31 Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends To Celebrate Their Milestones (2023)

31 Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends To Celebrate Their Milestones (2023)

Looking for the best wedding anniversary gifts for friends to celebrate their milestones? We’ve got your back.

Toast to yet another year of your friend’s marital bliss with one of these meaningful anniversary gift ideas. If you don’t want to follow the traditional theme for gifting, you can make their already special day even more special with our creative and unique presents.

Check out our top anniversary gifts for your friends that are bound to overwhelm and even tear the couple up! Feel free to choose one from the list, or go inspired your own way – just remember to be thoughtful cause it’s their big day!

The Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Friends

These unique anniversary gifts will say congratulations to the couple in a unique way. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Map Wall Art


This custom photo canvas proudly displays the connection between two people. Let your favorite couple know that they make a great pair, and their union is strong. Simply add their names, maps and date and you’ll have a sentimental piece touching work of art.

2. Custom Photo Anniversary Plaque


Give your friends this desktop plaque and watch for their smiles. Upload their favorite photo for a perfect present. This first-anniversary gift will surely be a great reminder of how time flies by.

3. Personalized Throw Blanket


If you are seeking personalized anniversary gifts, then this is an excellent choice! Get the photos of your BFF and their better halves on a comfy and adorable blanket. Available in soft pastel colors, the personalized blanket can remind your friends of their love while they are reading a book, watching TV on the couch, or even when sitting outside on the patio.

4. Engraved Cutting Board

anniversary gifts for friend: custom cutting board


Make anniversary gifts for your best friend as personal as possible with this hand-crafted, custom-engraved cutting board. Surely, a perfect anniversary present for couples who love spending time in the kitchen. 

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5. Street Sign Canvas Print

anniversary gift for friend couple: street sign custom canvas print


Celebrate the union of two hearts with this unique anniversary gift idea for your friend. Reminisce of the journey the couple has shared so far and send best wishes for a wonderful life ahead. You can get their wedding date and names printed on the street sign canvas to make it an adorably cute anniversary present. 

6. Happy Anniversary Couples Game

marriage anniversary gift ideas for friends: Happy Anniversary Couples Game


Make date nights easy for your favorite couple with this anniversary card game. This will not only make dates cheaper for your friends but also more fun! Allow the couple to communicate, interact, connect in new ways, and transform their home into a date night venue!

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7. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Mugs

gift ideas for friends anniversary:  “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” Custom Couple Mugs


After years of living together, a funny wedding anniversary gift can be well-appreciated. These mugs keep life on the lighter side. Whether it’s their 10th, 25th, or 40th anniversary, it’s a creative reminder of the truth in marriage.

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8. Star Map & Song Lyrics Framed Print

friend anniversary gifts:Custom Star Map & Song Lyrics Framed Print


Don’t be scared to get sentimental and sweet with wedding anniversary gifts for your friend. Your favorite couple is bound to feel overwhelmed or even tear up seeing one of their wedding songs printed with a star map. This art is the best way to say congrats.

9. Couple Robes

happy anniversary gifts for friends: couple's robes


If you are seeking wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends, then these soft couple robes can do the job for you. These robed come in six colors, so you can choose one that fits the most with your friend’s taste.

10. Personalized Couple Name Pillow

anniversary gift ideas for friends: Personalized Couple Name Pillow


This unique pillow is a great wedding gift to congratulate the milestone that your friends achieved together. It is made from superior-quality material that makes it perfect for long-term usage and a great house décor item.

11. Champagne Flutes Box Set

marriage anniversary gift for friends: Champagne Flutes Box Set


Here is yet another meaningful wedding anniversary gift for couples who love romantic time together! Engraved their names and date to make it extra special.

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12. Custom Song Lyrics With Photo

best anniversary gifts for friends: Custom Song Lyrics Photo


If you are looking for meaningful anniversary gifts for your friend, this wall art with song lyrics is exactly what you should get them. It is a romantic gift with song lyrics and their photo works as a great reminder of their marriage. Whether it’s their 1st or 50th wedding anniversary, this custom wall art will surely make their day.

13. Compact Swivel Cheese Board

marriage anniversary gifts for friends: Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board


Looking for anniversary gift ideas for friends who love to entertain and, more importantly, love cheese? Consider something sophisticated and practical like this personalized compact swivel cheese board. The engraved bamboo cheese board and knife set easily convert into a multi-tiered wheel! How cool is that?

14. Champagne Delivery

friends anniversary gifts: Champagne Delivery


On this anniversary, surprise your friends with a delightful champagne box. This fantastic service will deliver delicious champagne to their door. You can opt for one-time delivery or a monthly subscription.

15. Couple Initial Name Mug

marriage anniversary gifts for friends: Couple Initial Name and Date Custom Mug


With this personalized mug set, you can keep wonderful memories alive. It’s a creative way to commemorate a friend’s wedding anniversary. Simply custom it by including the couple’s names and their special date.

16. Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

anniversary present for friends: keepsake hand casting kit


The casting kit by Keepsake Hands is a memorable and fun anniversary gift for a friend celebrating their milestones. Allow them to create a priceless memory of holding hands on their special day by preserving every precious detail. This one-of-a-kind treasured present is perfect for friends celebrating their wedding anniversaries. 

17. The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map

wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends: The Night Everything Changed Custom Star Map


This wall decor is a perfect gift for a special couple celebrating their anniversary. Simply make it a personalized gift by adding

  • the couple’s names
  • the anniversary date
  • the location and star map

18. Willow Tree ‘Together’ Figure

wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends: willow tree together figure


An expression of care and love – the 100% Willow Tree Together Figure is one of the best anniversary gifts for your friend who found their true partner in life and love. Packaged in a fitted box, this epitome of love is all ready for gift-giving. It will be an adorable addition to the couple’s home décor and can be displayed on a mantel, table, or shelf. 

19. Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art

anniversary gift ideas for friends: Pebble Art On Canvas Print Gift


Pebble art is one of the best 25th, 30th or 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your friend. Moreover, you can even get their names and wedding dates printed on the portrait. This gift is surely going to overwhelm the couple. 

20. One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends: one line a day book


Are you looking for an unusual but sentimental wedding anniversary gift for your best friend? The One Line a Day: 5 Year Memory Book can be just the answer! Allow the couple to revisit past thoughts, memories, and progress of their relationship over the course of five years. Let your friends fill the pages with happy coincidences and relive forgotten moments. 

21. Unique Ring Dish

best friend anniversary ideas: custom ring dish


Here is yet another wedding anniversary gift for friends that’s on the lighter side of the budget. This gift is an affordable and totally unique way to say “congrats”! Your friend will surely love these minimalistic and elegant ring dishes.

22. Anniversary Pushpin World Map

friend anniversary gifts: personalized anniversary push pin map


If you are shopping for a couple who is always planning their next adventure, we highly suggest you give this creative anniversary gift idea a try. Allow the couple to map their adventures in wedded bliss with this beautiful keepsake by Wendy Gold. Plus, you can even add their name and their wedding date on the map.

23. Anniversary Journal

gifts for friends anniversary: anniversary journal


This beautifully bound anniversary journal celebrates your friend’s first up to the sixtieth wedding anniversary in a timeless fashion. Custom pages record memories of all their years together through prompts to guide mutual aspirations and romantic reflection (favorite things, memorable moments). An image section and additional space provide a place for more mementos of their time together. This anniversary gift for friends is perfect for the precious recording of their love and union. 

24. Couple’s Names Typography Pillow

anniversary present for friends: Couple's Names Typography Pillow


This famous couple’s name suede pillow set is a creative and fun anniversary gift idea for your friends. Celebrate the union of their love and years together with this typography pillow. Let them know every night how they are made for each other.

25. 100 Dates Bucket List

anniversary gift for friend couple: 100 dates bucket list


This fun, quirky and inexpensive wedding anniversary gift for friends encourages them to go on dates with their better halves on the carefully picked list of a hundred dates. Once done with one, simply mark it off the bucket list!

26. Personalized Couple Print

wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends: Personalised Couple Print


Inspired by a romantic ritual, this couple print is a creative and sweet way to let your friends decorate any room in their house. To make it even more special, you can get the couple’s names and the wedding date.

27. Wooden Tic Tac Toe

gift ideas for best friend anniversary: Wooden Tic Tac Toe


Give this fun Tic Tac Toe game to your favorite couple with a special personal touch! Get the first or last names of the lucky couple engraved on a wooden board to commemorate the big day.

28. Plant Pot

anniversary gifts for friend: custom plant pot


Here is yet another inexpensive yet cute wedding anniversary gift idea for your friends. Why not get an anniversary present for the couple’s beautiful home? Get a succulent planter pot customized with the initials and wedding date on it. A perfect gift for nature-enthusiasts!

29. Happily Ever After Platter

marriage anniversary gift for friends: happily ever after custom platter


The tender design of this Happily Ever After Platter is perfect for love that lasts forever! It can be difficult to express your excitement and good wishes to the lucky couple on striking yet another milestone. Allow Suzanne Pollack’s thoughtful design to speak for you. 

30. Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

anniversary gift for friend couple: Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo


These wedding anniversary gifts for friends are perfect for couples who love coffee. Your friends will be able to enjoy their morning coffee with style and much more love! You can choose any song whether it’s their first dance song or their wedding one.

31. Where It All Began Map Canvas Art

anniversary gifts for friends: where it all began map canvas wall art


Do you want to send anniversary wishes for friends and celebrate their milestones in a creative yet meaningful way? Then this ‘Where It All Began’ map wall art will do the job perfectly. Choose the location where it all began for them and then add their wedding date and names for an adorably meaningful wedding anniversary gift.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Buy Anniversary Gifts For Friends?

gifts for friend's anniversary

Traditionally, wedding anniversaries are just between a husband and a wife. However, some couples like to celebrate their milestone with family and friends. If you are invited to the anniversary party, it would be nice if you bring them a lovely gift to send them best wishes. In case they are your close friends, a meaningful gift that they will cherish for many years is really a big hit.

What Is a Good Wedding Anniversary Gift for A Friend?

good wedding gifts for friends

Wondering how to get the best wedding gift for your friend? First, think about how close you are. While sentimental keepsakes (such as personalized wall art or desktop plaque) are great for your best friend, a practical gift (like champagne or cheeseboard) would be appropriate if you don’t know the couple well. Moreover, you can say congrats with something based on what they enjoy doing to match their hobby.


There you have it – our top favorite anniversary gifts for friends and the answers to your questions. Go ahead and choose the most fitting one for any anniversaries coming up!



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