Acrylic Print vs Canvas Print – Which One is the Best?

Acrylic Print vs Canvas Print – Which One is the Best?

Filling your home with personalized photos of your friends and family is a wonderful way to make your space inviting. However, you may find yourself wondering about design options like acrylic print vs canvas print. Finding the best fit for your needs comes down to taking the time to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of each style. The difference between canvas and acrylic might be subtle to some, but there are a number of points to consider. Review our comprehensive guide to better understand each option and find the perfect prints.

What Are Canvas Prints?

First, let’s take a closer look at the basics of canvas prints. This time of art is created by taking a photograph and printing it onto a piece of canvas. The most common way the image is imposed upon the material these days is by way of an inkjet printer. This helps to create a high-quality picture that appears reminiscent of a painting. Canvas as a material is textured, which both gives a strong appearance and makes for a more durable finished product.  

Unlike other art pieces, there is not always a need to frame canvas prints. This is due to the fact that canvas can be wrapped in a very specific way that allows for the piece to be hung as-is. This process is often called a “gallery wrap.”

Canvas Print

What Are Acrylic Prints?

Now that you have a better understanding of canvas prints, it is time to explore the acrylic face style. This helps the photo to retain a glossy appearance that many people find appealing. Acrylic print art is usually pressing the photo between two pieces of glass. Unlike canvas, acrylic prints don’t have any additional texture and resemble classic printed photos. 

acrylic prints: acrylic prints vs canvas prints

Acrylic Print vs Canvas Print

When selecting between an acrylic print vs canvas options, there are plenty of pros and cons to taking to heart. You may want to ask yourself a few simple questions in advance. Are you looking for a piece of art that has an old-fashioned feel or a print that evokes more modern sensibilities? Do you prefer traditional images or new styles? Would you like an image with vibrancy or one that is a bit more understated? Take a look at the following features and see how canvas wall art compares to acrylic prints in a variety of categories. 

Canvas Print and Acrylic Print Features:     


If you want your print to look beautiful for many years, then you absolutely need to consider the overall durability of the piece. With canvas prints, one of the biggest drawbacks is that the image is more likely to fade over time due to constant exposure to UV light. With acrylic options, however, this is not as much of a concern. Acrylic ink is typically resistant to the impact of direct UV light, meaning the image will last much longer. Canvas prints are also susceptible to damage from moisture.

While acrylic might be more durable in some ways, you can make a few adjustments to ensure your canvas print is protected. Hang the print away from sources of direct sunlight to minimize UV damage. You should also make sure the canvas print is hung in a space where moisture is not a concern, as this will reduce the odds of warping and other similar issues.


Both acrylic and canvas styles boast perks that make them unique. Basically, which option feels unique to you will come down to your own personal preferences. Again, this is where asking yourself specific questions can be useful in making your final decision. Those who prefer textured images that evoke the classic look of an oil painting will be happier with canvas prints. If you’re someone who appreciates the glossy shine of modern photography, then acrylic options are probably a better fit for your tastes. 


Canvas prints and acrylic prints are both stylish in their own ways. With a canvas print, there is no need to go out and purchase an additional frame. The gallery wrap option for canvas prints allows for a fresh and appealing frameless appearance. Similarly, many people opt to have their acrylic prints pressed between pieces of plexiglass. With this approach, your prints will give off a modern edge that can look fantastic in contemporary spaces. 

Another angle to keep in mind when it comes to style is the finish available with both canvas and acrylic options. Canvas material will give colors a soft and muted look in your images, which can help to create a warm and comforting vibe in your home. Acrylic images tend to be louder and feature brighter colors, which is a good fit when you want to fill your space with bold images.


As mentioned, you can expect different levels of vibrancy from canvas and acrylic images. Due to the nature of canvas as a material, images that are printed on this type of surface tend to look more subdued. The result is a quiet, calm image that will be reminiscent of fine art. Acrylic images, on the other hand, tend to be bold and bright. Many people who are looking to add a pop of color to their living spaces opt for acrylic prints. 

What’s more, acrylic ink is resistant to the impact of UV light. This means that the colors will remain bold and vibrant for many years before showing any obvious signs of fading. Whether you opt for the muted tones of canvas or the bright shades of acrylic will come down to your personal preferences with art.

Canvas Print and Acrylic Print Features: canvas prints vs acrylic prints


There are a few different points to keep in mind when it comes to hanging canvas and acrylic prints. First, the canvas can be easier to damage. If you are hanging the print directly on a hook, you need to exercise caution to ensure you don’t puncture the canvas. Canvas prints also need to be packaged in the correct way when being sent from one location to another to guarantee no wear or tear occurs during transportation. 

The biggest issue you are likely to encounter with hanging an acrylic print is the weight of the piece itself. You will need to take extra steps to guarantee that the place you are hanging the print is strong enough to hold the full weight of the print. Failing to do this can result in damage to the acrylic print and to your walls.


While it is important to think about a number of different angles when deliberating between acrylic and canvas prints, your budget is likely going to prove the most important factor. Canvas is an inexpensive material, meaning you will not need to spend a small fortune in order to get art that looks beautiful in your home. Though it is more expensive, some people find that the acrylic print option is a better investment. Since acrylic ink won’t fade within a few years, you are likely going to be able to get more years of use out of this choice.

When all is said and done, it is best to sit down and think over what you are most comfortable spending in order to make a choice that you feel satisfied with.


Finally, you might be curious about how glare will impact your prints. One of the biggest advantages that you can expect with a canvas print is that you will not be dealing with a serious glare at all. The muted nature of canvas means that any light that hits it will simply highlight the beauty of the image. With acrylic prints, however, you might be dealing with a lot of light bouncing back at you. However, hanging the acrylic print in a place where it is not exposed to a lot of light can significantly reduce the glare.

Acrylic Print vs Canvas Print: canvas vs acrylic prints


If you have the extra money to spend on acrylic, it’s well worth it, especially if you’re a photographer trying to market your work. It’s crucial to stand out from the crowd, and original display strategies like acrylic photo mounting give your exhibit that special wow factor.

Acrylic prints will provide workplaces with a more upscale, professional appearance. First impressions matter a lot, and acrylic will stand out. There is a reason that many are calling acrylic mounts the next big thing in photo displays.

For families looking to stretch their art budget a little further, canvas prints are substantially more affordable. This comparison of acrylic prints vs canvas prints should provide you with more information.

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