the impossible man: manscaped perfect package 3.0

Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0


Grooming is not always fun and games for men, especially when it involves shaving closer to a more sensitive region of their bodies. Help your partner be more at ease about his grooming by giving him this complete set by Manscaped. He will be able to stay groomed without risking injuries, which is likely to relieve him extensively. He will appreciate this gift more than you know.

romantic anniversary gift husband: love tokens

Love Tokens


Some partners are very low maintenance and don’t care much for material things. Instead of racking your brains about what to give him, buy some love tokens as an anniversary gift for him. He can use it to ask for affection, care, and acts of service, whenever he feels like it, which will work perfectly for him.

anniversary gift idea - personalized pushpin world map

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map


Traveling is not just a passion, but a way of life for some. If you and your partner have the traveling bug, this Pushpin World Map will be the perfect gift for him. You both can mark the locations you’ve visited together and plan out your next travels. The excitement of adding more pins to the map and planning future adventures will strengthen the bond you have with him.

homemade anniversary gifts: photo on woods

Photo on Wood


If you want to pour your heart out this year, consider giving DIY anniversary gifts for him. The photo on wood is one of the best homemade gifts. You can choose your favorite couple picture and transfer it onto your chosen piece of wood. Its rustic aesthetic will make it appealing, while the gift itself will be extremely romantic.

romantic gift for him: date night bucket list

Date Night Bucket List


Make this anniversary the most thrilling yet by creating a date night bucket list. Think of all the coolest, romantic, and crazy things you can do together in a single day, write them down and put them in a can. Then have your partner pick them out one by one on a special day, and enjoy a night full of adventures.

romantic anniversary gift husband: sculpted figure

Sculpted Figure


There is something pure and delicate about expressing your feeling through the simplest forms of art. These sculpted figures are elegant, and effortlessly convey a message of devotion, dedication, and promise. Give it to your husband for your anniversary to tell him how much you love him.

gifts for husband anniversary: custom anniversary t-shirt

Custom T-shirt


Here’s another option for the husbands who like their gifts quirky and humorous. Get him this t-shirt customized with the year of your wedding and watch him proudly strut around the neighborhood in it. Both of you will have a nice laugh about it, which will make this gift an incredible success.

gift for men: fuego hot sauce gift set

Hot Sauce Gift Set


Very few things come between a man and his hot sauce. If your husband has a taste for fiery foods, give him this unique hot sauce set. He will not only be ecstatic about adding it to foods, but he will probably keep its unique packaging as a keepsake. All in all, a great gift to give.

last minute gift for him: gift basket

Gift Basket


Care packages are one of the best things to ever get invented and normalized. If you can’t decide what to get your husband for anniversary just buy him a nice little gift basket filled with his favorite goodies. You can find an extensive variety if you follow the link so you can choose one which best fits your budget and preferences. A gift basket makes a nice last minute anniversary gift in case the special day is coming real near as well.

Final Words

To sum up, the best anniversary gifts for him are ones which can properly convey the message of love to him. Our list includes sentimental, humorous, personalized, and interest-based options, so you have plenty to choose from. We hope you find the perfect gift from the list and enjoy the day.

If you are celebrating another anniversary year, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive list of wedding anniversary gifts by year.



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