9th Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her or Any Couple

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  • August 29, 2021
9th Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her or Any Couple

Every milestone deserves an equally impressive celebration to mark the occasion. So when it comes to your marriage, selecting the perfect 9 year anniversary gift is a way to show your other half how much they mean to you.

The best way to commemorate the occasion is by choosing gifts that symbolize the nine years you’ve spent together.

Traditional standards mark the ninth year as the willow or pottery anniversary, while modern lists regard leather as the representation of divine happiness.

No matter which material you use to express your undying devotion, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas for the ninth anniversary.

What Is the 9-Year Anniversary Gift?

The materials in both the modern and traditional 9th anniversary gift lists represent desirable attributes found in every good marriage.

Traditionally, pottery uses elements of nature and simplicity to suggest these same qualities in building a healthy relationship. Willow also uses natural elements but ties in the idea of flexibility and compromise that make a marriage truly cohesive.

On the modern gift theme, leather exhibits a sense of warmth and comfort. It also alludes to durability in terms of strength and withstanding the odds. 

Other elements that make up the iconic gifts for anniversaries by year are gemstones and flowers.

The ninth year is depicted by the gem lapis lazuli, which symbolizes wisdom and truth. In a similar vein, noting characteristics of faithfulness and thoughtfulness are the Bird of Paradise flowers.

With such wonderful images and concepts to represent the love and growth in nine years of marriage, it’s easy to see how these materials have quickly climbed the ranks.

Fantastic 9th Anniversary Gifts for Him

So what to get the lucky man who has brought nine years of joy and companionship into your life? When searching for an amazing wedding anniversary present for your husband, these items offer both function and thoughtfulness. 

Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print

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Relive the beautiful moments of their first dance with this custom song lyrics canvas print. Featuring the lyrics of the couple’s special song, this canvas print will leave him in awe!

9th Anniversary Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

After 9 years of marriage, most couples know what their partner likes. If your man enjoys taking pictures, buy him the perfect gift for the 9th year anniversary. Get him a collage canvas print of your best couple photographs. Make sure it matches your living room décor theme before hanging!

Pottery Beer Stein

Since bronze is a symbol of the previous anniversary, a wonderful way to link both old and new years together is by purchasing this bronze glazed ceramic tumbler. The glass combines the nostalgia of the past year with the promise of love and hope for the new year. Especially, it can also be personalized with dates and hearts to make the gift that much more meaningful. 

Personalized Willow Tree Art Print

Since willows play an integral part of the wedding anniversary themes by year, giving him a willow-themed gift that shows off the beauty of this tree without actually planting it provides enjoyment that lasts for decades. This stunning print is available in a number of different material bases and framing options. 

I’d walk through fire for you - 9 Year Anniversary Mug

Have you been trying to figure out how to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary but can’t seem to find anything? Don’t worry. This special anniversary mug is the perfect solution to your headache. Your husband can enjoy his 9 years of marriage gift with some piping hot tea every morning!

Happy 9th Anniversary Desktop Plaque

Your love has stood the test of time. After a long nine years, it has grown stronger. 9 years of marriage in and you both stand beside each other, supporting each and never leaving each other’s side. Gift your bae this wonderful custom desktop plaque!

Willow Pen

For handmade 9th anniversary gifts made out of willow, this unique pen is a phenomenal find. Not only does it come in a beautiful, sleek design, but it is also made from trees that have fallen naturally. This means your purchase has no harmful impact on the environment. 

Pottery Shaving Bowl

If your husband loves the feel of a traditional shave, then this ceramic bowl is ideal. With a food-safe, blue glaze and a tiny little mustache engraved into the clay, this present provides that barbershop style trim in a stunning piece of functional decor. 

Bible Quote Pottery Bowl

More pottery gifts designed to showcase the love between couples is this beautifully-crafted bowl with a quote on the side. The bowl is excellent for housing a potted plant, while the quote is completely customizable to match the voice of your relationship. 

Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker

This next shining example of awesome gifts for your husband incorporates both willow and ceramic, not to mention another essential ingredient: coffee! The french press holds 24 ounces of coffee and has an hourglass in the handle to manage the best timing for brewing your coffee. 

Personalized Full Grain Leather Journal

For the man who loves the look and feel of a pure leather journal, this amazing binding comes with pages that are replaceable once he’s scribbled all through them. In addition to the charming material, the exterior comes with nine different designs from which to choose. 

Waxed Leather Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is a wonderful way for your husband to keep track of his belongings in a manner that is both stylish and helpful. Made with durable waxed canvas leather, the bag is water-resistant and is a convenient way for your man to store everything he needs. 

Leather Jacket

What man doesn’t look good in a leather jacket? Especially one this amazing, complete with a quilted interior, these leather gift ideas for men both look and feel great, he won’t be able to turn it down.

Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip

A money clip is another practical but thoughtful gift for the ninth anniversary, made even more special by personalization. This magnetic clip comes in three different colors, with the option to leave up to three custom messages. 

Personalized Leather Wallet Insert

Another way to remind someone how special they are is by creating a custom wallet insert with a special message. This card is made with durable, Italian leather and engraved with your choice of words. 

Ring with Lapis Lazuli Inlay

Jewelry is a wonderful way to commemorate any occasion. So when it comes to a ninth wedding anniversary piece, this ring with lapis lazuli inlay says style, love, and unity all in one item.

Personalized 9th Anniversary Wedding Bowl

Personalized 9th Anniversary Wedding Bowl

Are you having a hard time finding beautiful pottery gifts for her? If your wife loves artistic pieces, get her this traditional 9-year anniversary gift. It comes in three different colors, thus can perfectly blend with your décor theme. Remember to customize it with your nicknames and anniversary date.


Bird of Paradise Plant

Since the Bird of Paradise plant stands as a shining example of a 9 year anniversary gift, why not get him the actual flower. In addition to adding something beautiful to your home, it is also something to nurture and grow in the same way as a relationship.  

Lovely 9th Anniversary Gifts for Her

When it comes to finding the best willow and pottery gifts for your wife, you have your choice of several different personal, meaningful, and absolutely gorgeous gift options.

Not to mention, there are tons of different jewelry settings that integrate lapis lazuli into their design.  

Custom Photo Canvas Print

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A personalized gift for anniversaries she’ll definitely love is the photo print honoring the milestones in your relationship. This engraved photo frame list the three most memorable places and dates in any marriage: where you first met, where he proposed, and where you both said, “I do.”

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Where It All Began Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

What is the 9th-anniversary gift for someone who loves great romantic gestures? You can get her a meaningful present like this retro canvas print. The bedroom, dining, and living room will make excellent display rooms. Your life partner will be thrilled that you still remember your meeting point fondly!


Copper Rose Anniversary Gift

Copper Rose Anniversary Gift

After spending 9 years of marriage with your sweetheart, it’s time to reward her with a special gift. Surprise her with a 9 yr anniversary present that will make all her girlfriends jealous – a copper rose. Unlike real flowers, this beauty will stand the test of time!

pottery gifts for her on 9th anniversary: ceramic ring holder

Heart Shaped Ceramic Ring Holder

A simple gift to give is this ring holder engraved with the words “Love you more.” Made from ceramic, it’s a fantastic way to showcase the traditional symbol of the nine year anniversary, while also reminding her how much she matters. 

Copper Cocktail Set

Copper Cocktail Set

Have you looked for interesting traditional 9 year anniversary gifts to say I love you to your number one man? What other nine-year anniversary present can stand to this stunning cocktail set? It is the best way to say happy 9th anniversary without breaking the anniversary themes. Order yours today!

Porcelain Necklace

For a lovely gift she can wear over and over again, this necklace is a beautiful addition to her jewelry collection. It is made with a painted, porcelain pendant and a 14k, gold-plated chain that comes in two different lengths. 

Personalized Ceramic Pitcher

As far as anniversary vases go, you can’t go wrong with this customizable gift. Another ceramic piece, the pitcher offers a warm, rustic feel to any room and leaves enough space on the base of the container for a special note.

Hanging Ceramic Succulent Planters

Nothing says adorable pottery gifts quite like a sloth planter. This precious little pot for succulents either perches on a counter or dangles like a hanging plant for countless ideas of inspiration and entertainment. 

Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser

If your wife loves the taste of freshly brewed tea, then there is no greater gifts to give her than this mug with infuser and lid combination. Its seal-able lid and attached compartment for tea bags is the perfect anniversary gift for a woman on the go. 

A Ceramic Class

A great way to ring in the ceramic anniversary is with the opportunity to make your wife very own handmade pottery gifts. Experiences make some of the most thoughtful gifts and allow you an opportunity to learn and try new things as a couple. 

Willow Tree Promise Musical Figure

Willow Tree figures are a lovely way to build a sentimental collection around notable events, and their musical “Promise” figure is not different. This piece plays Pachellbel’s “Canon in D Major” and portrays a sentiment that promises everlasting love. 

9 Year Anniversary Necklace

9 Year Anniversary Necklace

What are some gift ideas for a ninth anniversary? How about looking for high-end 9-year anniversary gift ideas for her? This stunning necklace comes in gold and silver chain options to match your spouse’s elegant taste. What other modern gift can beat this beautiful gem?

Birds of Paradise Wood Journal

For the note-taker or writer in your life, a journal with a wooden cover is a unique gift she’ll cherish forever. Emblazoned with carvings of the nine-year flower, the Bird of Paradise, it’ll remind her of the past few years of happiness and the many more still to come. 

Lapis Necklace

Other popular anniversary gifts are necklaces showcasing the gemstone of the year. In this case, the lapis lazuli pendant dangles from either an 18, 19, and 20-inch chain length made of delicate sterling silver. 

Lapis Lazuli Ring

Another way to add lapis lazuli into jewelry settings is through a ring with a faceted-cut stone. The gem is set in rose-gold creating a beautiful contrast of colors that’s sure to capture anyone’s attention and leave her smiling. 

Personalized Wedding Photo Album

There’s no better way to celebrate nine years of happiness than by revisiting some of your greatest moments. And what better way to do that than with a scrapbook filled with meaningful memories. This custom photo album allows you to select the initials and names on the front, the number of pages, layouts, and cover and page colors.  

Romantic 9th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Maybe your gift-giving journey has nothing to do with your own marriage and everything to do with someone else’s.

Whether on the hunt for a gift to celebrate your sibling’s, friend’s, or coworker’s happily-wedded nine years of bliss, these gifts show the happy couple just how much you care.  

Personalized 9th Anniversary Gift Word Art

Are you currently window-shopping for a ninth-anniversary gift for your better half? Instead of looking for pricey 9th year wedding anniversary ideas, get this sentimental print. It’s the perfect reward for a couple that has spent nine wonderful years together. Don’t forget to include their names and commemoration date!

Personalized Pottery Family Name Sign

One way to utilize the ceramic theme is with a sign that shows their family tree. After nine years, the couple’s family has likely expanded, and what better way to illustrate that than with a lovely personalized sign with all of the family members’ names?

The Kissing Mugs

Instead of getting a bland gift for the special couple, buy these his-and-hers cups so they both can enjoy. When placed together, the design on these ceramic mugs makes them look like they’re sharing a quick smooch over breakfast.   

Dragon Willow Bonsai Tree

Other variations on the willow gift idea include getting your very own willow tree to nurture together. This willow bonsai tree quickly develops over time and is relatively easy to maintain. 

Pottery Pebble 9th Anniversary Art Picture

Pottery Pebble 9th Anniversary Art Picture

Is your ninth anniversary around the corner? Celebrate it with a sentimental present like no other. Get your man this cute pebble art picture to remind him of your first dates together. It’ll make him appreciate your love journey and make an excellent addition to his office walls!


Pair of Personal Ceramic Chip Dips

If sharing isn’t their thing, there’s nothing more ideal than these individual chips and dip plates. As a matching set, they never have to fight over issues like who’s hogging all the chips or if someone is double-dipping. Not only do these chip dips look amazing, but they ensure many more years of squabbles around snacks.  

Weeping Willow Tree Sculpture

So maybe they aren’t too good at keeping a live plant alive, making a real willow or Birds of Paradise plant a horrible representation of everlasting 9th anniversary gifts. Luckily, this silver alternative of a willow statue doesn’t require regular watering and looks just as beautiful in their home.

Guacamole and Salsa Serving Dish Set

Other ideas for a 9th anniversary traditional gift include this funny guacamole and salsa serving dish set made out of ceramic. Whether employing for nights entertaining guests or a quiet night for two, you can’t go wrong with something so funny and festive.

Woven Willow Picnic Basket


Price: $59.95

Nothing is quite so bonding as a quiet picnic for two, or maybe a family picnic in the weekend. With this willow basket, the supplies are already ready and packed for the perfect afternoon getaway. All the couple needs to bring with them is the food. 

Wicker and Leather Tray

A fantastic blend of the traditional and modern themes, these serving trays use both willow wicker reeds and leather handles in their design. The trays alone make exquisite decorations and embellishments around the home. However, they are also a great way to surprise her with breakfast in bed. 

Home Brew Journal

Brewing your own beer is a fun experience couples can share. They get to experiment with tastes and recipes until they find a truly unique flavor all their own. To track their progress through their brewing journey, give them this leatherette journal with spaces for notes on what they did and didn’t like.

Personalized Leather Catchall Tray

This leather tray offers a safe space to store items like keys, wallets, and sunglasses after a long day out. With the option to personalize, the tray is also large enough to be shared by both parties comfortably, just like the nine years the leather represents.

Personalized Leather Coaster Set

If you want to stick to the modern anniversary gift list, without a huge price tag, these leather coasters provide a personal touch without a massive cost. The coasters come in two different colors and are engraved with the happy couple’s names. 

Pottery Barn Gift Card


Price: $25.00 – $500.00

In case you need a last-minute gift but still stick to the theme of the 9th anniversary, a gift card from Pottery Barn will do the work. With many price ranges available, we are certain that the couple will appreciate this useful gift.

Bird of Paradise Wall Art

As a striking, tropical flower, a poster featuring the Bird of Paradise brings an exotic flair to any home. No matter which room in the house they choose to hang it, this impressive work of art acts as a reminder of all the years already spent in matrimonial paradise. 

DIY Gift Ideas for Ninth Anniversary

While giving someone the traditional-themed gifts certainly makes the task easier, sometimes the best course of action includes a trip into DIY crafting.

Some of the best handmade alternatives require only a few materials and a little bit of creativity.  

ceramic gifts: faux china clay coasters

Faux China Painted Clay Coasters


A great pottery gift idea involves using painted clay to make stunning works of art. These intriguing masterpieces require a little bit of patience to create, but the results are nothing short of exemplary. 

ceramic gifts: monogram clay key chains

Monogram Clay Key Chains


Another simple-to-make craft for ninth anniversary is the clay key chain. These come in any number of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also add initials and simple words to the key chain. The only limit is your imagination.

pottery gifts: clay leaf bowls

Clay Leaf Bowls


A fun craft to make or set up for the couple in question includes using leaves to make ceramic bowls. This craft requires pressing the foliage into a thin layer of clay, then cutting them out in their shapes like cookie-cutting. Afterward, mold the leaves into a bowl shape and enjoy the finished product!

modern nine year anniversary gift: stamped leather coasters

Stamped Leather Coasters


All you need to make these stamped coasters is a little bit of leather, a template, and some basic crafting supplies. After cutting out the circles from the leather pieces, punch holes along the edges and seal them up with a strand of thread. 

diy leather gift: leather bookmark

Leather Bookmark


A fairly inexpensive use of the leather-inspired anniversary gift is to make bookmarks. These can easily be customized using wax staining techniques and paints to create intricate and unique designs the recipients will love. 

If you’re looking for more anniversary gift ideas, we’ve got you covered:


By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the type of gift you want to give to your significant other.

No matter which of the different materials you choose to say you care, the most important thing is choosing gifts that comes from the heart. So here’s to finding the perfect gift that says “I love you” and to many, many more years of happily ever after.

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