45+ 8 Year Anniversary Gifts for an Amazing Bronze Anniversary

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 26, 2020
45+ 8 Year Anniversary Gifts for an Amazing Bronze Anniversary

Looking for 8 year anniversary gifts? Celebrating eight years of marriage is a significant milestone for any married couple in love, so you’ll want to choose the perfect present.

Otherwise known as the bronze anniversary, some gift ideas for the 8th wedding anniversary include any present featuring bronze. This could be a special piece of jewelry, or a beautiful ornament, for example.

Whether you’re choosing for your other half or an important couple close to you, we’re here to help with the celebration. Welcome to our guide on choosing the best 8 year anniversary gifts.

No matter if you’d prefer to opt for the traditional or modern gift theme for the eight year anniversary, there are plenty of beautiful, creative, and ideas for you to choose from. Here are some of our top picks.

What Is the 8 Year Anniversary Gift?

As mentioned, the 8th year traditional anniversary gift theme is bronze which represents the beauty and durability of the marriage. The alternative traditional gift theme is pottery, which is indicative of nature and simplicity.

If you’d prefer to opt for the modern gift theme, consider choosing a present featuring linen or lace. Both these fabrics are gentle and delicate, representing the marriage that still feels new and fresh. The fabrics are both durable and long-lasting, another representation of an eight year marriage.

The gemstones that signify the eighth year anniversary are the stunning sparkling tourmaline or tanzanite stones. For a truly special gift, consider giving jewelry that features one of these precious stones.

If you’re feeling stuck on what to buy, you can always opt for a beautiful bouquet of lilacs or clematis. These are the blooms that represent the eighth anniversary, and anyone would be thrilled to receive a bunch of these gorgeous purple flowers.

8 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Want to let the special man in your life know that you care? Choose one of these bronze anniversary gifts and he’s sure to smile. From watches to shirts, there’s a gift to suit all tastes.

8 year anniversary gift for him: custom belt buckle

Custom Belt Buckle


Fashioned from bronze, this trendy custom belt buckle is one of the most idealist 8 year anniversary gifts. It will look great teamed with his favorite pair of jeans. Why not have it engraved to make it an extra special present? 

Price: $132.00+

8 year anniversary gift for him: personalized bronze cufflinks

Personalized Bronze Cufflinks


These handmade solid bronze cufflinks will look dashing paired with a smart shirt on an important evening out. A unique gift, you can even mark them with a special date such as your wedding anniversary.

Price: $68.95

8th anniversary gift for him: bronze wallet insert

Bronze Wallet Insert


Mark your eighth wedding anniversary with this engraved wallet insert. Made from antiqued bronze, you can even write a little note on it to make him feel super special.

Price: $28.00+

8th anniversary gift for husband: leather copper bracelet

Leather Copper Bracelet


Smart and stylish, this leather copper bracelet will look effortlessly cool hanging from his wrist. It comes with a coordinating bangle too, so you can have a matching one to wear.

Price: $39.95

bronze anniversary gift for him: personalized wood dock with metal name plate

Wood Dock with Personalized Nameplate


Have a traveling dog mom in your life? Gift them this airline-approved dog travel bag so they can have all their essentials in one place. This dog lover will never forget anything behind!

Price: $53.95+

pottery gift for 8 year anniversary: ceramic stemless wineglass

Ceramic Stemless Wine Glass


If you’d like to gift him a pottery-themed present, you can’t go wrong with this handsome stemless wine glass. He’ll love nothing more than sipping his favourite type of red wine from this hand-crafted glass, complete with his initials.

Price: $30.00

8 year anniversary gift for him: custom tie bar

Custom Tie Bar


Rest assured that his tie will always be in place with this custom bar. Smooth and sophisticated, the bar can be personalized with his initials to make it even more special.

Price: $26.25+

8th anniversary gifts for him: custom photo mug

Custom Photo Mug


Make him grin with this adorable custom photo mug featuring a cute photo of the both of you. Every time he sips his morning coffee, he’ll definitely think of you.

Price: $22.95

8 year anniversary gift for him: personalized bulletproof pint glass

Personalized Bulletproof Pint Glass


For a unique eight year anniversary gift, send him this ‘bulletproof’ pint glass to make him laugh. The glass is fully customizable too, and you can personalize it with his name and a design of your choice.

Price: $20.99

bronze anniversary gifts for husband: michael kors men's watch

Michael Kors Slim Runway Quartz Watch


Sneak into his good books by gifting him this snazzy quartz watch by Michael Kors. Ultra-sleek and crafted from stainless steel, this is one watch he’ll be proud to have sitting on his wrist.

Price: $119.97

modern 8th anniversary gift for him: linen shirt

Linen Shirt


Opt for the modern eight year anniversary gift theme by offering your man this smart linen shirt. Slim fitting and long sleeved, it’s ideal for those balmy summer evenings.

Price: $25.13 – $25.50

lace gift for him: wedded lace tie

Wedded Lace Tie


He’ll look super dapper wearing this sophisticated wedded lace tie to the next big event. Choose from various colors including grey and soft pink to pick him a style he’ll love.

Price: $25.00

anniversary gift basket for husband

Gift Basket


If your man’s a fan of liquor and snacks, then he’ll love one of these thoughtful gift baskets. There are tons of options so you’re sure to find the perfect basket to suit his tastes.

Price: Varies

8 year anniversary gift idea: How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

How Do I Love Thee From A-Z


Make his heart melt by filling in this ‘How do I love thee from A-Z’ book. There are 26 cute prompts laid out for you to fill in, leaving him with a heart-warming memoir to keep.

Price: $20.00

8 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Gain those brownie points and choose her a bronze wedding anniversary gift that she’ll adore. Here are some of the best 8th anniversary gifts for her.

8th anniversary gifts for her: bronze twist earrings

Bronze Twist Earrings


Every lady appreciates a gift of jewelry on a wedding anniversary, and these pretty bronze drop-down earrings match the theme perfectly. They’ll look great any time – whether worn for work or a few drinks at the bar.

Price: $61.00

bronze gift for her: bronze bracelet

Bronze Bracelet


Stick to the traditional gift theme and give her this simple yet elegant bronze bracelet. To make it more personal, be sure to have her initials engraved inside the cuff.

Price: $46.40

bronze gifts for her: bronze jewelry holder

Bronze Jewelry Organizer


This bronze bird nest jewelry organizer will look even more beautiful sitting on her vanity cabinet draped with her favorite pieces. There’s even a small wired ‘bird’s nest’ to hold rings, earrings, and other small trinkets. 

Price: $29.99

pottery gifts for her: heart jewelry bowls

Ceramic Heart Jewelry Bowls


Another great jewelry storage option are these handmade heart bowls crafted from bronze. They’ll look beautiful sitting on her bedroom wardrobe, full of her favourite sparkling rings. The question is – how many will she need?

Price: $44.00+

8th anniverasry gift for her: ray-ban rb3447 sunglasses with shiny bronze color

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal Sunglasses - Shiny Light Bronze


What woman wouldn’t appreciate a pair of snazzy Ray-Ban? Gift her these stylish round ray bans, and she’ll be appreciative of you every time the sun peeks out. Opt for a bronze coloring option to make it link to the wedding anniversary theme.

Price: $169.00

8th anniversary gift for her: monogram ring dish

Monogram Ring Dish


Alternatively, maybe she’d prefer this monogram ring dish? It can be engraved with both of your names and wedding anniversary date, making it a special keepsake for the both of you.

Price: $34.95

gift for wife: personalized handwriting pin brooch

Personalized Handwriting Pin


Write her name in your handwriting and have it transformed into this very special brooch. It comes in a range of finishes too including sterling silver and rose gold, so you can customize it to suit her tastes.

Price: $37.00+

8th anniversary gemstone gift: bi-color tourmaline ring

Bi-Color Tourmaline Ring


She’ll be lost for words when you gift her this stunning bi-color tourmaline ring on your eighth anniversary. Featuring a unique color merging of pink and green, this is one ring you won’t see around often.

Price: $228.00+

8 year anniversary gift idea for her: teardrop Tanzanite necklace

Teardrop Tanzanite Necklace


Treat her to this dazzlingly beautiful teardrop necklace that features a sparkling tanzanite gemstone which is the traditional stone for the eighth year anniversary. It’s sure to add glamour to any outfit she wears.

Price: $78.29

linen gift for her: linen bath robe

Linen Bath Robe


If you are looking for linen gifts for her, check out this linen bath robe. She’s gonna love the comfy feeling that this soft & high quality robe brings after a relaxing bath.

Price: $120.00

8th anniversary flower: lilacs

A Bouquet of Clematis or Lilacs

What lady doesn’t love a bouquet of beautiful blooms? Visit the local flower shop and choose pretty lilacs or intriguing clematis to follow the traditional flowers theme for the eighth wedding anniversary. Bonus points if you present them to her in a gorgeous vase.

8 year wedding anniversary for her: lace lingerie

Lace Lingerie


She’ll feel like a goddess when she wears this sensual lace babydoll chemise to bed. Available in a rainbow of colors, choose her favorite to make her feel special.

Price: $14.59 – $15.99

8 year wedding anniversary gift: soy candle in recycled glass

Orange Zest & Cardamom Scented Candle


Not only does this orange zest and cardamom scented candle smell heavenly, but it’s an eco-friendly gift too. The pretty orange glass is crafted from recycled glass, and the candle is 100% soy.

Price: $25.00

8th wedding anniversary gifts : photo canvas print

Photo Canvas Print


Make her swoon with this adorable custom photo canvas print. Remember to choose some photos that she’ll love of the two of you – it’s likely to be hanging up somewhere in the house for guests to see.

Price: $46.95+

8 Year Anniversary Gifts for Them

Is there a special couple close to you that you’d like to treat on their eighth wedding anniversary? Choose one of these gifts for them and you’ll have them beaming with happiness.

bronze anniversary gift for couples: personalized bottle opener

Personalized Bottle Opener


Everyone needs a bottle opener to crack open their favorite beverage of choice, and this fun personalized option is about as good as they come. Easily personalized, this is an anniversary gift that most couples will appreciate.

Price: $26.99

bronze anniversary gift idea: bronze sculpture

Bronze Sculpture


These small bronze figurines are simply adorable, and they’ll add an artistic feel to any house or apartment. Choose the figurines on their own or get them with the base too.

Price: $140.00+

bronze gifts for couple: bronze couples keychains

Bronze Couples Keychains


Gift your favorite couple this sweet matching keychain set that creates a heart when held together. They can be personalized with initials too, making them an extra special present.

Price: $13.95

bronze wedding anniversary gift: bronze wind chime

Bronze Wind Chime


This bronze wind chime makes soothing music to the sound of the breeze and is ideal for any couple with a garden or outdoor space. It fits the traditional bronze anniversary gift scheme too, so there’s another tick.

Price: $26.38

8th anniversary gifts: copper mule mugs

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


Cocktail making will be so much more fun with these Moscow mule copper mugs. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, these glitzy mugs are sure to steal the show.

Price: $27.95

8 years anniversary gift ideas: bronze clay bowl set

Bronze Clay Bowls


These stylish bronze clay bowls will fit into any modern kitchen. They’re ideal for displaying food at a small party including chips and salads. Plus, glazed with bronze on the inside, they match the traditional gift theme too.

Price: $120.00

gift idea for couple: pottery barn gift card

Pottery Barn Gift Card


Still stuck on what to buy for the couple? This gift card from Pottery Barn can be an awesome last minute gift that can save your day. The special couple can get some nice quality interiors with this card.

Price: $25.00 $500.00

idea for 8 year wedding anniversary: taking ceramic classes

Ceramic Classes


Instead of gifting them a pottery present, why not give them the chance to learn how to create ceramics? After all, sometimes an experience as a gift can be so much more meaningful than an object.

8 year wedding anniversary gift idea: personalized faux bois vase

Personalized Faux Bois Vase


This gorgeous and personalized faux bois vase will look perfect filled with colorful and vibrant flowers. Any couple is sure to love it sitting on their dining table with their favorite blooms peeking out.

Price: $90.00

linen gifts for 8th: flex linen throw blanket

Flax Linen Reversible Throw Blanket


This super-soft flax linen throw is the perfect blanket to wrap up warm underneath while watching a movie in front of the television. Plus, the material is breathable, meaning it works great in warmer climates as well as cold.

Price: $39.99

Lace Tablecloth


Make any dinner table look elegant and chic with this fancy lace tablecloth. It’s ideal for formal dinner parties, important lunches, or any time you’d like to add some sophistication to a special meal.

Price: $12.50+

linen gift: linen bedding sheets

Linen Bedding Sheets


These handcrafted linen bedding sheets are of high quality, ensuring a comfy night’s sleep. Choose from a selection of styles and colors for the perfect eighth anniversary gift.

Price: $161.00+

eight year anniversary gift: first dance song on linen print

First Dance Song Linen Print


For a truly unique 8 year anniversary gift, create this linen print that displays the musical notes of a couple’s first dance song. It also features the couple’s name, making it an ideal piece of art to be hung up in the home.

Price: $35.00+

linen gifts for couples: linen napkins

Linen Napkins


These beautiful linen napkins are ideal for any special occasion. Whether you want to choose one singular napkin or a whole set, there are plenty of options when it comes to quantities and colors.

Price: $5.88+

personalized anniversary journal for couples

The Personalized Anniversary Journal


The creative couple will adore this personalized anniversary journal, featuring their names and wedding date on the front cover. Inside, couples have the chance to fill the book with memories of their special day, making it a keepsake to pass onto the grandkids. 

Price: $115.00 – $130.00

unique anniversary gifts: wedding anniversary clock

Wedding Anniversary Clock


These small bronze figurines are simply adorable, and they’ll add an artistic feel to any house or apartment. Choose the figurines on their own or get them with the base too.

Price: $349.00+

eight year anniversary gift idea: compact swivel cheese tapas board

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board


Foodies will love this compact swivel cheese and tapas board. It’s the perfect gift for couples that love hosting get-togethers with friends, so look forward to plenty more invites.

Price: $85.00

eight year anniversary gift: personalized movie marquee photo print

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print


Make them chuckle with this personalized movie marquee photo print. It will look fabulous hanging close by to the television screen, and it’s a great choice for movie lovers.

Price: $85.00 – $125.00

unique 8th anniversary gifts for couple: personalized resin cutting board

Personalized Resin Chopping Board


This stunning personalized resin cutting board is ideal for the couple that love the beach and cooking. Every time they chop up their onions, they’ll be reminded of the unique and  thoughtful gift you gave them on their 8-year wedding anniversary.

Price: $73.07+

anniversary gift idea for 8th anniversary: fresh linen scented candle

Fresh Linen Scented Candle


Finally, you can’t go wrong with a well-crafted candle and this option emits the soothing fragrance of fresh linen. Listed as a slow burner, this is one candle that’s fabulous value for money too.

Price: $19.95

Ready to Celebrate an 8th Wedding Anniversary?

Whether you’re choosing 8 year anniversary gifts for the love of your life or a special couple close to you, there are tons of creative, beautiful, and useful presents on the list to suit different tastes.

You can choose gifts that align with the traditional and modern eight year anniversary gift theme to celebrate the milestone classically. Or opt for a creative & unique one like the resin cutting board.

Check out other traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year guide for information of other anniversaries.



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