The Best of 9 Month Anniversary Gifts: 19 Cute Gift Ideas Your Love Will Cherish (2024)

The Best of 9 Month Anniversary Gifts: 19 Cute Gift Ideas Your Love Will Cherish (2024)

Looking for the best 9-month anniversary gifts? Celebrate nine months as a couple with our curated list of ideas for your love.

Although you haven’t been together for very long, you’ve still created happy memories in the short time you’ve been dating. The nine-month anniversary is an exciting way to warm up for the big year anniversary ahead. The first year with your boyfriend or your dear girlfriend is special, be an amazing partner and get them something they will never forget.

The Best 9th Month Anniversary Gifts

Congrats! You and your partner have been together for nine months. It’s not a long time for many people, but every stage in your relationship is worthy of celebration. Check out the cute gifts and ideas we’ve listed below to show your sweetheart how grateful you are to have them in your life.

1. Map Art Canvas

9 month anniversary gift ideas: Map Art Canvas

If he is a sentimental guy, then he is going to adore this relationship anniversary gift for him. This map art canvas is a gift that he’ll be sure to cherish for many more anniversaries to come.

2. I Love You More Desktop Plaque

9 month anniversary gift: I Love You More Desktop Plaque

When a relationship is new, there are so many cute exchanges. The I love you more game is one that every new couple plays. Who really loves the other more? Well, now you can make sure that you always win with the person you’re dating with this plaque.

3. Distance Means So Little Mug

gifts for 9 months of dating: Distance Means So Little Mug

If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, then these mugs make the best gift to give your boyfriend. Distance means nothing when you are that in love.

4. It All Began Pillow

9 months relationship gift: It All Began Pillow

This pillow celebrates where it all began, 9 months ago. If you shared your first kiss on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight, then this is the perfect pillow for you and your significant other on your nine-month anniversary.

5. DIY Explosion Box

This DIY explosion box is perfect for storing all of the memories that you have made over the last nine years. A fun and cute way to share special notes, pictures, and tiny mementos from your time together.

6. The Night We Met Star Map

9 month anniversary present: The Night We Met Star Map

The night you met is a special one. Nine months ago you vowed to be her one and only. This star map of the night the two of you met makes a lovely dating anniversary gift for her.

7. Love Is A Wonderful Thing Blanket

9 month anniversary present ideas: Love Is A Wonderful Thing Blanket

Do you have lots of lovely and sappy pictures together? Then have them printed on this blanket for your 9th anniversary month. Each time they miss you they can wrap themselves up in the blanket and feel your love.

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8. Reasons Why I Love You Box

Reasons Why I Love You Box

There are many reasons you love your partner. Their laugh, smile, the way they’re always there for you. Be sure they know that with this “reasons I love you” box, you have a memorable way to share your love. After dating for 9 months, you should have many reasons to add.

9. Beard Wash & Conditioner Set

9 months relationship present: Beard Wash & Conditioner Set

Keep your man looking and smelling his best with this beard wash and conditioner set. His beard will be soft and growing in full when he uses this. You’ll have to beat off the other women when he’s out and about after using this.

10. Love Letter

9 months together gift: Love Letter

A handwritten love letter is a lost art. This love letter makes a lovely last-minute anniversary gift when celebrating 9 months together. Have a quote written down or song lyrics to share with your love. The letter even comes sealed in an envelope with an old-fashioned wax stamp.

11. Custom Polaroid Memory Book

happy nine month anniversary gift: Custom Polaroid Memory Book

Scrapbooks are such a good way to commemorate your time together as a couple. This makes a cute girlfriend gift that she will cherish as the two of you add to it month after month, year after year. Add pictures of the two of you or love quotes within the book.

12. Kisses Jar

nine month anniversary gift: Kisses Jar

This kisses jar is a cute and fun idea that you can easily make in an afternoon to give to your partner. It’s not always possible to be by your partner all the time, in that case, be sure that they have some extra kisses stashed away for those times.

13. Date Roman Numerals Couple T-Shirts

9th month anniversary gift: Date Roman Numerals Couple T-Shirts

If you want to match without being cheesy and looking like “that” couple, then this is a perfect choice. These white, embroidered tees are a thoughtful gift for your partner. A memorable way to share your 9 month relationship together.

14. The Secret Ingredient is Always Love Mug

9 month anniversary gift: The Secret Ingredient is Always Love Mug

If you both spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, then this mug is the perfect anniversary gift for your love. This cute mug says it all. The secret ingredient to making everything work is always love.

15. You Mean The World To Me Plaque

9 month anniversary gift ideas: You Mean The World To Me Plaque

Your whole world revolves around the love of your life. Be sure they know that with this “you mean the world to me” custom photo plaque. A lovely way to celebrate nine months together with that special someone.


Dating Ideas to Celebrate 9 Month Anniversary

Besides giving each other gifts, planning for a date night will enhance the experience and you will let the other know how you treasure each milestone of being with them. Below are some great ideas to celebrate the occasion.

1. A Table for Two

nine month date ideas: a table for two

While going out to eat is pretty common, you could make a dinner date even more special and romantic with some planning. What is their favorite food? Rather than just hanging out at your normal place, you can take your partner to their favorite restaurant or find something new and exciting to try. Celebrate nine months of being together with good food and a stroll around town.

2. A Picnic

happy 9 month anniversary date ideas: a picnic

Sometimes it’s great to tap into the fun things you would do as a kid. Having a picnic is one of them. Create a memorable afternoon by taking your love on a picnic. Prepare a light lunch, bring a book to read, talk about things you wouldn’t normally talk about and share opinions with one another. Be sure to snap a few pictures. It will be great to look back on this moment in your relationship as time passes.

3. Movie Night Surprise Box

Sometimes the best kind of gift you can give to someone is a handmade one that they know you have put time and energy into. This movie night surprise box is fun to make and makes an ideal happy 9th-month anniversary gift.

4. An Experience

date ideas when dating for 9 month: an experience

Doing any type of experience together will help to strengthen the bond in your relationship. Not only that, it creates memories that will last a lifetime. Find out each other’s interests and do something outside of your norm, go to a museum, exhibit, or amusement park. Heck, you can even live on the wild side and go skydiving or rock climbing. These are also great ways to see how your partner handles stress and difficult situations.


When it comes to 9-month anniversary gifts, there’s plenty to choose from on our curated list of ideas. From sentimental to silly, you’re sure to find the perfect gift ideas for your significant other.



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