20+ Extraordinary 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas (2019)

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20+ Extraordinary 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas (2019)

The 9th year of marriage is a gentle reminder that you have almost spent a decade together. We bet that you have made countless wonderful memories along the way and want to show your affection by choosing the best gift.
This article compiles some of the most thoughtful and unique 9th anniversary gift ideas that you can delight your partner with. 

The Year of Pottery and Willow

Nine years of marriage indicate a tremendous commitment and hope for a continued bond between spouses. The anniversary guide indicates themes for gifts depending on whether you want a traditional or modern gift.

Traditionally, pottery and willow were considered to be 9th anniversary gift, but in modern days, leather is the theme for a 9th wedding anniversary gift.

How to Celebrate a Memorable Anniversary?

Do you want to make your 9-year anniversary more meaningful than the last? The key is to realize that your plans don’t necessarily have to be extravagant – love is enough to make any idea float! Here are some exciting ideas on how to make your wedding celebration a memorable one. 

  • Explore creative anniversary date ideas
  • Renew wedding vows and reconnect with your spouse 
  • Plan a vacation itinerary with your favorite activities as a couple 
  • Take an old couple photo and recreate it to rekindle the spark between you and your wife

Traditional 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas 

If you want to keep a traditional romantic theme this year, you should follow the traditional theme when selecting a gift. Symbols for the 9th anniversary gift are pottery and willow. These signify simplicity and represent you and your partner grew close to each other with time. 

For Her 

Pottery Butter Dish 

pottery gift idea for 9 year anniversary - ceramic butter dishes

Buy it here ($45.00)

If your spouse appreciates simple things, pottery butter dishes are a great gift for 9th wedding anniversary. Their rustic farmhouse design will add an effortless beauty to her lunch or dinner parties.

Ceramic Mortar And Pestle Set

ceramic mortar and pestle

Buy it here ($13.25)

Does your wife have a knack for mixing and grinding to make unique stuff? Then this ceramic hand-grind set is a win-win!

For Him 

Willow Pen 

willow wood pen: traditional gift on 9th anniversary for him

Buy it here ($54.99)

These 100% handcrafted willow pens make the perfect gift for your husband. They are easily engrave-able so you can give them a more personal touch as well. 

French Press Coffee Maker

french press coffee maker - traditional gift idea for 9th anniversary

Buy it here ($50.00)

This high quality item will win your husband’s heart by making a great cup of coffee requiring minimal effort. The built-in timer is a bonus! 

For Them 

Personalized Pottery Serving Platter

9th anniversary gift idea for couple: personalized ceramic serving platter

Buy it here ($108.00+)

A personalized tray made of natural earth ware is a 9th anniversary gift that will add a loving touch to a house. Its white color complements any home décor or style and looks absolutely beautiful. 

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

christmas gift idea / 9th anniversary gift for couple - family photo custom christmas ornament

Buy it here ($16.95)

A personalized family Christmas ornament with a customized message and photos is the most adorable gift you can pick to display some of your happiest moments of the happily married couple. 

Custom Photo Mugs

unique 9th anniversary gift idea for couples: we still do custom photo mugs

Buy it here ($22.95)

Is your beloved couple is a tea or coffee lover? Then don’t even think twice and get coffee mugs customized either with memorable pictures. With customizable names & anniversary year, this mug will always put a smile on their face whenever enjoying some beverage. 

Modern 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas 

Leather is the modern theme for 9-year wedding anniversary gifts because it signifies durability and warmth that is attained during the nine long years of marriage. 

For Her 

Leather Hoop Earrings 

leather accessory gift for her on 9 year anniversary - leather and metal hoop earrings

Buy it here ($19.95+)

A beautiful piece of jewelry such as these mixed metal leather hoop earrings will take your wife’s breath away for sure and give her a vintage Southwest feel. 

Personalized Cross Body Purse

modern theme for 9th anniversary gift ideas - leather crossbody purse for women

Buy it here ($106.00+)

A cross body purse is perfect for your wife who is only interested in carrying the necessities. A personalized purse will remind her of you and your love at all times. 

For Him 

Wax Leather Messenger Bag

wax leather messsenger bag - 9 year anniversary gift idea for him

Buy it here ($250.69+)

If your husband is a man of style, you should not think twice and instantly get him a wax leather messenger bag as an anniversary gift. He is bound to adore its classic feel, vintage look, and comfortable style! 

Leather Jacket

leather gift for him: leather jacket

Buy it here ($219.99)

Impress your husband by gifting him a leather jacket on the 9 year anniversary. After all, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket!

For Them 

Wicker and Leather Tray 

serving tray made of wicker and leather

Buy it here ($99.99)

Does the couple love spending time hosting parties? Get them a Wicker and Leather tray that is perfect to serve cool beverages. This handmade tray has a rustic elegance and wood accents that promise to win hearts. 

Custom Photo Album

personalized photo album made of wood and leather

Buy it here ($54.00+)

It may be a cliché, but a custom photo album can never get old or out of fashion. It will capture the lovely memories of the couple you adore so much. Made of high-quality leather bound and wood, a photo album can easily be customized with names and important dates. 

Home Brew Journal

home brew journal with leather cover

Buy it here ($28.00)

Choosing a home brew journal as a 9th anniversary gift is not only a unique idea but also ideal for a couple that is very picky about what or how they brew. This handsome leather journal will allow them to engage in writing, drawing and even making handy tables for proportions. 

Personalized Catchall Tray

personalized catchall tray made of leather: 9 year anniversary gift for them

Buy it here ($79.00+)

A handmade tray with personalized engravings is a brilliant gesture to show your affection on the 9th wedding anniversary of a couple. It is a made of genuine leather which is perfect for the occasion. 

Flower of 9 Year Anniversary

The bird of paradise is the flower associated with the 9-year anniversary. This exotic flower has a beautiful shape and is symbolic of joy and freedom. It also represents adventure, faithfulness, and a good perspective for the life ahead. 

Some 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas with Flower Theme

Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set

vintage ceramic sugar bowl and creamer set

Buy it here ($25.00)

This sugar bowl and creamer set is hand-painted and has a bird of paradise flower theme that makes it a perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift. Its vintage condition gives it a unique look that appeals to individuals of all ages. 

Birds of Paradise Wood Journal

journal with wood cover of bird of paradise flowers

Buy it here ($29.00)

If your loved one is fond of writing, this journal with a stunning engraving of Birds of Paradise flower will be the best choice! This delightful journal will provide your beloved the perfect space to note down their thoughts, notes, doodles and to-do lists. 

Gemstone of 9th Anniversary

The gemstone that is known to represent 9th wedding anniversary is Lapis Lazuli. Just like true love, Lapis Lazuli is hard to find! This vibrant blue stone is associated with honesty and truth – two traits considered to be essential for any marriage. 

For Her 

Lapis Ring 

beautiful Lapis Lazuli womens ring

Buy it here ($48.00+)

A high-quality and beautiful lapis ring is an explicit expression of your affection for your wife – you won’t even have to say a word and she’ll know how you feel. 

Tiny Lapis Lazuli Necklace

tiny Lapis Lazuli necklace with gold chain

Buy it here ($26.00+)

A delicate Lapis Lazuli necklace for your wife will be symbolic of the confidence you have in her and the commitment that you two share. 

For Him 

Pocket Knife 

Lapis Lazuli pocket knife: gift for him

Buy it here ($75.00+)

A handled pocket knife with genuine Lapis Lazuli details has the potential to be your husband’s favorite piece of cutlery. You can also get the handles engraved with your husband’s initials to give it a personal touch. 

Ring with Lapis Lazuli Inlay

carbon fiber ring with Lapis Lazuli inlay jewelry for men

Buy it here ($90.00)

A handmade ring with Lapiz Lazuli Inlay is going to be a constant reminder for your husband of all the wonderful years you’ve spent together. 

Writing an Anniversary Card

A well-written anniversary card attached to the 9th anniversary gift is like icing on the cake! To make your card stand out, make sure that it includes: 

Our Final Thoughts

9 years of marriage is a major marital milestone so you must not miss the chance of showing your love to that one person who matters the most.

We hope that this article helps you to choose a unique and meaningful 9th anniversary gift for your loved one. Regardless of what you end up buying, always remember that it’s the thought that counts! 

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