7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 45 Ideas for Him, Her & Them

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • August 29, 2021
7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 45 Ideas for Him, Her & Them

Celebrating an anniversary is an exciting moment for a couple. When your seventh year together arrives, however, you may find yourself struggling to find a good present. Celebrating this milestone of your marriage means taking time to discover the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for your other half.

To get a little bit of inspiration for your copper anniversary, take a moment to explore some of these fun and creative ideas for the copper anniversary. These ideas are sure to help you discover the best way to celebrate.

What Is the 7-Year Anniversary Gift?

There are two distinct ways to approach a gift for your 7th year together.

The traditional symbol of this milestone is wool and copper.

Wool is supposed to symbolize the ideas of renewal and warmth. By this point in your marriage, you probably feel very comfortable together.

There is a cozy sense of routine, one you’ve built together after years of trials and tribulations.

The other traditional symbol of the 7th anniversary is copper. This symbol of is meant to represent the durability and beauty of your relationship. 

If you’re looking for a modern approach to your gift idea, consider a stationary or desk set. These sets are perfect for professional couples who take pride in their work.

You may also wish to incorporate freesia, the official flower of seventh anniversaries, or onyx, which is the gemstone associated with this important marriage milestone.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

There are plenty of exciting wedding anniversary gifts to consider for your husband. Take a look at these ideas that are perfect for all types of guys and give him a present he’s sure to appreciate.

If you’re looking to stick with the theme with your copper anniversary, then there are some clever ways to incorporate the milestone’s symbols into your present.

Whether you opt for copper or wool or a modern gift, think about these gifts for a curated and touching experience. 

7 year wedding anniversary gift: custom photo canvas print

7 Year Anniversary Photo Canvas Print


A picture has a way of perfectly capturing the heart of a relationship. This gorgeous custom photo print comes on quality canvas that is sure to look fantastic on the walls of the home you share together. 

Price: $46.95+

traditional 7th anniversary gift for husband: hand stamped penny keychain

Personalized Penny Keychain


A simple yet sweet gift for the husband that sticks to the traditional theme of the copper anniversary. He will surely appreciate this lovely copper penny keychain!

Price: $10.00

copper gifts for him: copper cufflinks

Personalized Copper Cufflinks


A durable set of cufflinks is a gift a man will be able to put to good use. Personalized copper cufflinks are traditional gifts for the 7 year anniversary that allow you to add a customized touch to your present. 

Price: $24.53

7 year anniversary gift for him: tie clip with hidden messagee

Hidden Message Tie Clip


Instead of a standard tie clip as a gift for your 7 years of marriage, consider a clever alternative. A tie clip with a hidden message engraved on it can be a sweet and simple way to remind your husband you love him. 

Price: $12.00+

copper gifts for him: custom copper wallet insert

Custom Copper Wallet Insert


The husband who travels for work likes to keep a part of his heart with him wherever he goes. A custom copper wallet insert with a personalized message makes it easier for him to venture far from home. 

Price: $16.00+

7th anniversary gift for him: copper desk accessories

Copper Desk Accessory Set


When your husband spends a lot of time working at his desk, things can probably get disorganized fast. A copper desk set is a great way to encourage order in a stylish way.

Price: $43.00+

wool gift for him on 7th anniversary: wool backpack

Wool Travel Backpack


For the man who spends his life on the go, a backpack can be an incredible asset. A wool backpack is a great woolen gift that incorporates the traditional theme and provides him with something he can use when he’s out and about.

Price: $124.50

7 year wedding anniversary gift for him: cashmere wool scarf

Solid Cashmere Wool Scarf


Does your hubby appreciate the finer things in life? If so, he’ll appreciate the soft touch and luxurious feel of a cashmere scarf. This wool gift will help him enhance his own unique style.

Price: $39.95

7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: wool tie

Wool Tie


A tie is a classic gift for a husband, but this wool neckwear puts a retro spin on things. The vintage style of these wool ties is a great option for a professional man. 

Price: $22.00 – $25.00

7th anniversary gift for him: bear grooming and trimming kit

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit


Does your man like to keep his facial hair long? If so, a beard grooming and trimming kit is a great gift that can help him manage his mountain-man look. 

Price: $25.97

7th anniversary gift for husband: onyx cufflinks and studs

Onyx Cufflinks & Studs


A man needs a quality pair of cufflinks and studs for moments when he needs to look his best. Grab him onyx cufflinks as seven-year anniversary gifts he’ll be able to wear to his next formal gathering.

Price: $124.99

7th anniversary gift for him: leather catch all tray

Leather & Wool Tray


The husband who is always misplacing his keys or wallet can definitely benefit from a catch-all leather tray. Rugged and stylish, this is a perfect way to help him sort out his daily routine.

Price: $28.80+

7th wedding anniversary gifts: Eco Wood Desk Organizer

Eco Wood Desk Organizer


An organized desk leads to an organized mind. Give your beloved some piece of mind by gifting him a wood desk organizer meant to help him bring order to the chaos.

Price: $53.97+

7 year wedding anniversary gift: echo dot - 3rd gen

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


Is he a tech buff? An Echo Dot is a great gift for a guy who loves to spend hours toying around with the latest advancements in technology. 

Price: $49.99

7 year wedding anniversary gift for him: gift basket

Gift Basket


A gift basket is a timeless way to show someone you care about a little bit of love. A personalized gift basket for him offers you the opportunity to give him something he’ll be able to put to good use. 

7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Upon celebrating your 7 years together, getting the perfect gift for your wife is your opportunity to show her how much she means to you.

You might want to also consider incorporating wool and copper into the gifts you purchase for your lady.

Searching for options that reflect this anniversary’s themes can introduce you to a variety of unique and exciting gift ideas. 

These gift ideas range from the practical to the sentimental and might be the perfect way to help you celebrate this important event in your marriage.

7th Anniversary Gift for Her

7th Anniversary Photo Canvas Print


The woman who spends a lot of time at work and away from her family will definitely appreciate a desktop photo plaque. Even when she’s in the office, she’ll be able to look at these pictures and feel loved.

Price: $24.95

copper gifts for wife: personalized copper bracelet set

Personalized Copper Bracelet Set


A copper bracelet set is an anniversary gift for her that allows you the chance to personalize your gift with a loving message. Every time she looks at the bracelet, she’ll think of how much you care.

Price: $38.00+

copper gifts for her: hammered copper earrings

Hammered Copper Earrings


Unique earrings are a wonderful way to include copper in your gifts. These hammered pieces are unique and great for a woman who has a specific sense of style. 

Price: $20.00

7th wedding anniversary gifts: custom calendar keychain

Custom Calendar Keychain


Want to give her a gift that helps to commemorate this special event? A copper calendar keychain personalized with your anniversary date is a lovely gesture to consider. 

Price: $42.00+

copper gift ideas for 7 year anniversary: engraved copper bookmark

Engraved Copper Bookmark


For the special bookworm in your life, a bookmark is a practical gift. Engrave a copper bookmark with a special message and help her get more from her next book. 

Price: $19.59+

wool gifts for her on 7th anniversary: chunky wool blanket

Chunky Wool Knit Blanket


On a chilly evening at home, there’s nothing quite like snuggling under the covers. A chunky wool blanket is a gift your wife will be excited to use on the next cold night. 

Price: $21.20+

wool gift for her: wool poncho

Merino Wool Poncho


If you really want to surprise the special woman in your life, get her a gift that shows her you understand fashion. A wool poncho is a classic statement piece that will definitely catch her attention.

Price: $99.71

wool gift for her: wool circle scarf

Wool Circle Scarf


A simple and specific gift can also be a great way to incorporate wool into your present. A wool scarf is perfect and provides a stylish way for her to stay nice and toasty in the winter. 

Price: $62.00

7th wedding anniversary gifts for her: black onyx cushion earrings

Black Onyx Cushion Earrings


Incorporating the gemstone of the 7th anniversary is a clever way to find a perfect gift. Black onyx earrings are stylish and effortlessly display the gemstone of the seventh year. 

Price: $125.00

flowers of 7th wedding anniversary: freesia

A Bouquet of Freesia


For the woman who appreciates the beauty and aroma of  fresh flowers, a bouquet of freesia might be a nice gesture. Freesia is the flower of the seven-year anniversary and can add a touch of gentle elegance to any room. 

Price: $54.00+

7 year anniversary gift for her: black onyx ring

Minimalist Onyx Ring


Though the most important ring you’ve given your wife is already on her finger, a minimalist onyx ring can make for a spectacular 7-year anniversary gift. Durable and beautiful, she’s sure to adore this thoughtful present.

Price: $229.50

7th wedding anniversary gifts for her: neck and shoulder massager

Neck & Shoulder Massager


If your wife works long hours in the office while maintaining the affairs of the family, she probably has some tense muscles. Help her work out the stress and enjoy some relaxation with a shoulder massager.

Price: $39.99

gift for her: handmade soy candle

Handmade Soy Candle


A small gift is never a bad idea when you and your wife have decided to keep things simple. A handmade soy candle is a classic option that helps set the mood at home.

Price: $20.00

7 year wedding anniversary gift for wife: wood desk caddy

Wood Desk Caddy


Does your wifey do a lot of her work from her desk? Make her life more organized with a wood desk caddy that will look perfect amidst her tools and papers. 

Price: $38.99+

7 Year Anniversary Gifts for Them

Is a special couple in your life approaching their seventh wedding anniversary? If so, you might be on the hunt for the right gifts for the couple.

Including the theme of wool and copper in your gifts for them is a wonderful way to add a special touch to your present.

These ideas are fun and unique options that incorporate the symbols in interesting ways. 

Let’s look into these popular options to find the right fit.

7th Anniversary Gift for Couples

7th Anniversary Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


How can you tell your husband or wife that you love them without saying “I love you”? Well, you can express it with our lovely custom photo desktop plaque.

Price: $24.95

7th Anniversary Gift for Couples

7th Anniversary Star Map Canvas Print


During 7 years of marriage, some moments must be cherished and remembered forever. Give your partner the gift of a lifetime with this canvas print.

Price: $49.95

seventh anniversary gift idea for couples: custom faux copper wall plaque

Personalized Faux Copper Penny Wall Plaque


This custom wall plaque features the tradition theme of the copper anniversary. This wall plaque can come in paper, metal or mounted canvas print. A special gift that will surely impress the recipients!

Price: $28.00+

photo on copper - 7 year anniversary gift idea

Photo on Copper


Looking for a truly unique way to use copper in your gift idea? A photo made on copper is a very clever way to give a gift that will make a lasting impression. 

Price: $49.00+

copper anniversary gift: copper embossed frame

Copper Embossed Frame


An embossed frame is an copper-themed gift that is sure to get the couple to smile. Select the right picture for the copper frame and watch their faces light up.

Price: $32.68

copper gifts for couples: moscow mule copper mugs

Moscow Mules Copper Mugs


Does the happy couple enjoy dabbling in a bit of mixology? Help them bring new levels of authenticity to the experience with copper mugs for Moscow Mules.

Price: $34.95

wool blanket - gift idea for 7th anniversary

Pure & Simple Wool Blanket


When the weather outside is frightful, couples like to cozy up under the covers. A wool blanket is a simple gift that a married couple is sure to get some use out of.

Price: $200.00

7 year anniversary ideas for couples: wool ivory area rug

Wool Ivory Area Rug


An area rug is a wonderful way to include the symbol of wool in your present. This ivory rug is incredibly soft and looks just as beautiful. 

Price: $105.99

anniversary gift for couples: personalized marble cheese board

Personalized Marble Cheese Board


Couples who love to entertain will appreciate a personalized cheese board. Made from durable marble, this gift idea can be customized to fit the happy couple. 

Price: $49.00+

7 year anniversary gift: personalized anniversary push pin world map

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map


Marriage is an adventure, sometimes in a very literal way. The couple who travels together will definitely love a personalized pushpin map that can help them document their excursions. 

Price: $149.00

gift for couple on seventh anniversary: a freesia flower art print

Freesia Flower Art Print


This art print features the flower theme of seventh anniversary. A cool piece of wall decoration that they will surely appreciate!

Price: $7.99+

gift idea for them on 7th anniversary: engraved cutting board

Engraved Cutting Board


A monogrammed cutting board is a personalized gift option that is sure to look great in any kitchen. The beautiful style makes it a perfect piece of household decor. 

Price: $29.00+

anniversary gift idea: the kissing mugs

Last minute gift

The Kissing Mugs


When you need a gift for a couple you care about but are running short on ideas, mugs are an excellent option These adorable kissing mugs are a great solution when you need a fun gift fast.

Price: $65.00

modern 7th anniversary gift: personalized stationery set

Personalized Stationery Set


Personalized stationery is a classic gift option that is also a very unique idea. The next time they need to write a letter, they’ll think of your sweet gift.

Price: Varies

wool felt coasters - 7th anniversary gift

Wool Felt Coasters


Though simple in design, coasters play a big part in protecting surfaces from the dangers of condensation. Felt coasters are a gift that people who care about their furniture will surely appreciate.

Price: $10.00+

thoughtful gifts for them: wool slippers

Wool Slippers


Nothing is more jarring than stepping on a cold floor in the morning when you’re barefoot. Wool slippers are a gift that helps the happy couple keep their toes nice and toasty. 

Price: $74.95 – $137.93

anniversary gifts for couples: the complete cooking for two cookbook


The Complete Cooking for Two


Cooking is a great activity that brings couples together. A cookbook is a wonderful gift that encourages couples to spend more time in the kitchen. 

Price: $25.56

anniversary gift: echo show 2nd gen

Echo Show (2nd Gen)


Technology is never a bad route to consider when you need gift ideas for them. An Echo Show is a slick and modern way to celebrate a happy couple’s anniversary. 

Price: $229.99

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Finding the right gift for your seventh anniversary that matches how you feel about your significant other takes time and effort.

Whether you decide to include the theme of copper and wool is up to you. Explore a variety of different options to feel inspired and discover a gift that cuts to the heart of the unique bond you share. 

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