25 Best Anniversary Gift Baskets For Him, Her & Couple (2022)

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  • June 28, 2022
25 Best Anniversary Gift Baskets For Him, Her & Couple (2022)

An anniversary gift basket is a special way to celebrate a couple and their relationship. Buy one of these online today and show your loved one how happy you are for their relationship.

Wish your favorite lovebirds a wonderful marriage year ahead, and they’ll be forever grateful. If you’re shopping for a last-minute present, you’ll be happy to know that most of these deliver overnight! What are you waiting for? Mark a milestone with these goodies today!

Top Anniversary Gifts in 2022

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1. Deluxe Chest of Chocolates

anniversary gift basket ideas for couples: Deluxe Chest of Chocolates


When it comes to anniversary ideas for the wife, sweets are hard to beat. This gift basket features a mix of milk and dark chocolate, making it perfect for any mood.

2. Cheers to You Wine Gift Basket

unique gift baskets for anniversary: Cheers to You Wine Gift Basket


Check out this special package filled with gourmet assortments. Any couple will fall in love with the thoughtfulness of this gift. It’s time to lift your glasses and toast to their happiness!

3. Ice Cream My Love For You

wedding anniversary gift baskets: Ice Cream My Love For You


This men’s anniversary gift idea is what we would call the whole package. Not only does it come with a cute pun, but it’s also the perfect way to spend a romantic afternoon.

4. Snack Gift Basket

wedding anniversary gift basket: A Day Off Spa Basket


If you’re looking to surprise your boyfriend with a gift basket for your anniversary, you’re in luck. Present this to him first thing in the morning, and he’s going to remember why you’re his!

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5. A Day Off Spa Basket

anniversary gift baskets for couples: Anniversary Fruit Basket


What’s better than a trip to a spa? Obviously, the answer lies in a relaxing treatment right at home. Order this set online and enjoy same-day delivery – perfect for a last-minute gift!

6. Anniversary Fruit Basket

anniversary gift basket: Anniversary Fruit Basket


Your parents’ anniversary gift idea has got to be something extra special. Celebrate their 60th year together with a fruit basket featuring cheese, cider, and more! It’s time for an impromptu picnic at the park!

7. Champagne & Truffles Gift Box

wedding anniversary gift baskets: Champagne & Truffles Gift Box


Is there anything more romantic for a friend’s anniversary than champagne and truffles? If you’re short on time, opt for delivery today, and this couple will be enjoying their gift as dessert!

anniversary gifts basket banner

8. Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter

anniversary gift basket ideas for couples: Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter


There’s no better way to spend a special occasion than by munching on this set of gourmet assortments. Not only does it come with a wholesome meal, this basket includes a bamboo platter that doubles as a keepsake!

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9. Cheesecake

anniversary gift basket for her: Cheesecake


Surprise a couple for their 25th year of marriage with a delicious cheesecake. What completes an anniversary? Food gifts that make them keep coming back for more, of course! Fill these lovebirds’ tummies today!

10. Coffee Gift Basket

anniversary gift baskets for him: Coffee Gift Basket


Quick anniversary gifts can be great if they’re exactly what your favorite couple loves. Offer these two a chance to sample the best coffee from around the globe. Their mornings will never be the same again!

11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

wedding anniversary gift basket: Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Wear your heart on your sleeve and surprise someone with these cute edible anniversary gifts. Each irresistible nibble of these chocolate-dipped strawberries will feel like a walk in the clouds.

12. Bakery Tray

anniversary baskets for couples: Bakery Tray


With a twosome “Happy Anniversary” with an insatiable tray of baked goods. With such a rich variety of goodies, your loved ones will surely put their diet on hold. For optimal freshness, make sure to opt for same-day delivery!

13. Nuts Gift Basket in Wooden Tray

anniversary basket ideas: Nuts Gift Basket in Wooden Tray


Does your sister have an immense love for nuts of all kinds? Surprise her with an anniversary in a box. The gift doesn’t just come in a pretty little package; it is also one of the healthiest snacks out there.

14. I Love You Donut Bouquet

unique gift baskets for anniversary: I Love You Donut Bouquet


Flowers sure are great, but you can’t exactly treat them like a snack. That’s why this cute anniversary gift basket tops any other; it’s full of yummy donuts. Your boyfriend will definitely be showing this off to his friends!

15. Red Roses and Wine

anniversary baskets for couples: Red Roses and Wine


Celebrate your parents and their 50th year of love with flowers and their favorite drink. When it comes to gift basket ideas for an anniversary, you surely can’t beat roses paired with rosé!

16. Dried Fruit Tray

anniversary baskets for couples: Dried Fruit Tray


This gift box comes with a special curation of premium dried fruits. Packed with health benefits, the contents of this tray are the best way to wish someone you love eternal happiness.

17. Around The World Beer Bucket

anniversary gift baskets for him: Around The World Beer Bucket


Send your partner off for the trip of a lifetime as a way to express your love. This hearty six-pack is a gallop around the world filled with the most delicious snacks and lagers.

18. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

anniversary gift basket: Chocolate Dipped Pretzels


If you can’t decide on a sweet or savory gift, this right here is your answer. Order a delivery of pretzels dipped in gourmet chocolate as an anniversary present today!

19. Meat & Cheese Gift Tower

anniversary gift box for her: Meat & Cheese Gift Tower


Few things will make a hungry couple smile more than sausage and cheese. Mark a loving anniversary with an online gift that will not disappoint. Just check out the raving reviews!

20. Italian Gift Basket

anniversary gift baskets for parents: Italian Gift Basket


If you can’t afford a plane ticket to Italy for your parents, how about an Italian gift basket instead? They’ll be amazed at the thought and be so grateful for such an incredible child!

21. Breakfast in Bed with Wine

gift baskets for anniversaries: Breakfast in Bed with Wine


Here’s an anniversary gift for her that will set the day up for romance. Skip the coffee and give your wife a breakfast in bed she’ll never forget. Wine is for the lovers!

22. Glass Tea Infuser with Treats Gift Crate

gift baskets for anniversaries: Glass Tea Infuser with Treats Gift Crate


You have got to love overnight shipping. Get the tea enthusiast in your life a gift that will keep on giving. It’s perfect for the person who’s always on the go and needs their favorite beverage by their side.

23. Salami Bouquet

anniversary gift baskets for him: Salami Bouquet


Funnily enough, a bouquet doesn’t have to come with flowers and chocolate. Offer your special someone a collection of European salamis that will bring the best smells to the kitchen.

24. Chippin’ Dippin’ And Margarita Sippin’

anniversary basket ideas: Chippin' Dippin' And Margarita Sippin'


Nobody will dare pass up a chance to enjoy some margaritas with some chips and guacamole dip. Give your loved ones an evening they’ll treasure forever as they sit by the pool and enjoy the sunset.

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25. DIY Anniversary Treat Basket

wedding anniversary gift basket: DIY Anniversary Treat Basket

Homemade anniversary gifts are just as good as store-bought ones – perhaps even better! Let your creativity shine with these printable love notes. Stick them on snacks and hide them around the house!


anniversary gift basket banner 2

Celebrate a Special Milestone

With these anniversary gift baskets, an ordinary day becomes the most special one. Celebrate a union that is full of patience and kindness with a present that will release love into the air. Order one of these today!



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